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This is tech dense book. I have been recommending it to my  business clients and they are finding it insightful.  It is not to be rushed through. I had used some of  the apps he recommends and they are as he described.  The business opportunity seems to be how to weave many if these technologies into to a real Salesforce killer.  If you are on top of your game of selling then this is the book for you to take it up several notches.
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This sales book is packed with the future of sales, the current sales landscape and the tips and tricks of what is working today and what will work in the future.
I know because I am using some of the tools at work today.

It is an ideal read for SDR/AEs and Sales Leaders today to envision what is possible in the future and also identify the current gaps within their current organization.

Book is lengthy and will be great to distil down some of the key concepts.
Still a 5 stars for being revolutionary.
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A comprehensive look at sales for large corporations. Will be of benefit to mainly corporate decision makers but field sales executives in large firms will not only gain some understanding but also extract some techniques useful for a changing sales environment due to the inclusion of new global technologies.
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One of the best books about modern selling with practical tools and examples of application I have come across so far. Absolutely useful for time investment and contains great advice. I'd highly recommend reading to sales professionals and managers alike. Absolutely interesting discussion on IQ, WE and TQ.
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