Blossom and Bud

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Pub Date 13 Apr 2021 | Archive Date 05 Jan 2022

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Blossom and Bud live in Mr. Baxter's flower shop, among plants of every imaginable size, color, and shape. Blossom doesn’t like how tall she is and tries to hide her height. Bud doesn’t like how he looks, so he tries to force his flower to bloom. But Mr. Baxter thinks they are just right, as they are, and has a special role for each of them. This story will help kids love themselves all around, no matter their shape or size. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers about nurturing a positive body image in children.

This new story is from the author of the popular books that feature Bentley the bee, Bee Still: An Invitation to Meditation, Be Heartful: Spread Loving Kindness, and Bee Calm: The Buzz on Yoga, as well as Snitchy Witch, Did You Hear? A Story about Gossip, A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness, Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story about Self-Confidence, and Sally Sore Loser: A Story About Winning and Losing. 


Blossom and Bud live in Mr. Baxter's flower shop, among plants of every imaginable size, color, and shape. Blossom doesn’t like how tall she is and tries to hide her height. Bud doesn’t like how...

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Featured Reviews

Plants and loving yourself in a children's picture book? This book is such a lovely combination of very important topics! To boot, it also has fantastic illustrations that are bright, colourful and engaging. What more can a children's picture book lover ask for?

Seriously, the illustrations ALONE make this book a five star, let alone the incredible moral of this story. Give this illustrator an award for how beautiful it is.

Then add in these wonderful little plants. Blossom is a tall sunflower but she doesn't like that about herself. She's too tall! Bud keeps trying to be as tall as Blossom, but he can't do it and doesn't like that about himself. The other plants make fun of them, which isn't nice at all! They eventually learn to love themselves for who they are, because everyone is different and special for a reason!

Lovely moral about body image. Incredible illustrations. Small blurb in the back about body image and how to talk to kids about it - education!! Definite must read!

Five out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and American Psychological Association for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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This book was so sweet! The illustrations and the storyline were perfect for a primary classroom and the focus on students' social emotional learning was awesome to see. This is the perfect spring/summer read for the classroom!

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"I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
This was a sweet little book. I liked the lesson of "though we might be different, we all have a purpose". Everyone is important and this is a good interpretation of that.

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This is a sweet book to teach the lesson there is a place in this world for everyone. Bloom is big and beautiful but uncomfortable with its size. Bud is small and insecure because he has not bloomed. The wedding scene at the end sweetly depicts Bud in the bride’s bouquet and bloom has his own special place on the groom’s lapel.

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Blossom and Bud feel like oddballs at the flower shop because of their sizes. The other flowers aren't very nice either, as they tease Blossom and Bud about their sizes. Luckily someone who loves all flowers finds the perfect places for Blossom and Bud, respectively. All of a sudden their sizes are just perfect.

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A very sweet book for children about body image, with extra educational bits for grownups. Loved the art and coloring - I could see opportunities for grownups to ask extra seek & find questions with each picture. My only negative comment was that it seemed quite short, but maybe that was just me reading it on an iPad. ARC from Netgalley. :)

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Blossom and Bud is a charming story about two flowers in a flower shop that are worried that they'll never be picked because of the way they look. Blossom is "too big" and tries to make herself look smaller. Bud is "too small" and tries to force himself to bloom.

This is a wonderful short story for you to read to your children and use it as a conversation starter about positive body image. My favorite part was the "note to adult florists" which helps break down body image pressures that children may be experiencing and suggestions on how to discuss how we're all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Review from a child/SPOILER?: The pictures were really cute and I loved what Blossom and Bud did. Everyone wanted to see them at the end and they were happy.

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Blossom and Bud is just the cutest book. The 2 flowers were ashamed of themselves because they were different from the others. Blossom was tall and bud wouldn't bloom. The other flowers teased them until they ended up being the perfect size for a wedding. Be yourself.

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An amazing book for children and to teach them and make them aware about body image.
When we talk about the distortion of the body image, the studies show that the most affected are the girls. Other studies showed that, in general, adolescents tend to have a much more negative self-image than adults. The same studies concluded that negative self-image is a predictor of depression in girls, physical inactivity in boys and obesity in both sexes.

The main message of this book is: “How can we help our children have a healthy self-image?” The graphic and images speak more than words and the two main characters address to all types of fears a child may experience when we speak about body image.
It is very useful that Dr. Frank J. Sileo added at the end of the book some steps for parents on how to nurture a healthy body image for their children. I highly recommend this book.

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Even though Mr. Baxter’s flower shop has plants of all sizes, colors and shapes, we meet the titular Blossom and Bud, two flowers who don’t like the way they look and often compare themselves to the other flowers.

The illustration by Brittany Lakin was stunning. They are colourful, diverse, and thoughtful. Frank J. Sileo delivered a powerful message of acceptance and body positivity in simple, interactive text that is easy to read to and BY children. Not to mention that the attention to detail is on point. I love how when using adjectives such as thin, thick, short, etc. The font reflected each of those adjectives. I also appreciated that the book begins with opposites. Both choices help children take pride and feel successful in their reading efforts.

I absolutely loved this book and will be adding it to my ever-growing classroom library!
I’m really happy it comes out on April 13th, just in time for Spring!

Thank you, Magination Press, NetGalley and Frank J. Sileo for providing me with an advanced copy of Blossom and Bud in exchange for an honest review.
#BlossomandBud #NetGalley

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Blossom and Bud are different from the other plants in the store. Blossom is very tall, and Bud just won't bloom, and the other flowers make fun of them. The store owner has big plans for them, though.

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What a great children's story! I love the message of this story - that the world is full of people of different sizes, shapes, heights, skin tones, etc., and that each of us is special and necessary! Not only does the messaging come across loud and clear (and would be great for a classroom discussion), but the photos in the book also depict diversity in body shapes, sizes, and race.

The tips at the back of the book for adults are also great. I love the idea of sharing this book with parents of any of my kiddos who are struggling with body image and self-esteem.

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Blossom and Bud, live in a flower shop amongst the most beautiful flowers but they feel that they are not beautiful enough. The flower shop owner has the perfect job for them and they quickly learn that however they look, there is a special place for everyone. I was prepared for this book to be a little preachy but it isn't at all. It is a simple beautifully illustrated story which shows the value in us all, without laying it on too thick. The brevity of the words and illustrations showing parings of people who are different from one another, but bring each other joy, complement each other perfectly. There are also useful tips in the back of the book for helping support children in learning about and valuing their body image.

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This was a perfect book to help learn to love who you are! We’re all perfect the way we were made. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful!

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This was absolutely precious! The artwork was so colourful and really popped and will definitely keep a child’s attention.

But the most important and most heart wrenching part of the story was about the two characters. They both don’t think they are good enough, one thinks they are too tall, the other too short. But, we see as they are chosen because of those aspects. The parts of themselves they didn’t like were the parts that shone and made them so beautiful and perfect. The messages in this were so powerful for such a short and quick book! I loved this so much.

5/5 ⭐️

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Blossom & Bud is an adorable children’s book about how what makes us different is our unique qualities. Each flower was important for the wedding because of their different attributes. I like that this book will remind kids that everyone is different in their own way and that it is okay. Our differences are what makes us so special.

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Blossom and Bud are two flowers living in a flower shop that is filled with a vast array of colors and aromas. However, these two are self-conscious about their appearance, believing they do not fit in. Unhelpful comments from other flowers in the shop amplify these emotions, causing Blossom and Bud to feel even worse. When the shopkeeper is tasked with creating a dynamic bouquet for a neighborhood party, though, the individual strengths of each flower are celebrated, helping Blossom and Bud recognize their worth.

The narrative of this book serves more as an introduction than being a fully developed story on its own. An extensive note to adult readers, or “florists” as the author calls them, follows the initial picture book and emphasizes the need for cultivating each child as one would a flower. In a world that places much attention on outward appearance, self-esteem challenges and bullying can be pervasive. The messages found in the second half of this book give adult caregivers some thoughts to consider both while having conversations with children about these issues and in modeling positive behavior.

Vibrant, colorful illustrations showcase the shop in which Blossom and Bud reside, including an assortment of both flowers and people. While the majority of characters are depicted with light skin, varied skin tones and ages are found in the story. Self-esteem can be a challenge at any age, and this book seeks to help caregivers navigate this complex reality with compassion and understanding. Practical tips are included to help children of all ages find joy in their own uniqueness throughout their lives. This is an important guide for anyone seeking to encourage positive self-esteem in children.

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Thank you, NetGalley!

This is such a beautiful book. The illustrations and writing is very well-done.

To live in a flower-shop, among other plants of every size, shape and color!

Great introduction into loving yourself regardless of your own self-image. Great note to parents too about nurturing a positive body-image.

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A perfectly reasonable – and very quick – look at characters that are unhappy with their body image. In a certain flower shop a sunflower is made to be worried about how tall and gangly it is compared to everything else around, while a young bud is terrified about how little it's grown. In the most economical way we see that there was still a most heart-warming benefit in them being the way they were. Two dense pages for the parents, guardians and educators about body image belie my comment about it being quick – but the core of the book the young audience will engage with is definitely snappy, and very pretty with these illustrations. The jury might be out in how the font joins in with portraying the colours and differences of the flowers, as this makes it less readable for some with reading ability issues, but on the whole this is definitely a success.

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This book and the illustrations are so beautiful and so cute!! The book is about a sunflower who doesn’t like how tall she is so she tries to hide her height. Then there is a sunflower but who doesn’t like the way he looks so he tries to make himself bloom. But the shopkeeper thinks that they are both perfect exactly the way they are at every second and every moment. So the metaphor of this book is to teach children and adults alike that they are perfect just the way they are no matter what they look like that it’s what is on the inside that matters.

This author also has other great books that you should check out. I love the message of this book and also the illustrations are beautiful.

I just reviewed Blossom and Bud by Frank J. Sileo. #BlossomandBud #NetGalley

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