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When Sharks Attack With Kindness

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Such a cute meaningful book. It's amazing how much a book with such simple art style can make someone feel. It was absolutely adorable, and I wish I could have a physical copy of it.
The art style was simple which actually made the whole comic really interesting and gave it a very warm vibe. It was easy to understand and actually really easy on the eyes. It followed a color scheme which gave the whole book a direction and made it more engaging.
This is the kinda book someone can finish in a single sitting. Highly recommend
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This was cute and adorable and filled with all kinds of feel-good happies. It absolutely brightened my afternoon, and I'm sure it will brighten your afternoon or any other time of day as well. Buy this for yourself, buy it for a friend, buy it for that coworker who makes it easier to get through your shift, and enjoy all the kawaii sea critters being cute and warm and fuzzy!

#WhenSharksAttackWithKindness #NetGalley
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The comics in this book were cute and heartfelt, and were honestly a balm during such anxious times! I thoroughly enjoy reading them and they were so adorable it made me smile every time!
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This is a such a cute comic book that will leave you smiling by the end. Its filled with funny moments of what it's like to be a friendly shark with all his friends in the ocean world. This would make an awesome gift for someone who needs a smile.
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this is an aggressively wholesome book, which ordinarily wouldn’t appeal to me, but, like a pool party, adding sharks to the equation changes everything.

the intro lets you know exactly what brand of corny-adorable to expect:

<i>This is a book about kindness, relationships, and love, and since these are such deep subjects, I’ve made it underwater.</i>

it’s cheesy and silly, but these days, we could all do with a bit of both.

the illustrations are very charming

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and as far as the sentiments go, even though <strong>SOME OF US</strong> have become cynical monsters ground down by _______ (noun) and, _______ (recent atrocity), and the  _______ (adjective) state of the world, it’s good to be reminded of certain truths, even if they’re a little trite.

like, we’re never as alone as we feel

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and we contribute value to the world, even when we don’t realize it

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there’s also some good advice here in the areas of conflict resolution

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and tips on impressing potential employers

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the real takeaway here is that even when we fail to live up to our impossible goals

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we can at least fail adorably.

that is the lesson i am choosing to learn here.

it's the same *kind* of book as <a title="The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy" href="" rel="nofollow noopener">The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse</a>, but it's cuter and funnier, so i didn't feel as emotionally <i>grubby</i> at the end of this one.

now i'm off to fail adorably...

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I enjoyed this thoroughly and it is a cute little book. The drawings are so adorable and this book is great way to teach others, Sharks are my favorite animals and i hope others can learn to appreciate them just like this book does.
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This is very cute and sweet. Nothing mind-blowing here, but it will hopefully bring smiles to some people's faces. It's nice for keeping it on your bedside table and reading a comic or two a day. Will appeal to fans of other web/instagram comics of a similar type, like Strange Planet, Poorly Drawn Lines, Liz Clomo, etc.
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I found this book absolutely delightful. It was cute and relatable and even though a couple of the jokes were a bit corny overall it was wonderful. I would definitely buy this book for friends as a thoughtful way of expressing my friendship. The illustrations were adorable and I'd love to get some prints made of a few of them.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Andrew McNeill Publishing for sending me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

When Sharks Attack With Kindness by self-taught artist and author Andrés J. Colmenares offers readers a sweet and gentle trip under the sea. We spend a lot of time with Great White Shark, who is soon given an unlikely companion in the form of a little fish that later poses as his necktie. 

Colmenares' illustrations are adorable. I particularly love the deliberate soft round shapes of the Great White and the Whale shark. So cute! 

Readers will find comics with a cute punchline here, as well as some gentle life advice. The pages that stuck with me the most were the story of the turtle, who outlives his friend the octopus, and the Great White noticing that the most precious treasure is the rock he met his best friend! Colmenares' humour varies from puns and gags to clever twists (I loved the Shark Tank reference).

The author even makes a couple of brief cameos in the book as a human self insert! 

Readers will also enjoy a playlist of songs to accompany this book by scanning a QR code. I read it via the Netgalley app so I wasn't able to, but I am curious as to what's on there!

Perfect for fans of wholesome online comics, much like one of my 2020 faves, Cat's Cafe Comics.
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A series of cartoons where marine creatures learn to be kinder and encourage each other. Super sweet messages and a gorgeous art styles. Applicable for all  ages. Each page would be a nice print on it’s own. Some of it did feel a little young but a nice reminder all the same.
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A cute book showing children to be nice to others to gain friendship. I like that it had a page showing the different marine animals and what they are called. The illustrations were adorable too!
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A couple of years back, I read Loading Penguin Hugs: Heartwarming Comics from Chibird, and immediately got on Amazon and sent copies to a couple of friends of mine. Since then, I've kept an eye out for similar books, that did the job of making my friends laugh and letting them know how much I love and value them.

Pretty sure my friends are about to get a new book for themselves.

Humor, puns, love, friendship, kindness, optimism. Everything needed in the 2020's can be found in this sweet, short little collection of comics. I can't recommend it enough.
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This book was so cute! I loved the idea of friendship and the fun jokes that will go with it. I would buy this for a friend as a gift. She would have a good laugh and it would be so sentimental.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC in exchange of an honest review. 

I love this mini-comics.
The author is so creative and he has a great imagination. 

I love the relationship between the shark and the little fish (his tie). They are so cute.

I love everything about this compilation of comics. But I specially love the originality of the author. 

I know I said so many time the word "love" but I really really loved this beautiful work.
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(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley.)

From Andrés J. Colmenares, creator of wawawiwa comics (@wawawiwa on twitter and instagram), comes an illustrated collection of sharks attacking - with kindness! 

If the concept sounds silly, it totally is, but in the best way possible.  The comics featured here share Colmenares's signature mix of adorableness and absurdity (an avocado playing fetch with a dog, anyone?), with a heaping dollop of compassion that's the perfect balm for the dumpster fire that has been the past one-to-four years.  Colmenares's sea creatures are sweet,  good-natured, and okay maybe a little sappy, but I am so here for it. Like wawawiwa comics, reading WHEN SHARKS ATTACK WITH KINDNESS is an act of self-care.

The anti-speciesist in me also loves to see sharks portrayed as something other than mindless killing machines. WSATW is the antithesis of Shark Week. 

Semi-serious content warning for pages 64-65, which involve a weirdly macabre comic starring a long-lived turtle and her dying octopus friend that seems a wee bit out of place in this otherwise light and happy book. (Emotional ambush much?)
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Finished this cute little book in one sitting on a lazy Monday afternoon. I always have had a love of sharks, so this was right up my alley.
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This book is adorable!!  It’s a book about positivity and friendship, told with ocean creatures. A recurring theme is that you are never alone, which is just so important to remember during these isolating times.  The friendships are sweet, the illustrations are cute, and the comics are funny. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book!  My son loves sharks and I’ll be buying him a print copy when it releases!
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I received an electronic ARC from Andrews McMeel Publishing through NetGalley.
Delightful comics that capture the heart of friendship. Colmenares offers readers a window into the love and support friends offer each other. Readers will identify with the universal themes and enjoy the fun and truth when they see these underwater characters interact. A kind book when we need more kindness in our world.
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What an adorable book! Cute marine animals being happy and supportive is exactly the kind of thing I need to cheer me up when I'm down (or just whenever). Even though they're told via adorable sea creatures, the underlying messages of friendship, love, and support are universal.
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Sharks are just the sweetest cutie pies in the whole wide world. Amiright?

Seriously, everyone needs a bit of positivity and kindness and love in their life. Especially in times like these. Oh, and the funny. You definitely need some of the funny.

And a lot of these mostly one or two panel comics are pretty funny. Okay, many of them are not particularly realistic. Life often sucks. There’s no way around it. Unless there is. Like here. I think I just needed this book right now. It made me feel all warm and fluffy, and besides all the content smiles it also made me laugh out loud a couple of times. 

Today is a lovely day. With sharks. :)
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