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This work/self-help book on to why to give a shit was funny and handy. I give too many shits, so a bit of guidance is always welcome.
The design of the pages were colourful and fun. You have more than enough space to write things down. It is fun to get and do yourself, or buy it for a friend as amusing gift.
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I have to be honest, I was  disappointed in this book. I know it's supposed to be a guided journal and not a self-help book, but I was hoping for a little bit more substance. Each page is cutely decorated, but I found the content to be hollow and repetitive.
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It's only fair to say that I love this book to pieces and that I can't wait to hold it's physical form in my hands. This book is your personal graditude teacher in the form of your half-drunk best friends in plush-slippers. I freaking love it. 
Over the last years I tried graditude exercises a lot and they really do help me but way too often I stop after some time because it just slips away. This book is full of amazing questions and tasks, quotes and colours and pictures that just pull you in and make you smile. 
This book is for you if you want to enjoy your own life again more and more each day.  It asked you about your favourite songs, about your fluffy or not so fluffy pets and about every good thing that ever happened to you or that you could do. Maybe even today. It's not all passive writing, it asks you to stand up and do something too. 
And it isn't all zen about it. It talks to you like your slightly over enthusiastic best friend, who after all, really gets you and makes you smile when you need it the most. 

When you're done you have a whole book of your personal f*cks to give. And I think we can all use a book like that.
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Journalling is one thing that can really help during stressful times, like the current pandemic climate. This is the perfect journal for the occasionally vulgar person who just needs to destress.
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I always wanted to have a habitual journaling practice, but oftentimes I feel at a loss for what I can write about. This book offers prompts that are helpful in not only getting a journaling habit going, but also helps with daily gratitude!
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This journal was very fun to explore, filled with many interesting prompts and questions, that guide the reader towards internal reflection. It's also filled with beautiful illustrations, inspirational quotes, and fun graphics that really make it stand out.
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This is a useful book with helpful ideas and positive messages. However due to be on lockdown at the moment I will have to wait until this is over to carry out some of the ideas.
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I love it! It has the perfect amount of sass and attitude. I like how it reads fresh and young, it includes a lot of good ideas and prompts me to think about life, I definitely want to buy it and write everything down! It is colorful and i would definitely gift this book to some of the teenagers of my family. 

Thanks for sharing this book!
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F*cks to Give is the sassy version of a gratitude journal. It is a fun, engaging and light-hearted way to think about the blessings in your life and to be more grateful. The book is filled with beautiful, colorful illustrations, thoughtful quotes and interesting tasks that make you think.

This book is perfect during this difficult time and helps you see the silver lining in things. The best part is, that you can flip through the book and start at any page and fill out what speaks to you that day. 

This book would also make a great gift (for someone who does not mind colorful language).
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This is a fun and naughty spin on a gratitude journal.  I could see myself gifting this to the "new" adults in my life or friends especially during this time in our life.  It is difficult daily trying to think of what I am grateful for with the dark cloud of pandemic overhead.  I loved some of the activities and thought it was well put together with daily prompts that are simple enough to incorporate into your daily routine for showing gratitude.  It printed perfectly to add to my planner daily in the digital format.  I could see this accompanying my planner in the future.  Thank you NetGalley and Remington Books for the eARC in exchange for honest feedback.
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The reading programs I use were not compatible with the format of this book. I was not able to read it.
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This is such a fun book. I've never really took the time to write about stuff like this and I'm glad this book gave me the push to do it. It made me think a lot about me, my life and how I want to live it and where perfect to think about other things than the quarantine and the pandemic. 
It was helpful, fun and playful.
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Such a great little journal with non-common prompts s to complete at your own pace. I read all the prompts and I can’t wait to start writing down my answers. I will be buying the physical version as it is nos as easy with the digital format unless the file can be converted to a notebook in one of the iPad programs. 

Thanks for providing me with an advanced copy.
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There are so many self help book out there, like thousands. This book is not like the other. Other books will tell you that you need to do this or that. They give you a list of things. This book is different in the way it makes you look inside yourself. This book is not one that you can read through in one sitting. It is one that makes you think about the different times in your life bad, good, and ordinary. It takes those times and helps you to look at them through a different lens. Anyone can see the bad that happens, but how many can see the “silver lining”? That’s one of the things that are in this book.  Once you have a bad time in life we usually want to forget it completely. This book forces you to look back at it, but maybe through the lens of wisdom since time has passed. It’s amazing what a difference time makes.
 It is very eye opening when you remember and write things down that you had almost completely forgotten. This book is one that once you finish it will be read over and over again. It will be a reminder that you made it through the tough times and were stronger than you thought. That you have so much around you to be grateful for, and helps you look at events in the future through a different lens because you have done the internal searching through this book. It changes your perspective.
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This is a spruced up gratitude journal that I really enjoy. It has wonderful writing prompts, beautiful prints, and inspirational quotes.
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Yes, yes, I feel down to my last fuck. With this stay at home and everything is cancelled my mental health is now so down in the dumps I wonder if I will get back again with still many weeks of isolation and no plans in the future due to uncertainty how long this will take. *sighs* So yes, I could use this book and I had to press that read now button. Give me this book! My fucks are given!

It doesn't entirely work as an ebook though. This is a book with quotes and with assignments. Those 201 reasons to give a shit? Those are reasons YOU as the reader have to fill in. I hadn't expected that, or well, I kind of did but I had thought there would be more to it then filling in blanks. Since I cannot fill in blanks in an ebooks, I just did it all in my mind, at least those I could do, some I just had no clue what to fill in or it was just not something I do, and some are just not possible with today's situation. But a lot of them I filled in! And I have to say that while it may not have the satisfying feel you may get when you truly fill it in... I did feel better after reading this book and doing the assignments. I saw a bit more light in my life. Saw that there were things that I should hold on to in these days that my mind just seems to keep forgetting. Thank you book! Thank you author. 

I loved the freshness and colours in this book, it really fits with the positivity that this book is trying to give. I loved reading the quotes and I was nodding along with several of them as I agreed. 

All in all, this is one book that I really liked and that was definitely a help in these days. I would recommend it to everyone.
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This book was a fun, light-hearted way to make you as an individual realize that you should be more grateful and give a crap about you life and your surroundings. It's filled with several quotes to inspire and also journal entries to really have you invest time in thinking about how you could be more mindful and grateful. I enjoyed this book and I would definitely read it again.
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Everyone has days when nothing goes right. It rains on your great hair day, turning it into a bad hair day. Your laptop keeps showing the updating circle of death that never stops. It is times like these that challenge your ability to give a f*ck.

F*cks to Give is a hilarious guided journal that gives you 201 reasons to give a f*ck again. This would be a super cute gift for yourself or for any twenty-something lady in your life who doesn’t mind the colorful language. 

Thank you to Girl Friday Productions, Remington8 Books, and NetGalley for the electronic ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Right now, I need a lot of self-help because I’ve been sliding down the tubes physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  But I can’t handle the majority of the magical thinking, positive attitude, hyper optimistic stuff that is out there.  My style is more along the lines of the Knock Knock Affirmators, which combines humorous and practical advice with journaling exercises.  So when I read the publisher’s blurb for this book on NetGalley and Goodreads, I knew I had to have it.  And I was so excited to be approved for this book that I interrupted the 350+ page book I had in progress (which was just starting to get good) to start on it.  

The two-page introduction lays out the simple premise of the book: sometimes we’re so ground down by life that we can’t find anything to care about; therefore, this book is designed to help us remember that there truly are things out there that are worth our care, concern, and gratitude.  Except the introduction explains its premise with much more humor (and profanity) than I just did.

The journaling exercises include ones that are retrospective (think of an occasion when...), introspective (reflect on your feelings/attitudes/actions...) and prospective (imagine what you could do...). For example, one exercise has you look into your pet’s eyes and then journal three things you love about them plus one thing you can do to make their life better. Other short and light exercises have you simply write down five internet sites that expose glimmers of hope in the world, ten simple pleasures that you can enjoy right now, or your three favorite books.  But some of the exercises are quite heavy: happy memories and life lessons from younger years, things you love about yourself, times of epic failure, and the like.

Interspersed among the exercises are brightly colored full page optimistic quotes from the likes of Barack Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sylvia Plath, and a whole bunch of names that I’m too in between to recognize.  These quotes typically enlighten the exercise right before it.  But they make for good breaks in the sometimes intense journaling.  Occasionally there will also be a page with information about achieving wellness: how dressing well helps you to think well, fifteen minute cleaning tasks, ideas for motivation to get stuff done, and so forth.

Judging by the exercises, quotes, and general colorful layout, I’d say that the target audience for this book is women between twenty and forty. There’s a lot of profanity and slang in the book, but not so much for that demographic to be appalled.  In fact, it adds to the humor factor.  There’s no presumption of children (hence the pet gazing exercise) or of a long term partner.  There is presumption of a having grown up in a somewhat traditional family, but those exercises can be stretched to suit any family unit.  There is also a presumption of having a strong social structure (questions like who is your sister from another mister and your brother from another mother).  But overall, I’d say anyone with an open mind and a willingness to be grateful could benefit from working through this book.  If you’re hard of heart, this book isn’t going to crack your cynicism because of the temptation to give snarky cynical answers to the light hearted exercises.

With some minor adaption, this book could be successfully used in talk therapy sessions.  Even the “listing” exercises offer discussion prompts that could be managed into gateways to broader issues and possible resolutions.

My biggest problem with this book is that I can’t figure out where or how to buy a paper copy.  You really need a paper copy to write in, doodle in, carry around, and dog ear.  This is so perfect for so many people in my life - especially given the current circumstances - that I’d love to buy a dozen copies and send them across the globe with notes of hope and affection.
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Great book, easy to follow! Loved it! 

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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