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Meh. I love the author but couldn’t get into this one.? Next time!

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I have been a fan of TJR for several years and she didn't disappoint with Malibu Rising. This one was a great story; however, it was way over hyped on social media and Goodreads. This book is a family saga about siblings, absentee parents, living up to a legacy (or not) and learning to follow your dreams. Set in beautiful coastal California, you will fly through this story like I did.
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Another enthralling book by Taylor Jenkins Reid! The is the story of four famous siblings and an end of summer party that alters their lives forever. It is a book of secrets, family drama, and how far a family goes to protect its members. It is told throughout a 24 hour period with flashbacks into the past. This book was hard to put down and I really enjoyed it.
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Not my favorite book from Taylor Jenkins Reid (that would be Daisy Jones),, but definitely still enjoyable. I wasn't as invested in the lives of the Riva family, partially because of the pacing. The story loses steam a little toward the end. Still, Reid is an incredible writer and storyteller and this is another great book from her.
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TJR is fantastic, her ability to write so well on such a variety of topics always blows me away, Malibu Rising is no exception! Her character and setting development are unparalleled and because of that talent, her book will instantly draw you in and make you one of the family. Phenomenal book and thank you so much for a chance to review this book!
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As a TJR super fan, I was so excited to read this book! Once we hit the second half of the book and moved into the night of the party, I could not put it down. I loved living in this complex, glamorous, LA world.
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I’ve read Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones, both of which I enjoyed. Malibu Rising was okay. Loved the start, got bored in the middle onwards, teared a little towards the ending. I think, the party took 2 stars away from this promising novel. 

August 27, 1983. The infamous annual summer party at the Riva’s was about to take place, and everyone who knew about it was looking forward to attending it. We’re introduced to the Riva family, starting with the siblings. Nina, the eldest who took over the parent role after her mother’s passing; Jay the pro-surfer, Hud his brother’s photographer, Kit, the youngest, bold and never afraid to speak her mind. Their father, a renowned singer Mick Riva, left their mother June and the kids at an early age because he was too busy chasing other women to be a husband and father. June, who was left alone with the kids, felt abandoned and started drinking. One day, Nina found her drowned in the bathtub. And so, Nina was left to fend for herself and her siblings.

My heart went out to Nina, having to take the role of the parent at a young age – paid the bills, made sure her siblings stayed in school, managed the restaurant, kept their home and little family intact. The duties wore her out so much that she failed in her exams and had to drop out of school. 

What I enjoyed reading most was the bond and the relationship between the Riva siblings. Yes, they had their little tiffs and arguments, but mostly it was just love and support for each other. You can tell how close and protective they were of each other especially Jay and Hud towards Kit, their youngest and most adored sibling, while Nina on the other hand, would try to get her out of her shell and be more comfortable in her own skin, something that Kit envied about Nina, who was confident about embracing her beauty while not being consumed by it. 

The story was fine until I started looking at my Kindle to see how much have been covered. That was when the party was about to take place and numerous characters were introduced. There were the famous, the rich and the rowdy, the wild and the wannabes. And just like that there were names, characters and new stories unfold. My attention waned and I skimmed-read those parts rather reluctantly. 

When the Rivas returned in the final third of the story, the story picked up somewhat. I teared a little at their parting, feeling everything that Nina felt – the weight on her shoulder she had carried for so long, her responsibilities, stress and worries, all of them, as she finally was able to unburden them after all these the years. 

And I really didn’t like the fact that the fire was mentioned in the synopsis, hinting some sort of an explosive ending. I was expecting someone starting a fire, with the intention of hurting the family. But none of that happened. So be forewarned if you’re going in with that expectation.

I think if you’re looking for family drama and something light to read, you can try this. Would I recommend it highly? Not really, especially if you’re thinking of starting a TJR book. Start with Evelyn Hugo and/or Daisy Jones. I’d go with Evelyn Hugo if you’re contemplating between the two. 

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for providing a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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Set in the sunny days of yesteryear in Malibu, the Riva family forms, takes shape, and learns to live with the cards they're dealt. The setting is terrific for a summer read. The characters are interesting and well-developed. The book starts out with a bang and great foreshadowing, but seemed to fizzle over the course of the book. It would make for a good beach/vacation read though.
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I absolutely LOVED this book.  I was intrigued by all of the characters.  The absence of the kids father and how it affected their mother and how it affected each kid from youth to adulthood is moving.  This book hit all the feels for me.  I never look forward to a great book ending, but this book felt like they tied it with a bow at the end.
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I found this book to be very boring. It was very character development heavy and it took me a while to find a real plot. I have loved her other books, but this one was not one that made me excited to keep reading.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid does it again! This is my third TJR book and Malibu Rising is just as entertaining and enjoyable. Plus, can we talk about this cover! This book is so good - the perfect summer read! It has the perfect mix of beachy, surfer, California celebrity vibe with a side of family drama.

I was hooked to the Riva family from page one! I soaked up every moment of their journey both collectively and their individual stories. I devoured the history of June & Mick Riva. The flashbacks that told the history of the Riva family were well done and really gave substance to each member of the family. I especially loved the bond between the siblings.

The story alternates between past and present as well as the POV of all four Riva siblings, and everything flows seamlessly. The party scenes were fun, and the side scandals were a great touch.

Though dysfunctional, the Riva siblings take you on a beautiful journey of love, family and self-discovery.

TBH, I loved everything about this book! It will definitely go down as one of my favorites this year. Taylor Jenkins Reid is a phenomenal storyteller and has become one of my favorite authors.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid does it again in Malibu Rising. This was the perfect book to follow two of my favorite books, also by Reid: Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and Daisy Jones and the Six. I couldn't put down the story of Nina and siblings at their infamous house party. A fun jump around about different perspectives, the characters are incredibly well developed to the point that I wish I was there in the house, at the party. It feels like it really happened and isn't fiction. The twist slight mystery of who is going to start the fire keeps me turning pages until late in the night. The siblings resolve left me feeling hopeful, and content. Definitely a book I'll pick up again!
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I took some time reviewing this.  I love Ms. Reids books.  They explore fame and their affects in such different ways.  

This focussed on the children of a famous father, a singer.  In this case I was imagining Frank Sinatra (the time and music - not the abandonment of children).   Four siblings and all dealing with the fact their father leads a completely different life.   They are tied together by their childhoods, dreams and Malibu - which is where they live.  Not to mention how they are all famous in their own right but just handling it a bit different than daddy dearest.

I took a long time to write this review - I wanted to think about it a bit and then, well, live moved on.  But the characters stayed with me - from the strong oldest sister who essentially raises her siblings and encourages them to live their own dreams, to the half sibling (I adored how their mother welcomed her into the fold as if she was destined to be in their home.).  

I am glad I read this instead of listening as it moves between dates and I find that easier to follow by reading - but hey, that is me.  

I totally encourage any reader to check out her other books.  Now I look forward to the next!!

I thank Netgalley, the publisher and Ms.  Taylor Jenkins Reid for the opportunity to read an advanced copy for this honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book. One thing I really enjoyed about Malibu Rising is the connection to Daisy Jones & the Six and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo through Mick Riva. The chapters alternating between the developing relationship between Mick and June, then the current lives of their children really added to the reading experience.
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This was such a great story. I loved each and every one of the Riva siblings. The setting was great. TJR does it again!!
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Another great TJR book that gave me all the feels just like Daisy Jones. Taylor has a knack for engrossing her fans. She has always been one of my favorites and continues to do so!
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TJR is a genius.  This book was a really good follow up to Daisy Jones and the Six.  Set in the same fictional world, Malibu is another wonderful ride through the 70's and 80's.  I love anything this author writes.  She is becoming one of my all time favorite authors.
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How do you fall in love with a Taylor Jenkins Reid novel? You remember what you are getting: a delicious story, dynamic characters, and drama.

Malibu Rising, as one can guess, is set around Malibu Beach in Los Angeles, California. It brings to life one of the most beautiful places that the West Coast has to offer and that is the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Told in dual timelines, we follow Mick and June who set out to accomplish their dreams of fame and the money it brings along with it. And the second is the story of their four children- Nina, Jay, Hud, and Kit- and how their fates have played out.

The story begins at Nina’s house with everybody getting ready for the annual party that Nina hosts. When I say everybody, I mean the entirety of Hollywood and then some. But the four siblings are fighting their own battles on the day of the party with infidelity, illness, secrets about love, and coming to terms with their identity. The pot comes to a boil when all four of these tensions find themselves facing each other at the party along with their pasts, all threatening to alter the course of the life they have made for themselves.

That’s all you should know about the plot before you dive in because, in my opinion, that’s the best part of this book, trying to pace yourself to find out what happens next. Taylor Jenkins Reid is a masterful storyteller. As someone who lives in perpetual awe of the PCH, for me, she makes it come to life. Her movement from one sentence to another is incredibly fluid, so much so that you feel like you are living in the story, and not just reading it. If you are looking for a good fast read similar to The Nest, then consider picking this up. Pair it with a drive down the coast.

So how do you fall in love with a Taylor Jenkins Reid novel? You remember what it’s like to simply read a good story and dive right in.
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I loved this book! Taylor Jenkins Reid is one of my absolute favorite authors and I’m always waiting for her latest release. Malibu Rising was different from her previous books but unique and made me feel connected to the characters. Highly recommended!
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Yet another “knock it out of the park” read by TJR. I wouldn’t expect anything less her books are amazing yesterday this one has The money, The fame and The family. All raised on familiar water (surfers) Everyone wants to be around this famous family for a huge party. Which can all go well unless unfamiliar people show from past and present. This is a fabulous beach read one of Reid’s best!
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