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A big thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Malibu Rising. I’ve read and liked Jenkins before- but this is the first book of hers that I have loved. The characters and their familial relationships are just so interesting and real. I didn’t want to stop reading. 5 stars, just truly a great read.
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The Riva party is the party of the year, and everyone knows it, all you need to be invited is to know the address. But who are the Riva’s? And what are they celebrating? Deeply immersed in the summer of 1981’s fashion, music, culture as I read I felt like a fellow party goer, seeing what I read unfold before my eyes. And sometimes I had to put the book down, to absorb what I was reading before I could move on. Nothing unbelievable, or bad but SO good.  

Taylor Jenkins Reid has done it again, another book I will recommend and gift over and over. “Malibu Rising,” due out 5/21/21 is a savory read, to be consumed slowly so you are sure to absorb every delicate detail. TJR is masterful at using words to describe relationships. 

Sacrifice, forgiveness, boundaries, how we think we want to live vs. how we think we NEED to live, irony. At the heart of the book, TJR tells stories about the things we do for love.
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Thank you NetGalley for letting me review Malibu Rising.  I have read all of Taylor Jenkins Reid books and have enjoyed most.  This book is hard for me to review - I think my final grade would be 3.5 stars.  I really enjoyed the back story of Mick and June Riva - but their kids, not so much.  I just did not gravitate towards any of them.  After the parents 'arc' was through, I just didn't really care what happened at the party, and then the ending felt kind of rushed.  I will still continue to read Ms. Jenkins Reids books, she is a great writer.  Thank you very much again for letting me review this advanced copy.
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I loved the characters in this book and the backstory of their parents. These characters made you fall in love with them. This was the story of how Mick and June fell in love and the stories of their 4 children. I read Evelyn Hugo so I was automatically enticed by finding out background information on one of her 7 husbands. Taylor Jenkins Reid has a way of pulling you into the story and making you forget it’s not your own. I felt like these characters were my family as well.  I loved the historical aspects of the different decades. I would say that this is great also for fans of historical, contemporary fiction. This story did not disappoint. I will be recommending it to all my friends.
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I have been a huge fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid's since reading Daisy Jones and the Six and then immediately devouring all of her other books. This may be her best. The Riva siblings make a fantastic quartet of characters that take us through 24 hours that change all of their lives for good. Written in chapters that go hour by hour through this day, interwoven together with stories of their family and the history leading up to this day, Malibu Burning is a heartbreaking, and yet healing, story of what family means and how hard it can be to keep a family together.
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I love Taylor Jenkins Reid’s immersive writing. I always feel submerged in the time and place she’s writing about and 1980s Malibu was no different. The first half of this book was split between the present and the past. It really explored the era and began to paint a picture of the Riva siblings past and present.

The second half was a slow burn that built drama and anticipation. With every section I read the tension built and kept me reading. This tension lead to an interesting and complex climax that was even better than something big and dramatic. Overall I loved the depth of plot, the rich setting, and the dynamic character development.

Thank you @netgalley and @randomhouse for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Wow just wow. Set in two parts following the Riva family from 1956 until the big Riva house party in 1983. Be ready to be consumed by the lives of Nina, Jay, Hud, Kit, June and Mick Riva as they take you on their journey of family, love, loss, betrayal and truly finding themselves. Taylor Jenkins Reid had me so captivated by this family, I couldn’t put it down. Make sure to pick Malibu Rising when it’s released in May, as it will be one of the best books of 2021. 

Huge thanks to NetGalley, Random House, and Hutchinson for granting me this ARC and letting me be transported into the lives of the Riva family.
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Thank you to NetGalley for gifting me an ARC copy of this book. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid has a remarkable way of creating relatable characters. This story follows several points of view, alternating between the past and the present. The famous Riva siblings take turns sharing their hardships with the reader - from relationships to personal struggles during the present. In the past, we learn how Mick and June Riva’s relationship and family began. We meet several additional characters throughout the story and get to know them a little better at the Riva Party. 

TJR has immense talent for creating depth within her characters. Each character comes with a unique personality that radiates throughout the pages. It’s easy to connect with her characters as a reader. The characters leave a lasting impression on the reader and their resilience is something I know I’ll never forget. The Riva family encounters several obstacles (both past and present) and we get to empathize with their emotions as a reader because they’re so wonderfully described. 

I enjoyed the plot of the story, the history of the Rivas, and the eloquence of the main characters. I would have preferred to read less about the side characters, but it was also enjoyable to read how everything connected. 

If you like multiple perspectives, strongly-built characters, and descriptive character history, I would highly recommend this book.
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I am a huge fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid and was thrilled to be offered an advanced copy of her newest book by Random House and NetGalley!

Malibu Rising is a family saga about rock star Mick Riva’s four children. The present day timeline of the story happens over just 24 hours on the day of oldest daughter Nina’s epic Malibu cliffside party. As parts of each of the siblings’ characters are revealed during that day, there are flashbacks to Mick and the kids’ early life with their mother June. 

As with all of TJR’s books, I was hooked immediately by the storyline and the characters! I couldn’t put it down. I’d love to read a sequel about almost any of the characters because I’d to get a more in-depth view of their lives.
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This book is such A JOURNEY! It's complex and beautiful and tells so many different stories that all weave together perfectly. I inhaled it in two days and wish I could pick it back up and read it again for the first time. Excellent work, Taylor Jenkins Reid!
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Four siblings. A beachside mansion in Malibu. And one huge, end of summer party. All the necessary elements for one gripping family drama. 

I’m not gonna lie, I might have cheered and thrown a few fist pumps in the air when I saw that NetGalley had approved me for this one. Which is also why I just couldn’t wait until closer to its May 25th pub date to read it. Would you be able to let a TJR sit unread for that long?! 

I really enjoyed the journey this book took me on and I especially loved the 80s vibe during the night of the party. Nina storyline highlighting the sacrifices she made as the eldest sibling made her a standout character for me. What didn’t work so well for me was all the new, seemingly random characters introduced towards the end of the book. Evelyn will probably always hold the top spot in my TJR heart, but Malibu Rising is definitely worth a read!
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A solid TJR but not my favorite. I liked the main characters and appreciated their development, but thought there were too many side character distractions along the way.
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TJR has done it again with a book I just could not put down and would have gladly read another 100 pages with full interest! This is yet another departure from her previous novels, as I would call it mostly a family drama, but also since it takes place in the 80’s and even earlier at times, maybe historical fiction too. I was fully invested in all of these people and also enjoyed the way I felt a bit like I was reading a juicy gossip mag at times (though these were first-person accounts), as I’m a sucker for UsWeekly articles. I was also blown away by the large number of characters I knew about and could easily recognize by the end. Some authors have so many characters that it is difficult to keep them all straight throughout a book, but somehow not TJR! Overall, I loved this book!
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Taylor Jenkins Reid is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Daisy Jones and the Six is one of the best audiobooks I've ever listened to and Forever, Interrupted was simply beautiful.

With Malibu Rising she has added some great original characters. The atmosphere described is so easily imagined and I can only hope this is made into a movie or miniseries. My only criticism is that some of the worthy characters weren't given enough time commensurate with their potential. Perhaps a sequel?
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Absolutely awful writing. I couldn't make it  through the first chapter. Cringe. I know TJR has a huge following but I'm not sure why. The writing is clumsy, overwhelming with detail, terribly  written "drama" and dialogue. Very description heavy and it read like a terrible soap opera/daytime soap.
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Wow, this book is everything I was hoping for and more. It’s deep, it’s personal, it makes you think and it’s inspiring. I love that her books tie together, and that she writes in a way that makes you feel like you are there. I can’t recommend this book enough, and I can see this book going places when it’s released! 

It’s based around a party at the Riva house, and as you watch the party unfold, you also watch the Riva family change. 

Lessons of parenthood, family sacrifice, tradition and sibling bonds are effortlessly woven in. 

This is a 5 star book! What a great way to start 2021!
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TJR does it again!!! Her ability to create flesh and bone characters, stories that make your heart ache. 

What a pleasure it was to get to know the Riva’s. To get a look at the Guillible Mick Riva, who was before and who he became after Evelyn. 

But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a story that leads up to Evelyn. It’s the story of Mick and June, of Nina and Jay and Hud and Kit. It’s a story of love and betrayal, trust and pride, selfishness and selflessness, and family and heartbreak. moments that become memories and moments that become trauma. 

How messy TJR’s characters are, how true to reality. 

I will be posting my review on my instagram (@readwjo) on my stories and will be adding it to the highlight ARCs 2021. I will be sharing the review tomorrow.
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I couldn't get enough of Malibu Rising! I've enjoyed Taylor Jenkins Reid's previous books, so I knew I would like this one from the beginning. The book weaves together a "love" story, four children's upbringings, and an epic Malibu party. At first I thought there was too much backstory, but of course, all of it was needed to complete the story. Nina was my favorite character and I loved watching her grow throughout the novel. I can't wait until the book is available to the public so my friends can read it and we can chat about it! Pure perfection!
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I want to erase this book from my mind (in the best way possible) to be able to read it again and (re)experience it for the first time. It was SO. GOOD.

𝗠𝗮𝗹𝗶𝗯𝘂 𝗥𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 is told over the 24 hours leading up to the Nina Riva’s yearly infamous party. There are also flashbacks embedded that tell the story of the Riva family. We learn a whole lot about Mick Riva, Evelyn Hugo’s 3rd husband. It made me want to jump into 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗦𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝗛𝘂𝘀𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗹𝘆𝗻 𝗛𝘂𝗴𝗼 and smack Mick upside the head, but I digress. 

This story is about the strength and resilience of women. Nina is a queen. The story stuck with me. I find that I tend to read books quickly, which causes me to forget aspects of what I’ve read and the stories all blend together. With this one, I remembered every single character, no matter how small, and what made them each unique. Despite the fact that we switched from the present (1983) to the past, it was easy to keep up with the storyline. 

TJR truly outdid herself with this one.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid does it again!! I expect nothing less than 5 stars from TJR but from page one I was hooked. I loved the dual timelines and everything came together perfectly. My heart ached for Nina and her selfless ways and yet somehow I was slightly sad for Mick in the end because he didn’t know his beautiful children. The bond between the Riva siblings was something to admire. I also pitied June. I think this would be a fantastic movie.
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