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Beautiful children's book. Bright and colorful to attract young kids attention. A beautiful message the author spreads through this book.
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Peace is a beautiful book that will be a welcome addition to any children's library. The text is simple, yet expansive, with illustrations that recall Matisse in their shape and palette but are much more robust a dynamic. A great choice for story time!
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In the newest picture book from award-winning author-duo Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul, explore the many powerful forms and effects of peace. From pronouncing a friend’s name correctly to giving more than we take, peace is made up of innumerable actions both big and small, bold and quiet; because peace isn’t just about “getting along” but fostering the connections between us with kindness, empathy, and action. Rather than being a passive state, peace is an active decision, one that not only impacts the world around us but has the potential to bring us all closer together. 

By the time readers finish this tender story, they will no doubt flip back to the beginning and start again, simply to re-experience the inspiring text and magical visuals. Lyrical rhyme pulls readers from page to page with soothing rhythm, making Peace perfect to read aloud. Estelí Meza’s colorful illustrations bring vibrant life to every moment, depicting comforting scenes of children interacting with animals from around the world. As explained in an author’s note at the end, studies have shown how violent human conflict also influences our environment; thus, in pursuing peace, we can also protect and preserve nature and its animal inhabitants. All in all, Peace is sure to be a well-loved tale in countless households for years to come. 

Peace is also available in Spanish and German translations. 

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“Peace is a choice” reads the back of this book.  This is a simple book reminding readers that peace is the little things that you do, the understanding that you give, and the differences you embrace.  The message is simple but powerful.  What really sets this book out is the loving illustrations that use wild animals and symbols of peace from various cultures.
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The artwork was beautiful, but the actual story left something to be desired. Some parts were great, but others random random and out of place.
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A quiet little rhyming poem of inspiration, for (hopefully) quiet little audiences.  The text peppers lots of pleasant, ethnic scenes of cooperation, collaboration, conversation and suchlike, and talks of what peace is – and it's not just the big, grandstanding, Not War definition we're concerned with.  Here, peace is politeness, pleasantness, placidity, and lots of other things.  I can see a more mindful school staff member making good use of a book like this.  Three and a half stars.
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I loved the art and message in the book! I especially love the Authors' Note at the end of the book explaining the main purpose of the book. I do with the Authors' Note was in beginning and not at the end so parents or teachers who are reading the book to the kids can read it first.
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This is an absolutely beautiful book that I will be eager to share with the children in my class upon its publication. 
The messages of peace, and in my opinion, hope, make this book feel calming and joyous to read. As an adult who is more corrupted by events in the world than a child would be, I felt this book was inspiring, and serves as a reminder of what we are able to achieve if we pull together. 
Peace is unfortunately not a word that children are very familiar with, but I feel this book would be a perfect way to introduce the word and raise discussions about its various meanings and implications. 
I also really liked the information about Mozambique at the end. I have very limited knowledge of the country, so I felt informed by the simple explanation that was offered. I also thought it very interesting to consider how wars affect not just the human population, but the animal population too. 
This is a book that should be shared in classrooms all over the world, and I hope that will be the case.
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Gorgeous art!  I loved the simple message of kindness, love, and tolerance.  Great book for kids and their parents.
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This gentle, reassuring picture book talks about the importance of peace, and the illustrations show children of different races and animal species interacting together. The author's note at the end emphasizes that even though we usually think of peace in terms of people living together in harmony, peace also creates safety for animals and the environment, while war causes destruction to everything.

Some people might find this book too preachy or simplistic for their tastes, but it can be a good conversation-started with kids, and the illustrations are interesting enough to hold their attention. I especially liked the pandas, and if I were reading this with a child, I would encourage them to identify different species throughout the book, or talk about what they think peace means.
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"Peace" is a beautiful book focusing on peaceful actions and words.  I loved the picture of the tree with “peace” written in many languages. And I especially liked the line about pronouncing our friends names properly, an underrated but very impactful action. That, along with the diverse children depicted in the lovely illustrations, make this a great addition to DEI reading. I absolutely loved this book and will be adding it to our school collection

Thank you to NetGalley, Miranda Paul, Baptiste Paul (authors) and Esteli Meza (illustrator) for a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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''Peace is a hello, 
a smile, 
a hug.'' 

Such a beautiful, simple, yet hard-hitting start. It goes straight to the point and only expands it from this point until the end. 

The authors illustrate what peace is, how it manifests, how you can create peace around you, and show peace through your actions. But, they also emphasize diversity, and that peace isn't just one trait or one way of behavior. Peace is in all of us, even when we're all different. 

Peace is also honesty, For peace, we will be brave. It sends so many wonderful messages to our little ones and enables us to start conversations that are more important than we sometimes realize. 

It also sends the message that peace is something we work toward and something that's bigger than us. 

Vibrant, fun, colorful illustrations provide a great setting to talk about deeper, meaningful issues like peace, diversity, love, selflessness.

Peace is a choice, and we have to make a conscious decision to choose better. Choose peace. I absolutely enjoyed this one, and would recommend it to all parents, teachers, friends, family members, who want to start the conversation.
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I love the authors' approach on peace, how it effects more than just humans. Perfect for classroom read alouds with a focus on social-emotional learning, but tying into other concepts related to science. The illustrations are fantastic as well, a bit whimsical and muted, like a dream.
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With just one or two sentences per page and art that is vibrant and playful, Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul brilliantly approaches the concept of peace. Estelí Mesa's stunning illustration gives the idea a shape and a form, and encourages the reader to find peace with small but necessary actions. A gorgeous book!
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This book makes you think "What does peace mean to you?". It shows different examples of cultures and how race affects nature and animals. Good conversations could come from reading this book.
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PEACE - The title says it all. 

This wonderfully illustrated children's book is written by the husband and wife social justice team of Baptiste and Miranda Paul. 

Peace is defined in simple terms that any child will be able to apply to their own lives. 

The authors encourage children to demonstrate and seek peace through their own actions. For instance: kids are prompted to be polite and respectful. They are told that peace is giving more than they take which is a mantra that adults and children alike should strive to achieve. 

The whimsical illustrations are beautiful and exquisite. Bold colors are liberally used to draw the eye across the pages. Each two-page spread is so fantastic they are worthy of being framed and hung in a child's bedroom or playroom. 

I am rating PEACE as 5 OUT OF 5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and I hope to see copies of this book in houses, libraries and schools around the world. 

At the same time as the English language version is being published, so to are the Spanish and German versions. 

*** Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book. ***
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Peace by Baptise Paul and Miranda Paul illustrated by Esteli Meza

‘Peace is a pillow that softens our sleep’

The illustrations in this book are stunning, wonderful skies and backdrops with detailed pictures of children and adults practicing peaceful living, they give this book a lovely calm and serene feel. 

This book addresses what’s needed in the world to ensure a kind, compassionate and cooperative existence for all species living alongside each other. 

Rather than address the topic of world peace, it addresses the subtle acts and shifts in thinking needed by each individual to live a peaceful existence. It’s all about reducing conflicts, personal and interpersonal, and between species. It’s about finding the places we can experience inner peace. It’s about being brave and standing up to events that could disturb peace.
This is a beautiful book to share with children and holds important messages for adults too. There are so many opportunities to talk around the text. This would be a great book for sharing in schools as part of circle times or PSHE as well as being a wonderful book for families to treasure, read and practice. 
Truly a children’s book that helps promote a better world.
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“Peace” by Baptiste Paul and Miranda Paul is about just that. Written in verse, and beautifully illustrated, the authors just don’t talk about the importance of peace, they talk about what it looks like. They talk about what it looks like in friendship, in a community, and how it benefits the world if we will be selfless and brave enough to embrace it. An Author’s Note in the end goes on tell how peace affects not just us, but our environment; animals and plants. They also go on to explain how peace can work to heal those things and heal a land.
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Peace by Miranda Paul and Baptiste Paul is a beautifully rendered message of hope for international peace, and the positive effect of harmony in the natural world.  The message here is one that bears repeating, and will surely be embraced by readers of all ages.  The bold, colourful, and altogether charming illustrations will certainly be an irresistable draw for the very youngest of readers.  Recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and North South Books Inc. for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title.
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With its beautiful illustrations in bright colors and chunky shapes, this book will be an appealing one for preschoolers and elementary aged kiddos to pick off the shelf. The poetry is nice and it gets at the idea of what our society defines peace to be.

I read the ARC to my 3-year-old from my phone and she seemed engaged during most of it. The pages are filled with representations of multiple cultures, races, colors, and abilities. this would be a fine book as a jumping off point for the conversation about what we define as peace. It does not include any mention of God, from whom peace pours.
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