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I will not be reviewing this book. Sadly I DNFed it pretty early on. Thank you for allowing me the chance to try it early.
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Have you ever read a book that’s so bad but so good at the same time? Well, that’s how I feel about this book. It’s like one of those bad movies, that you know are bad but they entertain you anyway. 
It’s horrible but it’s very fun. From the synopsis you can tell is not something that you are goin to take seriously.
But I must admit that I have so much fun reading this book, Even though there’s no much character development or plot or any of the things that one expects to find on a serious book.
This the type of book that you can read when you’re bored or just want to laugh a little.
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This book was a lot to handle! I admit that I couldn’t finish because I found it distressing. It was very evocative and interesting, but perhaps just not for me.
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Mildred hates how the kids at school bully her, but she can't seem to bring herself to change her bad habits. After attempts to get the adults in her life to help her fail, she takes a different route: a curse. Only the strange witch in the woods doesn't exactly tell her the side effects, only that her bullies will pay. So when Mildred sees one of the football players who makes fun of her, and she kills him and eats his tongue, she isn't sure why. But it happens again... and again...

I started reading this on Wattpad and was excited to finish it! At first Mildred is hard to like, although the lack of support she gets from her teachers and parents made it totally understandable to try a curse. As she got revenge on the cruel people in her life, I was rooting for her. This was a delightfully gory story that gets wilder and weirder as it goes on! Fast-paced and fun, Swallow will appeal fans of zombie movies and horror comedies.
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I just…was not a fan of this. 

Most of the reviews and the description of this made me think it would be a fun 90s horror type read- but this just made me feel gross. I get that it’s supposed to be horror, but it seemed like every other word was about how fat or gross the main character was. I couldn’t get through a lot of it and had to skip through to finish it because of how the writing made me feel. 

I’m sure some people like it, but this just isn’t the type of book for me. Triggers warnings would be very nice and I heavily suggest them, especially for how the fat character is spoken about throughout the entire book.
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I did not finish the book and I will not be giving the book a review. 
I didn't particularly like the writing style and while I found the plot interesting, i could not get myself to care. So I decided to just put the book down, sadly.
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thrilling mystery
just wow
i was hooked from the very beginning
like the characters and plot and everything
words cannot express the greatness of this
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I really enjoyed this horror novel! Day after day, Mildred is bullied and takes matters into her own hands. I enjoyed it a lot.
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This was a great horror novel! Mildred is bullied day in and day out, and decides to take matters into her own hands. Plus, I like weird horror. It was a fun read for me.
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Holy shit. What the hell was this?

Okay, the first 20-25% of the book waxes on about how ugly, fat, miserable, etc. Mildred is. All the other kids make fun of her, she talks about all the things they say to her and how it makes her feel. It almost made me want to quit reading, because it was getting too repetitive and down right depressing. However, I trudged on and kind of glad I did.

Mildred finds her way to a witch and asks for help, not knowing what she's bargaining for. This leads to a lot of trouble -- murder and cannibalism galore! -- for Mildred that she surprisingly never gets into trouble for because there's always some sort of cover up. Small blessings.

The story is definitely fast paced and action packed. We don't really see Mildred compress after each killing. It's really one after another, then suddenly she's able to put the pieces together and realise why she's doing the things she's doing and what is happening to her.

I can't say I liked the overall theme of the story. I didn't mind that it was horror, but I didn't like that it glorified death and killing because someone wronged you. But for entertainment value, the pace of the story, and a laugh or two -- it was pretty good.
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This was such a fun and gory read - gave me 90s vibes and absolutely enjoyed every second. It was super entertaining and absolutely amazing!
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What a gory, fun, little book! I was pleasantly surprised to find more to the story than just the revenge part. I read this in two days but could have easily read it in one if I didn’t have to force myself to put it down to do “life.”
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I don’t know what it is about this book but I just can’t connect with it and I have no desire to pick it up when I put it done. This ones a dnf for me.
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A solid, 90's style horror. I enjoyed my time with this and I look forward to picking up more from Sam Schill!
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I am feeling a bit conflicted writing this review as, I have to be honest, I did not finish this book. I was quite intrigued by the beginning of the story but I soon lost interest as the story became less realistic. I can't critique the writing or the story or the structure of this story specifically - all I can say is that this is not my kind of book. 

There were moments that I really recalled my own teenage angst and dilemmas and can see how this would appeal to teenagers, especially those who enjoy a good horror story. Perhaps I am just too old for this book, or maybe it is my own issues with horror that left me uncomfortable. 

Not for me, but would recommend for those who are more partial to the genre and are better at engaging with magical/demon/horror elements. There were truly funny moments in what I did read also. Fast paced and interesting idea.

Thanks for Netgalley and publisher for opportunity to read this book in exchange for a review.
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Okay this one is on me. I don't like horror, but I still thought this sounded really interesting. This is a witchy revenge story, where horrifically bullied Mildred gets to give back what she's been getting. I like the witchy aspects, and this was really dark and funny, and I would've really loved this if it weren't for one specific aspect. This book was just to gore-y for me. It just seemed unnecessary and I didn't vibe with it. But it was still a good story, and I think a lot of people will really love this.
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This book is definitely not for everyone.

It’s violent. It’s gruesome. It pushes the limits.

And I loved it.

In a strange hybrid between Carrie and Jennifer’s Body, this vulgar character study begs the question of how far social outcast Mildred is willing to go to reclaim her life from her myriad of tormentors.

Spoiler alert: the limit does not exist.

But even Mildred gets more than she bargained for after an unsettling encounter with a creepy crew of carefully disguised demons.

And if you can look beyond the obscenity of this troubling tale, there’s a message about learning to love yourself in there somewhere.

Deep down. Deep deep deep down.

If you aren’t squeamish, then start digging.
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This is the strangest book that I’ve ever read. I could kind of get behind it for the first half in the weirdness of all of the gruesome and even campiness but it kind of took a turn towards the second half. I think that the story kind of got lost when the author tried to add a sort of magical element to it that wasn’t very fully developed. I think the theme of this whole book was that everything was not very fully developed like the side characters and anything that was really going on. It was really disturbing and not a very enjoyable read.
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I could not put this down! Tense and horrific on multiple levels, while still being incredibly relatable for its intended audience. Schill has a laser focus on an underreported issue for many teens, but by adding horror and supernatural it becomes entertainment with a lesson- readers may have had similar experiences to the protagonist, but these added elements help make it degrees removed.
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Scheduled to post 9/4/21.

Where did I stop? 23% in

Why? It was just repetitive. It was really hammering home just how bullied Mildred was (and with a last name like Waco, you already know what's coming), which was awful, but it looks like the author forgot to give her a personality beyond that. The only thing that defined Mildred was that she was a punching bag for other people. She didn't seem to have anything for herself, anything that she liked, anything that she enjoyed. She was very one dimensional. Since the story was taking its time getting to the point, and I really wasn't enjoying the characters, not to mention the bullying felt really outdated, like this book should have been set in the 90s, I just didn't see a point in continuing to read. I wasn't enjoying it nearly enough to do that.
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