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Pub Date Jun 01 2018 | Archive Date Oct 27 2020

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This useful cooking guide introduces basic Japanese recipes which you may want to try cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by more than 20 step-by-step photos and useful tips. With this book in hand, even absolute cooking beginners cannot go wrong by easily comparing your cooking process with sample pictures. As a professional cooking instructor, the author offers knowledge in exhaustive detail so that anyone with advanced cooking skills is able to refer to the instructions. This is also likely to attract international readers as it introduces many Japanese traditional dishes such as "nigirizushi," "yakitori," "sukiyaki," and "chawanmushi."

This useful cooking guide introduces basic Japanese recipes which you may want to try cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by more than 20 step-by-step photos and useful tips. With this book in hand...

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ISBN 9784405011205
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Everything you need to know Japanese cooking. From beginner who does not know how to roll a sushi to making more complicated yet easy enough dishes such as miso soup is here.
Good starter cooking book.

Was this review helpful?

Now, this is a detailed cookbook. In addition to that, it's bilingual (Japanese/English), full of information and intriguing recipes, and step by step instructions. Overall, it's an amazing resource and if one is a newbie when it comes to Japanese cooking, it's really helpful. There's a bunch of recipes I'd like to try too.

Was this review helpful?

*** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review ***

Sometimes these cookbooks can be overly simplistic or really just cater to the foreign audience, but this cookbook delivers on the premise of teaching you Japanese cooking.

First: the book is in both Japanese and English. This threw me off at first but I ended up liking it, just as someone who has been learning Japanese.

Second: the cook goes in-depth about Japanese cooking. Now if you think it’s history - no. It’s the values and cultural ideas behind the flavors of Japan and how they typically think about them. It was a lot of detail that I had never really seen before.

Third: a lot of the recipes are not the typical ones I would see in a Japanese cookbook, and I feel that that’s a strength of this book. I felt that the recipes were more homey and realistic to what people eat - while I’m not a fan of a number of the recipes, I appreciate the detailed instructions and photo guides that accompany each step.

For example: I don’t really like Japanese pickles. As someone who does her country’s style of pickling (kimchi), I enjoyed seeing the differences in our methods and how to do such a thing from scratch if I ever wanted to make these style of pickles. That’s just for one recipe alone.

My only negative is that there weren’t really any sweets or desserts, but that might be for a different cookbook.

Would recommend.

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Japanese Cooking Recipes by Fumiko Kawakami is an amazing resource for Japanese cooking with easy to follow recipes. I really enjoyed this one for an amazing resource and a reference guide for all thinks Japanese, from the basic to complex preparation. thank you for the copy of this cook book that is very well written by Kawakami.

Was this review helpful?

Great book if you are seriously into Japanese cooking. Not for your average cook. Picture are a bit small . The text is in both English and Japanese. which make the page look very cluttered. Although mine was a pre publication copy so it might be in just one language on publication.. Having said that I did find out some new ingredients and techniques.

Was this review helpful?

For anyone who has wanted to dive into trying out authentic Japanese food, this is the perfect book for you! This easy-to-follow recipe book showcases recipes that you won't find at your local Japanese Grill. Instead, you will find major Japanese cuisine recipes that are very straightforward to make and ingredients that are not going to be difficult to find.

For those that are visual learners, like myself, I appreciate that every step comes with a detailed colored photograph. That way, you can assess whether you are following the recipe exactly.

As an ENL teacher, I am going to use this book with my Japanese students as a tool to learn procedural and sequencing language terms. Each direction and background information is written in both English and Japanese. Likewise, English speakers learning Japanese will be able to the Japanese characters.

As a side note, one of my Japanese ENL students taught the class how to make Onigiri. I am delighted to find a recipe that I can use to recreate the delicious rice ball. With social distancing and more time on our hands, what better time is there of learning a new cuisine than now?

Thank you to Fumiko Kawakami, the publisher, and NetGalley for this electronic copy in exchange for my honest review.

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I received a complimentary review copy of #JAPANESECOOKINGRECIPES from #NetGalley

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it. In addition to being a great guide for cooking whether you're a novice or more experienced looking to expand your knowledge, everything in this book is written in both English and Japanese so it's also helpful for people who want to practice the languages.

Part 1 of the book is about basics that will apply to any dish, such as use of cooking utensils and supplies, preparing food before cooking, common ingredients and seasonings, bases such as soup stock or rice, and meal presentation. Parts 2-5 all contain recipes grouped by category (usually location of origin). Each recipe has a full-page photo of the completed meal, a list of tips for cooking and troubleshooting for mistakes, a photo of the ingredients, and step-by-step instructions with photos for each step. The instructions are all very clear and the introductory section at the beginning is long and comprehensive, so the book is quite versatile.

Was this review helpful?

Everything you need to know to begin cooking Japanese Food, for beginners right through to experts. A great starter cookbook, with nicely set out and easy to follow recipes.

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One very interesting book! Usually cookbooks contain of a list of ingredients, how to make food, and some with pictures to show how to make. I like those with a story on the dish itself. But this one is just like hospitality school cookbook. It's so detailed on what to do and what to avoid with so many tips. And bilingual japanese-english! So for those learning Japanese, can use this book to enrich their grammar, vice versa to Japanese who learns english.

Was this review helpful?

This is a great resource for anyone trying to make authentic Japanese cuisine. For me, as the mom of a picky eater, a lot of these recipes won't work, but I did find several to try. I loved the incredibly detailed instructions complete with step by step photographs. I appreciated that times were noted in the beginning of each recipie. Very informative text.

Was this review helpful?

The thing I appreciate most about this cookbook is the step by step picture guide to cooking these Japanese foods. I like that this is basically an introduction to the art of Japanese cooking and it tells you about methods, commonly used ingredients, and commonly used cookware. It did feel a little overwhelming visually as far as the set up. It felt like an overload at times. I wish there was a little less text on the pages that have recipes in steps in pitcures. I also wish there were more recipes included. Overall, I thought it was a good introduction to Japanese food. Since I am not familiar with cooking in the Japanese tradition, these were very helpful tips and recipes.

Was this review helpful?

Stuck at home during the Covid19 lockdown Japanese Cooking Recipes has provided a lovely does of armchair cultural travel with its wide range of recipes, a wealth of cultural information and reference material about Japanese cuisine.

The layout, with numbered step by step photos, and text in both Japanese and English makes each recipe look like a menu, adding to the fun of reading when stuck at home and unable to visit a restaurant. Some of the photos are a little surprising - not the sort you’d see often in Western cookery books - with blood and guts shown on the chopping board.

The recipes require lots of authentic Japanese ingredients, not necessarily easily available outside large cities in normal non-pandemic times, so I haven’t been able to test any of the recipes, though there were lots I thought sounded delicious, and many techniques I wanted to try out, not least kneading noodles by stamping on the dough with my feet!
Overall this was an intriguing and enjoyable culinary tour and worthy of a place on a cook’s bookshelf for both reference and inspiration.

Was this review helpful?

My family & I enjoyed this cookbook! The author/chef offered easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients. We’ve already made a few dishes, all so yummy! Very happy with this cookbook and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys Japanese cuisine or if you’re looking to try a new cuisine/recipe.

Was this review helpful?

Japanese Cooking Recipes by Fumiko Kawakami was an excellent cookery book. I love Japanese cuisine and to have and learn from an excellent and well illustrated cookery book. I found it very easy to follow throughout and enjoyed creating some of these recipes. They were a hit in my house.

Big Thank you to NetGalley and Shinsei Publishing for an ebook. This is my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A frightening aspect when it comes to recipes or instruction manuals is when you have no idea what it all means. The instructions given are overly complicated or incomprehensible. However, in JAPANESE COOKING RECIPES, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. If you want to try your hand out at making Japanese recipes, then this book's a perfect way for you to start learning basic recipes.The book is well illustrated with clear photos and is bilingual, with instructions and descriptions both in English and Japanese. Overall, a neat book with fun recipes to try out when you have the time or want to try out something new.

Was this review helpful?

This book was incredible! It truly teaches you how to cook Japanese food in a way that goes beyond just recipes and explains how to use certain utensils and which ingredients are important and why. I was incredibly impressed with this book and the way it incorporated Japanese culture.

Was this review helpful?

Working from home due to the COVID19, i was delighted to get an ARC digital copy of this book, the recipes are great, something for everyone - I love Japanese food and cooking - time in my kitchen is therapy for me right now so thank you for this beautiful, unusual cook book.

Was this review helpful?

Shinsei Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Japanese Cooking Recipes. I chose to review this cookbook and my opinion is freely given.

I was honestly impressed with Japanese Cooking Recipes by Fumiko Kawakami. The mission of this cookbook was to bring Japanese food to English speakers and to allow Japanese speakers to learn English while using the book. This bilingual approach to a cookbook is definitely unique and gives a level of authenticity to the recipes themselves.

As to the format of the cookbook itself, I only have one negative to get out of the way before I give the many positive aspects. With both languages and step by step instructions for the recipes, the pages themselves are very cluttered and hard to read. I wish there had been more open space between the different translations, making it easier to follow the recipes. That being said, the author does a great job of visually explaining the steps in the recipes. With many pictures showing the steps, as well as the finished dish, readers who are new to Japanese cooking will feel confident in trying a new cuisine. The cookbook begins with a tutorial into Japanese cooking, from the knives to use to different ingredients. This book will serve as a reference guide, as well as a great cookbook.

The recipe sections are well laid out, with many authentic dishes for readers to try. Main Dishes include such offerings as Chicken Stew in a Pot and Braised Pork Belly. The section with Western and Chinese Dishes has such options as Ginger Pork and Mixed Fried Rice. Side Dishes are varied, from Sweet Soy Glazed Burdock Root to Mixed Vegetables Marinated With Tofu. The final section, Rice & Soup & Pickles, has great dishes like Beef Bowl, Rice Ball, and Pickled Japanese Plum.

Overall, Japanese Cooking Recipes is an exciting cookbook with great instructions. Those unfamiliar with the cuisine will get a clear picture as to the philosophy of Japanese cooking. I would definitely recommend this cookbook to others, for the reasons listed above.

Was this review helpful?

See note to publisher. I was not able to successfully download this title. I gave it a five star rating based on the reviews I've read, but I wanted to find out for myself if those reviews held up and suddenly having a huge amount of time on my hands, this would be the perfect opportunity to try these recipes for my Japanese husband!

Was this review helpful?

Japanese Cooking Recipes is an interesting and detailed look at Japanese culture and food traditions.
The recipes all have step by step instructions in English and Japanese with close up images.
It is, however, not easy to make those recipes at home if you live in Europe or North America. While it says you don't need all the fancy equipment, you do need a lot, and starting out would be an investment.
More importantly though, each recipe contains at least two or three ingredients I couldn't find in supermarkets around me, so unless you have a Japanese shop nearby, you will struggle.
Maybe this is rather to look and learn for us, and a cookbook for those living in Japan and wanting to learn traditional recipes.

Was this review helpful?

Love Japan and am fascinated by the food/drink culture so to me this was a little gem. I loved the face that it felt authentic and broken down step by step using photos. Very much need an copy to add to my cook book collection.

Was this review helpful?

This cookbook was incredibly different from the cook/baking books that I normally read. Other than sushi, I'm not terribly familiar with Japanese cuisine, and I had hoped to gain some more info from this book -- which I did. It was a bit difficult for me to read through, as it's both in Japanese and English (the author wrote it for both 'people who are interested in Japanese cuisine and for Japanese people who want to study English' which is wonderful) and visually I found it a little overwhelming. I still found it fascinating -- from the knives used, to the ingredients, and the recipes. It was unfamiliar but exciting to see different ingredients that I'd like to try -- however many require a special trip outside of your normal grocery store. I have future plans for making a few dishes and can only hope they'll be enjoyed by family and friends.

Was this review helpful?

Written in both Japanese and English, with full instructions of each process for all recipes and with great colour photos. This book is well presented, the recipes are interesting, look easy enough to try and photographed beautifully. I did find the two languages a little crowded on the one page, but soon got used to it.
The beginning of the book shows all the preparation of vegetables, utensils needed, use of knives and lots more. A really practical with great recipes.

Was this review helpful?

I’m big fan of the japonese food, and this book is really amazing, and delicious, omg I can’t wait for cook all this food

Was this review helpful?

This is a great resource for learning to cook Japanese recipes. Extensive introductory information about tools, methods, ingredients helps prepare the home cook to try something new. I love that recipes are in Japanese and English. This is a great way to study Japanese! Two fold purpose books are the best! I can brush up on my Japanese and learn to cook my favorite Japanese recipes. I love the format. It’s easy to follow. There are tons of pictures!! A cookbook definitely needs tons of pictures. This one gets an A+ where that’s concerned. I wish there were more recipes for each category. But I guess that leaves room for multiple volumes.
I received a copy of this book from netgalley. This has in no way influenced my review. All thoughts are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Wow this is a beautiful and colossal book of Japanese cooking!! It goes FAR beyond just recipes to completely teach the reader all about Japanese cooking culture, techniques, ingredients, and so much more!

The inside of the book is SO much prettier than the cover! It is relaxing and peaceful to page through every appealing page, and every page makes you want to make what is on it!

There is so much information in this book.... it seems like three books in one! Definitely worth the price!

We have a huge interest in Japan in our family, as we have lived in Asia and my daughter speaks Japanese, and she is a huge fan of everything Japanese. She agreed that this book is very realistic as well as easy-to-use!

I received a free copy as a reviewer for NetGalley.

Was this review helpful?

This is a jaw-droppingly comprehensive manual on preparing Japanese food. It is written in both Japanese and English to assist Japanese people learning English. I would hazard that it is primarily written for a Japanese audience, but could also be used by English speakers with access to the required specialist ingredients.

There is an extensive introductory section covering everything from utensils to etiquette, with knife skills and sharpening in between.

Then the recipes. The author states that the emphasis is on everyday Japanese meals. There is also a segment with Chinese and Western foods. Each recipe is accompanied by a step by step photographic guide.

My store cupboard is well-stocked with Asian ingredients, but I baulked at attempting the recipes. Most of the recipes I looked at called for several Japanese ingredients. It would require, I think, considerable commitment for a non-Japanese to track down a supplier and buy in the required ingredients to attempt many if not most of the dishes. A few recipes called for specialist kit.

It's a beautiful book and would suit a lover of all things Japanese. The only criticism I have is that the bilingual approach results in rather busy pages. I have reluctantly deducted a star because of the degree of commitment required by a non-Japanese reader to source ingredients to use the book as intended by the author.

I've resolved to start with the recipe for Japanese-style laminated omelettes, because I'm curious and have the ingredients. Though I lack a rectangular Japanese omelette pan and bamboo mat for shaping, so my presentation will differ!

Was this review helpful?

This book is the perfect present for any Japanese food fanatic.

First, I really appreciated the fact that this book is bilingual and every single block of text is in both English and Japanese. Even if I'm not trying to learn Japanese, this makes the recipes feel more authentic, which is what you always look for in a region-specific cookbook.

In addition, I must say I had never seen a cookbook with instructions this specific, which is ideal for a total beginner. The opening pages contain descriptions of authentic kitchen utensils, usage and maintenance of knives, cutting methods, instructions on proper serving of food, methods of preparing vegetables and fish, and more. Even in the recipe pages, each step is accompanied by a relevant photograph - and that is something I had never seen before. It's great!

At the same time, if you are vegan or vegetarian, there are very few recipes that you can make here. The author could either offer more vegetarian recipes or perhaps write a section on how to replace meat and fish with Japanese ingredients.

*Thank you to the Publisher for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This book has everything you need/want to know about Japanese cooking. The author explains everything with rich details and photos of every step and it's written in English and Japanese. You will learn the basis of Japanese food, some main dishes, western and Chinese dishes, some side dishes, rice and soups and you will also learn about essential cooking utensils, the basic usage of cooking knifes (one of my favorite parts, so useful!), lots of tips and you will also learn about tea! Awesome book! I went to Japan last year and I'm fascinated by their cuisine and I'm so glad I found this book!

I got an advance reader's copy of this book complimentary from NetGallery in exchange of my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I'm always interested in cookery books, so had to read this one when it came up on Netgalley.

The book is split into 5 chapters (no of recipes):
- Basis of Japanese Food
- Main Dishes (14)
- Western & Chinese dishes (13)
- Side Dishes (11)
- Rice, Soup & Pickles (20)

The Basis of Japanese Food covers essential cooking utensils, different cutting methods for vegetables, chopstick etiquette and much more. The colour photography is excellent in providing an overview of the basis of Japanese foods.. There is also a calendar of seasonal events with the food prepared and eaten.

The recipes each come with a step by step guides and photography on how to create the dish, how many it serves and time required. Included with some recipes are tips to avoid failure and tips for cooking.

For each description or recipe the page includes it both in Japanese and English, however it makes the page now feel overcrowded. There is a measurement chart which provides the cup sizes for the US, UK, Australia and Canada. For some of the ingredients it looks like you would need to go to a specialist shop.

Overall it is an great book, with plenty of photography of each stage and the final dishes, though perhaps a little to advanced for me, though I'd love to try the Braised Pork Belly plus the Mixed fried Rice.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I was really interested I learning some new Japanese dishes and the synopsis sounded interesting but unfortunately it is not a Kindle book and I am unable to download it.

Was this review helpful?

I'm definitely a fan of Japanese food so I was really excited to get my hands on this cookbook. It has everything you need to learn the basics of Japanese cooking. The preamble at the beginning was albeit long but very informative. Some of the pictures of the recipes look like restaurant-level food. The main meal demands a lot of protein and meal and I found the side dishes most interesting.

Was this review helpful?

While the beginning is overwhelming the reader with a lot of details, for example multiple ways to cut carrots, once it got to the recipes I liked it better. Going to try the beef and potato recipe and the different fried chicken recipes to start with. For the most part the ingredients are ones I can find in the stores, but a few are not. Perhaps if there were options it would help. The book is designed with a lot of pictures, both Japanese and English, and is designed to help people learn how to cook Japanese an for others to learn English. Overall a good starter book on Japanese cooking. Would recommend.

Was this review helpful?

I love it.
It's easy to follow the recipes thanks to the sample pictures.that show the whole cooking process.
I also like the fact that it's written both Japanese and English so if someone is learning Japanese can follow the both languages

Was this review helpful?

It could have been an excellent book...BUT
Photos not showing well,comments non visible,etc,etc
I presume this happens only in the digital edition and not on the print version,and that is why I give it 3 stars.

Was this review helpful?

A very detailed step-by-step introduction to all the basics of Japanese cooking. It is entirely done in English and Japanese. As I read a digital copy, the pictures and text were a bit too small to read, but I assume the paper version would be much better. This would definitely be worth it for anybody who wantsto dive in deep into Japanese cooking.

Was this review helpful?

This is a beautiful, very comprehensive Japanese cookbook, with lots of photographs to help you follow along with the steps. It covers just about everything, including sections on serving dishes and utensils, measurement conversions, preparation of vegetables and fish, etc. The instructions are easy to follow, and although the author says she wrote it for the Japanese who want to learn English, it obviously is nice for those studying Japanese as well. **The translation is pretty good but is missing some nuance (e.g., p. 91 cooking tip #2 -- "Put fish in boiled sauce" would probably be written something more like "Make sure sauce is boiling before adding fish").

Most of the dishes represented are those that are popular with Westerners such as sushi, tempura, curry, teriyaki, dumplings, and miso soup. There are a lot of vegetable and fish recipes, although some of the fish may be difficult to obtain in a regular supermarket and may not appeal to some people (e.g., grilled mackerel pike belly, where the instructions refer to "guts"--again, maybe the translation could have been better).

I think this is an excellent cookbook for someone wanting to learn to make Japanese food. I would purchase this for my children when they go off on their own. I did not try out any of the recipes before writing this review.

**I was not able to look through the copy of this book as thoroughly as I would have liked, as the format was hard to access and manipulate on my computer. The Adobe Digital Editor app did not have arrows to allow me to "turn the pages" one at a time. The scrolling was not smooth, so the screen would skip several pages at the slightest touch of the mouse. I wish the experience had not been so frustrating.

Was this review helpful?

Japanese Cooking Recipes is an excellent primer on some seriously yummy looking dishes.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Eastern style/Asian dishes and am always looking for more recipes and cooking "secrets" (aka methods) for more authentic tasting dishes.

The book provides numbered step by step instructions with photos, text in both Japanese and English, and a variety of cooking basics and menu options including main dishes, Western and Chinese dishes, side dishes, and rice, soup & pickles. Some recipes require authentic Japanese/Asian ingredients, but usually, there are some Asain markets tucked into even very small towns and/or even the internet can help with acquiring some if not at your local grocery store. You'd really be surprised at some of the things you can find. A bag of wakame seaweed (for rice and stock flavoring) and bonito flakes (again, used for flavoring) will last forever in your pantry.

I am so ready to try some of these recipes.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Was this review helpful?

This is a great introductions to Japanese cooking. It includes beginner recipes for those who have no idea what to cook or where to start all the way to those who are experienced but want to expand their knowledge further. As a chef myself I will return back to this book over and over again, till I buy a copy for myself.

Was this review helpful?

Lots of Japanese recipes with step by step pictures! Every recipe is provided with the step by step which is really handy when cooking something new. Lots of recipes to pick from, this is a must have for the beginner Japanese Cook!!

Was this review helpful?

This is the type of cookbook you pick up if you have a die-hard passion for Japanese cooking and want to understand not only basic recipes, but also some of the culture and tradition around Japanese food. While this wouldn’t be my go-to cookbook, it is a really good reference book.

This review is based on NetGalley ARC provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I really loved this cooking book! I am a very visual person so the easy step by step pictures were so helpful. The simplicity in Japanese cooking adds to the beauty of it.

I can't wait to make these recipes post covid when I can get to an Asian grocery store.

Was this review helpful?

Wow...what a fantastic book. After only a few pages I could tell this was going to be a highly useful cookbook. Lovers of Japanese style cuisine will love this versatile cookbook. Easy to use with step by step instruction and pictures galore!

What did I like? The pictures.... so many pictures. I love home cooked Japanese food and this book delivers. Basic understanding of what kitchen essentials you need, how to hold and use knives, basic chopping of vegetables, all the way to some gorgeous recipes. Fantastic book! Wealth of information and step by step instructions to a fabulous looking meal.

Would I buy or recommend? I would love a paper copy, Amazon isn’t being too great about the pricing on this book. It’s been out about two years and I still put it on my wish list. If I had a go to Japanese cooking book, it would definitely be this one. I can’t wait to make the sushi! If your looking for an amazing step by step...you can’t go wrong here. Really in depth steps.

I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book. Five huge stars for an exceptional book!

Was this review helpful?

I have tried repeatedly to download this book, but I am not able to see a full version of this book, so I am unable to review it.

Was this review helpful?

Japanese Cooking Recipes is a comprehensive technique/tutorial/recipe guide for Japanese cuisine. Released 1st June 2018 by Shinsei publishing, it's 256 pages and available in paperback format. I couldn't find ebook format information online, but I strongly recommend against puchasing the electronic format (if available), since this is an extremely graphics heavy book, literally every page has photos, and it's printed in bilingual Japanese/English which makes small format graphics a chore to read.

The book is arranged thematically with recipes arranged by category. The introductory chapters include everything from food prep, ingredients, to tools and cooking utensils. This is the best tutorial I've ever seen on knifework, showing vegetable and meat prep work such as matchstick, rosettes, dices, and others for several different vegetables. Photos are clear and easy to follow (even being unable to access the text portions, the photos are super clean and easy to understand).

The author continues with a meticulous and detailed chapter on ingredients followed by general cooking methods. Seasonal varieties and quality of ingredients is a common thread throughout. There's even a tutorial subchapter on tea and using chopsticks.

The recipes themselves have multiple tutorial photos and serving photos. I didn't count the individual recipes, but there are a large number. Special tips and advice for avoiding problems are highlighted in sidebars.

Many of the ingredients may prove challenging to source outside of a specialist grocery. Seasonal proteins and fruits may also prove difficult to find outside of Asia.

This is a beautifully written and encyclopedic text on Japanese cuisine. I am tempted to buy the print version myself (the ebook version isn't feasible for practical use). Five stars (two stars for the .pdf version which is missing vast amounts of text and ingredients sidebars).

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

Was this review helpful?

Synopsis: A perfect cookbook inclusive of every little detail needed for cooking Japanese food in Japanese style. This cookbook is so well curated that amateurs can not only just try the recipes but they can actually learn so many various techniques of Japanese cooking. It is so meticulously written k with details about:

What cooking utensils to use?
What knives are to be used for what purpose?
How to chop vegetables and fruits?
How to fillet fish?
Measuring spoons and techniques for cooking? And so much more

The book is written in bilingual language English & Japanese which is so impressive and easy for users to understand. The recipes have pictures for each and every step mentioned for cooking and otherwise. This book is so incredible that I secretly repent being Vegetarian (lol).

Thank you #netgalley for the advance copy of this amazing cookbook in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This seems like a great introduction to Japanese food. The recipes aren't super complex while still being authentic. I loved how there are a lot of pictures for every step of each recipe. Not only can you see what your food should look like in the end, but also what it should look like at each step. The instructions are very minimal and so it might help if it were a bit more detailed, but it also makes the recipes much more approachable. Japanese food seems intimidating because you mainly think sushi and your mind immediately goes to "I can't do that", but this book showcases a variety of Japanese cuisine that's very do-able and each recipe looks delicious.

Was this review helpful?

Excellent foundation for Japanese home cooking- anyone who loves Japanese cuisine will appreciate it. At first, it was hard for me to adjust visually to both the Japanese and English text written side by side. But the author notes that this style is for Japanese people who also want to learn English in a fun way. I thought this detail was unique and feels like a beautiful way to connect different cultures around food in both a linguistic and culinary way. I learned a lot reading this cookbook, and it definitely inspired me to learn more about the Japanese language (and food!!)

Was this review helpful?

This is an easy to follow guide for making delicious Japanese cuisine. The directions and photos are extremely helpful. We have enjoyed the recipes we've tried and look forward to more delicious meals!

Was this review helpful?

This book gives you a complete bible of Japanese cooking. It covers everything from selecting the proper utensils to how to select the right pan/wok. The recipes were inviting and the photography was beautiful. The knife work section was extensive as well. If you really want a superior guide to Japanese cooking...buy this book!

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful illustrations, the recipes are nicely organized and easy to follow. Did I mention the pictures are mouth watering and will make you hungry?

During this pandemic, I have been cooking more at home. My family and I love fine sinning so this has been an adjustment for us. We went from dinning out an average of twice a week to none at all, for safety measures.

I love how warm and inviting this cookbook is.i will be purchasing a physical copy as I have followed a few of the recipes and my family has really enjoyed them.

I highly recommend this book!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you, NetGalley for a review copy of this book!

As a big fan of Japanese culture--especially the food!--I was super excited to see this book. I've just skimmed through it so far, but I love that the book is in both Japanese and English and the food looks delicious. Some things look a little harder to make than others, but both my husband and I love to cook and we enjoy a good challenge here and there.

We can't wait to try the recipes! I think this is going to be a wonderful addition to our cooking library.

Was this review helpful?

this book is amazing. I'm a complete beginner and i found this book to be so helpful, it explained in detail and actually tells you what can go wrong and how to avoid it.
this book is perfect for cooks at all levels

Was this review helpful?

Excellent recipes that are easy to follow thanks to the step-by-step photos! The layout could be slightly challenging for readers who are not used to bilingual Japanese cookbooks, however, it's worth since the recipes turn out deliciously!

Was this review helpful?

I am Japanese-American and love to connect with my culture through cooking. These recipes are reminiscent of family meals as a kid and some are new to me! I can't wait to cook through this book.

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What a great book with detailed pictures of techniques, recipes and everything you need to make this Japanese recipes into a success. The cover did not do any justice to what is in this book. Worth every send if you want to cook something different.

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I'm glad to have been able to review this cookbook because Japanese Cuisine is my absolute favourite.

Japanese Cooking Recipes by Kawakami Fumiko is a great resource for anyone who's interested in Japanese cuisine and culture. Some recipe books go just compile into several pages the basic tools and ingredients one might need to cook food from a certain type of cuisine, but Ms. Kawakami goes above and beyond that. Aside from the normal tools and equipment, and basic ingredients, she also includes a chapter on step-by-step (photos included) procedures for basic cooking skills. You could tell this was aimed for beginners since cooking rice is included in the basic skills chapter of the book. The book is in both Japanese and English languages, for anyone who's looking to improve their language skills.

Aside from that, she also includes a chapter on learning basic japanese seasonings, seasonal fruits, miso from different regions, and Japanese etiquette on eating. Oh and there's tableware and a chapter on tea, too! This book covers every thing you need to know about Japanese cuisine.

I'm definitely inspired to try out several recipes from this book pretty soon. And I am confident that this book will enable me to produce delicious meals.

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This is a brilliant bilingual cookbook with a great range of Japanese recipes.

The recipes have detailed step-by-step instructions with photos to go with each step.

There is a great sections at the beginning of the book about chopping methods, useful equipment, Japanese plates etc which was really interesting too.

The loss of one star... is only a personal one - I am a vegetarian and whilst there were vegetarian dishes, I would have liked there to be a "make it vegetarian" style section for meat recipes so that they could easily be adapted. Having said that, the meat Goyza recipe looks amazing and I will be adapting the filling to make them vegetarian and I can't wait to try making some!!

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Everything you need to know Japanese cooking!!! This cookbook is an amazing resource for Japanese cooking with easy to follow recipes. I am so impressed with the details in both preparation but in tools and actual recipe preparations. This is a must have reference guide for both basic and more complex Japanese food preparation. I highly recommend it!

I received this book from NetGalley and Media Do International Inc. for an honest review.

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I'm a huge fan of Japanese food and this is utterly wonderful. There's something for every proficiency level, from beginners to the more advanced cook. Great recipes and pictures to illustrate. 5 stars!

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I love Japanese food but I've always viewed the cuisine as intricate, something that only people with an in depth understanding of the Japanese culture could make. Well, this book begged to differ! I find it delightfully easy to understand and achievable, even for the likes of me who has never tried their hand at this.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Media Do International, Inc. (Shinsei Publishing) for providing this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange of my honest opinion.

This is a 4.5 cookbook - I am not giving it 5 solely because it could be a tiny bit more aesthetically pleasing, but as a cookbook it has everything you need: a good picture of the final recipe, step by step instructions and pictures, tips and tricks and it's written in both Japanese and English - which means it might help you learn one of the two languages :D.

Very cool cookbook - it is full of traditional and modern Japanese recipes.

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I want to thank netgalley for allowing me to review and blessing me with a Eversion of the book. From beginning to end I enjoyed every word and recipe it had to offer. As a beginner in the kitchen and a lover of Japanese culture I couldn't have had a better time learning from all the recipes the book had to offer.
This useful cooking guide introduces basic Japanese recipes which you may want to try cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by more than 20 step-by-step photos and useful tips.

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What a lovely book. Full of delicious looking recipes and beautiful pictures. Step by step photographic and text instructions in both English and Japanese. We learn about equipment needed and how to use it. We learn how to fillet fish, how to make stocks, how to cook rice, ingredients used and how to prepare them, how to make garnishes.

A very nice book - very useful and very user friendly.

Thank you for sending me this ARC.

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Many thanks to the author, publishers and Netgalley for a free ARC of this ebook.
Despite numerous attempts on various devices I was unable to download this book.
I am therefore unable to comment further. I will continue to try to download it and will provide a full review when I succeed.

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Fumiyo Kawakami's Japanese Cooking Recipes is geared towards both Japanese and English audiences. It provides the home cook with a grounding in Japanese cooking from the ingredients to Japanese knife techniques to authentic recipes. The recipes include dishes that fall under "home cooking" - the food that would be eaten on a regular basis such as beef bowls, pickled plums, rice balls, etc. Kawakami includes a generous number of vegetable, vegetarian and vegan recipes which prove both tasty and not intimidatingly complicated. This is a great book for someone like me who loves Japanese food but doesn't have the time to make elaborate meals.

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It’s great to see a cookbook that makes it as easy as can be for beginners. However, as an accurate Japanese cookbook, you’ll most likely need to purchase some of the ingredients from specialized shops, but it depends on where you live. The extra tips that accompany each recipe are quite useful (like when telling you not to fan and mix the sushi rice at the same time). A must-have for those interested in real, everyday-life Japanese cuisine and culture. Looking forward to more books like this one. It would be awesome if Kawakami Fumiyo’s next book would have this same format and focus on bread and desserts from Japan! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

About the contents:

The first part of the book has very detailed explanations and images about essential cooking utensils and techniques. There’s more than 20 pages dedicated to knives, sharpening, and cutting vegetables and fish. Soup stock and rice cooking are the first recipes to appear, followed by ingredient measuring, cooking methods (simmer, grill, steam, etc), Japanese ingredients, seasonings, etc. Specially liked the extended explanations about the different kinds of miso around Japan as well as soy and sugar varieties. Attention is also paid to the importance of tableware in Japanese cooking as well as decorative cutting, garnishing and seasonal dishes. Last but not least, chopsticks, Japanese tea etiquette and the balance of meals according to their taste, color, and cooking method.

The next 4 parts of the book consist of recipes divided as ‘main dishes’, ‘western and Chinese dishes’, ‘side dishes’ and ‘rice and soup and pickles’. Each recipe has step by step instructions, pictures for every step and instructions in both Japanese and English. I was really happy to see many popular recipes like sukiyaki, tonkatsu and omuraisu but also many others which were new to me, for example: chawanmushi (steamed egg hotchpotch) or red miso soup with clams. Yummm.

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Preparing real Japanese food is fairly elusive in the US, but Fumiyo Kawakami, in her cookbook, Japanese Cooking Recipes explains and shows would be Japanese cooking aficionados just how to prepare Japanese dishes correctly. It’s a fun cookbook to read, and it will help anyone with some new kitchen skills.

One of the most impressive things about this cookbook is that there are fabulous helpful basics such as how to use a knife and how to chop vegetables in the Japanese way. These are illustrated perfectly so that everyone, whether beginning or experienced in the kitchen, can successfully use these skills in their kitchen. There are chapters on ingredients, Japanese cooking methods, and even how to hold chopsticks and the etiquette associated with them to name a few.

The recipes include appetizers, side dishes, main dishes, a few Chinese dishes, and even a primer on sushi with several different mouthwatering varieties. While the recipes are written a bit differently than most of us are used to, there are beautiful photographs of each step of the preparation, as well as written instructions. This is very helpful, and it’s nice to know that these are authentic Japanese dishes that you could actually order in a restaurant in Japan.

One thing to remember is that to successfully produce these recipes, a trip to a good Asian market to pick up the unfamiliar ingredients.

This is the real deal; everything is written in both Japanese and English, which adds to the charm, but all told, this cookbook is Awesome! Anyone who wants to cook Japanese will want to add this cookbook to their collection.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

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This was a great cookbook for cooks who were not very familiar with Japanese recipes. There are discussions of basic skills like chopping and descriptions of Japanese ingredients. The recipes were authentic Japanese, which can be a little different from some of the foods we find in the US. 4 stars.

Thanks to Media Do International, Inc., Shinsei Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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JAPANESE COOKING RECIPES is for the home chef who wants to learn more about Japanese cooking--and not just the how-to of making specific dishes. The text is in both English and Japanese, which is distracting at first, but one gets used to it.

I always try to cook multiple dishes in a cookbook before I review it, but I was only able to do one in this before my access expired; however, I reviewed quite a few before selecting the one I cooked (Ginger Pork). The reason I'm giving the book three stars is because of the ingredients and the directions provided. For example, the amount of ginger specified for the ginger pork recipe was a half a knob--which is a pretty broad range--and the fact that the temperature for cooking the dish wasn't specified. Did I manage to cook the recipe? Yes, and it was tasty (though it could have used more ginger!), but I'm an experienced cook of dishes with Asian flavors. I wouldn't give this cookbook to someone who is just starting their cooking adventure.

One definite positive of the book was the explanation of what could go wrong and why for different dishes. That's a very handy feature, and useful for recipes beyond the ones in this book.

My thanks to NetGalley for access to the ebook in exchange for my honest review.

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