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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep

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Dear God
Thank you for my mommy,
the best to ever be!
Watch over her and hold her close,
just as she does for me.
And, God, please help my mommy-
I know YOU know the way-
To help her find Your peace and rest
Through each and every day. Amen

Mommies do many things and this special book will bond you and your children ever closer. Remind you and your child that people matter. Mommies matter and child matters to mommy. It reminds us all that mommy does and how little ones can help. Makes the load lighter for every one.

A special thank you to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep by Amy Parker, portrays a sweet mother-son relationship using 2 boys in the story. 

This is a well-illustrated, cute and somewhat funny book for moms to share with their sons that I think would sell good. And yet I found a major concern with this book, and it is this: I perceive my easily manipulative sons will try to follow the examples presented in the book, and there are some instances where it would not be funny or even undesirable that them follow such examples (twisting the meaning of mom's words, playing with the water in the toilet or splashing mom while bathing).

For the reasons mentioned above I would not read this book to my own boys but I would be happy to sell it.
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I loved this book.  Maybe it was because I'm a little biased because I'm a mommy, but it was completely adorable.  It saw the day through the eyes of child.  How the different activities of the day are something that the mom loves to do.  At the end of the story it has the mother and the child falling asleep together, which is how I always picture things happening.  It is written from a Christian perspective.  The illustrations of this book are beautiful and age appropriate.
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What does a mommy do all day? Well, lots of things for her kiddos! And when roles reverse and a child takes care of Mommy from early morning until bedtime, you can bet the grownup will be glad to go to bed. A unique way to help children appreciate and be thankful for mom.

I would have liked work outside the home included in the mom’s activities, as prevalent as this is today. “A Bedtime Prayer for Mommy & Me” at the end is a sweet way to end the book.
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We loved this book just as much as we loved 'How to Get a Daddy to Sleep'. Very cute rhymes and adorable illustrations make this the perfect bedtime story.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

How to get a mommy to sleep is a beautiful picture book for children showing them ways to be more independent. The book gives the children reading it the impression that they can help their mummy with things to help her relax but it really is instilling independence in the child as what the children doesn't realise is that all they are doing is actually tiring their mummy out even more. 

This book is adorable and I can relate to it so much. The amount of times I used to fall asleep at night reading to my little one is brought back to me in this book. 
A must read for all children and Mummys!
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Colorful Role Reversal

This is a cute, well illustrated story of a little boy sharing with a friend how he helps to get his mommy to sleep. It shows them as they go about their day, and he does little things to help her out, sometimes doing things to take care of himself and other times to help her directly. It was sweet to see the chores of the day from a child's perspective. We see a younger sibling every now and then as well. The end is charming as they read together and cuddle as they fall asleep. It's a fun role reversal that small children would most likely enjoy. This book does have strong Christian themes, with the Bible on the bed at one point and a Christian statement on the wall. The last page of the book is actually a prayer for a child to say. As such, it would most likely not be appropriate for families who are not Christian. The book is sweet and lovely, and the author should actually make a non-secular version of the book for all the families.
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I liked this book and it was well written with some lovely images.

The book had a nice flow to it and I liked the way that the story was written too.

It is 4s tars from me for this one – highly recommended!!
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This is a cute book. The kiddo in it goes through the steps that a mom normally does to get a baby to sleep.  It is cute and has adorable illustrations.
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The cover art captured my attention and interested me in the book from the beginning. The cute artwork continues through out the entire book. It's a sweet story of raising kids and the importance of prayer in our lives. You will definitely get all the feels as you read through this short book. A great read for moms and children alike. I'm excited to buy copies to use for baby shower gifts in the future!
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I deeply apologize, but I did not like this book. The beginning tells us that mom needs to rest--a great start. But I would not buy this book because the messages contradict how a child should help his tired mother and then, after this, thank God for everything you have and everything you've done that tired your mother out. This is how you get a mommy to sleep. I think a lot of moms will buy this book, but I'm raising four and I need them well-behaved.
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This book is adorable! My kids (5 &3) giggled all the way through. They enjoyed the bright pictures and "how the Mommy played with the kid." My 5yo said that the Mommy takes really good care of her kids. I enjoyed this book through parent's eyes as well. This was a wonderfully creative way to portray the love and devotion of parents even through the busyness and exhausting demands of the day. We will be purchasing this one as soon as it is released!
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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep is another Christian themed book by author Amy Parker who also wrote How to Get a Daddy to Sleep.  The book takes you through a little boy and his mom’s day showing children how to care for their moms for them to get things done and get a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. 
	Follow the little boy as he shows children how to take care of their mommy by helping her with chores, making her a breakfast so she can have her favorite treats (cookies in this case), getting dressed by yourself to show independence, helping her make a grocery list and shop and more. The illustrations show that things do not always go as mommy would have planned them, but regardless mommy still appreciates the help the son gives her throughout the book. 
	At the end of the day, the book reminds children to thank God for everything and after reading to (or with) Mommy to say a prayer for your mommy. There is a sweet prayer for children to say at bedtime to pray for their Mommy and themselves to God. For anyone who likes these kinds of books, it is quite sweet. 
	As with the other book, the illustrations are good and fun to look at while reading. The book is full of colorful images and sweet moments between mother and son. 
	While this book and the Daddy one may not be for everyone, or have a place in school libraries, I can see this being in a lot of home libraries for those who hold these things important in their lives and faith. 
	Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this electronic version of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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How to Get a Mommy to Sleep
by Amy Parker
Back of the Book: “Written as if from one child to another, this delightful bedtime book from popular author Amy Parker gives kids great ideas for how they can effectively get their moms to finally go to sleep at night.
Getting Mommy to take a rest
Is hard to do--it's true!
She seems to want to stay up late,
No matter what you do!
Do you have a little one who always seems to have more energy than you do at bedtime? You'll laugh out loud together at this fun role-reversal bedtime book. Written from a child's point of view, How to Get a Mommy to Sleep reminds kids to "start early" when it comes to getting a mommy ready for bed and to always remember to say your prayers before sleep--no matter how long it takes.
After all, it's hard to get Mommy to bed when she always wants to do one more thing! Enjoy a charming new take on bedtime in this celebration of a mother and child's day. How to Get a Mommy to Sleep is for any mommy who knows what it's like to need a laugh or two to stay awake until bedtime.”
Impressions: Um, no. Real mommy here and I find no humor in bedtime. I don’t find these procrastinations as cute. I defiantly don’t want my kids thinking they are cute, silly or even acceptable. 
Liked: The illustrations were nice.
I received a copy of this via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review shared here.
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Every mother wants the best for her children, which sometimes leads to the fact that instead of allowing the child to get involved in household chores and activities for which he/схе is able to perform them, we spare him and perform everything instead of the children. The lack of responsibilities may be a good thing for them in the short run, but considering the future, we are not doing them any favor. Sometimes when we try to involve them in a certain activity around homework, we come across dissatisfaction, tantrums and non-acceptance.
This book for children, through skillfully incorporated verses and extremely good illustrations, in a subtle, and at the same time effective way, tries to show the children the world of obligations, as a part of their everyday life. As house chores should be performed by all members of the family, and children as well, regardless of their age, can be involved and feel useful and part of the family. Maybe their contribution will be small, but it should be praised and meaningful. The storybook gives a whole spectrum of idea how children can be involved. 
At the same time, the picture book depicts the role and meaning of the mother in a very interesting way, as a fundamental part of the family. Someone who does not spare herself in order to protect and give the best to her children.
The added Christian prayer for the mother and the child is another plus for the picture book, enabling the children to learn something new and possibly useful, to deepen their faith and knowledge.
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Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for allowing me that opportunity to read and share my thought about the children’s book “How to Get a Mommy to Sleep”  
The story revolves around a small child who is just trying to give her the best day she can imagine and then put mommy to bed, as she has had a big day spending it with her child!   I loved this book and wanted to call and share it with my grandkids immediately!!! I will be adding this to my physical book collection to read and reread to my grandbabies!!!!!  Thank you
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Oh this book is so delightful!! Such a cute gift for moms to be or to read with young children. I'd recommend for 3-5 year olds. I know my kids will giggle like crazy reading this!! Great job!
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Thank you for the early reader book #Netgalley

This is a book for little kids on how to spend time with their mommy. Mommy tends to be a bit tricky, because she gets up early, and do chores. So how the kids can make her happy? By helping her doing stuffs, for example. A good book to help kids grow, learning about patience and being helpful.
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This delightful rhyming book contains advice written from one child to another regarding how to get Mommy into bed and fast asleep at night.  

"Getting Mommy to take a rest
Is hard to do--it's true!
She seems to want to stay up late,
No matter what you do!"

The book is both heartwarming and humorous.  The role-reversal  bedtime story advises kids to start early in the day. It seems that Mommy never stops being busy and is always looking towards the next thing that has to be done sooooooo.... this little guy takes it upon himself to be in charge and see that his overbusy Mommy gets the proper rest and sleep that she so deserves.  

"How to Get a Mommy to Sleep" from bestselling author Amy Parker is perfect for
families with young children who always have energy left over at night
preschoolers and elementary-school children who regularly ask for a funny bedtime book
reading aloud for a silly and sweet tuck-in story time
telling any mother “I love you, mom”
helping kids think about all the ways parents care for them

The kid-friendly illustrations are so well done making the text seem animated and come alive.  The book celebrates the themes of: caring for one another, spending quality time together, expressing faith in God through reading the Bible and saying prayers at night.  A " Bedtime Prayer for Mommy and Me" is included at the back of the book.  This book would be a perfect Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday or ANYTIME gift for the special Mommy in a child's life. It's also a whimsical way to commemorate a child's birthday, National Daughter's Day, or National Son's Day.  I highly recommend it.
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I like the premise of this book - a child is "helping" their mommy get sleepy by running them through the ringer all day. There are plenty of cute instances where the words talk about being actually helpful, but it's clear from the illustrations that Mommy prooooobably doesn't see it quite the same way, haha. It's told in an ABCB rhyming pattern that has a very nice rhythm and flow to it and doesn't come off sounding forced. The length and content both make for a really nice bedtime story.

Warning for overt and subtle Christian content - there are Bible verses on the wall and a Bible on the bed in some illustrations, and it talks about saying prayers/thanking God and there's "A Bedtime Prayer for My Mommy & Me" at the end. If that works for you and your family, great - and if it doesn't, please be aware it's in there.

Guest review by Jaime (age 6):
"Good! Is it tablet time now?"
What was your favorite part? "The last part, because it's like 'Good night!' and then they snuggle together."

Guest review by Link (age 4):
"My favorite part was the sleeping."
(Link spent the entire time reading the book "helping me" by pulling my hair. So. There's that.)
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