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Cry for Mercy

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Cry For Mercy

Cry For Mercy was undoubtedly not what I was expecting, but in the best way possible! I just finished it moments ago and couldn't wait to type up my review! This expertly written piece of writing was even better than my wildest expectations. Karen Long is now on my list of one-click authors, and after having read this first book in the series, I can't wait for book two!

Straight from the first chapter, we’re thrown deep, deep into DI Eleanor Raven’s psyche, her lifestyle, and career, and I believe we've only just scratched the surface! 

Cry For Mercy takes us on a journey to uncover one serial killer’s twisted motives for murdering women, opening up many lines of questioning most books daren't touch. When women begin popping up dead, dolled up, and left out ceremoniously displayed for all to see, Detective Raven knows she has her work cut out for her. Author Karen Long has done a phenomenal job bringing her characters alive, from her internally strong, driven female protagonist Eleanor Raven right down to Monster and his K9 ways! I quickly lost track of time racing through these pages. 

I don't want to give too much away as this is one of those best going in blind situations! The book’s description gives us quite a bit, yet there's so much more beneath the surface of this utterly fascinating must-read of 2020! Do yourself a favor and set up a blind date between the pages of Cry For Mercy!

I'd recommend this read to every thriller fan, everywhere, as long as you don't mind a little BDSM! Many thanks to NetGalley, the author Karen Long, and the publishers at Bookouture for my advanced copy of this ebook and my spot on this Books-On-Tour event! I have honestly and voluntarily reviewed this title.

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