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Sorry this just wasn't for me and I gave up - could not finish - I didn't really find it very helpful
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I really enjoyed the message behind Power Hour – taking back control of your mornings and carving out one hour a day completely to yourself to achieve your goals. Adrienne Herbert was a great voice in delivering this message and the book was well crafted into a practical guide into how everyone can improve their life one morning at a time.

I’m no morning person (especially in the wake of a year of remote working!) but this really encouraged me to get up that little bit earlier. Is it a little long-winded? Possibly. Could it have stayed a TedTalk? Probably. What really elevated the message was Adrienne’s clear and genuine voice as she coaches each reader to re-examine their lives.
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That most of us are pretty bad at managing our time, is the premise for the book ‘Power Hour: How to focus on your goals and create a life you love’ by Adrienne Herbert. You may know Adrienne from her podcast also called ‘Power Hour’.

I instantly warm to an author who loves lists and making plans and she tells us “your time has never been more valuable; it’s the only thing you can’t buy more of.” This book is about creating a routine that works for you and covers mindset, habits, movement, sleep, people, purpose and creating your own power hour. 

Adrienne points out:
“Let’s say you work 9:00am to 6:00pm for five days each week, that’s a total of 45 hours. 
If you sleep for an average of eight hours each night, that’s a total of 56 hours. 
45 + 56 = 101 
Okay, we’ve still got 65 hours left. Excuse me? Yes, that’s right: 65 hours remaining.”

Adrienne advocates that the first hour of the day is critical and gives six questions to ask yourself in your morning power hour to set yourself up for the day. Whether you use this hour for prayer, meditation, reading, exercise or watching TedTalks - this time should be valued.
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The importance of a good start to the day by focusing for an hour in the day, in the morning, by clearing away distractions, planning your day and your life. Something I used to do on early morning flights for work which really did help me in my job.
The practical  advice in this book will have me returning to it again and again.
Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this book in return for a fair review.
3.5 Stars ⭐️
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I didn't learn anything new from this book but it's good to be reminded of some of the motivational keys.
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What a  perfect time to read this book. After procrastinating for so long (I can be a master at it!) this work has inspired me,. got to many things to do!
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A motivating, encouraging book with common-sense advice, expressed in a relatable and refreshing way. I enjoyed reading my copy on Netgalley, bought a print one for my wife and we both absolutely love this no-nonsense guide to achieving your goals with the first hour of the day! Now, if only I was better at getting out of bed...but whether you're a morning lark or a night owl, there will be something useful for you in Power Hour,
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I know the whole idea of a 'power hour' is a hot topic but this just wasn't for me. Some good ideas but I just cannot  get my head around this... sorry!
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I whizzed through this non-fiction book. It’s essentially a book on how to set goals and use your time more efficiently. It’s motivational and easy to read but not necessarily revolutionary. 

It does contain cited facts and evidence to theories to make you consider your feelings and approach to certain situations. 

A reflective and motivational read which I imagine might be better as an ebook.
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How many times have you said, 'I'd love to do that, but I don't have time? The Power Hour message is simple: we all have an hour to dedicate to building the life we want, whether we think we do or not. 

Power Hour will show you how to harness the first hour of your day in order to achieve your goals - whether those are writing a book, running a marathon or starting a business - before the rest of the world wakes up and starts competing for your attention. 

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Lots of inspiring ideas on how to make productive changes in our lives. Even if you don’t manage to follow Adrienne’s example entirely, which I imagine most people won’t, it could be enough just to make a few small changes in your daily routine which will have a bigger effect on your quality of life than you might imagine.  Adrienne is an engaging presence and even though some of what she advises is fairly extreme for the average person, she doesn’t come across as holier-than-thou.
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I don’t think I learned anything revelatory or new from this book but it was a good reminder of suggestions and changes I can make to improve my lifestyle.
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Do you have one of those annoying friends? You know the type — they get up at four in the morning to go running. They run marathons in their spare time for fun. Then they sit there in judgment of you whilst they drink their cucumber water and you drink — oh my god is that coffee? Caffeine is so bad for you. Yeah, you should just get high on life and get your energy from running at four in the morning. Well, now you can have that friend without the messiness of an actual relationship. Just subscribe to Adrienne's podcast and read the book. Power Hour, which gets its name from the podcast, is all about how you should get up an hour early to work on your dreams. Your annoying friend is probably right — that's what makes them so annoying — but at least they have their uses. They hold you to account, call you out on your bs, and try to keep you motivated. It's amazing what you can achieve in one hour per day when you set your mind to it. Even if you would prefer to spend that hour sleeping.
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This book is nothing new in terms of habit forming or being productive. 
"set aside an hour of your day each morning when the world is still asleep" is something that's been in every blog post for at least the past decade.
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Power Hour is a book to read when feeling uninspired and needing some motivation. There are many great take aways in this book and Adrienne is really good at outlining how to achieve your goals.

I have highlighted many parts and planned to keep going back to them, every time I need some nudging.

Thanks Netgalley for my digital ARC copy in exchange of a honest review.
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I was impressed by this book, or, more by the author's personal story of how she overcame the odds to create her career, podcast, and book. I work in personal development, and I'm way beyond there age group I think the book appeals to, so, though I liked it I can't comment on it's usefulness from my own experience. However, I bought it and gave it to a young man I know who was having some difficulties and, bingo! It seems to have been the trigger he needed.
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A rather word heavy book on setting goals, be it movement, sleep, dealing with people or having a purpose and using that first hour of the day to set yourself up.

There are a number of case studies throughout the book alongside a lot of the authors own experiences.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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Adrienne Herbert’s ‘Power Hour’ is a valuable read, and while I don’t necessarily think it has changed my mindset fully, I thought it was an interesting, important and encouraging book. It took me way longer than expected to read ‘Power Hour’, mainly because I was determined to read it only if I woke up early enough to have time for it before work or other responsibilities. Something that doesn’t necessarily happen often for me, I guess I’m still a little work in progress when it comes to applying power hour to my life every day.

‘Power Hour’ encourages you to wake up early – preferably before 6 am, when there are no distractions – and focusing for the first hour of your day on your goals. It can be done via running, stretching, journaling or reading, depending on the day and a person. The point is, that dedicating the first hour of your day to your goals and yourself, set you positively for the whole day and makes you more productive and feel better throughout the whole day. Why I cannot claim, I have achieved that yet, and I’m able to get up much earlier every day, I definitely think that there’s something in it. On those occasions, when I rise earlier and either spend a little time reading or writing before I need to start work, I feel much better. More refreshed. Less stressed. 

I think I enjoyed the first part of ‘Power Hour’ more, where the advice felt more practical and more applicable, but overall, I think it’s an important read especially for those who feel like they are always too busy and like they don’t have time for anything.
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I'd heard of the concept of a power hour before, but more in relation to getting all your household chores done in one week! Power Hour is a great concept and it is well explained and executed in this easy-to-digest book. There are tons of useful tips on steps you can take to move towards your goals, without having to "transform" your life. The overall concept may not work for everyone (an hour is an awfully long time to dedicate when you're just starting out), but it was an interesting read nonetheless.
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Power Hour: How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love by Adrienne Herbert is about carving time for yourself to work on your goals, and the suggestion for when to have your power hour is early in the morning - 5am.

As someone who often wakes up at 5am, this is something I really agree with!  I do most of my reading early in the morning, and can sometimes be found blogging then as well. 

The idea of Power Hour is that you set your goals and use this time to help you achieve them, as it's time that you have no other commitments during.

This book has suggestions and actions for you to carry out to help you see this time as helpful.  I enjoyed reading the book and learning about how Adrienne Herbert uses this time.

 Power Hour: How to Focus on Your Goals and Create a Life You Love  was published on 31 December 2020, and is available from  Amazon ,  Waterstones  and .

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I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review, so my thanks to NetGalley and to  Penguin Random House .
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