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Lovely art work and beautiful writing. I believe this is a great addition to the library for your little ones. Such a beautiful message!

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We often think peace is something big, that involves big actions and powerful people when it actually starts from small actions.

This is such an amazing book for children. It shows them how actions that seem tiny or irrelevant can mean a lot.

It's a lovely book for children to learn the value of respect and empathy. I absolutely loved it! ❤

Thank you so much @netgalley @northsouthbooks Baptiste Paul,  @mirandapaulbooks and Estelí Meza for the wonderful opportunity to review this book! ❤
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Spare rhyming text communicate define ‘peace’ for young children and give concrete, relatable examples of how to realize peace in daily 
life. Colorful, joyous illustrations in a somewhat primitive style are charming. Characters are diverse. Important lessons for the world today.
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With beautiful artwork and expressive word choice, Peace by Miranda and Baptiste Paul is an excellent new choice for parents wanting to share the love of the planet and all its peoples with their children. Also a great title for mindfulness and seeking resolutions.
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This book is along the veins of the well-beloved children's book, Peace is an Offering. Colorful illustrations, rhyming text and plenty of examples provided, make this a great first introduction to the concept of peace for young children. The author manages to both show the depth of this concept in some parts, yet bring it to real life experiences at other times.
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I like when a book can make me reconsider what something means.  
If I think of ‘Peace’, my basic thought is, calm, and not fighting.  But this book looks at Peace as a much bigger concept.  It looks at all of the little things we can do every day, to create that sense of peace, in our everyday lives and in the wider community. 

The rhyme is great, and this rhyming text makes it an engaging read, that will appeal to even the youngest of readers (or listeners, as the case may be). 

It is simple, with one statement on each double page.  In a classroom setting I can imagine that it would work well to focus on different pages, and different ideas,  and then talk about ways we can implement them every day. 

The one page that struck a note with me, was the page ‘Peace is pronouncing your friend’s name correctly’.  I recently saw an interview where the person who was interviewed spent his whole life having people mispronounce his name, and how grateful he was when someone got it right or asked how to say it correctly.  I think that will resonate more with adults than with children, as young children will more often than not hear a name, not have to read it. 

There is a great authors’ note at the back of the book, that gives an insight into another aspect of peace, and how it has an impact on not only people, but animals and nature.  After reading the authors note, you will want to go back and look at each page more closely. 

The tree, with what I assume are the children’s names on it, is a nice touch also.
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A beautiful and inspiring book to teach children about peace. This book is told in rhyme, so it's really fun and easy to read. It gives examples of how we can promote peace in our own lives, by caring for others and being kind. I loved the examples of how our small individual actions contribute to peace. The illustrations are colorful and stunning. Highly recommended! 

Thank you North South Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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I really enjoyed the author's note, it will help explain the concepts on the book to young readers.  

Thank you NetGalley for the DRC.
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This picture book is beautifully written and illustrated, it's poetic. I could see it being used for a Storytime or special event to discuss kindness and equality.
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Beautiful children's book that most adults would benefit from reading!

Super important message presented through simple text and gorgeous illustrations. 

This book teaches kids that extending empathy to other humans who may not look like us or speak our language as well as to our fellow non-human earthlings is the way to a better world. 

The inspiration for this book was touching.

Thank you to North South Books, Inc., Miranda Paul, Baptiste Paul, Esteli Meza, and #NetGallery for an ARC of #Peace in return for an honest review. Review will be posted on NetGallery, Goodreads ( and Facebook.
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Writing a rhyming book that doesn't feel forced and a bit trite is difficult and this title is only partially successful.  Often specific descriptions of peace feel like they are included to complete a rhyme.  But the pictures!  They are amazing - colorful and childlike without being cartoonish.  They paint a vision that can lead young readers to become peacemakers themselves.  3 stars for text; 5 for illustrations!
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This book has the type of message we want to give our children, to nurture in them and integrate in their very being. The illustrations are lovely and the text is very lyrical. It has everything to make parents happy and is the type I would like in our collection, but the abstractness of the concepts flew right over my children’s head. The little text suited my 2 year old though she understood nothing, but it didn’t go into enough depth for my 5 year old who is very inquisitive. It is a real shame as I wanted to love that one. The book is beautiful but I would recommend it more as a discussion opener on the topic of world peace and tolerance and maybe to have other activities at hand to further explain the concept.
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What a lovely children's story about peace in all forms. My children and I read this during our study of peace this week and while it was a somewhat simple for them, (5/6) they loved all of the beautiful illustrations. We are always talking about how important it is to care for our animal population, so they connected with the moral of the story. As a parent, I was thrilled to see a children's book with so much diversity.. in all the little details. This is definitely a book I will buy for new parents and for friends with younger kids, 3-4. Thanks #NetGalley for the opportunity to share with my children early. They gave it two thumbs up!
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Love that this book shows what peace is and doesn't limit it to humans, but extends it to the natural world as well.  The diversity of skin tones and abilities is refreshing and the simple sentences and engaging illustrations make the story one that preschool and up will appreciate from, benefit from, and ultimately return to, hopefully.
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This book is sweet and beautiful, and I would recommend it to any child. The words and pictures work together to send important messages in a way that is simple for a child to understand. The animals are adorable and there is excellent diversity among the children portrayed. I also really appreciate the author's note, which describes how conflicts between humans can negatively affect animals. Overall, a wonderful picture book.
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What an incredibly beautiful book!  Oh, to live in a world as resplendent as this depiction.  Let's all teach our children to live in peace and harmony.  Miranda and Baptiste Paul have truly captured peace within these gorgeous pages.  A lovely book made to be shared and admired.
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"Peace is a hello, a smile, a hug."

This little book is beautiful. From the words to the illustrations, all I can say is that it's utterly beautiful.

"Peace can begin with a laugh and a wave, and grow into actions remarkable brave."

Without many words it delivers such an important message. I think every kid will love this and every kid should read it.

"Peace is a choice."
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A short picture books that gives you different meaning of peace.
What I love about this book how diverse yet united this book is.
It makes you feel whole and helps you to see the wonder of the world. 
It teaches us to have peace with all the living being. 

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An overly preachy/repetitious book that has good intentions but poor execution. Peace is one of the few picture books that I would skip.
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An adorable little book with beautiful illustrations.  I teach littles in early elementary school and can see myself using this at the beginning of the school to help build classroom culture / environment.  This book does a really good job of defining what peace is in ways that children can understand and gives them specific examples of things they can do to create peace.  I haven't written my full review yet but will post it to my website Kelly's Classroom Online.
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