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“Unstoppable” by Helen Wolfe is a new release for children that tells the inspirational stories of women with disabilities.  The pages are brightly colored and the descriptions are powerful and memorable. While I appreciated the attention to inclusion of a diverse group of women, I am left a little disappointed that more mental health or invisible disabilities weren’t included in this book.  (Ahem...Helen Wolfe, this would make a great follow up book!)  

I’m not sure that I will include this book in my clinical collection but will certainly continue to read it to my own children and recommend it to others. We are surrounded by people with disabilities who lead remarkable lives and contribute to our communities in powerful ways and this book reminds us of a few examples.  

As always, I’m grateful to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. The words and opinions are all my own.
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This nonfiction read is all about women with disabilities who haven't let that stop them from living their dreams and changing the world. This book profiles about 10 women from diverse fields in the third person biography about them and a singular quote from them. This quick does feel like it's geared more for a younger audience to help teach them that different abilities don't exclude you from conquering your dreams.
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This is a very inspirational and important book for representation in the classroom. Some very powerful messages. My only negative would be that I was expecting a few more people to be included in the book.
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Thank you, Netgalley and the publisher, for the opportunity to read an arc version of this book!

I love the art/the filter that was used for each woman featured, very attractive for a children’s book. On the bright side I respected the diversity among the women presented--both individuals that were born with a disability, and people who were born able-bodied, but had a change in circumstance. Each person’s story was told with a celebratory and optimistic tone, and focused on the positives while acknowledging some of the struggles that each person had to push through. 

This is a great text, but I would not add this to my classroom necessarily. The majority of the book focuses on physical, observable, differences (paraplegic, selective mutism, loss of limbs, cerebral palsy, height, etc). In my classroom, the more common disabilities are emotional disturbance, dyslexia, (unspecified) reading difficulties, speech and language disorders, etc. I would have loved to see more representation for individuals who grew up with learning disabilities and IEPs, and what they were able to accomplish. This book is still fantastic, and I would encourage students to read it, but it is not for my classroom.
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This is an inspiring book about how much women can achieve, despite difficulties. The ten women in this book each had to overcome some sort of disability. But they all triumphed and have made their mark on the world. 

It is a great book to read to younger kids, or for older kids to read themselves. The reading level is not too difficult and should be appropriate for readers in elementary school. The words may be too difficult for kindergarten and the younger grades.

Each account is short and to the point. It describes the person and their story. There is an illustration with each account. If you are using this book in a classroom, each chapter could be one day’s lesson. You could then use it for ten lessons. 

Each of the women featured comes from a different field - from medicine to sports, to environmentalism and more. Each one has a unique story. They have overcome barriers to their success and have all struggled at some point. The message is positive, that anyone can succeed and can overcome even the most difficult circumstances. It’s a good message to inspire kids and let them know that they can triumph over challenges.
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amazing little book 
My 10 year asd daughter and I read this together in bed.
She found it really exciting to read  about her peers.
Really knowledgeable and interesting and to read more about these fabulous women.
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Such an important book! I plan to buy this book for my younger cousins to show them how strong women are!
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I give the book kudos for finding women to profile who may not show up in other anthologies of women. It has some great, yet slight general knowledge of each woman with no resources or further reading provided at the end.

The biggest issue is the terrible design of the book. The illustrations should really just be the original photo. Each page is exactly the same, tiring the eye. If they broke up the full pages of text with line breaks or something, I think the book would be all the better for it.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for honest feedback. I thought this was a very interesting look into the dynamic world we live in. I was intrigued by the ways in which these women adapt and pioneer their causes. At the same time, they achieved greatness in careers and hobbies. Excellent book with a clear message and aim.
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