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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep

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This is a lovely little book. A tribute to Mum’s everywhere. This is a Christian book with a prayer to share with Mum. 
I do think the book is extremely cute and love the illustrations but personally I was a bit unsure of the message that to be good children need to not ask for help, and that Mum is only happy if all goes to plan. I don’t think this book is meant as deep and meaningful though and more of a sweet little read for a Mum and child. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to read and review this title.
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When the back copy has a prayer I should realize this is a religious book and pass it on, but as it is a galley I didn’t realize it.  This is a lovely inspirational book and pairs well with the Daddy title.  It is very obviously a christian religion they talk about in this story as there are illustrations of the bible.The rhyme and flow were nice and the illustrations are lovely, but overall the book is not for me.
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Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson's Children for the ARC of How to Get a Mommy to Sleep by Amy Parker.

Mommies work really hard all day long, it's important to make them feel special and make sure they get a good night's sleep. Read along and learn how to help your mommy fall asleep.

I read this with my nanny kids, 7 and 5, and their favorite part was when they each read books before bedtime. They loved when the kid kissed their mommy goodnight.

This is a really cute read.
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Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   

The cover of this book is great.     
The illustrations are cute.
The storyline was interesting and fun for my two kids and I.
We had a blast reading this together.
I'd definitely read others by this author!
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This is a sweet "how tables have turned" book.

It literally lists everything that a mom would do for their kids but written from a child's perspective.

The child in the story does everything for the mom instead.
A very different take indeed. 

Would make a wonderful read for Mother's Day!
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This was super cute! The artwork is adorable, different from other children's books that I have seen before. I see this as being a cute way to help children help their moms, and help them recognize that moms need to sleep too!
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I read this book with student and we really enjoyed reading it together. I would love to get a copy after it comes out to read with my son!
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How To Get a Mommy To Sleep is a precious children’s book to entertain kids and parents. This book, told from a child’s point of view, shows children not only how a mother cares, but also shows them how they can lend a hand in day to day tasks. The illustrations are adorable and bright, and the text flows perfectly. This is a wonderful book for nighttime or really anytime. Excellent book for young children, New readers would enjoy reading aloud to mommy to see if they can really get her to sleep. 
I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review. Thank you #ThomasNelsonChildrens #TommyNelson
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Not a bad book, though it doesn't stand out in the genre to be honest. It's a stereotypical mommy role who takes care of the kids and the house while the son tries to make her day nice. Cute illustrations.
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Not something I really personally would give the readers in the age range for this book since I kinda don't agree with it. But this is a humorous goofy tale of a child putting Mommy to bed.

I voluntarily received and reviewed a complimentary e/copy of this book which I received from the author/publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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Super cute book for bedtime! Filled with adorable illustrations & its super easy & quick to read (important at bedtime!). This would be a great addition to any babyshower gift!
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This book is an adorable must have, I cannot wait to add a physical copy of this book on our shelves to read to my daughter at bedtime. It perfectly summed up my day & schedule as a mom with all the perfect images that go with the words and tell the real story of a little helping their momma nap. My daughter is big on rereading me the books I read her (& filling in her own details from the pictures) and this one makes her giggle & get excited because she sees so many things we do in our own everyday lives. Beautiful illustrations with lots of extra details, I absolutely loved everything about this children's book.
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This book is absolutely precious and sweet. I really enjoyed the prayer included at the end for mommies. The rhyming and illustrations are appealing for all my kids plus me. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital review copy.
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A lovely  heartwarming book about a child pretending to put his mommy to bed along with doing her chores for her in the home. Beautiful illustration of mom along with her children in various activities of the day. A disclaimer this novel touches upon God and prayer. Over all i think its a sweet ode to mom's everywhere. Similar to Bedtime for mommy by Amy Rosenthal.. Review on amazon.
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How to get mommy to sleep by Amy Parker is such a fun bedtime story. My children and I enjoy reading this story so much. The illustrations are wonderful. I definitely recommend this book.
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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep tells the tale of a little boy who is trying to help his mommy throughout her day so she can sleep well that night. 
The book starts by saying, " Getting Mom to take a rest is hard to do--it's true! She seems to want to stay up late, no matter what you do!" I'm sure I'm not the only mom who can relate to this. Most days I feel like I'm going from before sunup to long after sundown, yet still can't find enough hours in the day. In How to Get a Mommy to Sleep, her son spends his day making his mommy (who sports the classic mom bun throughout the book) breakfast, helping with the grocery list, cleaning up after his younger sibling, and ends the day by tucking his mommy in with his favourite stories. There is also a very sweet prayer at the back of the book. 
My children and I all loved this book and will definitely be adding it to our library. 

*I received a complimentary copy of How to Get a Mommy to Sleep through the publisher and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My positive review is not required.
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After reading "How to Get a Daddy to Sleep" with my granddaughter, my grandson picked this one as his bedtime story. He didn't notice, but I did, that mommy didn't work outside the home like daddy. This bothered me a bit, but I just went with the story. Mommy is very busy taking care of the children and the house, so it is important to make the most of your time together. From breakfast in bed to shopping (where he convinces mommy to get a puppy), playing outside to helping with chores, this little boy and her mom are busy and happy together. After a very busy day together, it is time to have a bath, say your prayers, snuggle up together, read bedtime stories, kiss goodnight and both fall asleep. My grandson identified with this story as his mother always makes sure to spend time with her kids when she is home. We talked about things he could do to help around the house and show mommy how much he loves her. It was nice to end with bedtime rituals as it was time for bed when we finished reading this one. The illustrations showed the fun they had with emotions evident on their faces. There was action depicted using bright colours and large illustrations. This book had a bit more of a Christian vibe than The Daddy one.
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This is such a fun book to pick up at bedtime! We enjoy using it during out bedtime routine. Thank you so much for this gem!
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Before How To Get a Daddy to Sleep, Amy Parker wrote a book about helping mommies to sleep.

The story begins with two kids and their mom waking up on the bed, ready to start their day. The mother is shown doing different stuff throughout the day, like cleaning, shopping for the household and cooking. All that time, her kids try to make her day easier, either by doing things by themselves or by trying to help her feel good.

I still appreciate the message behind the story, that being, spend time with your family and it's the little things that count. I kind of feel though, that the book fails to mention hard working mothers, with the mom here being a stay-at-home mom, which, let's be fair, can be just as hard. I'm just wondering why though, when in the other book, we see a hard working father.

The illustrations are, once again, incredibly cute. The story in general is very cute.

But, similar to the other book, the religious messages are present here as well. Bible verses, several mentions of God and a prayer that kids are supposed to say before bedtime. My advice, again, is to skip the religious stuff (I've mentioned the reasons to why I think you should do that several times) and you have a nice children's story about a mother spending time with her children.
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This precious little book was so refreshing outside of the normal children's book.  I would definitely recommend it for the older kiddos, but even I enjoyed reading it.  I enjoyed the humor and the truth behind mom life.  I could definitely read this one over and over and giggle everytime.
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