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Thank you Netgalley and the author for this copy!! 

Rita an undercover FBI agent agrees to get kidnapped by the Italian mafia after they kill her FBI husband. She is to be trained to be a sex slave by Jagger. Then there are cousins Frano and Alberto who lead the family. Twists and turns and wtf moments throughout the whole book! 

I was a little naive when I requested this book, thinking it was going to be a thriller...... this book was waaaaay out of my genre! But from the very first page, I couldn’t put it down! It was explicit, graphic, like what did I just read?? As a woman I should be offended! How dare you make me like sadistic men. And I need more!  Was some of the dialog corny? Yes! Did I care? Absolutely not!! 

The writing style of this author can put you right in those slave cells and make you feel every single thing these characters felt. That is great story telling! I need the next books like pronto!!!!! 

Bravo Marita Hansen!! Bravo!!!
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Not for the faint of heart. Dark erotica at its best. I loved it and look forward to the rest of the series
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This contains a mix of thriller, mystery, erotic and maybe even some sort of romance. I adored the writing style and the way the author explained the setting. It was very well written!
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I love this author now more than I did at the beginning. I read this book in segments so I have many posts in GR about it. every single segment of this book is amazing I need session 2 asap.. wow this author has come along way and I think Mafia books are actually her niche! effing fantastic Marita!
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I read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Mafia Series, I'm not into the Mafia series, but I decided on trying this. 

I enjoyed it, a very dark kind of way.  It's interesting let's say.
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I read this ARC in exchange for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

Wow, this was great
A mix of mystery / thriller / erotica all thrown together
Lots of twists and turns - absolutely gripped me from start to finish
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Mafia family businesses, murder, betrayal and takeovers. Undercover FBI investigators, double agents, human abductions for sexual slavery, torturous happenings of lies deception and intrigue.

With obscure loyalties from experiences new and old sometimes long forgotten through trauma with distant memories linking the past to the present.

A fast paced read, of swings and roundabouts, in a continuous series.
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Rita is an undercover FBI agent serving as bait by being kidnapped by a human trafficking ring.  What will happen when she begins to pity her kidnapper?  Fast-paced dark read with loads of drama, suspense and emotion.  Great characters with loads of twists and turns.  I liked it.
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I thought that this was an absolutely gripping book!

I couldn't put it down and it had everything I want in a book - action, romance, strife on almost every page too - it was gripping and I was hooked right from the start, through to the brilliant ending!!

It was brilliantly written and a superb book over all, the author had a brilliant writing style and this had such a great flow to it - they had an exceptional understanding of the "Dons" dynasties too and really brought the story to life!  

It is 5 stars from me without any hesitation - very highly recommended!!
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x This review is based off an ARC I received from Netgalley. The views and opinions are all my own. x

So, I'm not too sure what i wanted out of this book but i know that i certainly didn't get it.

I liked the bad ass heroine and the plot twist was really good but I don't really know what kept me reading.

The scenes were horrible written. The plot twists were really weird. The whole plot and characters besides the main character were one dimensional. I just really didn't like the book as a whole. 

The plot twist with the sister was nice but other then that, the story and plot didn't sit well with me.
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Brutal, vicious, couldn’t put it down. Solid characters. And a great story line.
Stories within the story. I enjoyed the book. Not for everyone though.
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Where to begin, this book was not what I expected and their are a lot of trigger warning from very early on. However with this being said I found myself invested in the story beneath the abuse and it kept me turning the page to find out what the next twist in the plot was. 

At some points in the episodes the narration was confusing due to the large cast of characters and with some having similar name with each other.  I became intrigued with a couple of the different plot lines which offered a slight depth into the characters and why they behaved the way they did. 

I am not sure if I will continue with the next instalment of the episodes due to the amount of sexual violence.
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Not my usual sort of read but fancied reading something a little bit different. I quite enjoyed it but very far fetched at times and predictable.
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Although originally I though this might be the kind of book I was interested in, after a few pages I realised the plot subject isnt for me.
Somw scenes could be condensed but that may be a personal style, otherwise the writing and flow seemed good, and would appeal to those who like long series.
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This is a very different and unique series! When I read the blur that it's like a soap opera, I didn't believe it. But it was really so. A dark and twisted soap opera!!!!

The story is about a mafia family that they are busy with human trafficking and a FBI agent who tries to infiltrate in their organization. Needless to say that nothing goes as planned and nothing is what it looks like.

The first five books are all of them intense, dark, twisted, violent and full of action and surprises! I was quite shocked during the first two, during the third I became confused as I started worrying about the heroes and nothing was disturbing me anymore during the fourth and the fifth! Each of the book ended with a cliffhanger and each of them started exactly where the previous was stopped. The writing is wonderful! The author writes from different POV's depending how the story goes but it's not confusing or annoying. On the contrary it's really useful in order to understand everything that goes on.

I won't speak about the heroes as all of them are important part of the series and I wouldn't like to give anything away.

I definitely recommend this series to anyone who likes a dark and twisted book but be aware that the warnings are true!
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