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Blossom and Bud are two very different flowers, living in a flowershop. They each feel their looks are flawed, and hates the way they look. But the owner of the store has a special need for each of them, a place or a role that fits perfectly with their appearance. They all have something unique and needed. 

This teaches children that everyone is needed and perfect just as they are. A really important lesson in today's society.

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The message of this story is self-acceptance. While I LOVE the message, the story is entirely too short and rushed. I was hopeful going in but felt disappointed in the abrupt ending.
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This book is so cute! A great tale of self-acceptance and living as your true, authentic self! A great way to teach about body image without being too in-your-face about it.
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"Blossom and Bud" sounds like a name for botany book. But behold dear readers, this is not your regular plant book. It is a story about self love and body image positivity. It is essential to nurture not only our young bud like readers but also the blossomed adults to educate ourselves on such topics. Recommend it to everyone.
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Blossom and Bud is a cute picture book that helps kids see that God made them the way they are for a purpose and that they need to be content in how they are made and stop comparing themselves to others. The story and illustrations flow easily and are beautifully done. This book is great for all ages as everyone needs a reminder sometimes to stop comparing themselves to others.
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Blossom and Bud is a beautiful book about loving yourself. It tells the story of body image through the experience of Blossom, the tallest sunflower, and Bud the short little bulb. Neither of them to likes themselves and they are both forced to deal with teasing. Blossom and Bud both come to realize that they are special just the way they are when they find their spotlight in a beautiful wedding. This is a great book to help teach social-emotional concepts.
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Blossom and Bud tells of two flowers at the flower shop.  Blossom is a sunflower, and does not like that she is so tall, towering over everyone.  Bud hates that his flower has not bloomed, and tries to force it to bloom.  The other plants in the flower shop make fun of them, making their self-esteem even lower.  They don't like their own body images, but that turns around at the end when they are chosen for a "special project" that the florist has.  Blossom and Bud become an integral part of a wedding party floral design, and it is BECAUSE they are tall and unflowered that they are chosen.

This book definitely is a great way to teach children about differences among people, and how we should celebrate how we are the same AND how we are different.  This book teaches children that we may not love everything about ourselves, but we can be gentle with ourselves, since everyone is not the same.  The celebration of differences is definitely a highlight of this book.  The illustrations are fabulous, and the subject matter is wonderful.  This book would appeal to both older toddlers, and young children and would teach them that we are not all the same, and we should be happy with who we are. 

Thank you to the author, illustrator, publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I honestly don't think I could love this book more. It's sweet, it has a great message and it's well executed. The drawings are joyful and beautiful and cute all the same time and I think that this deserves a very high rating. I will recommend it.
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Blossom and Bud live in a flower shop. They do not like the way they look and get picked on for their sizes by the other plants. This story is about finding your place and being worthy just the way you are. I love how the art is very diverse and shows different body types, races, and personalities. There is a note at the back for how to cultivate (hehe flower pun) positive body image in your children. It also refers to parents and caregivers as “florists” which I felt was a special touch (because as evidenced earlier, I like puns a lot). 

Note: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other fashion for the review and the opinions reflected below are entirely my own. Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing the copy.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Blossom and Bud is a really adorable children's book about a very tall sunflower and a tiny bud. In the flower shop beauty blossoms all around, but the other flowers are mean to Blossom and Bud. They make fun of their height and size and both flowers feel sad, alone and unloved. 
Blossom tries to shrink down to hide her height and Bud tries to make himself taller.
One day they are chosen for a very big surprise and this makes them feel more loved and confident.
This is a simple to follow and understand story which I feel gets the message across to children and grown ups.
Body image is starting to affect children much earlier in life now due to social media. They become worried, anxious and insecure about their weight, height, hair, skin and much much more.
We need to try and promote positive body image as much as possible and this book really does bring that across within the story. 
At the back of the book is a section for parents and teachers about body image with some very helpful and informative information.
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This book is written by a New Jersey psychologist and the illustrations are stunning.  Blossom and Bud inhabit Mr. Baxter's flower shop.  The flowers that surround them are spectacular with vibrant colours and robust perfection making the flower shop a very beautiful place indeed.   

Blossom, a super tall and gangly sunflower, dislikes how she looks and tries to hide her height.  Bud has not fully opened up yet so he feels very inadequate and tries to force his flower to bloom.  The other flowers in the shop are mean and make fun of them making them feel like misfits and outcasts. Is there any hope that the two will finally accept themselves just as they are and feel that they too have a purpose  to fulfill?  

This is a wonderful story that can spark a discussion about positive body image.  I love that the author includes the "note to florists".   It encourages kids to love who they are no matter what size or shape.  The moral of the story is to teach kids ( and adults ) that they are perfect just the way they are and their uniqueness is to be celebrated.  I love the book and I highly, highly recommend it.
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First off sunflowers are my favorite and second I absolutely love the anti bias theme in every way imaginable that this book offers. Great for teachers to use for ece to teach opposites and the being special/unique. Definitely  one of my favorite and will be a classroom book
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This was a very sweet book about a flower that feels too tall and another that feels too short. They are discontent with their appearance. The focus is very much on Blossom and Bud, but the flower shop owner helped the flowers see their unique beauty.
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What an absolute delight! 

This picture book, written by a New Jersey psychologist (and spectacularly illustrated by an amazing artist) tells the story of Blossom, a tall and gangly sunflower, and Bud, a little stem, not yet fully opened, who share space in Mr. Baxters floral shop with an abundance of breathtakingly beautiful flowers. So much beauty, in fact, that both Blossom and Bud, can’t help but fear they don’t fit in - each of them struggling with their own perceptions of visible “flaws”,  that are only of course, present in their own flowery minds. 

Too tall, too small,  - it’s sad but true that our world is such that children, from a very young age, have already seen and internalized so many confusing messages about body type and “acceptability” that it can’t help but be difficult for them to love and appreciate the diversity exhibited in their own bodies, or those of their friends. 

Even the tiniest tot will delight and relate to Bud and Blossoms journey to self-acceptance. It’s heart-warming and wonderful to see Mr Baxters joy in building his most special bouquet; one which can’t be built without the broadest inclusion- from the tallest flower to the smallest, each bud and stem adds perfection, in its own unique way, contributing to what has to be the most magnificent display of all. 

A lovely, lovely story that needs to be read, enjoyed, celebrated and discussed with your little ones. 

A great big thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author, for an advance review copy of this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts presented are my own.
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A beautiful book about self-love, respect for others and diversity! Blossom and Bud, with its beautiful illustrations and wonderful words, shows us we all belong in this world, wether we're tall or short and we must accept others for how they are.
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An important book on body image, but I'm not sure if the story is as wow-worthy as I hoped. The story is just a bit flat for kids to follow and will take a lot of effort for the reader to help children really get the message.
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This book focuses on body image in a unique way. I thought it was an interesting choice for the focus to be about the plants' height, normally height isn’t what someone thinks about when they think of body image. I was a fan of this take because I used to have body image problems regarding my height, I thought I was too tall so it’s nice to see this brought up in a children’s book. I also appreciated how there’s a note in the back of the book regarding body image and their children.

I really liked the pictures throughout the book. I loved how all of the flowers were drawn and the people were especially cute. I really liked how all of the couples throughout the book had a height difference. I didn’t notice it the first time around but when I went back to look at the pictures more closely I saw that each partner had some type of height difference which I think was pretty clever. Just a side note, I liked how one couple had tattoos, a wlw couple, one person with a prosthetic arm, one with an eye patch, and one with a hijab. It was great to see different people represented.

While I thought the premise was nice I did feel like the story portion was lacking. We only really get to see the flowers mention their body image issues once, barely twice, and then we also see the other flowers making fun of them. This all takes place in two pages and I just wish it would’ve gone a bit more in-depth.

Overall, it was a cute book with a nice message about how you are unique and have your own purpose. I think it would be a book to include in a library with other books about uniqueness and body image.
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This story has a great theme and beautiful illustrations.  As an educator, I would read the book aloud to my students.  It opens the door to discussions about self-worth and acceptance of everyone for their own strengths.

I did expect there to be more in the plot of the book though,  I feel as if the story could have developed the plot more about Blossom and Bud.
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Let's sing "Just the Way You're" by Bruno Mars and celebrate who we are!

This book is so meaningful, specially for someone who's been told to become "better" and change their appearance all the time. Leave the kids alone. They are beautiful the way they are. 

For god's sake, the adults are doing them more harm by constantly telling them these things. Celebrate them in your life. They will build confidence by themselves when you do. 

Let's be a little kinder to our kids. Just like the florist in the story, let's celebrate the uniqueness in each of us. 

Love the vibes. Love the story. Love the illustrations.

Thank you , authors and the publisher, for the advance reading copy.
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Blossom and Bud is a tale about two special flowers who don't feel good about their bodies, Both feel they stick out due to being too tall or too small, and see that as a bad thing. This book is a celebration that everyone is perfect just the way they are, that the things that make us stand out are what make us shine in our roles. With adorable illustrations, short text, and a lovely story about being proud of who you are Blossom and Bud would make a great storytime read,
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