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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent

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This was quite educational, short and to the point. I really liked how it highlighted diversity and was very sensitive towards former traumas, genders etc. The art was helpful in illustrating the ideas explained.
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This book is, as the title declares, a quick and easy guide. It’s a good starting place for teenagers to learn about consent and I was pleasantly surprised by how many aspects of consent were covered in so few pages. The end of the book features a concise summary, followed by a questionnaire for the reader to explore thoughts about their own boundaries, as well as a list of useful resources on where to go for more advice and information.

I appreciated the inclusion of different genders, sexualities and definitions of ‘sex’ – all things which many schools fail to discuss in sex education. The book also includes mention of kinks, sex workers, STDs, sex between minors and sex while intoxicated, and succeeds in discussing these topics in an informative, rather than judgemental way.

I didn’t always like the tone of the book – I can see how the main character may be seen by teenagers as preachy (he does most of the talking), which I think is likely to put them off the book and distract from the content. The main character also introduces himself as “Sargent Yes Means Yes from the Consent Cavalry” – surely I can’t be the only one who cringed at that? Teenagers don’t want to feel patronised; they want to be spoken to like adults – something the book succeeded in at some points but not others. 

Overall, a useful book for young people to explore the topic of consent, but I’m not sure how well teenagers will respond to the tone.
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This is a book for everyone - it discuss a difficult subject(consent) in a really lighthearted way and easy for everyone to understand.

It provides a detailed explanation for diffrent situations that consent and communication are necessary, both verbal and nonverbal. 
I aslo really like how it include people of diffrent genders, the narrator is nonbinary which makes it more accessible for all readers.
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I got an ARC of this book.

I teach sex ed at the local county jail to the juvenile inmates. To start a class when I have a new group of kids that are a bit more shy and don't know me, I ask them to shout out my favorite C word. They usually stare at me like a deer in the headlights for a few minutes. Then they start shouting every word they aren't allowed to say while in custody. They get so mad when I tell them "no, its consent".

Until now, there has not been an easy reference that I could give them about consent. I had to make my own. I based it around the idea I learned in college in psychology called informed consent. If I had a way with words and the ability to create art, then this book would have come about years ago. This book covers every single thing I try and get my kids to learn, but with slightly different language. This book is a treasure. It is the best resource I have ever seen on consent.

Before I taught sex ed, I thought I knew what consent was. I thought it wasn't that hard of a concept, but when you start talking to teenagers it gets more muddled. Many of the teens I work with use or have used illegal substances, some are in the facility under rape charges. Consent matters so much, but when you start talking to at risk youth everything gets more complicated. How do I explain that you can't consent to a 30 year old man when the girls brag about their baby daddies? How do I explain that using meth makes it so consent is hard or impossible to give when they don't understand that meth changes the way you can think? The book tackles really tough subjects in a way that is direct and understandable.

When I bring up taking naked pictures to teens, I spend the rest of the class explaining that it is child porn. They don't believe me and they try to go out of their way to trip me up. I have had so many of the teens admit to filming themselves with others and sending pics on a regular basis. Yet it is child porn. The book is matter of fact. I can see others reviewing a book like this and saying that talking about child porn is not relevant to teens or consent, but it really really is. This book holds no punches. It covers topics that are so important and so needed for teens (and everyone else too honestly), but is not being talked about. 

My only issue I have with this book is that I don't already have a copy to use in my class. It is a great resource. It goes beyond just basic heteronormtive sex to talk about kink. The teens always want to talk about kink. They are fascinated by it. Kink makes things a bit more muddled for the teens to. Having it be so up front and matter of fact was amazing. I love this book so much.
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One of the reasons I like reading 'Quick & Easy Guides' on otherwise taboo themes is because within the cultural context of my country, it can be a tricky space to navigate. Such guides are always a handy tool for anyone working on trainings/events where these themes are discussed. 
This one checks all the marks on what I consider to be a good guide. It is thorough, does not leave much space for questions and the scenes set within the explanations aren't too fabricated. 
It touches upon consent in various tangents, including contentious issues like the age of consent and the withdrawal of consent. 
I only wish such books become essential reading in schools in the time to come.
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A well written and thought provoking read that should be on school reading lists across the world, as is something everyone should read.
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This book is my favorite of the Quick and Easy Guide Series. The book is exactly as titled, a short and highly informative comic explaining what consent it. The book focuses on learning how to utilize affirmative consent in relationships with a focus on communicating with a partner. The question and answer flow of the book's dialog helps to reinforce that questions are useful in navigating relationships. Romantic relationships are not limited to heterosexual sex, but are open to all activities that may take place with a romantic partner.  I love most about the book that consent is not waiting for someone to say no. In addition, the very strong stance taken on having the ability to say no at any time.

I found the book to be a fun, yet serious approach to the topic. The resource list in the back helps the reader to expand on the subject with further reading. In addition, the checklists in the back help the reader to navigate both their own sexuality and places to start conversations with a romantic partner.

I would highly recommend this book to young adults and adults.
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This book is so important, so obviously needed and I believe every adult and teen should read it. Too many people talk about the #MeToo movement like it's an era we've passed, done and dusted; Harvey Weinstein is in prison, upskirting is finally recognised as a criminal offence in the UK (thank you, Gina Martin, you are amazing), apparently all is well with the world, back to not so blissful ignorance. In reality, many of us are acutely aware that this is actually not so. Coercion can be very insidious, this book does a good job at highlighting this and I think that will resonate with a lot of readers, particularly women and fems. I appreciate how much the author focuses on the importance of communication and affirmative consent. "Affirmative consent is about making sure that everyone involved in a sexual activity is into it. And when I say "into it", I don't mean okay with it, I mean INTO IT." That part really echoed what I've always felt, but was never unable to put into words or even cohesive thought. Another important thing about this book is that it's gender diverse, which is great. After reading this book I feel better and more confident about what I want and how to express what I don't want in future relationships.
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This book should be required reading for every person regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation!! It breaks consent down, destigmatizes conversations about sex, and helps readers begin to address their fears of rejection. The illustrations are also aesthetically pleasing and depict a diverse range of couples.
10 out of 10 would recommend. 

I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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It's hard to make educating about consent fun and not overbearing and it's harder to make consent seem sexy.  This short, breezy graphic novel doesn't totally succeed with those goals but it gets really close.  It quickly covers a wide range of topics and sexual practices and how consent relates to all of them. I also really appreciated the major point that good communication and trust are the keys to making it easy to talk about consent (and, not incidentally, to having a satisfying sexual relationship).
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Excellent resource for defining and exploring the complexities of sexual consent! This is a very comprehensive overview, and the delivery is fun and all-inclusive of sexual orientations and gender identities. As a future sex educator and therapist, I will be keeping a copy of this guide on hand for use with my clients. Thank you NetGalley for the eARC!
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Very informative and in a easy entertaining comic format. The author provides examples of what scenerious where there is consent and vice versa. Also discusses scenerious with different sexual partners so there is something there for everyone. Worth the read and should be provided at every bar, club, school and online platforms.
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I enjoyed this graphic novel aimed at advising people about consent. This would be a great book to have lying around when you bring your date home, assuming we ever get back to normalcy in life after COVID. It's smart, comprehensive, inclusive, and educational, and if I had one complaint it would be the language level. This might well get the message across to avid comic book readers, but the language in use here seemed rather 'hi-falutin' - rather more at intellectual end of the scale than perhaps where it needs to be, and as such, it might well be over the head of many people who are the audience this comic truly needs to reach.

That said, it covered a huge swathe of consent - what consent is, how it can be given, what it means and more importantly, what it doesn't mean, how it's given, what's behind it all, how to approach what might be a difficult conversation, and on and on. It's all done in a friendly chatty manner. It truly is well-written, with the above-mentioned caveat, and the art is wonderful. I commend this as a worthy read. Some millionaire ought to buy the entire print run of this and give them away at appropriate venues! Not that there are any such venues at the moment, but you know what I mean.
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I received an e-arc from Net Galley in exchange for review
*3.75 - 4 Stars*

Wasn't really sure what to expect when going into this book, how old or young it would read. We get introduced the main narrator Sarge who uses they/ them pronouns starts off talking to a couple who is fooling around. Then the conversation starts about affirmative consent, determining the rules of consent and how to approach the subject with partners. Once that conversation is finished Sarge moves over to a bar with a diverse amount of relationships. More conversations about handling consent and how to discuss it with partners. I would say that this book would be good for teens going into high school (ages 14 and up) and would be good material to have in a health classroom.
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TW: discussion of sexual violence, emotional manipulation & non-consent

Another informative Quick & Easy Guide that this time covers consent, more specifically, affirmative consent. It explores what consent means and how it should be expressed, with different scenarios to illustrate it. Consent is about communication between partners and not assumptions about what each other want.

It also explains how consent is ever-evolving and what determines that a person is capable of consenting (e.g. underage or under the influence), which leads to the discussion of sexual violence and the forms it can take.

Overall, all of these guides are must-reads for not only explaining its topic but the inclusive narrative it uses.
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I <em>love</em> the teachable graphic novels that have gained popularity in the past year, and the <em>Quick & Easy Guide</em>s are a huge part of that. In my mind, the best thing about each of these is how diverse they are, be it by sexuality and gender or race. <em>A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent </em>by Isabella Rotman is an utterly <em>fantastic</em> example of how amazing these educational guides can be. In this round of beautifully illustrated panels, our narrator takes us on a journey to lean about just what consent is, as well as how to recognize, use, and respect it.

I really don't think I could have enough praise for these graphic novels, and this one in particular. Consent is a topic that so many these days somehow do not understand and having a reference to explain it is extremely important. I hope that there will one day be a time in which consent is widely taught to everyone to the point that books like this will not be as necessary as they are, but for now, I am glad that they exist.

The artwork that illustrates the essential message that this book is sending remains absolutely gorgeous. I've found myself genuinely appreciative of these novels and impressed with the way that they deliver information. All topics are presented in easy to understand ways. They're thoroughly engaging are always impressively informative.

I would recommend them to just about anyone, and this one especially.

<em>I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.</em>
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

Consent isn't a simple yes/no situation, this book covers that! It provides a very detailed and situational explanation for a variety of instances that consent and communication are necessary. This graphic novel educates on a valuable topic in a fun yet knowledgeable way. The narrator is nonbinary which makes it feel more applicable to ALL readers and less intimidating for any specific genders. It touches on nuances that are rarely mentioned and explained when it comes to sex and consent. I appreciated that it discussed the importance of nonverbal communication in addition to the frequently discussed verbal communication. The tone is perfect for this topic, especially if it’s in the hands of teens. It’s upbeat and sassy while still remaining serious and knowledgable. 

While the author is not a sexual health professional, sources are provided to help make better decisions based off the content in the book. It even provided a portion to be interactive in practicing consent by providing various checklists as tools to begin conversations with your partner/s. Overall, (aside from a couple grammatical/ sentence structure mistakes) this was a very informative and encompassing resource for anyone and especially those who are sexually active.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the free e-arc!

As the title says, this is a quick & easy guide to consent. Sometimes the concept of consent is so abstract that some people might get confused about it. In this short little comic you will surely clear all your doubts about it and more.

It is very important that everytime you are involved in any kind of sexual act you are 100% sure that you and your partner are completely positive about doing whatever you are going to do. If you aren't, JUST ASK (to stop). I cannot emphasise enough that communication is KEY.

Even if you finish this book without doubts about consent but still struggle on the communication part because of shyness or embarassment, there is a super useful check-list at the end of this book to complete with your likes and dislikes, fantasies, things you are not sure you like but would like to try, your position regarding contraception, etc. You can use it to know what you like better and exchange it with your partner's if you are not comfortable with speaking out loud about it.
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A Quick & Easy Guide to Consent is all that it promises to be! It's very concise and informative, short and simple to read, but at the same time engaging and just fun to look at.

I loved the disclaimers and content warnings at the beginning. It talks clearly about what it is and is not. I also loved that it was inclusive and openly talked about genders, both that gender bias does exist and that consent and lack of consent isn't tied to gender.
On that note, yay to the non-binary guide who moderates the lesson that is this book, that was a lovely touch!

As I said before the art is fun to look at and also inclusive in body types and skin colours.

The book also made sure to talk about social norms and how that affects how we communicate, particularly about sex and consent. There's talk about how talking about sex is a skill that you can and should practice! For that it provides checklists and conversation starters to practice sexual and consent focussed communication, as well as more resources. It also includes direct quotes from several sexual consent educators.

My favourite touch and what was actually new to me was how clear it was that consent can and should go so much further than "not assault," and that it can and should go past that entirely to truly be affirmative, which is referred to as gold standart of consent.
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An absolutely fantastic, relevant, timely book that should be required reading for all 9th graders in their sex education curriculum.  Without alienating LGBTQ+ among us, the author explains, simply and effectively, how couples should communicate when it comes to not just heterosexual sex, but all activities one may be involved in when it comes to a romantic partner. Powerful and essential for any teen library
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