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I love wine, I love food and most of all I love wine and food together. 

With over 70 recipes there really is a snack or more substantial bite for every occasion and the meatballs in particular were to die for! 

I will be creating a fancy cheese board with homemade chutneys and showing off my culinary pairings at my next girls night for sure and I am tempted to keep the book a secret so my friends don't steal the recipes haha. 

 The recipes are well written and understandable by cooks of all levels and the photos make the food very appealing. A must have bible for every wine lover <3
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A frequent problem I have with cookbooks is the layout. I like to have pictures to go along with each of the recipes and I like a cookbook to be organized instead of having so many different recipes shoved onto one page. This book had every aspect of a cookbook format that I loved! It was neat and organized, and the pictures were amazing. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to try out the majority of the recipes either due to a food allergy or preference. I was only able to try three recipes out of this cookbook. Just for me personally, a lot of the recipes were not for my personal taste. Although, I do know someone whose tastes line up with this book and I will be gifting them a copy of this as I am sure it will be something they will enjoy.

Great organizations and format of the book. I just wish the food options lined up more with my preferences so I would have been able to try out more recipes from this cookbook.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for this free digital copy in exchange for an honest review! This book is available today. :)

Barbara Scott-Goodman has created a beautifully put-together book full of yummy bites to pair with wine. I had girl's night in my head the entire time I was perusing this book. The photos, by Jennifer May, are lovely! I can only imagine how nice this looks in physical form. It is neatly laid out into clear sections like "Snacks & Bites", "Dips & Spreads", "Cheese", etc. Most of the recipes seemed very doable and Scott-Goodman gives recommendations for wine pairings with each recipe. Some recipes that stood out to me were the Roasted Parmesan Bites (which I made!), the Black Bean, Mushroom, and Cheese Quesadilla with Avocado Cream...and basically the entire cheese section. I also really appreciated the section on how to put together a charcuterie board. I will be honest--I skipped over the entire seafood section because I just had to look at the details in the table of contents to know that was not going to be a section I liked. 

Recommended for anyone who needs date night, girl's night, self-care night, any-kind-of-night snack and wine pairing ideas!
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I thought this to be a handy cookbook for any party, gathering, get-together, holiday or even a quick dinner for two and you need something pretty on the plate that's easy to put out.

Most recipes have quick introduction with a wine suggestion, assembly tip, or food paring. The pictures are great and the recipes themselves are pretty easy to put together. Overall, an excellent book for snacks and quick bites to eat, and for things to add to your party and buffet table.

This was reviewed on my cookbook blog.
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I loved this cookbook! It was exactly what I was looking for. I found the recipes to be delicious as well as pretty easy to make. I definitely recommend it!
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Wine Time by Barbara Scott-Goodman is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early March.

Classic finger foods boosted by fresh herbs, spices, and citrus for an overall hearty and complex snack (i.e. nutty, bright, crisp, sweet, earthy, smoky, and umami), then each wine pairing is clearly stated alongside how long a completed recipe will keep.
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Wine Time is  chock full of ideas for wonderful wine pairings of small bites. With charcuterie being one of the hottest trends in snacking; you are sure to love the appetizing pictures and suggestions for noshing offered from this book!  The food photography will  leave you hungry for certain!
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A lot of simple recipes for snacks that can be served at parties. Really pretty photographs throughout the book. I think this book would be good for people don’t host a lot. If you’re used to hosting get together a and parties this may seem a little basic.
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As a wine lover, this book was very interesting. The recipe ideas are a bit difficult, but overall they will appeal to a wide audience. Scott-Goodman definitely knows how to enjoy her food and wine!
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A must for anyone who enjoys food and wine. I liked that there were pairing suggestions for each recipe. The pictures were gorgeous but I would have liked more of them!  Can’t wait till I’m able to throw a party and utilize this book!
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Wine Time: 70+ Recipes for Simple Bites That Pair Perfectly with Wine was a joy to read and review, and I'm sure will be loved by readers worldwide who'd like a range of fresh ideas for food to accompany a drinks party or informal get-together.
Recipes are sorted accessibly by category, covering a broad range of food types and styles, ranging from the classic (Onion & Gruyère Tart) to the more unusual (Grilled Snow Pea Skewers). Some recipes are very quick and simple finger food, while others are more complex, the result more akin to a small meal. There are also excellent "sidebar" sections on how to construct great cheese boards and charcuterie platters.
Each recipes begins with a contextual introduction paragraph, containing serving suggestions and a recommendation for the varieties of wine the product of the recipe is best suited to match.
The recipes are clearly written and simple enough that fairly inexperienced cooks will have no trouble in following the techniques and instructions given. The accompanying photographic illustrations are colourful and mouth-watering, never feeling contrived or unachievable.
I am reading and reviewing from Australia, and note that the style of recipes is broadly North-American, and an occasional ingredient that may prove difficult to obtain elsewhere (eg. Cherrystone, Littleneck or Quahog clams). However, the few such ingredients that appear all seem relatively straightforward to substitute. Also, unlike many American cookbooks, quantities are given in both imperial and metric units, which is brilliant!
The section at the end of the book, detailing a range of wine-based cocktails would be great inspiration for something a little different to try for a summer get-together with friends.
This is a well-written and user-friendly reference book, which would be a valuable and often-used addition to any entertainer's cookbook library. Wine Time would also make a fantastic housewarming gift or alternatively a welcome contribution for a cellar-stocking party or kitchen tea.
My thanks to the author, Barbara Scott-Goodman, publisher Chronicle Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this inspiring title. Cheers!
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Wine Time is a  beautiful collection of appetisers and sharing plates all the way up to whole meals, each paired lovingly with the right wine. This is the book to have on hand if you love having guests over in any capacity, from a quick after work drink to a full on dinner party. The recipes are simple but special, with fantastic taste profiles and numerous variation suggestions. 

The great thing about this book is that it is so applicable to so many situations. In truth, you don't even need to be into wine to use the recipes and party food ideas, they are brilliant even without the added vino. 

I am always excited by a new Chronicle cookery book, and as usual, Wine Time is classy, beautifully put together and a joy to flick through or sit down and read in detail. 

Highly recommended.
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Wine Time is a nice hors d'oeuvres and tapas recipe book with wine suggestions for light entertaining or enjoyment alone written by Barbara Scott-Goodman. Due out 23rd March 2021 from Chronicle Books, it's 192 pages and will be available in hardcover format. 

This collection has a very sleek and clean look. The food styling and photography are gorgeous and plentiful. The recipes are arranged roughly thematically: snacks & bites, dips & spreads, cheese, vegetables, bruschetta & toasts, seafood, meat, sauces & condiments, and wine cocktails. The recipes each contain an introduction, ingredients listed bullet style in a sidebar, and step by step instructions. Measurements are given in American standard, with metric in parentheses (yay!). The ingredients are mostly relatively easily sourced, but some might require mail order or access to a well stocked gourmet stockist. 

The recipes cover a huge range of casual to very elegant and relatively simple/inexpensive to a lot more expensive and exclusive ingredients. Each recipe has specific wine suggestions for pairing. 

Four stars. This book would make a superlative selection for home cooks, wine aficionados, local food fans, adventuresome cooks, and other lifestyle readers. It would be very well received along with a bottle of wine for a housewarming or hostess gift. This is a well written, eminently reasonable, usable guide to making and enjoying excellent small bites with excellent wines.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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I like the structure of this book - voice, design, pictures. It's laid-back yet detailed, fun and engaging. I absolutely love the content, the recipes are easy to follow and obviously delicious. Case in point, I have always hated bell peppers, but for some reason I want to try the recipes that contain those things, particularly the Fish and Scallop Ceviche. It's a good read for people who want to discover what goes well with what where wine is concerned but are too intimidated or lazy to learn the traditional wine pairings.

A bunch of thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for this free ARC. This review is made of my own accord with no monetary compensation whatsoever from the names mentioned above and/or the owners of this ARC.
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Nice easy recipes great for having a wine party when we are allowed to gather again. The photography is beautiful and the steps are quite clear.
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I really enjoyed looking through these recipes.  They were fun and unique while still being simple enough to follow.  I also loved all of the pictures of the food, it really helped me decide which recipes sounded/looked the best and set the stage for what everything was supposed to look like.

I definitely recommend this cookbook for anyone who would like to up their appetizer or cheeseboard game!
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Wine Time 🍷 is a collection of recipes and fresh ideas for preparing delectable treats for all kinds of get-together, whether formal or informal and includes several dishes that will be suitable for all types of gatherings. The book offers wine pairing suggestions with various foods for wine lovers. 

There are wine pairings for snacks and bites; Dips and Spreads, Cheese, Vegetables and so forth. A section is dedicated to cheese and present tips on how to create a cheeseboard as well as types of cheeses 🧀. 

Another section shows you how to create a charcuterie board with cured meats, pâtés, and terrines accompanied by a variety of cheeses, nuts, olives🥜 🫒, pickles, dried and fresh fruits etc. The author also suggests what categories of meat to shop for as well as the wines that pair with charcuterie. 

The last two chapters cover sauces & condiments such as cocktail sauce, marina, and Tzatziki, a yoghurt-based Greek condiment that is usually served with grilled meat and can be paired with Pinot Grigio or Chenin Blanc.

Subsequent chapters cover wine pairing suggestions with a selection of foods such as Bruschetta & Toasts; Seafood 🦞 🐠, meat, Sauces & Condiments; and wine cocktails 🍸 

Wine cocktail recipes made with wine include Autumn Bellini made with Prosecco and pear juice  🍐 and pear brandy. 

Thank you to Barbara Scott-Goodman, NetGalley, and Chronicle Books for the ARC of this book.
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I loved this cookbook! My fried s and I love to have wine tasting nights so these recipes will go to very good use. What I liked best about this cookbook wasn't just the fact that these are recipes I actually want to make, but also the fact that they look like recipes I actually CAN make.
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“Wine Time: 70+ Recipes for Simple Bites That Pair Perfectly with Wine” by Barbara Scott-Goodman would be a valuable addition to any kitchen or cookbook collection. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys entertaining and is interested in pairing a glass of good wine with interesting appetizers.  I particularly like this book as we do not eat a traditional Christmas dinner at our house, opting instead for a series of tapas throughout the day - a cheese board, charcuterie, deviled eggs, fruit, meatball, seafood, and grilled vegetables. Now that my children are adults, so are the beverages.  We have become more interested in wine and wine pairings, so this is a fantastic offering for us. 

The recipes are creative but unpretentious and when possible, the author has suggested multiple wines that would complement the dish and has included “make-ahead” advice.  I find it very useful that the index is broken down by both recipe, ingredients,  and wine.  If you have a few good bottles of pinot noir or a Chenin blanc that you received as a gift and you don’t know what to serve, you can consult the index for a list of recipes that would go well with those specific wines.  Also, if you find a recipe that you want to try, the wine suggestions are flexible and give the reader the right vocabulary to use at their local wine store.  The dishes are well-curated and organized, and while the photography is gorgeous, “Wine Time “ will not become just another coffee-table book. I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from the publisher, but I look forward to buying a hard copy.  I imagine its pages will be a bit dog-eared and wine-splashed by this time next year.
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You know what they say, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. 

Simple this book is the perfect gift for someone who recently move out from their parents house so when they have people coming over they can prepare a nice evening, for their guest, or just because they love wine but they want to know how to pair the couple of glass for the treat yourself time. 

The recopies goes from snacks to meat, seafood, sauces and some condiments, and even some cocktails.

Is simple and easy to understand, is not like the other books when you is too complicated to follow, this is simple and also is like "this goes so well with this wine" and I want to give it a try to everything.

I highly recommend it if you are wine lover, or if you want to learn to cook.
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