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Pub Date 27 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 28 Jul 2021

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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The students at Roanoke High School have created a soundtrack that runs constantly in Mildred Waco’s mind . . .

Change your hair, Mildred.
Change your face, Mildred.
Change your body, Mildred.
Everyone hates you, Mildred.
Are you really going to wear that, Mildred?

The stares, the snickers, the constant teasing—combined with Mildred’s own self-doubt and absentee parents—takes its toll. Stumbling upon the Crossroads Magicks shop, Mildred decides she will no longer simply endure the bullying and skeptically buys a revenge curse.

But when she begins to lose control and Roanoke students are found brutally murdered, Mildred realizes that she may have bought more than she bargained for. With time running out, Mildred will have to stop the terrible forces she’s unleashed or lose her soul forever.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The students at Roanoke High School have created a soundtrack that runs constantly in Mildred Waco’s mind . . .

Change your hair, Mildred.
Change your face, Mildred.

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Featured Reviews

So I won't give much feedback, because I didn't finish this book. It wasn't at all that it was badly written, it was the kind of OTT "horror" as the movie Jennifer's Body, and that's just not my thing. It was hilarious, and well written though!

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I know this is really a 3 star but in my heart it's a 4 star
Trigger Warning: gore, cannibalism, murder, witchcraft, demons, bullying, parental abuse/neglect and mental health.

This book gave me reading fanfiction in high school vibes, and I loved it.
The writing wasn't the best, but the switch between pov actually added to the story very well (except the witch demon ones, but I ignore those).
What made this book was the satisfying revenge against bullies (which was way too extreme), but it filled a dark fantasy I had when I was very young and was getting excessively bullied. I resonated with the rage and hate she felt towards her tormentors, but I did enjoy that we had glimpses into the bullies lives, so we saw they were human, but it didn't excuse their actions.

It would have been better with a less sudden and wishy-washy ending, in all honesty, but I still recommend it!

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This book was a campy, fun horror story, and a very quick and enjoyable read. The writing is fast-paced and keeps you guessing about what happens next. The main character, Mildred, isn't particularly likable but neither was Carrie, and she put on a hell of a show. Some reviews say the bullying is exaggerated, but from what I remember, it reads very true to high school.

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This was dark, but oh so fun! The writing was decent and the story had me hooked.
However, the plot is non-existent and the multiple POV did throw me off a bit at times, but I’d be lying if I said I was not entertained while reading it. I could have done without the constant bullying of the MC, but this was a revenge story after all.
If you’re looking for something with teen-drama, cannibalism, demons, gore, and witchcraft - this is for you!

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I really enjoyed this book. It was a fast read for me, and I was interested in the different points of views from each different character.
I just don’t think it was realistic at all. Everything was over the top, but sometimes that’s good to read. Kind of refreshing, in a way.

Netgalley gave me a free copy of the book in exchange for a review.

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This book is definitely not for everyone.

It’s violent. It’s gruesome. It pushes the limits.

And I loved it.

In a strange hybrid between Carrie and Jennifer’s Body, this vulgar character study begs the question of how far social outcast Mildred is willing to go to reclaim her life from her myriad of tormentors.

Spoiler alert: the limit does not exist.

But even Mildred gets more than she bargained for after an unsettling encounter with a creepy crew of carefully disguised demons.

And if you can look beyond the obscenity of this troubling tale, there’s a message about learning to love yourself in there somewhere.

Deep down. Deep deep deep down.

If you aren’t squeamish, then start digging.

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A solid, 90's style horror. I enjoyed my time with this and I look forward to picking up more from Sam Schill!

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What a gory, fun, little book! I was pleasantly surprised to find more to the story than just the revenge part. I read this in two days but could have easily read it in one if I didn’t have to force myself to put it down to do “life.”

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This was such a fun and gory read - gave me 90s vibes and absolutely enjoyed every second. It was super entertaining and absolutely amazing!

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This was a great horror novel! Mildred is bullied day in and day out, and decides to take matters into her own hands. Plus, I like weird horror. It was a fun read for me.

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Holy shit. What the hell was this?

Okay, the first 20-25% of the book waxes on about how ugly, fat, miserable, etc. Mildred is. All the other kids make fun of her, she talks about all the things they say to her and how it makes her feel. It almost made me want to quit reading, because it was getting too repetitive and down right depressing. However, I trudged on and kind of glad I did.

Mildred finds her way to a witch and asks for help, not knowing what she's bargaining for. This leads to a lot of trouble -- murder and cannibalism galore! -- for Mildred that she surprisingly never gets into trouble for because there's always some sort of cover up. Small blessings.

The story is definitely fast paced and action packed. We don't really see Mildred compress after each killing. It's really one after another, then suddenly she's able to put the pieces together and realise why she's doing the things she's doing and what is happening to her.

I can't say I liked the overall theme of the story. I didn't mind that it was horror, but I didn't like that it glorified death and killing because someone wronged you. But for entertainment value, the pace of the story, and a laugh or two -- it was pretty good.

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I really enjoyed this horror novel! Day after day, Mildred is bullied and takes matters into her own hands. I enjoyed it a lot.

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thrilling mystery
just wow
i was hooked from the very beginning
like the characters and plot and everything
words cannot express the greatness of this

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Mildred hates how the kids at school bully her, but she can't seem to bring herself to change her bad habits. After attempts to get the adults in her life to help her fail, she takes a different route: a curse. Only the strange witch in the woods doesn't exactly tell her the side effects, only that her bullies will pay. So when Mildred sees one of the football players who makes fun of her, and she kills him and eats his tongue, she isn't sure why. But it happens again... and again...

I started reading this on Wattpad and was excited to finish it! At first Mildred is hard to like, although the lack of support she gets from her teachers and parents made it totally understandable to try a curse. As she got revenge on the cruel people in her life, I was rooting for her. This was a delightfully gory story that gets wilder and weirder as it goes on! Fast-paced and fun, Swallow will appeal fans of zombie movies and horror comedies.

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