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Beautiful pictures. Love the author’s backstory to cooking and recipes. These are also recipes home cooks could attempt.
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When I saw this book I thought it would be great recipes. They are great, but not really original. Most recipes have been done over and over. The pictures are great in this book and I like the homely feeling of it. The name of this book is confusing, it made me think about the tv series big love.
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This book made me so hungry. Packed full of recipes and glossy images, I want to try pretty much every recipe. Kicking myself a little bit for having been right next to Little Owl Restaurant and not eaten in there.
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**I received an e-ARC from NetGalley for an honest review**

This is how a cookbook should be done!

Just enough story to make me feel that the author loves the food, but not so much as to make me dread the next paragraph. It’s obvious that Joey Campanaro loves food and loves to cook. 

It’s nice that Campanaro gives us a breakdown of ingredients and also gives an explanation of why he chooses those specific ones. He also explains his cooking process, up to and including when to let the meals sit (such as the flu shot soup) for maximum benefits. 

This book made reminds me of when I was growing up, and how my grandmother had certain cooking steps and processes that she followed and passed down, ones I still use to this day (even if I improved on them a little bit). It’s nice to relive the memories, and see how Almost all grandmothers, no matter their nationality, seem to behave the same way in the kitchen. 

The recipes are wide ranging, and the ones I’ve tried have been excellent. It’ll take me a while, but I plan to try every single recipe in this book at some point. 
The photography leaves you hungry, not only for food, but for more of the book as well!

5/5 stars!
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Joey Campanaro brings together a whole lot of  Love , family stories and comfort food recipes in “Big Love Cooking”   Sunday Gravy, Meatballs, Parmesan Asparagus “n” a egg , Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette and Brandied Cherry Apple Strudel are recipes I have already made and fallen in LOVE with. 
I appreciate how Joey makes mention of his family and growing up in Philly , your mom mom would be proud! 
The photos in this book are stunning!  Thank you Con Poulos for giving us a feast for the eyes! 
This is definitely a book I will love and share with family.
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These recipes are the type of warm home cooking I grew up with and enjoy to this day. It brings me back to my gram’s kitchen. I appreciate all the beautiful pictures. Devouring them with my eyes opens up my appetite. We do make some of these recipes in my family, or a variation of them. Some recipes seem labor intensive and I would save for a special occasion. Thank you for sharing this with us. It resonates with me and brings me to my favorite place, the table with my family for a wonderful meal.
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This is easily one of my favourites cookbooks of all time. Not only the recipes are wonderful, but it’s beautifully written as well. I love that Campanaro writes about his own experiences along with the recipes, this makes the book engaging and fun to read.
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Joey Campanaro's Big Love Cooking is part cookbook and part family history. The food photography for the recipes is absolutely incredible, and the family snippets very touching.

One downside of the book is that it almost reads too much like a food blog without the "Jump to Recipe" button. On the plus side, for those looking to elevate their culinary experience Campanaro provides a comprehensive list of the types of ingredients he looks for to stock his pantry.
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This was such a fun and beautiful cookbook. I loved the recipes and loved reading the stories of Mr. Campanaro’s family.  The photos were gorgeous.  Each and every recipe was something I would love to cook for my family.  Thank you to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this fabulous cookbook.
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Oh the meals in this! Lovely! 

Mom Mom Pizza was especially fabulous and made me think of childhood. I've been wanting to make biscuits from scratch and there's an entire page about making biscuits. I have before but his recipes just seem to have some extra oomph and bring a bit of pizzazz compared to older, less fun recipes. 

The book has a lot of heart and a lot of recipes that I cannot wait to try. There is a lot about family and anecdotes about how and why the recipes are in here. Onion Soup Gratin is one that I laughed at, but specifically because I'm a home cook and still learning quite a bit, and Joey Campanaro makes this sound easy while also being honest. This particular recipe has a demi-glace, which he explains takes all night to cook. Fortunately he gives an alternative demi-glace which can be bought! 

The pictures and the stories behind them made me want to jump in. I don't even like Italian Wedding Soup, but after his story and the fact that he makes mini meatballs so they can fit on a spoon!? This is just another recipe that I'm going to try and I cannot wait. 

The recipes seem affordable with ingredients that are accessible, even for someone living in a remote location like I do. These are things I'd love to make for my hubby on our date nights. Definitely buying this for myself and some lucky friends!
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This is perhaps just more complicated than I am able to handle right now. I will have to revisit some of these recipes later-namely the Cinnamon Sugar Beignets with Raspberry Sauce and Nutella.
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I thought this was such a great cookbook. I love the home cooked and comfort food vibes I got. I love the recipes and photos that went along with it. I also love how he mentions his family and a little background on each dish.
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My new go to cookbook! Great for people who want to try something new or jazz up old favorites. I would love to have a hardcopy for my collection.
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When I say I cannot wait to try ALL of these recipes I mean it!! 75 of the most mouth-watering meals you could ever dream of. The pictures are just beautiful, I can only imagine how great it will look/taste in real life. My family is going to love indulging in these homemade (like grandma used to make) meals! This book is packed full of delicious meals everyone in your family can enjoy.
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I love this cookbook so many recipes I can’t wIt to try.Delicious food your grandma would of fed you with a healthy twist,Will be getting this book for my kitchen.#netgalley#chronicle books
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Big Love Cooking is a recipe collection by Little Owl restaurateur Joey Campanaro. Due out 8th Sept 2020 from Chronicle Books, it's 272 pages and will be available in hardcover and ebook formats.

The introductory chapter is followed by the recipes arranged thematically: brunch, soups & salads, vegetables, pasta, meat & poultry, fish & seafood, Sunday supper, and desserts. Each of the recipes includes an introductory description, ingredients listed in a bullet point sidebar (US measurements, with metric equivalents in parentheses (yay!)), and step by step instructions. Many of the recipes are photographed, and they are photographed well and clearly. Serving suggestions are attractive and appropriate.

I was impressed by the level of detail in the preparation instructions. They're meticulously elucidated no matter how complex. I found the well written instructions reassuring and felt like I could achieve a good consistent result by following them closely. Many of them are deceptively involved; there are some which are definitely outside the realm of after-work-cooking. Ingredients are very specific, including specific cheeses and varieties of vegetables or types of meat. Some ingredients will require access to specialist grocers or cheesemakers.

The book is peppered with family photos and reminiscences which I found charming and fascinating. Mr. Campanaro's love for his culture and family background shines through in his writing. These reminiscences add a lot of flavor (sorry) to the book and provide anchoring context to the family and restaurant recipes he shares with a wider audience in his book. The website of the Little Owl restaurant refers to their customers throughout as "family" and reading this book, it really has the ring of truth. These are many of his treasured family recipes.

Wonderful Italian American comfort food recipes. These would grace any special gathering or special meal.

Five stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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If you love cooking for a crowd, be sure to check out Big Love Cooking. The comfort food recipes are sure to please even the pickiest of families!
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I would describe this cookbook as accessible gourmet. The pictures all look delicious and the recipes sound mouth-watering. I can't wait to try so many of them. That being said, for me, this is not an everyday cookbook. I just don't have the energy to put that much effort into meals on a daily basis. I'd use this when I want to make a tasty special meal 1+ times a week. If you're trying to up your cooking game and you're looking for some recipes sure to impress, this cookbook is for you.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review a copy of this cookbook before its publication. On the whole, my impressions of this book: classy design but not pretentious, beautiful photos, and attention grabbing. 

The recipes: probably quite good, but I haven’t tried any. All of the good photography is excellent. In fact, the cover dish looks quite delicious! 

Lots of variety and levels of difficulty. I’d suggest this to cookbook users and people who already enjoy cooking.
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Beautiful photos and the recipes can actually look like the photos. Interesting recipes that are easy to follow. The recipes I try red turned out great.
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