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I love time split novels. So a time split novel by one of my favorite authors? Count me in!!

I fell in love on the first page. There were characters I instantly connected with, an epic story all about an interesting period in history.

 I love that Kimberley Woodhouse is such a history buff. Her passion for the subject adds such a rich element to every story she tells. As a fellow history lover, I've learned so many fascinating things!

 I never wanted to put the book down honestly. I finished it in two sittings. The story was fast paced, intriguing, and had me turning pages long into the night.

 Kayla and Steven's love story was the sweet, comforting type. And it was such a healthy relationship! It was honestly super refreshing.

 But it was the mystery and the suspense that had my heart. It was so good! It had me devouring every word.

I encourage anyone looking for, Historical, Christian, romance, mystery to go check out Bridge of Gold! 100% clean. 

**I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions expressed are completely my own. I was in no way obligated to leave a positive review.**
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"Certain moments in life define a person." Margo Hunley, a nanny living in 1933 could not know how prophetic those words were, as she stood by the bridge that her soon-to-be fiancé, Luke Moreau, would be helping to build. During his diving to build the support of the Golden Gate bridge, he would discover a treasure ship--and set the story for both timelines in this time slip romantic suspense novel.

Kayla Richardson, a modern-day marine archeologist, and Steven Michaels, the man in charge of restoring the foundations of the Golden Gate bridge in the contemporary timeline, discover the same ship.

The couples in both timelines soon learn that discovering gold leads to more problems than it solves, and some of those problems can be deadly.

This book is a exciting read, with lovable characters, strong suspense, and fascinating historical backdrops. The hazards that the divers faced to build this bridge in the 1930s were faithfully portrayed and the comparison to the modern day divers in the same environment only made the dangers clearer. The underlying theme of the dangers of obsession adds to the enjoyment of the book.

If you like your romance mixed with suspense and intriguing historical tidbits, then this is the book for you.
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Multiple generations are tied to the building of the Golden Gate bridge and a shipwreck buried in an underwater cliff.  Part mystery, part thriller, the story explores the dangerous work of underwater workers decades apart.  I enjoyed the historical aspect, but found bouncing back and forth between the multiple storylines a bit distracting. 
The tension would rise, but then the thread would jump so I never really got caught up in any of the drama as I might have with more extended arcs.
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Wow! This is an exciting read from Kimberley Woodhouse.  I couldn't put this book down.  I finished it in one day.  Excitement, intrigue, romance, historical, contemporary; it's all in one superb book. 

This story follows two timelines with a mystery in each.  Follow Kayla and Steven as they search for clues to unravel the mystery surrounding a discovery under the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Luke and Margo live in the 1930s. Luke finds something in the course of his job that changes his life. 

I really enjoyed this story.  I am a history buff and really love stories that make me do research to find out more about events and time periods that are part of the story.  

Another 5 star, must read from Kimberley Woodhouse!
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There are treacherously strong, conflicting currents that swirl through California's Golden Gate. Kimberley Woodhouse uses this central Fact in her Page-turning, Christian, Romanic Suspense Novel, "Bridge of Gold". I ❤️ that the Story follows two couples, in two different times in history. Both couples need God's help in their relationship, & to escape a Life-threatening situation. I Highly Recommend You Get Lost in this Outstanding, Engrossing, 💎 of a Story, like I did! Find out if both couples make it to their HEA. ❤️📖 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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An intruiging story about the building of the Golden Gate bridge. I loved how this was a mix of history, mystery and romance. I never though of how challenge it must have been to build it back then. The dual timeline was done in a great way. For me this was a very enjoyable story.
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Oftentimes authors place background information on the story in the back of the book. I am grateful that Kimberley Woodhouse placed her Dear Reader section in the front. The information provided lent credibility to a portion of the story that might have seemed fabricated otherwise. I possessed very little prior knowledge about the building of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and the story's mysteries that revolved around it were quite intriguing. The dual timeline, that occasionally dipped into a third, played very well in this story. While I want to avoid any spoilers, I will say the surprise guest near the book's end was quite welcome. 

I recommend this enjoyable read by one of my favorite authors, and am grateful to have received a complimentary copy from Barbour Publishing via NetGalley without obligation. All opinions expressed here are my own.
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I enjoy reading dual timeline stories and Bridge of Gold did not disappoint. I loved how all the moving parts fit together, the research the author did was incredible. A story about a sunken ship, diving down to find gold, mystery, romance, faith and greed. Job well done, Kimberley.
I look forward to reading more of your stories.
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When I started this one, I had second-guessed myself as to whether or not I would enjoy the story. A great historical read about the Golden Gate bridge that will leave you turning pages until the story is over. Clean, romantic fiction.
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I have always admired the Golden Gate Bridge, so expansive and awe inspiring to look at.  One day I will get there.  

This was the time-slip story of the building of the Gold Gate Bridge and the history really of the divers that helped make that a success.  Luke Moreau is just one of those men in 1930's San Francisco who dives deep in the straight to help get the sea floor ready for the South tower.  But on one of those dives he finds a ship, and within that ship is gold.  And like all findings of gold, the question of how much more is there to make me rich.  But he is not the only one that is claiming he found the ship and it's contents.  His fiance, Margo, starts getting threatening notes from someone claiming Luke is stealing from him.

Kayla Richardson, an underwater archeologist, and Steven Michaels, a dive specialist, are called to the bridge after the remains of a ship are found, but that is not all they find.  And like Luke, they find gold on the ship, but as usual they are not the only ones looking for this famed ship of gold.

I loved this story and the beginning of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and how dangerous the diving at that time really was.  But the history of the city, how it was founded, how it was built, and how it grew was very interesting.  I enjoyed the stories of Luke & Margo and Kayla and Steven and how their faith kept them grounded and that sometimes riches are not as important as they seem.
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Sunken ships, murder, mystery and deceit are all things that Kayla Richardson and Steven Michaels must face while they are working on underwater projects of the Golden Gate Bridge. I found this well-written book to be exciting, fascinating, and fast-paced. This historical dual timeline kept me glued to my seat and furiously reading as I had to find out whose skeletons were inside the wreckage near the bridge. With just enough details given for each timeline, I found the story to be riveting and wanting a happy ending, but at the same time dreading reading the outcome in case things had gone badly in the past. 

Kimberly Woodhouse tells a terrific story that is filled with suspenseful scenes and seeing what horrible consequences decisions can bring to individuals and families. I enjoyed sewing how Kayla and Steven's trust and relationship developed throughout their investigation.  I can see the two of them continue with more cases as they are such a great team. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more of Ms. Woodhouse’s books. 

This part of the Doors to the Past series, books that feature American landmarks full of "mystery, intrigue, faith, and romance."  I highly recommend this book if you like writers such as Abigail Wilson or Jaime Jo Wright. 

Thank you to Barbour House and NetGalley for an ARC of this book. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Bridge of Gold is an interesting dual timeline story that is based on the history of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. As the story starts, it begins with the story of Luke, a Frenchman who moved to America for a new life and got a job as a diver for the bridge construction, and Margo, a nanny, who meet, fall in love, and marry. Set during the Great Depression, times are hard and many people don't have enough to eat. Jobs are scarce and appreciated. Luke makes a discovery that puts his life and the lives of others in danger when he finds a wrecked ship from the Gold Rush era near the area he is working and even a gold nugget along with a skeleton. The bridge work is dangerous and now danger is above the water as someone knows what he found.
Kayla is a present day underwater archeologist that the mayor hires when Stephen's underwater and diving restoration company working on the bridge finds the ship again. Since it is an old ship, it has to be investigated properly. Kayla and Stephen work together as they dive the wreck. They find gold as did the divers from almost a hundred years ago and also skeletons. But once more someone is trying to scare the teams away.
The author does a great job in tying the two stories together in how greed puts the sanctity of life below that of gold. Faith plays a part in the characters of the past and present in how they dealt with the dangers and issues before them. This is a read that pulled me in and kept me invested to the end on the history, dangers, love, relationships, and overcoming obstacles. The ending was perfect with an awesome resolution and answered a lot of questions from the past. A great addition to the Doors to the Past series.
I received a complimentary ARC from Barbour Publishing and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine only.
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** “She needed to get rid of all the noise. God hadn’t given her a spirit of fear. But He’d given her a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.” **

Kimberley Woodhouse delivers a delightful dual-timeline novel with “Bridge of Gold,” the third installment of the Doors to the Past series.

Focusing on the history of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and the shipwrecks beneath them, “Bridge of Gold” follows two story lines — 1933 when diver Luke Moreau works on clearing the underwater ground where the bridge is to be built, and present day when underwater archaeologist Kayla Richardson is called in to look at a shipwreck found by the crew of Steven Michaels, an underwater restoration expert.

When Luke stumbles upon gold found in the wrecked Lucky Martha, a Gold Rush era ship, deadly trouble begins to follow him. And when history repeats itself with Kayla, can she and Steven not only rescue the shipwreck and the treasure it holds, but solve the mystery behind it?

Woodhouse does a great job of integrating the two timelines, bringing the two stories together through suspense, drama and romance. She also fills her book with some excellent themes, like the power of obsession, and the impact it can have; relying on God for wisdom; we have nothing to fear with God on our side; the importance of having faith and relying on God; and we can always lay our burdens at the feet of Jesus.

Fans of authors like Kate Morton and Jaime Jo Wright will love this book, as well fans of historical fiction, the history of diving or the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Five stars out of five. 

Barbour Publishing, Inc. provided this complimentary copy through NetGalley for my honest, unbiased review.
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Monday, May 31, 2021
Bridge of Gold

A holiday weekend and a new book to read.  I was excited to jump right in and get to know the characters in this book.  And jump I did!!!!  I was quickly turning the pages and learning about the occupations of diving and the building of The Golden Gate Bridge.   

The book was one of intrigue and mystery.  Who was threatening them?  Who were the dead bodies that were discovered in the shipwreck? 

Kayla was an underwater archaeologist.  I never knew a job like that existed.  It didn't sound like a job I would want.  It sounded interesting but a little to dangerous for me.  She would do research on her findings and provide clues to the past.  

Kayla had a problem dealing with her own past. She was excellent on the job but in her own life she struggled.  The answer to her struggles was leaving it up to GOD.  

Deuteronomy 31:6. New International Version ... Be strong and courageous. ... Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
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Sweet book about love stories separated by over a century with a mystery thrown in.

Loved the background of the Golden Gate Bridge - truly a marvel if engineering and construction.  Diving, gold, sunken ships all woven into this easy read, Christian historical fiction.
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Underwater archaeologist Kayla Richardson has been recruited to investigate the remains lying near one of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. When human remains are found, dating back to the late 1800s, Kayla finds herself working more and more with the head of the bridge restoration, Steven Michaels. Steve and Kayla form a close friendship when they start diving together and soon their relationship develops. Soon the investigation becomes complicated, threatening them both.
I enjoyed the dual storyline behind this story. The details in the research, made this into a great storyline with an entrancing storyline. I found myself thinking about this book as soon as I put it down. This book has it all with a murder mystery dating back nearly 100 years. Intertwined with a romance, this is a book to savour. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This book has an interesting time line as it pivots from past to present day event in every chapter. At first, it was a little bit co fusing trying to follow past characters versus present characters without any names but eventually it made more sense. 

I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone, including teenagers as it is clean and appropriate but it was a little slow in the beginning. I kept picking it up and then getting distract and putting back down, eventually finished it though! 

The pull of gold, the excitement of underwater danger and a slight romance will keep you interested enough to finish it.
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I love dual-timeline books and this one was no exception. I really enjoyed the humor and sweet romance between present time divers, Kayla and Steven. I found myself smiling as they grew to know each other and  joked around. I especially liked the fact that Steven didn't have any hair...must have something to do with my bald hubby who I adore! 

Margo and Luke's story from 1933 when the bridge was at it's beginning was sweet as well. It's mind-boggling to learn all the difficulties that went into building the Golden Gate Bridge. I love history so understanding more about this time was a definite plus for me. Kimberley does an excellent job of tying the two timelines together.

This is a very clean historical Christian fiction book.   

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review.  All opinions are my own.
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BRIDGE OF GOLD has it all: dual timeline history, mystery, romance, faith, greed, gold, the Golden Gate Bridge, and underwater archaeology. In fact, I’ve never read a book like this and absolutely loved it!

I was caught up in the tale of two couples: newly engaged Margo and Luke in 1933, and Stephen and Kayla in the present. Stephen leads renovation on the bridge, and calls in underwater archaeologist Kayla when a Gold Rush-era ship is found with skeletons inside. 

Author Kimberley Woodhouse weaves their stories together beautifully, leaving us with a keen sense of San Francisco then and now. The romances are clean and compelling, and the mystery is gripping as it unravels. I felt totally engaged, swept up in the narrative, caring about both couples, and amazed at how much history I learned. A winner!

5 of 5 Stars
Pub Date 01 Jun 2021
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Thanks to the author, Barbour Publishing, Inc. and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine.
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Author Kimberely Woodhouse did a great job with this split-time story. Her attention to detail, historic information, and strong characters make this a riveting story. Along the way I learned a lot about sunken ships and diving.

With mystery and intrigue throughout, Bridge of Gold definitely keeps the reader's attention. The tie between past and present is so well written that you don’t feel bounced back and forth, but you feel the tension and the puzzle. Add a clean romance and there’s something for everyone. I highly recommend it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
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