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This is a book I wish I could give more than 5 stars to. It absolutely captivated me from the off. I reluctantly put it down for sleep and picked it up straight away the next day eager to further immerse myself in Minnie and Quinns life. Not the usual chocolate box romance, this story had a serious mental health side story. The book had the perfect the balance of serious, humour and romance. I can tell this is one I'm going to be gushing about for ages!
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Did not finish - even though I really wanted to!

I was so excited to read this, and I got approved for a copy from Netgalley (thanks by the way!!), but this book let me down so much. I got almost 100 pages in out of 350 page book and was not invested in it at all. The romance that this book is meant to be about hadn't even started when I DNF'd, which is pretty much the main reason. 
There didn't seem to be any chemistry between the main characters, and I found the main character Minnie really unlikeable. Also, I think this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I find it really hard to enjoy romances set in Britain. It's weird, I know, but the atmosphere and the vibes I get from them make it hard to get into (for example me before you, this book, and a couple of others I've read).
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Set in London mostly in 2020 with flashbacks to earlier years. A fun romance full of humorous situations.
Minnie Cooper has a fear that nothing good can happen on New Years Eve or New Years Day because something always goes wrong. All her life her classmates joked about her name Minnie Cooper. She was meant to be named Quinn Cooper but the night Minnie was born a woman sharing the ward with Minnie’s mother named her baby boy Quinn.
On New Years Eve 2019 Minnie meets Quinn and blames him for all the bad luck she has experienced.
This is a romantic comedy about families, friendships and missed opportunities. I loved the way the friendship between Minnie and her best friend Leila developed over the years and the situations they found themselves in.
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This was a Really cute book. It Had some times that I laughed right out loud at some of the descriptions. It Also had some good insight. Very enjoyable. Would read her books again.
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The blurb caught my attention but after that I lost my interest and didn't read this book. Maybe next time.
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5/5 stars

best combo of romance and not-a-romance, tackles a bunch of different things, all the secondary characters were fully fleshed out! amazing debut!
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I enjoyed this book! The nonlinear timeline made the book more enjoyable and I liked how it showed how the characters developed throughout their lives. Minnie was a bit irritating to me sometimes, but Quinn was great!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced digital copy of this book!
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This is a fun British RomCom taking a love story back to a similar time.  I feel it was very much along the same lines of a Bridget Jones book.

I loved the story and the fun banter.  Give it a try and you might surprise yourself with this read!
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I love Sophia Cousens, and this book did not disappoint! I love the stories about missed interactions, and this book was full of them! Minnie and Quinn are two who never had a quiet moment, and I absolutely enjoyed that!
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I wish I had more time to read books like this. I couldn't put it down but at the same time I felt so relaxed and intrigued by the events in the book.
Beautiful love story showing the perspective of how much can be different depending where we were born.
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Honestly did not vibe with the writing style and had to skim my way through the story. I can see why many loved this book, however it was not for me. Thanks for the opportunity to review.
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I loved the characters and the story in this book! There was lots of humor and a little romance, a great combination. And the story also was a look at our relationships with others, how we relate to them and understand them. An overall wonderful story!
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Minnie Cooper hates her New Year’s birthday, she’s been told all of her life that another baby at the hospital stole her true name (Quinn) and all of her luck. Every time anything goes wrong in her life, her Mom tells her it’s basically her lot in life.

Well doesn’t she meet said Quinn at a party on New Years where yes, she is having bad luck once again and yes, he does seem to be having a lifetime of good luck and riches.

There were a few things I loved about this book

 the time line, while weaving through Minnie’s current life, we hear about New Years of the past since her birth and although this doesn’t always work for me.

the examination of birthright, of luck, of the image of who has it ‘made’ what does that even mean? I love books that could be just fluffy and romantic but still at least stir their foot in the water of self analysis. Also looking at as an adult, what did your parents tell you growing up (good or bad) that shaped your being? Should you carry that or evaluate it and take it off if it’s heavy? 

•Character development- 4☆
• Story Plot- 3☆
• Side characters- 3.5☆
• Flow of the story- 4☆
• Overall - 3.5☆
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A lot can happen from one New Year’s Eve to the next...

Thank you to @randomhouse & @netgalley for the opportunity to read and review This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens.

Minnie has his birthday, but she should also have his name... and her mom is still mad about it thirty years later.

British Rom Com + Quirky Characters + Pie!
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I really enjoyed this book, and it was an easy read. I loved the storyline and the characters.  Minnie is a breath of fresh air, and I loved her story. 
This was my first book by Sophie,  and I can't wait to read more by this author.
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This book was highly recommended!! And I can see why! It was a story of love and I really enjoyed it.
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Such a lovely book writtten so well - can't wait to see if the author releases more books - i will def want to read them.
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It was a fun read but not one of my faves. I enjoyed Minnie as a character but felt like her hatred towards Quinn became a bit too childish for me. It was a cute story but felt very slow for me. Nothing really jumped out at me to make me remember this book for a long time.
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I absolutely love “This Time Next Year” by Sophie Cousens. It could be because Minne Cooper is so charming and endearing or because I loved the mix of cooking. This was a quick and easy read but also enjoyable. The addition of the mother and daughter/son relationships was also special. 

Thank you Random House UK and Net Galley for my digital copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Minnie Cooper (yes, that’s her name!) was born on New Year’s Day, but her birthday has always been unlucky.  She blames it on Quinn Hamilton who was born at the same hospital, on the same day, only one minute before her.  His family won a cash prize for the first baby born that year.  A prize that should have been Minnie’s along with Quinn’s name.  Every year, Minnie’s birthday is a disaster, but thirty years later, she actually meets Quinn at a party.  When they continue to run into each other it seems maybe their worlds were meant to collide.  

This Time Next Year is told in alternating timelines from present day to different times in the past where we see Quinn and Minnie’s lives intersect.  I loved the way it was written and seeing how it would all come together.  Sophie Cousens does a great job with this writing style.  

Although predictable at times, I really enjoyed this rom-com.  The characters were so charming and likeable, and I was rooting for Quinn and Minnie to get together.  Leila is Minnie’s best friend, and I loved their friendship and the parts of the book that included her.  All of the characters were relatable and seemed genuine.  

This was a fun read and told in a creative way.  I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with some LOL moments.  

Thank you NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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