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Take Back The Fight

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An intuitive, empowering read. We have so much more to do as feminists, but this really dug deep and makes you feel united.
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I studied this topic in college so I wanted to read this one to continue to learn more about this topic. Things have changed so much every year, so this was a great informative read.
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What I liked:

Finally, a guide about Canadian issues not centred around carrying on in the same way we always have, that actually has actionable suggestions. I find it's easy enough to find books that will fulfill the first two criteria, but the last one is much harder.

This book was written so recently it even has room to include commentary on how the arguments can be applied in our new post-covid environment. This is admittedly an idea the author struggles with, but how could she not? The idea of a global pandemic is completely new. Still, there's room for it here, and it doesn't get ignored.

What I didn't like:

In a book that was so clear about its stance on the Liberal and Conservative parties, I would have liked some more specific commentary on the NDP.


Honestly, I thought this was a really good book. It's not often you find someone who will *both* bravely speak out against the status quo and provide ideas for the type of activism that needs to happen in order for changes to occur. Too often books of this kind are directed only at seasoned activists with a lot of organizing experience, but Loreto understands that the times have changed, and books of this kind need to be accessible to a wider audience.
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Nora Loreto has created a great guide in examining different ways in using technology that can bring people together and connect faster. This book also talks about the challenges and hardships surrounding feminism while also urging the generation today to grain its activism power to rebuild communities and a safe space for everyone. Great Read!
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Great guide for the fourth wave, to organize using digital tools and technology. Innovative tech tools allow people to connect and organize like never before, which has brought much more attention and power to social movements. This book is a great handbook for ways that feminists can utilize the opportunities created in the digital age to advance the movement forward.
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