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sometimes i fall asleep thinking about you

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The poems and prose are written in such a unique style that captured my attention instantly. There are beautiful illustrations throughout that make it look as if you are reading from someone’s diary. I especially appreciated the handwritten prose. 

There are a few trigger warnings at the beginning of the book, such as emotional/physical abuse which I always appreciate being forewarned about with poetry collections. The formatting is beautiful and I just can't truly express how much I love Catarine's writing style. I love her list poems, her prose poetry, the short and the very long pieces. I feel like she has a very unique style that I can't wait to keep reading as she writes more. I recommend this collection to those that like love/heartbreak poetry.

 The intense emotional turmoil described is visceral, the anguish bleeds through the pages from the first to last. It is consistently vulnerable and raw. The handwritten prose added added a aesthetically stunning personal touch.
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Wow this collection was so raw and honest!! I can’t really relate to that kind of heartbreak but the poems still managed to touch me deep down to my core.

Reading it was a beautiful, gutting and powerful journey! I loved reaching the end and seeing how much Catarine had overcome and realized. It was great to see her evolution just throughout this collection.
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This was...fine. There are some lines that are real gems and strike straight to the heart of things. Overall, it definitely *feels* like it was written by someone young, so it wasn’t the best fit for my nearly-forty year old brain.
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It was an amazing poetry collection and I loved how the poet delivered what she wanted to using her words. I absolutely adore the writing style and would love to read more works of this poet.
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TW: mention of emotionally abusive relationship. This poetry was raw and very moving. I can relate to a lot of the poems in this book. There were some of them that I feel could have been edited down some, but I understand that this was to cope. I write poetry to cope as well. I understand that every word has meaning. I would recommend this author for poetry to read after a rough breakup.
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Disclaimer: I was given an ARC courtesy of NetGalley. 

I was hesitant to pick up this book today, but I'm really glad I did. There is such a raw, unflinching acknowledgement of what happened and it is beautiful. 

This book deals with heartbreak, loss, grief and the path to find acceptance. 

This is my first experience with this author and I'm looking forward to reading more. I did find it getting a little repetitive about half way through - but it added another layer to the honesty. Haven't we all felt this way before, when you're clawing your way out of an experience? 

I rate this book 4 stars because of the touch of repetition, but definitely recommend picking this up!
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Dieser Gedichtband handelt von einer ungesunden Beziehung der Autorin; wie sie sich damals fühlte, welche Wunden die Lügen hinterlassen haben und wie sie auch heute noch, Jahre später, darunter leidet. Aber auch, was sie aus dieser Liebe und dieser Beziehung gelernt hat und wie sie sich selbst seither verändert hat.

Ich mag die Art, wie die Autorin ihre Gefühle ausdrückt. Ihre Gedichte sind nicht nur inhaltlich bewegend, sondern auch sprachlich wohlklingend. Viele Gedichte sind direkt an den Expartner gerichtet und vermitteln daher gut die Wut, Trauer und Enttäuschung der Autorin. Ich konnte ihre Verzweiflung darüber, einfach nicht über diese Beziehung hinweg zu kommen, die teilweise durch die Zeilen scheint, sehr gut nachvollziehen. Das Buch endet trotz des schweren Themas sehr positiv und hoffnungsvoll.

Ich kann diesen Gedichtband sehr empfehlen und vergebe 4,5 Sterne. 

In English:

This volume of poetry is about the author's unhealthy relationship; how she felt then, what wounds the lies left and how she still suffers from them today, years later. But also what she has learned from this love and this relationship and how she has changed since then.

I like the way the author expresses her feelings. Her poems are not only moving in terms of content, but also linguistically melodious. Many poems are addressed directly to the ex-partner and therefore convey the author's anger, sadness and disappointment well. I could very well understand her desperation at just not getting over this relationship, which is partly shining through the lines. Despite the difficult subject, the book ends very positively and hopefully.

I can highly recommend this book of poems and give it 4.5 stars.
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I found the poems in this collection to be very repetitive in their message; the writer is struggling to let go of a former lover and the treatment they received from them. At the beginning I was interested in seeing how the poems would develop in sharing their story, but after almost halfway through this collection it felt stale in what was being brought across to the reader in my opinion. This very well could just not been the collection for me and that’s okay!
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The poems were ok. Nothing that particularly moved me to tears. The author has received some negative feedback from previous comments and writing in her other books and I think for the upcoming readers within that mid teens - millennial age group, there is a real call for more diversity and inclusive thinking. Being a part of that age group, I share these values
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Oh my god! 
I read and reread this work.
Pure art! 
It broke my heart and forged me anew!
Please please do read it!
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Beautiful collection of poems. They are strong,  painful, deep, and not for the faint of heart. I could feel the pain, the hurt, the anger and the not so pretty parts of bad relationships a d breakups. A must read even if you haven't been through something like this.
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normally, i wouldn’t chise a poetry book but there was something about the cover the called me. gorgeous indeed! so what was inside was emotional, i could feel some of the hurt ache but i’d have liked it to wreck me... those are the best books, the ones that destroy you.
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Unfortunately this just wasn’t the poetry for me, but I still commend the author for sharing their experience. Although it wasn’t the book for me, it could be right for someone else
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This was so moving! I’ve been reading more poetry and this is definitely a collection that I will be buying for my friends too!
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This poetry is nothing like the pitch for this book. It is not about not getting closure or about healing (although there is some healing by the end). It's about working out the anger and frustration of being treated unfairly and abusively by a man you love.  

It reads like the poetry you scribble in your tear-stained notebook when you're wine drunk at 2am after a bad breakup or the death of a friend, or some other loss, especially at a young age when you don't have much loss behind you. I have no doubt that writing this poetry helped the author process a very significant event in her life, and I applaud for doing that work. In a lot of ways, it is relatable. I think many people can point out a time in their lives when their feelings were all over the place and it took every ounce of energy not to think about someone who did you wrong who is now gone and you are left on your own to process. But this poetry does not add insight into that. But I will say that the structure of this work does match the content: grief is messy and disorganized, and so are these poems. 

What I had hoped to see here was creative use of metaphor to give perspective to intangible experiences, enlightening introspection into intense emotions, purposeful healing that models how to move forward from a lost relationship. What I got was raw and shallow grief, awkward repetition, and poems that shifted perspective and structure halfway through. There is a progression from hurt to healing, and by the end, the author is clearly in a more empowered place, but it also feels like a false sense of closure. In "if you made it this far," she talks about how many times in the last five years she has sworn this boy off and how she is really, definitely, very done this time because she is just so tired. But there is just not much there to support why things are different this time. The hurt is real, and for her sake, I hope she can move on, and that getting this book out there felt cathartic and helpful for her. 

Even though this book was not for me, I greatly appreciate the eARC from Central Avenue Publishing and NetGalley.
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Thank you NetGalley for a chance to review this book!

This wasn't the greatest or the most memorable read around. I would not recommend at all.
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I can so closely relate to these poems. I really enjoyed this anthology of poetry. I felt myself drawn in from the premise. For a long time I didn't feel that I had closure from a past relationship and I would still fall asleep thinking about that person. There are still things that remind me of them, but I don't think about them as much as I used to. These are poems I found myself reading over and over and will continue to do so. I write poetry as well and I think reading others enhances my own and helps make me a better poet. 

Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for this ARC!
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i enjoyed this a lot more than i thought i would. and i felt seen in a way i rarely find in poetry. the mixed style between verse and stream of consciousness was very interesting and it made it a lot more accesible. it felt like i was reading someone's diary and got to really connect to what the author was saying.
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This is a deep dive into the aftermath of a bad relationship. Know that going in. It's not a bad thing, but there aren't a lot of levels here if you're looking for diversity in a poetry collection. There are some gems here, some really insightful moments put together beautifully, but it's definitely a collection about loss and pain and grief and hurt.
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‘Sometimes I fall asleep…’ is an extremely personal collection of poetry based on heartbreak and devastation that comes after a painful relationship.
There are beautifully phrased moments that I feel everyone can relate to like “i used to believe we were soulmates, but i don’t think our souls would even recognize each other anymore.” For anyone who has ever been in love this collection relays those questions of who you were and are now after someone has entered your life. At the same time Hancock’s story is very deep and personal and felt almost uncomfortable at times like reading her diary. 
Personally I like a collection of poetry that moves towards a place of reconciliation or hope but life isn’t always like that and sometimes that place of suffering is hard to escape from. This collection is raw, unapologetically honest and brutal; just as relationships can be.
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