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A sweet devotional to accompany the amazing book Redeeming Love. Francine Rivers is one of my favourite christian authors. This devotional features 40 short chapters on themes we encounter in our lives, just as the characters in Redeeming Love do.  Each chapter contains snippets from the book on the theme, as well as scripture and questions to journal. Some of the themes include; rejection, sacrficial love, prayer, seeing Jesus, fearing judgement and learning to love (to name a few). It could be read as a stand alone, although I think it is better aimed at the many fans of Redeeming Love. I enjoyed this book. **I was given an early copy for an honest review.
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“When we’ve been hurt by other people, we might see relationships as potential pain. We begin to think of isolation and independence as ideal. But that is not what God considers best for us. As messy and painful as relationships can be, they also bring us life. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) If you find yourself isolated, withdrawing because of your own insecurities or hurts, remember that God has created us to need other people.”

Redeeming Love used to be a favorite for me. Recently the movie and some posts have come out that have me really thinking about this read as a christian married woman. Redeeming Love is a captivating read but romance reads are dangerous for me and for other married woman. It can cause lustful and discontentment thoughts in our marriage.

If you would have asked me a year ago if this was a favorite and if I planned on watching the movie I would have said yes but now my answer is a little different. I would say I love this book but to have caution while reading and to be aware of the trigger warnings. I would also highly recommend reading this devotional as you read the book so you can have scripture encouraging you versus the fictional read. This is a 40 day devotional that starts with an excerpt from the book so you could skip the book altogether if you really wanted. After that there is a short devotional with scripture and ends with a few questions to help you reflect and occasionally a verse to help memorize if you are struggling with the topic talked about that day.

TW: Sexual Abuse, Infertility
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Redeeming Love has been a favorite book of mine for many years so I was excited to see that the author, Francine Rivers, had written a devotional as a companion study to the book.  I was not disappointed.  I will say that if you have not read the book, you need to do that before you go through this devotional.  I say this because each day includes a scene from the book and then the author shares her thoughts.  I will say that if you are looking for a devotional that includes scriptures to look up or questions to think about,  this one is not set up that way.  However, I thought it was well done as it provided beautiful insights from the author as she presented Angel's story and our own as believers as she goes from being rejected to being completely restored.

Thank you to WaltBrook and Multnomah and Netgalley for a copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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I liked this devotional.  The devotions are well-written, and I liked the application of scripture. These readings are inspiring and focus on the spiritual heart of the reader.  I would suggest reading this devotional after reading the original novel, as I feel the snippets of the story at the beginning of each one will be more in context for the reader and have a greater impact.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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An exceptionally conservative interpretation of a popular Christian novel.  Granted, it's by the author of the novel herself, but it much more didactic than the novel.  It perpetuates outdated gender stereotypes, and is not something I would recommend in good conscience.  Definitely has its audience, but it was not for me.
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This devotional is everything! I loved it so much! After finishing reading Redeeming Love, I was so impacted by the beautiful story, it left me wanting more of the characters and their stories. That's when I rememberd I had requested a review copy of this devotional and, wow, it sure helped with the book hangover! This devo is gold! Truth, Faith and love are written in these pages along side with snippets from the original book that will have your heart melting. The way the authors analyze the plot of Redeeming Love to such a profound and deep level that is eye opening and revealing to say the least. A beautiful devotional that I will recommend forever.
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I've read Redeeming Love multiple times, but this was sadly very disappointing. If you've never read Redeeming Love, it will prove to be incredibly confusing. All 40 devotionals begin with a *very* small snippet of the book. Characters are mentioned once or twice in the devotionals, with no explanation or background, and the reader has no idea who they are or where they came from. There isn't enough from Redeeming Love for it to all make sense, and so the logical conclusion is that this is NOT meant to stand-alone... It's assumed that every single reader has read Redeeming Love and remembers it *very* well. (Not a good assumption to make, by the way.)

At the same time, the devotional ruins the book itself for those who are brand new to the story. Toward the end, the devotional shares brief excerpts that give away major plot points. Although it is still an overview and doesn't share every detail of the story, it would absolutely take away so much of the enjoyment of reading Redeeming Love for the first time.  You'll know the major plot points, even though you won't know why they happened, who the people are, or how it's all connected.

Do NOT read this if you haven't read Redeeming Love. Instead, pick the book up first and come back to the devotional later.
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We know that God loves us unconditionally. So why is it so hard to break free from the past and live in that truth? Inspired by the biblical book of Hosea, Redeeming Love introduces a love so profound that it forever changes Angel, a woman who had viewed herself as broken beyond redemption. With A Path to Redeeming Love: A 40-Day Devotional, you can immerse yourself daily in the truth of God’s unshakable love for you.
Personal essays from Francine explore key themes from the novel—Rejected, Resigned, Rescued, Redeemed, Reconciled, Restored—inspired by Scripture. In addition, each daily devotion includes:
• an excerpt from Redeeming Love, Angel and Michael Hosea’s classic love story
• Bible verses for meditation
• prompts for Bible study, prayer, and journaling to enhance reflection and application
Whether you feel stuck or hurt, confused or lost—or simply want to experience more deeply God’s boundless grace—this devotional invites you into a transformative understanding of God’s redeeming love.

This is a wonderful devotional and a great way to spend time in God's word.  The reflection and applications are a wonderful way to apply this to our lives.
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This devotional was such a blessing to me. I'm already planning to read it again. The opportunity to read it came at a time when I really needed it. Or maybe it's just that the truth if God's word is so applicable at any place in our life. Francine digs into Scripture and shares so many refreshing truths, pulling passages from the book as well. I loved revisiting well-loved scenes. Makes me want to read the novel again. These characters and truths are timeless and encourage believers and nonbelievers alike. What a blessing. Bravo, Ms. Rivers.
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This is a great book to help you cast off shame and understand the love of God for us. The story of Gomer and Hosea changed my life. Great study.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Francine Rivers for sending me this ARC of A Path to Redeeming Love.

Redeeming Love has long since been one of my absolute favorite books. I discovered this book in high school and since then, have read it about once a year. I've recommended it to countless friends and family. My friends and I have always dreamed about finding our own Michael Hosea. This book really helped me connect with God's love and protectiveness.

A Path to Redeeming Love: A Forty-Day Devotional was an amazing companion to Francine Rivers' novel. These devotionals were short and quick but impactful - with scriptures and excerpts from the book. The devotionals are beautifully written and wise. Highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley and to Francine Rivers for this opportunity!
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I am apparently one of the few people who hasn't read it yet but, over and over, I've read glowing reviews of Redeeming Love, the historical fiction novel written by Francine Rivers in 1991. When I saw a chance to review a devotional devoted to this book, I immediately applied for the launch team. In A Path to Redeeming Love, Rivers digs deeper into this story and shares her thoughts about the love story of Homer and Gomez that  is found in the Old Testament.  Redeeming Love is inspired by the Book of Hosea and its central theme is the redeeming love of God towards sinners.

A Path to Redeeming Love has forty devotions divided into six sections and each devotion starts with a scene from Redeeming Love. These snippets show Sarah/Angel's story as she goes from Rejected, Resigned, Rescued, Redeemed, Reconciled, and finally, Restored.  Rivers shares appropriate scripture as she relates how God has worked in her own life and we readers are allowed to reflect how our Heavenly Father has done the same for us. Our circumstances may not be as startling as Angel's but we all have been the benefactors of God's love. Each devotion concludes with a question that offers further guidance.

This wonderful devotional provides the chance to study God's Word and deepen our understanding. If you are looking for a new resource to improve your own faith journey, you will certainly want a copy of A Path to Redeeming Love. And yes, I plan to read the novel that started it all!

I received a complimentary e-copy through NetGalley but I wasn't required to write a favorable review. These are my own thoughts and opinions.
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Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers was a title I read in my teen years that made me believe that Christian romance could be beautiful!  It's a title that I've recommended over and over and over again throughout the years and have been known to re-read.  Unfortunately, I haven't read it recently and will need to pick it up again someday soon.  

A Path to Redeeming Love felt like getting to know old friends on an even deeper intimate level.  It is a beautiful journey of hope, encouragement, self-worth that will have you reforming your reflection of self as it relates to not just the story, but God's love for humanity.   I will be ordering a copy of this book as it is so beautifully written and connects the reader to the elements of Hosea in a relatable and personal way. I appreciated the reflection points and opportunities to make valuable lessons to heart.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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#A  Path to Redeeming Love#  by Francine Rivers  is a  40 day  devotional book.    Francine Rivers best selling book is  being made into a movie..  This  devotional   draws from the  story   redeeming love and applies it to  the readers  life.  It is  practical and personal.   The  devotionals are well written.   The devotional is  based on the book of  Hosea  . The  book Redeeming love  is   what the devotional is based on.  The devotional  shows us  how  God's love is unconditional and personal.   There are  questions for application and journaling.  Thank you to  the author, netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read and review this book.  The opinions are my own.
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As a fan of Redeeming Love, I was beyond excited to start this 40-day devotional. Inviting my mom to join me on the journey, each night after cleaning the kitchen, I would read the day's passage aloud before we would discuss the contents together. Our time reading this devotion were the highlights of my day. Being able to read parts of Redeeming Love and talk about the topics of rejection, resignation, rescue, redemption, reconciliation, and restoration with my mom were eye-opening and encouraging. Leaning on one another, we prayed together, were candid with one another, and shared more than we ever have about our spiritual lives. 

Split into six parts, The Path to Redeeming Love takes a section out of the novel to set the stage before bringing Scripture alive with each day's subject matter. While I do wish there were more pages to each entry, the end questions give readers time to reflect on what they have read and take the study further on their own. 

One of my favorite parts of this devotional was the space in-between each part when Francine Rivers shared testimony from her and her family's lives. During these introduction pages, I felt spiritually connected to Francine Rivers. Hearing the testimonies and how they correlate with Angel’s story also brought the material to life. It was real, and Francine’s input made the devotional even more relatable and current. 

The Path to Redeeming Love is the perfect addition for fans of the novel. While thousands of lives have been transformed after reading Angel’s story, this devotional brings a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about the journey from feeling rejected to being restored. Get ready to be inspired, draw closer to the Father, and fall in love with Redeeming Love all over again! 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a pre-release copy of this devotional*
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[bookcover:Redeeming Love|11422] was the first Christian fiction book I've read and I think I have read it at least three times.  The brokenness of Angel was raw and heartbreaking and road to redemption so well written. So I was very excited to see a devotional based on this novel.  

This devotional reminded me again how much I loved this novel.  Each of the themes build on each other and also went deeper each day - almost the same way God will work - gentle pushes which gets deeper and deeper as you grow closer to Him and start the healing process.

The devotional was really good. Each day started with a small excerpt from the story, with very relevant scripture and thoughts about that excerpt. And at the end some questions to think about.  The author also got real from her own life which I appreciated, because we all have experienced some of these themes in our own lives: Rejected, Resigned, Rescued, Redeemed, Reconciled, Restored.

If you have read [bookcover:Redeeming Love|11422] and loved it, you would definitely love this devotional.  If you still need to read Redeeming love, why wait - read it now and do the devotional straight after.
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Through six R’s, from REJECTED, RESIGNED, RESCUED, REDEEMED, RECONCILED, and RESTORED, Francis Rivers delivers strong, sound, divine advice for those looking for healing. In each chapter of the forty days, she provides a story related to one of the R’s. Following with God’s truth, she then ends with a scripture for you to look up. The chapters are short, yet they provide profound words of wisdom. 
The devotions start with a scene from her book, “Redeeming Love”, tracing Angel’s journey from despair and rejection to rescue, redemption, and ultimately full restoration.” This is one book we all need to keep on our shelves.
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If you are a fan of Francine Rivers’ classic and beloved Christian novel Redeeming Love, what better way to revisit this memorable story than through a 40 Day Devotional! 

It’s been five years since I read this unforgettable novel, so it was great to revisit the characters and most importantly, the powerful message of this book--how God’s love can redeem us, no matter what we’ve done. Each day’s entry begins with an excerpt from the book, then the author examines that particular theme represented in that passage and connects it to the life of the reader. Most devotionals only have about a couple paragraphs of reading, but what I loved about this one is that it offers more like 4-5 pages of insight each day. You truly feel like you are studying that day's theme and scriptures, not just getting a tiny taste of them--though each section doesn’t take long to read at all.

By reading the fictional excerpts, we are drawn into the heart and emotion of the story; and then through the daily readings we are able to connect that fiction to the facts of our personal lives. Story is a powerful thing, and this devotional is a perfect example of what we can learn through fiction. 

If you have experienced deep hurts in your life, or ever struggle to believe that God truly loves you, get a copy of this devotional (and the novel, if you’ve never read it!). You will be blessed and uplifted by the truth of God’s Word and these reminders of God’s redeeming love--the kind of love that chases us down, fights to rescue us, and is willing to welcome us home no matter how far we have wandered!

5/5 Stars for this beautiful devotional! It is the perfect gift for yourself, or birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one!

**I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, courtesy of the publisher, for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**
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A Path to Redeeming Love is a beautifully written 40 day devotional that follows the story of Redeeming Love with insights from Scripture. Having just re-read the novel this summer, the storyline was fresh in my mind and this devotional was the perfect way to dig deeper into the messages of redemption, reconciliation and restoration. God is with us, God is for us, and God loves us more that we can ever imagine. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy to review.
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With God's word, a beautifully written story, and the author's flawless way of bringing them together for a daily devotional, this book is nothing short of outstanding. Everything ties together and is both, thought provoking and comforting. A great addition to the original novel. It is a must read.
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