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Super Silly Jokes for Kids (Kid Scoop)

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This was very fun & kept my kids giggling. We took turns reading it. Everyone could use a good laugh these days so this was much needed. Thanks NetGalley!
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So cute! My family enjoyed this. The kids had a blast reading the jokes to family and friends. I would recommend this to families. We all need to laugh especially during these times.
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Super Silly Jokes for Kids is exactly what the title implies. The book is full of silly jokes, puns and riddles. The book covers a wide variety of topics. There are knock-knock jokes, jokes about animals, food jokes, school jokes and riddles.

Super Silly Jokes for Kids is a great starter book for anyone looking to learn child friendly jokes. As with most silly joke books, there are some good jokes and there are a few lame jokes. Kid Scoop did a really good job of compiling these jokes and Vicki did a great job of editing.

The layout of the book is perfect for kids. Some jokes are straightforward; joke – answer. Some of the riddles have to be matched with the correct answer. Topics are generally combined together in sections.

The art is fabulous. The design is pleasing and entertaining.
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There are a blue million joke books for kids, but this one I predict to be extremely popular. The jokes are not new ones and of course are super corny. But kids don’t care if the jokes are new. They thrive on the  silliness.  
The format and illustrations Is what that sets this book apart from other joke books. Instead of a page full of knock knock  jokes. In this publication, there are rarely more than 6-8 jokes on a page accompanied  by fun and goofy bold color illustrations. The pages are thematic, each  containing silly jokes about  mermaids, dinosaurs and super hero’s to name a few. 
This book is a must addition to your Juvenile 818 section!
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The images are a nice bonus and the jokes are silly but the kids love them, I did get a lot of confusion with ESL kids. All in all it had a few good puns.
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This is a super cute collection of kid jokes!  We are always needing more kid-friendly jokes in our house, and there are some great ones in this book!  We will get plenty of laughs telling these!  Thank you NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for a digital arc of this title!
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I received an e-ARC of this book from Vicki Whiting and Fox Chapel Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book lives up to its name it is full of super silly jokes that kids will enjoy.  A lot of the jokes in this book reminded me of bad dad jokes, they either make you laugh out loud or audibly groan.  If the kids that read this are anything like me they will remember a couple of jokes they find hilarious and tell them to people 30+ years later.
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Such a fun collection of jokes that my daughter enjoyed very much and that I think my elementary students will enjoy also.
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'Super Silly Jokes for Kids' is an entertaining joke book for young readers with bright and whimsical illustrations throughout. 

Thank you NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing/Happy Fox Books for providing this ARC.
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While I was reading this book with my 9 and 5 yr old my 13 yr old decided she needed to come and check it out too, which turned into a great family time reading through and laughing. The 5 yr old didn’t quite get most of them but the 9 and 13 enjoyed it. The illustrations were a great addition to the jokes. 

I was provided with an electronic ARC through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Kids love to tell riddles and jokes and this book is going to supply them with a giant fresh new batch to torture, I mean entertain, everyone with. This collection feels fresh and new to me, though you will find some classics in it as well. They're collected by general theme on the pages, so you can find the kind of joke you're looking for. The illustrations are bright and whimsical and the text is easy to read. I also like how they mixed things up a bit, like with a couple of pages, you have to match the riddle to its punchline. I got a total kick out of this book as an adult and think kids are going to love it, too.

Thank you to the publisher for fulfilling my review request via NetGalley.. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A book with silly jokes. The illustrations were funny, bright and colourful. There are  some knock knock jokes too

Some examples
What flies through the air and goes zzub zzub zzub? A bee flying backwards
What kind of snakes can you find on a car? Windshield Vipers
Knock! Knock! Who's there? Adore .Adore Who? Adore is between us! Open up!

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the eARC
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Fun, easy to read jokes that will appeal to many younger students. The drawings are fun and colorful. The punchlines are written upside down under the joke - so the reader has a chance to guess before reading the answer.
I like that they are grouped according to topic - fish jokes, pirate jokes, etc.
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Super Silly Jokes for Kids
Vicki Whiting & Jeff Schinkel

  This book is full of all sorts of jokes from animals, to monsters and everything in between. I read this book with my three boys and they loved it. They laughed hysterically at the jokes and they were sad when we got to the end. I loved how there were a variety of jokes. It wasn’t all just regular jokes or only knock knock jokes. Also the variety of subjects made it so there were jokes that each of my boys would enjoy. I recommend this to parents and kids who love a good joke to make a kid smile.

 I received a free ecopy of this book from Netgalley for my honest opinion.
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Super Silly Jokes for Kids has wonderfully corny jokes.  The graphics in the book are actually what impressed me, as they were bright, fun and engaging.  This is a perfect book to add to my classroom library for my reluctant readers to enjoy.
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My seven year old loves making silly jokes and I got this book mainly for her. She enjoyed reading the jokes as well as looking at the illustrations. The silly jokes are the best ones for little minds ! Thank you netgalley for letting me download this fun book.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for providing an advanced copy of this joke book in exchange for an honest review.

Super Silly Jokes for Kids is filled with age appropriate jokes and puns that made me smile. I actually might write a few of these down to annoy my friends with. 

I wasn't the biggest fan of the punchline being written upside down and backwards. I understand that if the punchline was an answer to a trivia question why it would be formatted like this. It doesn't really work with the format of joke telling. You give the question and the punchline, typically. 

I also think that if there was a more unified art style throughout the book, it would look better and feel more cohesive instead of looking like a bunch of clip art thrown together or pages taken from different books. It's really hard to explain. 

Still cute and funny though. This would be a good place to harvest your dad jokes from.
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An adorable funny kid level book of jokes that will have them all cracking up with laughter.  This will be great for parents, babysitters, aunts and uncles or older siblings to use when spending time with the younger children.

I personally am an aunt with several young nieces and nephews.  They absolutely love making up "knock knock" jokes.  This book has plenty of those, and now I get to tell them the jokes!

This book is authored and illustrated by the Publisher and Art Director of Kid Scoop.  It's a company that provides learning resources and educational activities to teach and entertain kids, used by both families and schools.  Kid Scoop has been around for a while and has had great success.  I think this book will be another success as well.

*Thank you to Fox Chapel Publishing via NetGalley for the digital review copy.
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This is a super cute book. While admittedly below my age range, it is perfect for my 7 year old daughter. She loves telling jokes and hearing jokes, so this book was right up her alley. It is chock full of plenty of jokes for all kinds of kids (in age and in heart). The format is easily readable with most of the punchlines being written in smaller text upside down- so an easy flip upside down with a physical book. Each page is full of entertaining, colorful illustrations pertaining to the theme of the jokes (pirates, vampires, etc). I would definitely recommend this as a nice gift purchase for anyone that loves joke books.
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These is a perfect book for long travel with kids . It sure engage them . The jokes are funny , silly and enjoyable . My third grader loved this and finish it on one go . Great gift for joke loving kids . 
But the upside down answer is not so practical with protecte ePub version . I couldn’t send it to my kindle and so we read it in laptop . And for each joke we have to look from the top of the laptop for answer. I think even in printed books each time turn the book upside down for answers is something annoying for me . Other than this we love this book .
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