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I found this book to be very good. It had me hooked from the beginning.. Was a great read. It would definitely be a book I would recommend.
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I was so excited when I got the notification for this book. I knocked it out in 3 hours and it was really delightful! So many sliding doors and missed chances throughout their lives - I wish the characters had more realizations of their previous interaction (I love an aha! moment).
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The story follows Quinn and Minnie, whose lives is forever connected due to a coincidence:
they were born on the same day, at the same hospital, only mere minutes apart. What makes them different is that one seems to enjoy life's pleasures and is extremely lucky, while the other... well, let's just say is barely scraping by.
What is only adding to the sour taste of life is that Minnie seems to be extra unlucky on their shared birthdays.
So it is completely funny and life-changing, how they meet up out-of-the-blue at the same party on their 30th birthday. Minnie's bad luck streaks seems to continue, fate is dead set on making them aquintances...
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I now own the Book of the Month edition of this book! Very lighthearted romance.
Many thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
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This was such a sweet and surprisingly genuine and heartfelt read. I was expecting something a little bit more light/fluffy, but I love how much more "real-life" the dramatic elements/plot points made it seem. I am a very slow reader but I flew right through this one. It was very propulsive and overall a quite enjoyable read.
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I really enjoyed this sweet, funny, 'fated to meet' story set in the UK. Minnie and Quinn are both born on New Year's, in the same hospital, and only one minute apart. But while Quinn has seemingly gone on to enjoy every success life has to offer, Minnie's life has been a series of setbacks and extraordinary bad luck (especially on her birthday).

Despite never having met, on their thirtieth birthday they find themselves together at Quinn's birthday party. Minnie has broken her own rule of staying home and hiding from the birthday curse, and the curse most definitely finds her that night. A series of bad things happen to her (I won't spoil the surprise) but it does end in her meeting the infamous Quinn, stealer of her name, her luck, and that New Year's Day baby prize money that could have made all the difference to her life.

Fate seems determined to bring them together, and their families too.
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The story of Minnie and Quinn. Born the same day, in the same area, different lives and how they come together. 

This book is really enjoyable and mostly told from Minnie, working in her pie company trying to survive. I liked how the book went from present to past so you get to see the whole story of the lives of Minnie and Quinn and how the story all comes together and how they have always somehow always been near each other but not really knowing each other. 

A thoroughly enjoyable book!
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I'm a sucker for serendipity and romance... and this book was the perfect combination.
The writing was so sweet and had my heart experiencing all the feels.
I am so grateful for getting my hands on this one!

A huge thank you to NetGalley, Sophie Cousens and Cornerstone Digital for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.
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I really enjoyed reading this book! Minnie and Quinn were great characters and I loved seeing them not only separately, but interacting. I liked the chemistry between the two. 

I thought the story was cute and thoughtful. The pacing was good and i never found myself bored or wanting to skip over anything. I’m excited to read more from this author!
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This is a beautifully written love story set over a combination of present day and flashbacks. Quinn and Minnie were both born in the same hospital a minute apart on New Year's Day 1990. And Quinn stole Minnie's name. When finally they officially meet one New Year's Eve/Day they are fated to become a part of each other's life. They have a friendship that blossums into feelings but with both of their pasts holding them back can they find a way to be together.
Minnie is the main POV but through flashbacks to New Year's past throughout their lives we see that they have been pulled together year after year without ever realising it.
This is a pretty tame romance so no juicy bed scenes for anyone looking for those.
I love how the story was written and how all the characters in it got their own happy ending.
Thanks to Random House UK Cornerstone and for this complimentary eARC copy.
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I enjoyed this book and thought the characters were well written, I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks to the younger characters.
I found Minnie a tad annoying at times but loved the relationship development between the two mums.
Could see it being adapted for screen easily!
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loved this one. Would recommend to others and look forward to the next one by this author

5 stars!
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Quinn and Minnie are born minutes apart in the same hospital and their lives are inadvertently linked. When they meet 30 years later on New Year’s Eve we discover that their paths have crossed numerous times in the past and there is an undisputed connection between them. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a cute, feel good romance where I found myself really rooting for the characters. I do wish Minnie had been a little less hard on herself but other than that I really liked all of the characters in this one.
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I don’t know why I’ve had this sat on my Netgalley tbr for so long and I’ve finally plucked myself up to get it read, partly thanks to Netgalley November and also because everyone has been raving about Sophie’s newest book; Just Haven’t Met You Yet.

This book is all about Minnie and Quinn and their New Years celebrations (or not) over the years. After numerous unfortunate events for Minnie in the past she lives by the New Years curse and tries to stay at home to celebrate most years. This year she is going out though, and ends up spending the evening locked in a toilet… only to be eventually rescued by a dashing guy. The same guy who happened to steal her name when she was born…

As we flick through the years, interspersing between current day and the past we get to learn more about Quinn and Minnie as they grew up and the reasons why they are as they are. Sometimes I found myself getting a bit lost but I think that was because I missed the chapter title (pay attention to that and at least you’ll know if it’s past or current day). We also get to meet their families and how things aren’t always as they first appear.

I actually quite liked both Quinn and Minnie,  and could quickly see that there was a lot more to Quinn than first appearances. The way he is with his mum is really touching and I felt like reaching in and giving him a big hug, probably warming to him more than Minnie. She is a fab character as well though, and one who makes the most amazing sounding pies - I’d quite happily eat one right now! If nothing else then this book will definitely leave you hungry! 

Without giving away too much, this book had me coming and going and I really couldn’t predict which way it was going to finish. I loved the Zoo, bringing back vivid memories of visiting London Zoo myself a few years ago, although I would definitely be passing on the outdoor swimming sessions! 

I shall now be adding Sophie’s latest book to my tbr as if this is anything to go by I’ll be absolutely hooked.
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Pie baker Minnie Cooper is having her usual unlucky New Year’s birthday after finding herself locked in a toilet overnight at a club. Her rescuer is none other than Quinn Hamilton – the guy who stole her name. 
Thirty years ago, when their mothers were in labour at the same hospital, Minnie’s mum Connie revealed that she was about to name her baby Quinn. However Tara gave birth first, winning the prize money for first baby of 1990, and named her son Quinn. 
Ever since Connie has proclaimed that her daughter was born unlucky and her birthday has continually been plagued with trouble. But maybe Quinn doesn’t have a completely charmed life either.
And so the story continues, going back and forth in time to show the many times Minnie and Quinn’s paths nearly crossed over the years. I was totally swept up in this gorgeous tale and admired how cleverly plotted it was. It’d make for a great rom-com movie.
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DNF @ 50%

I am still waiting for this book to pick up the pace. At first the non-linear timeline was interesting, but it has become too much and unnecessary. It has a unique concept, however I have lost interest in this one.
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This was just okay for me. I thought it was going to be a sweet and sickly romance and although there was more to it than that, I still felt a bit unfulfilled by the time I'd trawled through it.
Didn't particularly like or respect either of the two main characters and found the plot drifting off towards the end.

Thanks to netgalley for the arc.
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This is a book I wish I could give more than 5 stars to. It absolutely captivated me from the off. I reluctantly put it down for sleep and picked it up straight away the next day eager to further immerse myself in Minnie and Quinns life. Not the usual chocolate box romance, this story had a serious mental health side story. The book had the perfect the balance of serious, humour and romance. I can tell this is one I'm going to be gushing about for ages!
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Did not finish - even though I really wanted to!

I was so excited to read this, and I got approved for a copy from Netgalley (thanks by the way!!), but this book let me down so much. I got almost 100 pages in out of 350 page book and was not invested in it at all. The romance that this book is meant to be about hadn't even started when I DNF'd, which is pretty much the main reason. 
There didn't seem to be any chemistry between the main characters, and I found the main character Minnie really unlikeable. Also, I think this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I find it really hard to enjoy romances set in Britain. It's weird, I know, but the atmosphere and the vibes I get from them make it hard to get into (for example me before you, this book, and a couple of others I've read).
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Set in London mostly in 2020 with flashbacks to earlier years. A fun romance full of humorous situations.
Minnie Cooper has a fear that nothing good can happen on New Years Eve or New Years Day because something always goes wrong. All her life her classmates joked about her name Minnie Cooper. She was meant to be named Quinn Cooper but the night Minnie was born a woman sharing the ward with Minnie’s mother named her baby boy Quinn.
On New Years Eve 2019 Minnie meets Quinn and blames him for all the bad luck she has experienced.
This is a romantic comedy about families, friendships and missed opportunities. I loved the way the friendship between Minnie and her best friend Leila developed over the years and the situations they found themselves in.
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