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What a great resource to go to when you finally write that book and now you wonder...."what's next?'
Getting published is one thing, but getting recognized is another feat in itself and I feel that this book gives you a solid direction on how to do it on your own.
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Have you written a book and don’t know how to promote it?
This book gives you great ideas and step-by-step advice on marketing it.
Authors should always play a part in marketing their own works. And this book is a huge help!
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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This is a good resource for any writer who wants to get their work published. The advice is practical and relevant, with several tips on how to market yourself in the digital world and leverage social platforms. Finding and working with a publisher or self-publishing is really daunting, and the work doesn’t end there; people need to buy your book. How do you get people to want to read what you’ve written? Having steps laid out in front of you is really helpful. I found the book well organized and easy to follow.
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A challenge has made writers to learn how to be authors.  In this book, it tells them ways to be successful. They will have to market their books after it is published.  It is helpful by telling them what essentials they need tdo before publishing it,  After your book is published, the author needs to establish a marketing plan that gives  the book the necessary attention so buyers won’t forget to buy it!

It is written clearly so the author will know what to do.  It has given me insight to that part of a book’s marketing that I never thought about.  I think that this book would be excellent for first-time authors to read to be successful seeing their book get sold.
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A must read for all writers or authors, whether they publish traditionally or independently. It expresses very well all the axes that authors must consider in order to promote their books and all the options that are available nowadays.
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This book is very well organized with all the stakeholders in making a book successful. It starts with how the authors should take the responsibility of marketing their book. Having the steps that an author can take in the bullet form is very helpful. its like a to-do handy checklist. Follow it to the dot and you are all set.
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The most helpful part in this book, for me,  is the details about BookBub. There is tons of information but depending on how long you have been into Marketing some may be review. However, review is good as we must continue to grow.
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Spend your money! Buy this marketing book about how to make money marketing your book!

Posted on June 21, 2021 by michellelovatosbookreviews, world's first book color commentator, book reviews with a twist

Never Fear local writers, Book Marketing For Authors: Get Ready, Get Set, Sucess by Terri Ann Leidich and Julie Bromley, is here. This 96-page book delivers what its title reveals in a logical, easy-to-follow format for new authors who need a little help setting up their new marketing lifestyle.
Hey! Writer! The idea is getting seen! There. That’s this book’s message, and I said it in five words. Who needs an entire book? Okay, maybe a lot of people who are just beginning their writing journey could use this handy little book to help them develop their future success in the publishing field. Lord knows it’s changing every day.
This book will take readers through the steps it takes to create a new author lifestyle.
Hint: Everything this book suggests, and in reality that it will take to get the word out that you are on the planet, costs money, which subtracts profits from the book you are selling on a razor-thin margin. Oops. Did I let my jaded attitude show? Shame on me. It’s not like I’m experienced on this merry-go-round. Oh well. I’m just an old fart with a calloused heart.
Anyone who has ever considered self-publishing knows that the uphill battle involved in setting up an author profile and platform is a daunting, time-consuming, and lengthy task. But taking oneself seriously, creating an author brand, and growing an audience are first-level priorities in making a book successful.
And you thought it was about good writing. Ha!
But that is why Leidich and Bromley are betting you need this book.
Book Marketing For Authors outlines the extensive developmental process of book .self-promotion necessary to more significant sales and longer runs in the print world.
Web presence, social media, cross-platform marketing, book reviews, Amazon, advertising, book signings, and Book Bub are all things to consider when developing an after-creation bookselling process.
Book Marketing For Authors has a handy list of book associations, awards opportunity lists, and ideas for getting the word out that your great book is waiting to be admired.
Here is my unsolicited author-platform advice: Take all your money, sink it into your idea, spend the totality of your lifetime attempting to be heard, sell your soul to anyone who will mention your name, use every vacation to self promote and give other people the impression that you have an ego problem, then hope Amazon sends you the six percent of your cover sale price once every six months.
But, listening to me might not be such a good idea. I might have an issue with this whole thing.
Happy are those who respect the Lord and obey him. You will enjoy what you work for, and you will be blessed with good things. Psalm 128: 1-2
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A brilliant little box of spells and tricks, and like the tardis, small on the outside, big on the inside.

Terri Ann Leidich runs a successful vanity publishing firm I discovered, and is also the author of several memoirs. I was obviously keen to explore how she markets "Book Marketing for Authors" herself, so I checked her author website, very impressive, and her facebook page and could see she'd posted on there for a couple of months before releasing her book, not much more than that I think.

She writes, "When Does Marketing Begin? At least six months or more before the release of your book, you should begin marketing your book and building your author brand."

There are a few other instances where Terri doesn't appear to follow her own marketing advice, shall we say, to the letter, but to point these out feels like making cheap shots and missing the point really. Does a great film critic need to make great films? Of course not.

Terri clearly knows her stuff and doesn't beat about the bush getting to the point. In punctuated precise prose each point is posited! Next! Except each of her bulleted points is a big idea. Terri understands her audience better than they know themselves. I kept thinking where does she get all her brilliant ideas from? Because there are no sources quoted, and then I remembered how many books are on her publisher's roll. This book is the result of hundreds of conversations with first-time unpublished authors and Terri knows the answer before they've asked the question. Terri is also a visionary and knows where they really want to go after they get to where they think they want to go. This book has more layers than onions around a Frenchman's neck! When you think you've got the point, the next bullet opens a trap-door to a secret deeper layer. I had to stop myself researching her points for my next book because I was only a third of the way through, and wanted to finish the book, and settled for highlighting.

I am grateful to Net Galley and Terri for sharing this wonderful book with me as an ARC copy and highly recommend it, particularly to new independent authors. Now please excuse me while I get back to following her advice for my next book!
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I recommend this!

I was curious about this book, as I have a background in marketing, and am a fiction author. It's inspirational, and provides useful tips. 

Regardless of whether you're an indie published author or traditionally published author, you are responsible for engaging in promotion of your work. This book provides the philosophy behind your author brand decision making, considering your book as a product and strategies for promoting your books.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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Book Marketing for Authors by Terri Ann Leidich and Julie Bromley is a clear-eyed manual that will help any author, whether they are self-published, with an indy press, or even a major publishing house, to market their books more successfully. 

Leidich and Bromley have years of experience helping authors succeed in the marketplace. They have distilled that experience into a blueprint that is concise, but comprehensive. They cover everything from defining your brand to building a website to establishing a social media presence to creating and implementing a marketing plan. 

The book is packed with information. What makes it an exceptional resource, is that Leidich and Bromley understand, having published dozens of authors, that every writer is unique and what works for some will not work for others. They make it clear that there isn’t one magical path to success. They encourage authors to develop a plan they are comfortable with. 

Book marketing is a business and if you want your book to find a readership you have to come up with an effective marketing program. Book Marketing for Authors is an excellent resource for helping an author achieve that goal.
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If you've only just started on the marketing of your book, this will contain a number of different ideas and thoughts that will prove useful to you, what it won't do is make all those ideas crystal clear.

The book is divided into different sections, Get Ready, Get Set, and Succeed, within each of those is a list of activities that should be done to maximise what you get out of it.  When I say it's a list of things that should be done, I mean exactly that, it's a bullet pointed list, there isn't much explanation behind the bulletpoints (if any), and the general feel of it is that its providing a checklist for the author to run down and mark off.

If you've been marketing things for a while, chances are that you're already doing a number of these things, and having those checklists will be a useful thing.  If you're just starting out, many of these things could do with more explaining and clarity in how you go about doing them.  As an example, Acquiring endorsements, which most writers would love to do, just indicates that you should look for who you want to endorse you, and then reach out to them to see if they're happy to provide you with that endorsement  What it doesn't do is give you hints on how best to reach out to them, or examples of ways in which creative endorsement has been sourced.

Overall, this is good as a checklist for marketing a book, but if you wanted something to give you more of the tools to walk you through the process, you may need to consider getting something more in depth.
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I read Book Marketing for Authors: Get Read, Get Set, Succeed! (Terri Ann Leidich and Julie Bromley), and as the author of a number of books already I was pleased and surprised to discover some new tactics to try for my next book launch. I took a page of notes and while that means there is more work ahead of me, I think I’ll have a solid plan drawn from their advice. The book has elements that are US-centric and therefore less useful to non-US readers, but there was still plenty that would apply to authors from anywhere, and lots of tips for how to leverage social media and the internet more broadly to earn followers and fans. Practical, up-to-date advice for self-published and traditionally published authors, whether you have only an ebook or print book as well.
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BOOK MARKETING FOR AUTHORS gives a nice, thorough overview of how to build a lasting career as an author. From defining your brand to building a network to placing ads, one can find all the pieces that make up how to get a book to its ideal readers and how to get those readers to return for the next book. This book includes both traditional publishing and independent publishing, but I think indie authors would get more use from it. It doesn't delve too much into detail on many topics, but it's a solid, comprehensive place to start that will point you toward various avenues to pursue in greater detail.
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I received an eARC from NetGalley for the purposes of this review. 

Most marketing books aimed at authors and writers are somewhere along the lines of “I Sold 40 Million Copies And You Can Too!” They feel like infomercials and they have no useful information for the average author. 

This book is the opposite of that in every way. I would highly recommend this book to writers and authors, regardless of where they are in their publishing journey, but especially self published authors. The book is written in an approachable way, and includes specific steps that writers and authors can take to strengthen their book marketing. The book doesn’t offer instant success, instead reminding the reader that it’s a marathon. The book covers a wide range of topics, from author websites to launch events to social media. And best of all, the focus is on being creative and on enjoying the process - taking a lot of fear out of it. 

I’m pleased that this book was written for authors - the language doesn’t talk down to authors but still meets them where they are in the process. I really enjoyed this read.
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An excellent resource for writers. A recommended purchase for nonfiction collections where writing craft books are popular.
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A book that I will constantly refer to as an author. It has all the material that I need to market my books. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for giving me an advance copy of this book.
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3/5 stars 

Thanks for providing this precious arc in regards to the publisher and author!

Great book! Not the best prose wise and some info feel outdated but totally would reccomend
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