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A twisted psychological thriller that will keep you questioning right up to the end. You can't help but feel for Kate even when you're wondering if she's crazy. Full of interesting characters you will either love or love to hate, this is one you won't want to put down.
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There are certain suspense stories that make me anxious and this is one of them. When a woman filled with rejection and humiliation tells a little lie, her world comes crashing down.

Kate is lonely and bereft as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s infidelity and her divorce while raising her two kids. Her job as a receptionist sucks and she’s frustrated her narcissistic ex will not spend more time with his kids. Then the day her ex decides to show up at her son’s game, her bad decision to lie about the wayward drone she was testing out starts a bizarre chain of events.

Kate is certainly a mess when it comes to her hateful and nasty ex-husband. She is delusional in thinking he will come back to her because she still loves him and he fully and disgustingly takes advantage of that. No wonder she feels confused and alone. It doesn’t help she has recently learned she has a stalker who is sending her lewd texts and photos and has been seen lurking outside her house. If that isn’t enough, this, unfortunately, gives her slimy husband and his mean-girl fiancée Tammi an opening to fight for custody of their children. From there her life as she knows it is gone when she is attacked, her lie is found out, and she is the victim of gaslighting and deceit that leads to her arrest. But she has a friend in the form of Detective Ryan Daley who respects and believes her, as well as the unexpected support of her snobbish and condescending mother-in-law Audrey. And let’s not forget her quirky and reckless friend, Donna. But it’s her lovely and imaginative daughter Ava who gives her the opportunity to catch the person who is framing Kate. 

Though I had a feeling who was behind the whole thing, I was nose deep in the story to find out how it all turned out. But not all things end with everything tied up in a neat little bow as the author leaves the reader with a chilling look at Kate’s future.

I recommend this shrewdly written suspense thriller with relentless characters and a frustrating and enthralling plot. 

Thank you to Mr. Greyson for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
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Kate is a recently divorced mother of two. Her ex-husband’s affair with his high school girlfriend has left her shattered, but she is determined to retain custody of her children and move on.  As she works to regain control of her life, she realizes that someone is stalking her.  Afraid and confused, Kate watches her world unravel, while all the time questioning her sanity.

One Little Lie is a suspenseful novel that is compelling, interesting, and hard to put down. While Kate is guilty of not standing up for herself, the transformations that take place, once she decides to stop being a punching bag, are what make the story even more enjoyable.  Christopher Greyson has developed an interesting cast of characters that add dimension to the story and the twists are unexpected.  As the suspense was building I found myself rooting for Kate and her unexpected cheerleader, who turned out to be one of my favorite characters.

All in all, I recommend One Little Lie.  It’s a great read!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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A pacey story of a woman, Kate, whose life is unravelling. One terrible event after another befalls Kate. Her husband wants custody of their children, her husband's fiance is the popular girl in town with connections and money and she hates Kate, Kate falls out with her boss and loses her job, her mother-in-law is horrible to her. Kate is being stalked and she doesn't tell the police the truth...

With only her best friend as an ally, Kate flounders. 

There's a romance in here because Kate falls for one of the detectives tasked with helping her. But even this doesn't go well because of the detective's ethics. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story. At times, it felt a bit like a comedy romp because Kate lurches from one mishap to another. She's certainly not in charge of her own actions, let alone her own life, and, unfortunately, this made her a bit of a silly character for me. However, the plotting is excellent and it keeps up a fast pace, so my attention didn't waver. 

A good story if you're looking for an entertaining read. It certainly kept me reading. The downside for me was I couldn't remember much about the story once I'd finished it. 

Action and suspense, five stars. Characterisation maybe 2.5 stars.
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First book I've read by this author.  He is a great storyteller.

Loved the characters - Kate felt like a friend - the one we all have that always gets the worst of all situations.  Was surprised by the villain - but not too much.

Great summer read - quick, funny in spots - scary in others.
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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Fun thriller--quick beach read.
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Favorite Quotes:

“I told my friends about the stalker. Tommy said it’s probably an escaped prisoner they did experiments on and he went crazy, but Billy thinks he’s just a serial killer.” Ava giggled. “You can’t kill cereal. It’s not real.”

“You need the three Gs.” Donna had a colorful vocabulary, but Kate hadn’t heard this one before. “What’re the three Gs?” “A guy, a gun, or a German shepherd. Preferably all three.”

“Mark’s like an old hunting dog. He barks a lot, has a pretty gruff disposition, but he gets the job done, so you tend to overlook the fleas.” Ryan comically scratched at his neck like a dog.

The day Tammi feels bad about anything is the day Lucifer starts lacing up his ice skates.

My Review:

My first Christopher Greyson read and I cannot understand what took me so long to give him a whirl as the man can spin quite a tale.  The storylines were full of angst, family drama, betrayal, grown-up mean girls, small-town pettiness, accelerating harassment, and efforts of identifying a stalker; it was busy – busy – busy and full to the brim with itchy scenarios, uncomfortable prickliness, and clever twists I had not considered.  

The characters were an odd and interesting assortment of vile, treacherous, and fiendish creatures as well as flawed, struggling, and original personalities.  I cared for the maladroit main character of Kate but was growing increasingly impatient at her rag doll weakness.  I enthusiastically fist-pumped when she finally found her voice, and boy oh boy, did she roar once she located her misplaced backbone.  

I was annoyed, engaged, irritated, ensnared, and uncomfortably wriggling on the hook and unable to put my Kindle down until unraveling all the knots.  Christopher Greyson relentlessly poked and prodded my curiosity with his shrewdly paced tale; I had no idea what I was stepping into with this sly and wily wordsmith.  What guile!  More, please.
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This book was decent! I loved the buildup but thought the end was incredibly disappointing. There was going to be an obvious twist but it just fell flat in my opinion.
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Kate is a mess. She’s carrying major baggage and not doing well with it. Her attorney husband broke up the marriage to go live with a mistress and now wants the kids. Her sister’s death haunts her. Her finances are in ruin and her resume is woefully short. Now she has a stalker. 

What else could go wrong?! Unfortunately, she tells one little lie—she’s too embarrassed to admit a little accident was of her making. Now she can’t go back and tell the police she lied, right? Fortunately, she does find an ally in one of the detectives.

She is beginning to have nightmares, sleepwalking, loss of memories—or are they just being manipulated? 

I just couldn’t muster up the engagement in Kate. She always seemed a bit unreal to me. I enjoyed the character of Donna, although at one point she, too, fell short of expectation. The charismatic detective is a great support character. 

The author presents a twisted tale of lies and how they can escalate. It works as entertainment, but I wouldn’t classify as a cozy mystery or women sleuths. The reader knows, or certainly suspects, the perp all along and in the conclusion the big reveal adds an extra little zinger whose motive just didn’t work for me. 3.5 stars
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Kate thought she had the perfect husband, family and life until she found out out he had a mistress, his old high school girlfriend who he is now planning on marrying.   Kate still has feelings for her ex-husband and his fiancee absolutely hates Kate so she tries to make her life even more miserable and Kate is just a mess, no matter how hard she tries to rise above these situations she just keeps falling down.   Poor Kate!   Now someone is stalking her and she already has anxiety issues and takes medication from her therapist but there is a threat of real harm from the stalker so the police are now involved even though they seem to question Kate's state of mind and motive.   Every day that goes by Kate wonders "Why her?" until the night she, the police even her ex now know what is behind the stalking but is it the truth or another fabricated story that Kate has weaved into play since all the bad things happening in Kate's life right now seem to have started with One Little Lie!

I truly loved this story.   Kate was an adorable mess through no fault of her own and every step forward was three steps backward in all areas of her life.   A kind, attractive and intelligent woman with a wonderful sense of humour plus being a really loving, caring and terrific mom who just couldn't get a break and still nursing her wounded heart at the same time she carries on wanting to make a happy and stable home for her two children.   This was a a really fun and entertaining mystery (not a thriller), it was not a cozy or dark mystery but a very satisfying story with a wild ride and great characters that I just couldn't get enough of.   I'm looking forward to reading more books by Christopher Greyson.   I highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a little humor along with some very dark and dangerous situations.

I want to thank the publisher "Greyson Media" and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this unexpected and delightful book and any thoughts and opinions expressed are unbiased and mine alone!

I have happily given this book a rating of 4 Entertaining and Clever 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars!!
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Kate moved to her husband’s hometown to support him when he gets together with his former high school girlfriend leaving Kate to barely get by with their two children. When Kate gets knocked down by a drone in the park after her sons soccer game and it is discovered by the drone video that someone is stalking Kate her life becomes a nightmare. While there are no real surprises here, I really did like Kate and I found the whole story quite entertaining.
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Good book! That was a crazy story!! So many twists and turns! This book had suspense intrigue and action packed! The storyline took such a crazy turn I thought the main character was going crazy myself!! Lol I really enjoyed reading this one! I highly recommend reading this book, its well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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It was obvious from the beginning who was behind all the things happening in Kate's life. The reasoning behind it and the way it was done will lead readers to eagerly read to the finish. Readers will have a choice between some truly despicable characters to reach the outcome. Some other rabbit trails will try to throw focus off the true villain. Small town living at it's worse! Recommended!
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Kate seeing her therapist, glad he double her prescription. No one pushed her, it was just anxiety of her thinking. Testing a drone, that crash, proved to be her undoing.  She has a stalker, the break-in at her home, pictures, now in this little town, she feels like a prisoner at home. 
A story of Kate co dependent  and needing a reality check of what her ex and the situation he left her in. The ex mother in law, is the backbone and coming to Kate and revealing the long await truth.
A story that deals with family dynamics, and trying to pick up the pieces  in a small town. Well done, easy to read a clean suspense and I recommend.   Given Arc by Net Galley and Greyson Press  for my voluntary review and my honest opinion
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What a great beach or pool read! The book is a quick, fast faced, fun read with awesome characters and a few unexpected twists! Highly recommend buying it today!
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What is "the little lie" exactly? Kate is divorced and has financial trying to support her two kids. A drone hits her and she is ashamed but the drone records a secret. The portrayal is written well and I have so much empathy for her throughout the book. Where the books lacks in plot or suspense, what is happening to Kate always pulls you back in. A solid and clean suspense read.

Recommended. Would definitely read more from this author.

Thanks to Netgalley, Christopher Greyson and Greyson Media for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Already Available: 6/16/21
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Christopher Greyson delivers again in “One Little Lie”! I enjoy his style of writing and this was no exception... pure, sensible, great pace, great characters, clean Mystery and suspense. The reader has to be on the top of his fame while reading one of Mr. Grayson’s works, because things can change on a dime and you’ll think to yourself, where did that curve ball come from?

Although I loved this one, I have to say early on I knew where this might be going, and how it might end. I was right on both accounts. Still, it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the well written, pleasurable, easy read that it was. 

My thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Is Someone Stalking Her, or is She Paranoid?​

The divorce has been final for three months, but Kate can’t pull herself together. She’s still taking large quantities of anxiety medication. She tried to be a good wife furthering her husband’s legal careen and keeping life running smoothly. When he decided to move the family back to his hometown, she was hopeful it would mean more togetherness and family time. 

Her dreams were dashed when he took up with his high school girlfriend and ultimately asked for a divorce. Now Kate is trying to hold it together for her children who she can’t stand to lose. She also has to deal with Audrey, her husband’s domineering mother. 

At her son’s soccer game when trying out a drone for an article she’s writing, the drone hits her in the head. The footage from the drone makes it appear that she has a stalker. Not wanting to appear crazy, particularly in front of the police officer who is trying to help her, she tells a little lie that will haunt her. 

This is a fast paced suspense novel. The plot is not particularly difficult to figure out, however, the fact that the pace is fast keeps you reading.

Kate is so tentative and torn with self-doubt and has trouble making decisions that I found her hard to relate to. While this was all right in the opening, I thought it went on too long.  I did like Audrey. She was tough, but I thought she was fair and understood the situation much better than Kate. 

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.
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Kate Gardner is divorced and is struggling financially to move on with her two kids. She tells a lie about a crashed drone and the police find out from the drone footage that she is being followed. The story takes off from there. 
I enjoyed the writing and Christopher Greyson did a great job of building up the suspense. I found the book to be entertaining and I think this is a great summer read.
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One Little Lie-I keep going back and forth over this one.  Kate is truly being stalked and she then goes about getting in deeper and deeper.  The fact that it is supposed to be based on the fact that she told a little lie way at the beginning, to a crowd of people, doesn’t really matter in the book.  Disagree?  Let me try to explain without spoilers.

Kate lies to her ex husband and then that lie is repeated to the police.  She stands by it, for silly reasons (but she is anxious and paranoid).  The fact that she is being followed and stalked are still very clear.  Sure, some people won’t believe her.  However, this takes place in one of those little book towns.  You know, the ones in which a woman is cheated on by her husband and for some reason the entire world makes her the bad guy.  I live in a small town.  There isn’t a single thing that more than half of small towns will agree upon.  Nothing is bigger in a small town than arguing over gossip.  But in this town almost everyone sides with the other woman, who somehow treats the wife as if she did something wrong. by existing,  I know she probably feels that way, but being outwardly hostile to someone you wronged usually doesn’t result in the town rallying behind you.  It’s like the entire book took place in a big middle school.

The mean girls vibe aside, the things happening to Kate are pretty crazy and escalate very quickly.  The pace made the book such an easy read.  You don’t put down something that is changing this quickly.  You need to keep up the pace to keep up the stress.  Too much time between crazy-pants actions and reactions do not do a book like this justice.  You need to feel it.  As a trope, I find the weird first wife needs to be an accomodating doormat while husband and mistress act like they have the moral high ground to be getting really, really tired.  But the author wanted you to feel like Kate was being burried, so it works on that level.

All of this sounds like I didn’t like the book.  But I did.  You can hate large things in a book and still enjoy the book.  You can hate characters and still like a book.  Speaking of hating characters…I think I was supposed to hate Audrey.  I just couldn’t do it.  She was my favorite almost from the first look she gave Kate.  Why?  Because she was right.  Kate didn’t deseerve admiration.  She hadn’t earned it (see above re:doormat).  Audrey loved her grandchildren and saw the entire world pretty clearly.  I like that tough old lady.

As a thriller….I don’t know!  I wasn’t really surprised by anything that happened.  Well, one thing, but I won’t say which.  The rest?  Kate is having issues she had before-sleepwalking, talking out loud to herself, loss of time, diziness, etc-that she had after her sister’s suicide.  I knew what was causing that and wanted to scream at her the whole time, “Stop ************* that!”  The who and the why weren’t a mystery.  But I did read it all in one sitting and enjoyed the ride.  I still wanted to see how it would all come to an end.  If someone asked, I’d recommend.  This was not necessarily a thriller as just a thrilling ride.
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