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Who doesn't Iove a good bowl? Beautiful book with a lot of tasty recipes. They are more time consuming than I would have liked, but I think people assume bowl and easy.
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I asked to preview this book because I was looking for simple, healthy, and fairly quick to prepare meals. This book mostly meets those requirements. 

I only ended up finding 4 recipes that I wanted to try, but I am really looking forward to them! 

About the book in general though: It has a nice, clean layout. The recipes are easy to read and understand. I love that she gives tips for switching out ingredients and how to create your own bowl using her formula. The sources section was also helpful. 

It was a relatively short read, so definitely worth the time to check out, even if you only glean a few recipes as I did.
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When it comes to meals, almost everybody likes variety. That’s why Maria Zizka’s cookbook, One-Bowl Meals: Simple, Nourishing, Delicious is a timely and convenient way to make meals a bit different, which will add interest, and eliminate same-old, same-old meals and get us out of the ruts we get into when we make the same boring dishes over and over, day after day. This excellent cookbook includes five steps to making fun and nutritious one-bowl meals and there are dozens of set recipes as well as ideas for customizing one-bowl meals to include foods that families like. The finished results will be not only delicious, but easy and timesaving.

Although there are set recipes for many one bowl meals in the cookbook, the author has included a formula for creating dozens of unique one bowl meals using leftovers or your favorite ingredients. So even though this cookbook has a limited number of recipes, the actual one bowl meals that you can create is amazingly vast. You’ll find yourself cooking extra grains and basic ingredients so that they can be used in meals that you create. It’s actually fun, and one bowl meals make great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. 

The instructions are easy to follow, and most ingredients called for are easy-to-find and available at any local grocery store. The photographs are beautiful, and almost every dish is pictured, as well as the basics. The concept is very easy, and once a cook masters the basics, good, quick meals will be just minutes away at any given time. This is a fun cookbook to own.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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There's something appealing about a one-bowl meal: it's self-contained, it seems like it would make fewer dishes, and it's pretty. But I've always been intimidated by figuring out what kind of grain to use, what sauce, etc. This approachable cookbook makes me feel more confident that I could follow the recipes and create my own bowls. The book is broken into categories including breakfast, rice, greens, etc. Every recipe includes at least one photo, which I always appreciate. I was hoping for more recipes in the breakfast category, but I am intrigued by the savory porridge with shallots and eggs, chilaquiles rojos, and four-pepper shakshuka. More cook-ahead instructions would've been helpful for this section, since most working people don't have time to stir chia seed pudding for 25-30 minutes in the morning. (Or I don't, anyway.) 

I purchased this book for our mid-size library collection, and I'm sure it will be popular with patrons looking for new and creative meal ideas.
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While I enjoyed the book, unfortunately I wasn't a fan of it.  

The recipes were lovely and some of them tasted great; however, I think the problem I had with it was the lack of....creativity?  It was basically a bowl of porridge and add x, y, z.  Ok, I did that on my own before I even looked at this book.  I was hoping for something different.  out of 30 recipes, I liked maybe 3-5 of them.  And that's a me a problem.  I'm sure others loved it and had a better reaction to it.
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Some things to understand about this book, and others like it: one bowl does not mean one pan- you will be using more than one pan for most recipes, and be cooking more than one element of any given dish, just like any other meal. The focus here is on combining elements that offer lots of flavor, nutrition, and variety. I didn't see any recipes that looked difficult to make, though some have less common ingredients that can certainly be substituted for more common ingredients if needed, and there are plenty of ingredients that can be prepped ahead of time. There are lots of pictures and explanation to make things easy, and tips on how to put together a good bowl meal. There's no nutrition information, which I can partially understand, as the author explains that you might not always use the same amount of components depending on how hungry you are, or your mood at the time, but a base nutrition guideline, "when made as directed" or whatever, would've been appreciated. The recipes all sound delicious, and I'm eager to try so many of them! Also, the recipes seem pretty adaptable; there's a range of recipes including meat, vegetarian, and vegan, and most if not all would be adaptable to suit one's tastes or preferences. If you're looking to try something new to add to your cooking repertoire, this is a good place to start!

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Thank you Artisan Books for a copy of One-Bowl Meals by Maria Zizka for review.

I love a good One-Bowl Meal.  I find they are much easier to think of and create without feeling overwhelmed when cooking for two.  These recipes were great starting points for quick and easy meals.  Easy recipes to follow and no special ingredients make this book easy to follow as well.
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A wonderful book. The photography makes you want to start cooking and eating immediately. The recipes are well thought out and well written. They are creative and as Ive made quite a few , can attest to their deliciousness.  Some are simple  and can be made from what most will have on hand and others more complicated and depending on where you live, may require trips to multiple stores for ingredients and every bowl in your kitchen. Still overall a lovely, delicious book that I would purchase for myself or a friend as a gift. Really creative and fun.
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I do love one-bowl meals! All of these sound delicious, but they're also fairly complex. Just remember: just because the end-product ends up in one bowl, doesn't mean you can prepare it in only one bowl! Still: lots of delicious-sounding bowls in there with all sorts of different bases, including yogurt, chia seed pudding, noodles, salad, all sorts of rice or grains...mmm....
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Great looking recipes...every one looks so delicious! Easy to follow and has various types of recipes.
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One-Bowl Meals by Maria Zizka is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early April.

Breakfast, rice, pulse, noodles, and salad options that shine bright through the bland plating/bowling and backdrops - above every recipe is the author’s bowl equation: a base ingredient, a protein, sauce, topping, and garnish. In all, it's very global, very hearty, and very healthy.
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A one bowl meal has protein, fresh fruits or vegetables and grains. 5 steps about building your bowl. Very interesting book, I learned a lot and got lots of idea!
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This book won me over the moment I saw a recipe with chicory – any cookbook using my favourite veg is a good one.
Joke aside, what I really like is the variety in the book, without delving into obscure, hard to obtain ingredients.
While it isn’t a one-pot cookbook, so you will still need to work with different pots and pans, it is a one-bowl cookbook: everything is served in one bowl, still looking beautiful and appealing and including everything you need from base and carb to veg and protein and sauce. 
After a quick introduction to the concept of base plus topping plus topping plus optional sauce, the recipes are organised by base and the pictures (yes, I love a picture for each and every recipe) make you want to try it all
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Beautiful photography of delicious looking one- bowl meals. Sounds great? But a closer inspection of these recipes reveals that making them will be no simple feat. First issue is that almost every recipe includes ingredients not found at your average grocery store. So those who live in small towns or in areas without high-end specialty groceries will have difficulty acquiring the ingredients to make many of these recipes. Second, despite being "one-bowl" means, few of these recipes are easy to make and certainly require more than one pot. So if you are looking for a quick meal that you can throw together at the end of a hard day at work, these recipes are not what you are looking for. Third, if you are counting calories or trying to keep your sodium down, you will find this cookbook frustrating as it contains no nutritional information.

However if you do have the time and the budget to buy the m0re exotic ingredients found in many of these recipes, you will find a delightful mix of seafood, chicken, meat, and vegan recipes with detailed directions on preparation and presentation. Moreover, many of the meat recipes would not be that difficult to convert to vegan/vegetarian options. Just make sure you have plenty of time for executing these truly gourmet meals.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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One of those delicious go to cookbooks - it's healthy and easy for weeknight dinners and to cook for a crowd! I love how the meals are wholesome, filling and delicious! Lots of ways to make variations, and many recipes to choose from, from pad thai to shakshuka to different pastas - you name it, there's a recipe for it in this book!
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There are some excellent recipes in this book.  The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Definitely recommend 

Thank you to Maria Zizka, NetGalley and Artisan for the ARC of this book
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This cookbook is different from most cookbooks that advocate for healthy eating. All ingredients are served in a bowl and easy to prepare. Excellent photos, clear and easy instructions and notes from the author accompany each recipe. One-bowl meals now look like a highly desirable idea for a lunch or simple dinner.
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I was very excited to dive into this book because of the amazing title One-Bowl Meals. One bowl meals are my absolute favorite. Such a wholesome dinner on a weekday. 

I was enamored with how the book started, and the table of contents is astoundingly lovely. Everything is laid out in such a minimalist manner, and it's just gorgeous. I also quite enjoyed the layout of the book: Breakfast, Rice, Other Grains and Legumes, Noodles, and Greens.

But my excitement faded as I actually made my way through the book. Though the photos are stunning and the concepts sound delicious, they come off in recipe form as plain and ordinary. I wasn't very inspired by the recipes, and didn't learn very much about making one-bowl meals.

Yes, it's laid out for you that a one bowl meal contains a base, protein, toppings, and sauce, but I believe we all know the basics of bowl making with places like Chipotle being commonplace now. This may be harsh, but I don't believe this book would replace a google search of the term "one bowl meals".

But if you really want 30 one bowl meal ideas in one spot, then get this book and enjoy how cute it is.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for my opinion.
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Wow. This book was not only stunning to look at with aesthetically pleasing photos and layouts, but the recipes are amazing. The recipes are accompanied with gorgeous photography and make you want to attempt recipes that you would’ve never considered before. I’d say the recipes aren’t novice level, but it certainly makes you want to try out these recipes- the level of difficulty can be considered somewhat challenging on some, but approachable enough for someone wanting to try out a recipe but with not a lot of cooking experience. For intermediate & experienced at-home cooks, this book would be a great way to display and collect perfectly curated modern day recipes. 

I also enjoyed how the book introduction/contents are laid out the way you would find a simple restaurant menu to be formatted- beautifully done! I will consider buying this for myself or a friend.
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This was a great book for me personally!! I am a little older than the generation who would be buying this LOL! I love the idea of a meal all in one bowl! This book is full of wonderful and delicious ideas that I really want to try if I have not tried already!! Great book and A+!
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