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LOVED loved loved this book.

The writing had me captivated from the start to finish, and I found myself reading it almost straight through one sitting. I look forward to reading more by this author.
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Really cute book that I would love to read again. I love the characters in the book and I felt that the plot line kept me turning from page to page.
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Thank to NetGalley for an ARC.  Haylah Swinton is back in Pretty Rude for a Girl. This is a good follow up from Pretty Funny for a Girl. I liked how we see Haylah grow more in this book. The writing was good. Rebecca Elliott did a good job with the book. I would recommend this to anybody to read if you have read the first one. I give it a 3 out of 5. I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I chose Pretty Rude for a Girl because it sounded like fun read. It kept the promise of fun, but it is so much more.

Haylah is a fifteen year old girl.  She's a girl of a "certain" size, the product of divorced parents, estranged from her father, and, worst of all, she doesn't have a boyfriend. Haylah's life ambition is to be a comedian. In the meantime, she writes a snarky blog as her alter ego, Stacey Beeatch.

Pretty Rude for a Girl follows Haylah as she reunites with her father, much to her mother's dismay. In the process, she finds a boyfriend and continues to write comedy. I enjoyed this book, and would highly recommend it to tweens and young teens.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley
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This book just wasn't for me. I love YA books, and the genre in general as it is mainly what I read. However, even though my perception as a 27 year old adult instead of a 15 year old girl might be a bit skewed, this just didn't sit right with me. Haylah was inconsiderate, and downright naive. How could she not expect her rants to affect her friends and family?
All in all, not a fan.
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I had to get myself in the mindset of the target audience for this one. A lot of the humor was juvenile and the lessons to be learned were hammered in and not subtle at all. 

That being said, for a target demographic of young teenagers, this was really good. The characters were great. Haylah was relatable and funny. The overarching themes of what it means to be a feminist and accepting yourself for who you are were spot on. I would definitely recommend.
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one thing i didn't understand about this book was that she never put two and two together that if she went crazy and ranted on youtube about her life and how much everything is a shit show. i don't know why she never thought that if she did something like this, it would impact someone else like all of her friends and family members and that they would never see this. and it was just kind of annoying about how naive she was about it all. 

but, i do like that this book was really lighthearted and still pretty fun. like, it was something that was kind of easy to get into, but it was also something that pulled on people's heartstrings and that it was really cool. but, i do feel like it was something that was relatable and that it was something that a lot of kids could see themselves in, and i know i could see myself a little bit. 

and honestly, this was just such an easy read because the humor in this book was also kind of cool. and i think it was just something that it was just so fun, and that i think it was just so fun and something i really liked. and it didn't feel way to old and it wasn't something that felt to old for this book, and it was just quirky and fast. and i mean, it was just fun and easy to see some teenage drama.
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Haylah is not afraid to tell it like it is.   That is why she loves comedy.  When her life starts to take a lot of big turns. Haylah turns to comedy to help her work through some big emotions.  Does her "boyfriend" actually want to be with her?  Can you rebuild a relationship with a father who has had very little contact with you in the past five years?  What do you do when your mom has a new someone in their life?  Will comedy be able to help her or will it end up ruining everything.

I love that this book shows Haylah's raw teenage emotions.  That she turns to YouTube to get out her stress and frustration, and that it eventually comes back and causes problems, is also such a great lesson in being careful what you put out on the internet.  I also love that Haylah knows her worth.  She for the most part embraces who she is and what she looks like.  Though you can tell she is still trying to figure out how she fits in.  Overall this is a just a fun book.
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Haylah is back, and this time, she had found an audience via her comedic rants about her life. However, when her family and friends discover her videos, Haylah has a lot of explaining to do.

I adored meeting Haylah in Pretty Funny for a Girl and was excited to catch up with her. This time around, Haylah was dealing with a lot of big life changes. She was worried about her budding romance, while her mother was taking next steps in her own relationship. At the same time, her long absent father returned, and she discovered that her besties had been keeping some pretty big secrets from her. What’s a girl to do in a situation like that? Rant to strangers on the internet, of course.

Haylah’s video monologues were hilarious. The humor, however, wrapped up all the big emotions she was wrestling with. It was nice packaging for these issues that other teens may be dealing with, and I liked that they eventually led to meaningful discussions with the important people in her life.

I enjoyed getting to know Haylah even more this time around. The previous book was all about Haylah learning to believe in and love herself. This time, she obviously had more self-confidence, and that growth she experienced still showed. But Hay was fifteen, and she had doubts about many things in her life too. It was great the way this was all explored, and same as before, it was done with lots of humor.

I loved all these characters when I first met them, and I loved them even more this time around. Each was special and enhanced my enjoyment of the story, but a few stood out. As before, I was utterly taken by Haylah’s little brother Noah. His youthful innocence and exuberance never fails to delight me. Though I grew to like him a lot before, getting to know Dylan in the book endeared him even more to me.

Haylah learned a lot of life lessons in this one when she was faced with many life changes. First love, friendship, and family were the focus, and as with the previous book, there was lots of humor and heart.
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Although this book wasn't necessarily for me, I think my students would appreciate and enjoy it as it is a fast and engaging read. It talks about important topics for young adults/teens such as self doubt, broken families, and love. Haylah’s character is one that a lot of teens can relate to and benefit from reading this. Definitely would recommend this to my students!
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I read Pretty Funny for a Girl, and so I was excited to get to spend time with Haylah and friends again. However, this time, she seems much more "in her own way", so to speak. Like, I find it VERY difficult to believe that she didn't see how the YouTube videos she posted were mean-spirited and could lead to trouble. And while I get that kids her age don't always think (and boy, do I get that), they're usually smart enough to at least put them in a place where no one will see them.  Having said that, watching her grow smart enough and mature enough to deal with her parents, and Reuben, and her friends - and to own up to her mistakes - made me happy I'd chosen to read this novel.
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Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this eARC. 

I’m going to get straight to the point, I was SUPER turned off the beginning with the fat humour. I know a lot of my followers would be too. After reading the book I understand it and how it leads into the overall story however it is something that will turn people off. 

I did enjoy the IDEA of the story, just not the characters. Hay is a ‘bigger girl’ authors words. This idea didn’t flow through the story for me. You only saw tidbits of it sprinkled. Basically she is supposed to be a fat, is this what we mean by bigger, character who lacked depth. The topics in the story were only surface for me in the sense it didn’t feel genuine.
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This was a light-hearted, fun read! The characters are super lovable. There's lots of humor. This series is especially perfect for teens who are a bit younger. There are great lessons relating to self acceptance and loving your body at any size, as well as being kind and considerate of others.
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First off, I enjoyed this much more than Pretty Funny. I think the writing has definitely improved from book 1, and the subplot with Hay's dad was nicely done. It was interesting to see how Hay's confidence in her stand-up abilities has grown.

However, I find it difficult to connect with Hay. Her actions are often immature and shortsighted and I never got the sense that she ever felt genuinely remorseful for how she treated her friends in this one. I think most teenagers today would have enough online literacy to be aware of how quickly things online can go viral, so it was frustrating that Hay never considered this a possibility.
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Comedy is difficult on pages but I feel like this book shined! Very entertaining through and through. I will be getting this for my daughter.
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Alright so I really didn't like this book but like it was pretty good?

Like I have really mixed emotions. 

I think a big thing is the copy I was provided was definitely missing pages so I didn't feel like I was getting the whole story but also like it was just so heavily stereotyped?

The feminism felt so forced, the jokes weren't really funny and there was so much potty humor and the characters were really one dimensional and honestly Haylah was just flat out annoying? She didn't really have depth. She just complained a lot. 

Overall the writing was pretty strong, and the plot was definitely strong it just didn't hit for me. 

However I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 2 cause I realized afterwards it was a sequel but the books worked as standalones but maybe they didn't lmao 😂
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Haylah Swinton, known online as “PFG, or Pretty Funny Girl,” is thriving...or so she thinks. She just recently won a Young Comedians competition, she has launched her new Youtube channel for comedy rant videos, and she has a boyfriend, Dylan. But then her absentee father returns to her life, and Dylan starts acting less boyfriendly, and more just...friendly. How will Haylah handle these drastic life changes, on top of battling the trials of maintaining an online persona in a world where not everyone online is nice? 

There were so many positive things about this book. It tackled societal expectations for beauty and what a “girl” should be like. The message presented of being proud of who you are and not trying to change was so important. Haylah’s thoughts and experiences were very real, from changing friendships, divorced parents, and life as a girl who isn’t what society expects her to be.

But as a whole, I found that I had trouble connecting with Haylah. I felt like there could have been more self-awareness or personal growth. And on a more personal note, the type of humor in this book is just not the type of humor that I find funny. I found myself cringing more than laughing. With that being said, many people will love the humor in this, so if you like slapstick, bathroom humor, this is the book for you!
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Pretty Rude for a Girl is a fantastic follow-up to Elliott's first novel, Pretty Funny for a Girl. This book delivers on all accounts, from family stressors to boy drama, and the work it takes to be a female comedian. 
A quick rundown: Haylah Swinton is back and funnier than ever. She's proving herself worthy of the title "female comedian" through her Youtube channel. This is a bigger challenge than Haylah anticipates, but she works to meet it head-on. As if that isn't stressful enough, her boyfriend Dylan hasn't kissed her yet, and her long-missing (aka: deadbeat) dad shows up, her life is thrown into turmoil. Haylah finds solace in posting rant videos on Youtube. When her friends and family find these videos, Haylah has a lot of work ahead of her to explain them.

My thoughts: I was interested in this book right away. It seemed right up my alley, and my instinct was not wrong. While most of it was lighthearted and fun, there were also very poignant moments of deep emotion. I was a little nervous to read this, as Haylah is only 15 and that period of my life feels so far away from me currently. Elliott managed to mostly squash those fears and I binged the hell out of this book. I did find certain moments aimed a little younger than YA, maybe Middle Grade, but it wasn't bad. It was fast-paced, but not overwhelmingly so. This book and its predecessor Pretty Funny for a Girl, are definitely worth the read if you want something quick to binge. 

Overall rating: 4/5

Pretty Rude for a Girl will be available for purchase on October 1st. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf. Also, be sure to check out Rebecca Elliott’s website! 
I was lucky enough to be able to read this Advanced Reader's Copy through my partnership with NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Haylah Swinton is a teen girl who wants to be a comedian.  She starts a Youtube channel and is getting great feedback!  Unfortunately there's a lot of drama in her personal life that is causing her problems...including a boyfriend her won't kiss her and the return of her dad.  When her two worlds collide how will Haylah handle things?

I thought this book was pretty cute.  Haylah's struggles and triumphs were things very easy to relate to and cheer on.  The only thing I would say is that I thought this was a YA book, but I think it's geared towards a much younger audience.  And I could have done without all potty humor.  But overall Haylah is a girl who other girls can learn from and strive to be more like.

I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion.  Thank you to NetGalley and Peachtree Publishing Company for this ARC.
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Thank you netgalley for providing me an ARC of this book
I wasn't very intrigued by the description of the book but now I'm glad that I got to read it.
Haylah Swinton - she's big, bold and funnier than a cat in a onesie playing the bagpipes. She's been busy proving she's as a kick-butt comedian, she's got herself a fab boyfriend called Dylan, the best girl crew in the world totally have her back, her little brother isn't driving her totally nuts, and did she mention she has a boyfriend called Dylan? Yes, THAT Dylan.
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