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I loved the first book in this series and liked this one. I enjoyed it and I like how the author developed the story and the characters as we get to know more about Vic and Adam's family.
The story is told by two POVs (Adam and Vic) and found the Vic part a bit complex and sometimes confusing.
The Adam part flows and is quite exciting.
I can't wait to read the next story as the book closes with a cliffhanger.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Growing up in Guthrie, Oklahoma, wasn’t easy for Adam Lee Binder. He was a kid who heard and saw and spoke to things not of this world and because of it, his mother and brother had him committed to a mental institution, ostensibly for his own good, but it was a hellish place only Adam could see the truth of. His time there left its share of resentments and scars, nearly as many scars as his father had left on Adam’s soul when Robert Binder Sr. took any opportunity to beat his youngest son; so routinely and so mercilessly, in fact, that one day Adam’s older brother, Bobby, murdered their dad with a hammer blow to the skull and then, with his mother’s help, buried Robert under a pile of rocks out back behind their trailer. That brand of justice very well may have come with a hefty price tag and deadly payback plan.

Adam checked himself out of the facility when he turned eighteen, and hitchhiked to the one place he hoped he’d be welcomed, his aunt Sue’s place, where he stayed until he was called to Denver to help his by-then-estranged brother with a problem only Adam had the potential to handle. Dysfunctional doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of this family’s dynamic, but all these things combined have not only made Adam who he is today, they’ve also served to bring him to the place David R. Slayton leaves him at the end of Trailer Park Trickster.

And oh my, what a cliffhanger it is too.

Lest you think the accumulation of all these experiences might have left Adam callous, hard, disaffected, let me assure you he is not. Cautious? Yes. Unobtrusive? He’s tried. Earnest? Always. Secretive? Without a doubt. Soft-hearted? Unquestionably. Adam is as kind and gentle a man as he could be, far kinder and gentler than the worlds he exists in, around, and between, that’s for sure, and I adore him to bits. The weight of his family’s dysfunction has left its share of burdens on Adam’s shoulders now, which adds stress and tension to his already broken heart when Sue dies unexpectedly. But she’s not the only family member whose life comes to an abrupt end, and unless Adam can put a stop to a dark and murderous druid—a dark and murderous druid who might or might not be his dead father, and one who is hell-bent on pruning the Binder family tree—said dark and murderous druid will only continue to grow stronger.

That Adam has been keeping secrets from his brand-new boyfriend, Vic, figures into the story and works out just about how you’d expect it to, given the nature of those secrets. They’re BIG ones, and all I can say is Slayton came after me and my emotions with a vengeance and absolutely crushed it in this continuation of the Adam Binder series. But, as if one spectacular storyline weren’t enough, readers are treated two, two spectacular storylines in Trailer Park Trickster, when Vic, who also happens to be a Reaper—yes, Death herself is the boss of him—inadvertently gets caught up in elf politics as well as a none too insignificant family drama when Argent the Queen of Swords takes Vic on a detour to the Other Side and they, along with Argent’s brother Silver the Knight of Swords just, you know, happen to save the planet and all its human garbage from complete and total annihilation.

Much to the benefit of this installment, and the series overall, we get chapters told from both Adam’s and Vic’s points of view, which kept the pace running full speed ahead into all sorts of gruesomeness and danger and mayhem and intrigue, and this also gives us the opportunity to get to know Vic much better since we didn’t get much of a chance to in White Trash Warlock (let’s just say there were extenuating circumstances). The contrasts between him and Adam and their respective families couldn’t be more blatant, and I loved the way Vic’s family played a part in the story right when he needed them the most.

White Trash Warlock was amongst a select few of the very best books I read in 2020. Trailer Park Trickster was on a short list of my most anticipated books in 2021 and is now on my Best Of list for the year. And I mentioned that cliffhanger? It only means book three in the Adam Binder series has jumped to the top of my Must Read list in whatever year David R. Slayton releases it.
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This follow up to White Trash Warlock was everything that I could have hoped for and more! Adam is back in his hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and on the hunt for answers about the fate of his Aunt Sue. This novel digs deep into the Binder family history, introducing new characters and old secrets. It also visits places steeped in memories, both good and bad, for Adam, like his aunt's trailer and the home where he grew up. Adam's past is riddled with trauma and betrayal and I liked that in this book we get more communication and reconciliation between Adam, Bobby, and their mom. Vic also gets a chance to see the place that Adam hails from, though his journey there, at the side of Argent, elf and Queen of Swords, is plagued by misadventure. While Adam is dealing with problems close to home, Vic is learning more about the magical world he's now a part of and his role as a Reaper. I enjoyed getting more in depth with Vic's character and I also liked seeing more of his family. He and Adam are total opposites and this book definitely gets into those differences.

This book has it all: family drama, plot twists, dark magic, action, revelations, and two men trying to find their way to each other through a mess of lies, differing views, and inherent differences. I loved book two of the Adam Binder series and I'm anxious to know what happens next!
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I was looking forward to this book after reading the second, so I dived in. Adam is on better terms with his family, but when his great aunt Sue dies, he hurries to where she lived. What follows is a discovery of who he is, who his family is, and what his place in it is. Not only that, I think that Vic goes through some of the same things. I loved this book in that not only did it have a great mystery, a voyage of discovery, and great writing, it left me feeling like I knew the characters so well that they felt like old friends. There were upheavals, secrets revealed, and new threads to discover in more books. I am really looking forward to seeing my friends again in the next book! Highly recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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Thank you so much, NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing, for the chance to read and review this book in exchange of an honest review.

I LOVED White Trash Warlock and I was over the moon when the publisher accepted my request to read the sequel!

Forced to come back to Guthrie for the funeral of his beloved Aunt Sue, Adam finds himself, again, involed in a fight against the dark druid, who decide to prey on his family. Everything seems to be linked to Adam's father's death, years ago. Who is the deadly and mysterious druid and what is his plan?
Grieving his family's losses, watched by the police, apart from the man he loves, Adam decides to learn more about his family, their magic and himself
Meanwhile, Vic and Argent the Queen of Swords are beyond the Veil of the mortal world, trying to protect the whole humanity from deadly elves.

Trailer Park Trickster is the brilliant and heartwrenching sequel of White Trash Warlock and I loved every single page. The story is told by Adam's and Vic's POVs, that intertwine and the reader is able to follow their different path, Adam in his investigation in the mortal world, Vic with Argent in the Immortal one, their feelings, actions and thoughts. I really loved reading their POVs, it was intense and amazing being able to know how they felt for each other, their fears, dreams and hopes, while facing deaths, losses, mysteries and past traumas.

Adam is such a complex character, weighed down by his past traumas, resentement and anger towards his family, but in the second book it was nice to see him trying to connect more with his mother and brother, to move on and forgive them. They, mostly Bobby, help him in his investigation and fight against the dark druid and the mystery surrounding him. Adam struggles with his memories, powers and with his feeling for Vic, his fears, not used to such a strong bond between him and someone else, not used to relationships, to be surrounded by new people who love him. It was painful, relatable and heartwrenching seeing him and Vic struggling with their own feelings, loving one other, but needing to talk and be open with each other. 
Vic is another brilliant character, who finds himself involved in a world he doesn't know, meeting elves and gnomes, struggling to understand who he is, what are his powers as Reaper, his bisexuality and his first relationship with a man. 
I liked to follow Adam in his investigation, with computers and libraries and family history, while Vic was in a wolrd full of magic, dealing with immortals and powers and danger. The characterization is amazing, the relationship between characters very realistic. I love Adam and Vic together, it's clear they love one other and thet fear, hope and dream like a normal couple, but with magic and elves and Reapers!
The plot follows two stories and it's full of twists, secrets, mysteries, such a wild rollercoaster! 

I can't wait to read the next book after this cliffhanger!
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Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and David Slayton for the ARC of this book!
What a wild ride the second book to Adam Binders story was! Slayton has always entangled magic within his words and this book is no different. Vic and Adam’s story, though told separately, was held together with a bond that just radiates off the page. I loved the mystery of it all, and though Adam was doing less magic in this book, we still were able to see the Other Side and all its wonder. I felt this was important because it allowed the reader to get that connection Adam so desperately needed with his own family instead of finding it elsewhere (like he had so many time’s when he was younger). It created that much needed family development and care that Adam deserves. Slayton leaves us on another cliffhanger that parallels so similarity to how the first book left off that, in a way, it feels like it was always meant to end there. An Ouroboros— constantly eating itself to be reborn. 

Trailer Park Trickster is out THIS Tuesday, October 12th!
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They are my harvest and I will reap them all

Returning to Guthrie, Oklahoma, Adam binder once again finds himself in the path of deadly magic when a dark druid begins to prey on members of Adam’s family. it all seems linked to the death of Adam’s father many years ago- a man who may have somehow survived as a warlock. Watched by the police, separated from the man who may be the love of his life, compelled to seek the truth about his connection to the druid, Adam learns more about his family and its troubled history than he ever bargained for, and finally comes face to face with the warlock he has vowed to stop.

Meanwhile, beyond the veil of the mortal world, Argent the queen of swords and Vic Martinez undertake a dangerous journey to a secret meeting of the council of races… where the sea elves are calling for the destruction of humanity.

well well, there are so many thoughts when it comes to this book? I finished it long ago but wanted some time to think about why exactly I liked this book. what about these characters and the setting makes me want to read them again and again and just keeps me waiting for more. Honestly, there is no one reason, it could be the writing style, how relatable the characters are, the setting, the elements, the plot or the pacing. Now that I think back to it, the experience I had while I read the books was the most intriguing part about the book.

Trailer Park Trickster explores a lot of areas, just like its predecessor, but makes it even better. the first book was a total 5 stars for me, and the second book is even better, so you know that the 5 stars cant suffice the beauty of it. We begin with action, and are literally thrown into the story without any waste of time. Adam is more fleshed out in this book, his motives and intentions and decisions are all more profound and even more relatable. We do explore a lot of Vic in this book, his point of view is not as relatable to me as Adam’s is, but it was definitely good to know about him.

For me, the stars of the book were Argent and Silver, the two elves who have an unusual relationship with Adam and Vic. Their characters really stood out this time, they had their own story, their own motives and their own individual personalities that shone out pretty well! I am personally interested to know more about their adventures post this book, because I am pretty sure its going to be amazing!

the writing style of this book is very similar to the first book and it did keep me hooked up from beginning till the end, no ifs and buts. This book is plain and simple my comfort book. actually, both are. The first and the second. As I said, this book deals with a lot of elements all together. it should be hectic, complex and hard to consume, but it is the exact opposite of that. The experience is warm, cosy and very welcoming. I would actually like to come back to this book more often, I think it keeps me grounded.

coming to the plot of the book, its totally what I want from an urban fantasy. There is a perfect mix of everything you can put into a book without making it normal and conventional. The plot begins where the first book ended, the loose ends are almost all solved in this book. there is so much more magic happening in this book, we also explore more of the spirit realm and the lives of the elves. Tilla, Adam’s mother and Bobby, Adam’s brother are both more present this time, they are more loving and more real, partly because of what happened in the end of the first book, and partly because of their shared past.

A little information about the conflicts of the elves are hinting at a lot of things, possibly a war. The worldbuilding is quite fascinating, with elf lands and the spirit realm and a lot of other places. I was on a break from fantasy for quite a while now, because it was all getting very repetitive, but these books made me realise that fantasy is a unique and versatile genre and can be molded into a lot of different shapes. I’m glad I’m back to reading fantasy now! There a new take on literally every fantasy element in this book and it keeps getting better.

There is something about the way the author writes the narrative, it all blends together at one point creating something extraordinary that one might not have thought or predicted. The descriptions in the books are one of the most interesting parts because they feel very real and make you a part of the narrative. As a writer, I myself know how hard it is to capture a reader’s attention with little descriptions, and these books totally excel in that part.

I’m also honestly very clueless as to how I am going to express what I feel about this book, its a feeling that I don’t really know if it can be articulated into words. So I’ll just say, its a special book, the characters are special, the setting and the story is special. Please make sure to read it at least once!!

Also, that climax. Trust me when I say it, you are not expecting what is going to happen. Its a totally unexpected and unpredictable end.
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In the second book of the Adam Binder series we have two prospectives. We follow Adam, back home in Guthrie, as he tries to solve a mystery. An evil druid is targeting his family and he needs to know who and why. The other timeline follows Vic, as he deals with some elven drama.

I love Adam, hes so adorable, sweet and kind. I liked the story, was very fun. This book was a quick read. I like the idea of a non-powerful magic user as the main character and, of course, the LGBTQ+ rep. I'm particularly attached to this series because I'm from Oklahoma. 

Only thing I wasn't too excited about was the cliff hanger at the end. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK.

Highly recommend this series if you want a light but fun queer fantasy.
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This is a fun romp.  Is there much substance here? Is it going to re-write the genre?  Nah.  But it's enjoyable as it is, with lots of fun aspects to the characters and the world they inhabit.  This is a nice, fun book to help cleanse your reading palate.
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Engaging follow-up to White Trash Warlock. Adam returns to Guthrie for his aunt's funeral. Some of his family and friends follow him, for varyious reasons. Secrets are uncovered.

I liked how the book zooms through its plot and reveals some of the Big Bads.
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Trailer Park Trickster by David Slayton.  This is book two in the Adam Binder series.  Book one "White Trash Warlock" ends with family secrets revealed and  Adam with "...the strange feeling of almost peace.  It was over. For now." And then with the apparition of his great aunt Sue's cat Adam bolts out of the house.  
Book two picks up as Adam arrives at Sue's trailer.  It is an action-packed adventure.  Adam tries to solve the mystery of the warlock from book one, uncovers more family secrets and tries to save everyone from the evil lurking.  Vic, rushing to Adam's side is sidetracked into a magical adventure of his own.  Throw in warlocks, druids, immortals at the brink of war, explosions, a pesky sheriff and the local on meth and Trailer Park Trickster a well-written, fun, fast-paced adventure.  Highly recommend - IF you have read book 1.  It would be quite difficult to jump into book two without knowing the background.  Other pesky annoyances - in Trailer Park Trickster they named the evil entity from book one "Mercy".  Ugh.  I get the name due to location.  But 'Mercy' doesn't not fit an ancient and horrifying spirit that was so destructive to Adam, Bobby, Annie, Vic and countless others. 
 Also, although book one ends in a bit of a cliff-hanger the evil has been defeated and the battle has been won.  In Trailer Park Trickster the book leaves the reader with a huge cliff-hanger:  the fate of one of the main characters left unknown.  Who wants to wait another year to find out the resolution?  Have I mentioned how much I hate clff-hangers?? 
Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for sharing this book with me in exchange for an unbiased review.  The description was intriguing enough that I bought book one and read it before jumping into book two.  Now if only David Slayton would publish the remainder of Adam's story in the next few weeks....
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This second book in the series was just as much fun as the first. No sophomore slump here. The world building and character development continues to be well done, and the story keeps you entertained to the last page!

Adam continues to be such a great character to spend time with. He is getting used to being a warlock and learning about what that means. He is also learning more about his family and his ancestors, which leads to learning more about who the dark druid is and what he wants. I loved all of the turmoil and doubts that Adam goes through in this book, it just makes him feel all the more like a real person.

Finally, we are seeing things through Vic’s point of view! I really liked him and enjoyed his journey in learning a little bit more about what being a reaper might mean. He spends most of his time with Argent and Silver in the Fae plane trying to avert a war, but he doesn’t completely understand what is going on and that gets him into a bit of a tight spot. I also liked his angst and eventually coming to terms with Adam and their connection, and their relationship and what he learned about Adam’s brother and mother in the first book. Vic certainly went on a major journey in this book, both emotionally and physically.

The world building is just as wonderful in this book as it was the first. I loved the sea elves and their sphere of water in the middle of the desert. The politics of the fae was messed up and very complicated, but still kept you wanting to know more.

The story was pretty complicated, and there were actually two stories going on here. Vic and Adam spend almost the entire book separated and when they were together they usually argued. The ending of course was a cliffhanger, and makes me want to pick up the next book right now! I can’t wait to see what happens to this couple and to this world.

A really well done second book that picks up right where the first one ended and continues the journey of some great characters. If you enjoyed the first book, you will not be disappointed by this one.
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It takes a lot to have a second great book in a series - and this one hit most of the mark! It's always difficult when you have a really phenomenal first book (which the first of this series was) but this one is a really wonderful follow-up. Slayton's talent is clear in his ability to create worlds and characters that seem so real - he creates really clear and full characters full of flaws and humanity. I would do this book a disservice if I didn't say one of my favorite parts of it is how it handles homophobia. The book doesn't dance around it and how it's handled is reads as very real -insidious in a way that very few authors can successfully write, and the representation offered in this book of LGBTQIA characters is so so well done.  I really enjoyed how Slayton created a magic system and used tarot hierarchy, and everything about how it's written reads as sincere without being cloying. I notoriously hate cliffhangers, and this is one, but I'm really excited for the third installment. 

I really really loved this book - the dual narratives, the characters, and a great second installment to a new urban fantasy series.

ARC received from NetGalley.
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This is the second book in David R. Slayton's Adam Binder series, <i>Trailer Park Trickster</i>. I was lucky enough to review both the first and second books for the author/publisher prior to publication. Although I am grateful for the ability to review the book, this analysis is completely free from coercion. 

Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this book, and it makes for a solid second book in the series. Does the second book have the newness and intrigue of the first one? For the most part. Is it as strong as the first book, I don't think so. I just think it's hard to follow up a stellar debut to a series with a book that's equal to or better than the first one a lot of the time. With that said, I still really enjoyed the book and devoured it.

Ultimately, I would still highly recommend this book to people who liked the first one. I think the book is a solid follow up to the initial novel in the series, and I look forward to seeing where this series goes in the future.
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What a great follow up to a great series. I find that Slayton has a way with creating such gripping worlds and characters.. and his way of including LGBTQIA+ rep is some of the best in the industry.
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You know, I liked this even better than book one.  Adam has had a crappy life but he’s still a kind and decent man. You really want things to wind up okay for him!  I also liked how much of a page turner this book was.  The pages fly by now that the author has set the world up in book one.  I’d really recommend this series to anyone that likes urban fantasy.
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Trailer Park Trickster basically picks up right where we left off in White Trash Warlock – with the newly minted warlock Adam Binder rushing home to Guthrie, knowing that something bad has befallen his beloved great-aunt Sue. Sure enough, when he gets there, Sue is gone. Her granddaughter will only tell Adam that she had a heart attack, and demands that Adam leave her and her mother alone. Seconds later, Sue’s trailer explodes, and Adam knows that the mysterious dark druid he’s been hunting down is likely to blame. 

The world-building in this series is impressive. I really like the magic system and the tarot-based elven hierarchy. The author’s descriptions are really fantastic, and I especially like the descriptions of the magical world that’s parallel to ours, as well as Adam’s descriptions of emotions as colors. I also liked the fragile, burgeoning trust between Adam and his family. He is still very wary of them, and rightfully so - but there are signs of healing. 

I’m glad we get Vic’s POV in this one. I liked him well enough in the first one but I felt like I didn’t really connect to him that well. He just seemed kind of bland-ish, honestly. We get more of his thoughts, his motivations, and his personality in this book through the POV sections.  

Representation: Gay & Bi main characters, Latinx main and side characters, black side character 

Tw: homophobia
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Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this book!

Trailer Park Trickster, the second book in the Adam Binder series, finds Adam back in his hometown facing down the darkness. There's an evil that's targeting the binder family, and in order to keep them safe, Adam has to figure out why the Binder line seems cursed. Meanwhile, Vic finds himself with Argent and Silver in the other world, getting mixed up in fae politics while worrying about his silent link with Adam.

David Slayton has a really great way with words. We see that again in the second book, and his voice for Adam especially is always so clear and heartfelt. I really enjoyed Adam's parts in this book. Seeing him play detective with his brother and mother, trying to put aside all the trauma of his childhood and the hurts they'd both dealt him added an extra layer of depth to the story that I really enjoyed.

Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy Vic's bits as much. I assume we'll find out more about what happened in the fae courts later, but it just felt a bit unfinished in this book. Like it was information we needed so Vic was put there to provide it to us, but that's really the extent of it. I think seeing that world would've been a better experience if Adam had been there and we got to see further than we did, so I'm hoping in book 3 it'll feel more satisfying. 

The book ends on a cliffhanger that I actually enjoyed! The end of the book was great and I can't wait for book three!
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I read and fell in love with the first book in the Adam Binder series, [book:White Trash Warlock|53255694] by David R. Slayton last Autumn, and I am pleased to say I liked its sequel even better. 

Trailer Park Trickster isn't burdened by the need to introduce us to the characters we met in the first book, so it starts right in the middle of the action, where the first book leaves off. I was so happy to be back in this strange and beautiful world, with characters that felt like friends I haven't seen in a while, and in this book the world is even bigger. I loved seeing the Sea Elves, the Sea Upon the Land, and the Floating City; Slayton is a master at creating and describing fantastic locales. 

Even more so than the first book, Trailer Park Trickster is a character study, and Slayton paints his characters with vivid descriptions and personalities. I enjoyed meeting more of Adam's family in this book. The Binders truly feel like a family, with flaws and quirks. I found myself hating Jodi and Noreen with all the intensity of the characters in the story, and rooting for Adam and Vic's relationship throughout. 

Speaking of  Adam and Vic, if I had one criticism, it would be that I didn't get nearly enough of them together in this book! I only remember them kissing one time. The main plot is complex and engaging enough that it already feels like a full story, but I would love to see more of Adam and Vic's relationship in the next installment, especially considering the tests they overcome in this one. 

Another strength of this book is that Slayton gives the issue of homophobia a more prominent role, and handles it in stride. Oftentimes, I've found that this is a tough issue for authors to include and resolve in a way that is both organic to the story and true to life. But Slayton's homophobic characters are not caricatures, and their actions are not swept under the rug, nor are they wrapped up neatly with a bow. The sheriff Early is a good example of a realistic portrayal of homophobia, the  casual, insidious kind that often occurs in real life, the kind that the perpetrator may not even realize is offensive. Jodi and her mother are good examples of the venomous kind of homophobia that is used purposefully to belittle and invalidate.

And then, the ending. Without giving anything away, it was exciting and infuriating. All I can say is, I NEED book three, like, yesterday.

I would definitely recommend this book to urban fantasy lovers, fans of rural lit, and gay readers who don't see themselves represented in the vast majority of the genre. It is so refreshing to see diversity brought to a genre that has for so long been about straight, white men and damsels in distress.
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I ADORED White Trash Warlock, and Adam Binder is the sweetest most chaotic cinnamon role there is.

And Trailer Park Trickster only delivered more of Adam and the world that David has built. And this extending of the world building is what I love most about TPT. In WTW we see small glimpses of the grand magical world that exist in Adam Binder's life, but in this sequel we dive into. The plot thickens, and we see more of how the magical races live and act.

Adam's core story is close to home. He sit hunting down a druid hell bent on harming his family. And Adam is the only one that can deal with it. But we see the threads of a greater story being told in the background. Of elves and magical worlds that are a wonder to picture. David has a vivid vision of his world, and captures it neatly on the page.

Mysteries abound that are yet undiscovered, and like WTW we are left on a cliffhanger that has left me wanting more more more! What is Adam willing to give to help those he loves? That is always the question of Adam Binder.

If you loved WTW you will be obsessed with TPT. If you, like me, wanted more details about the magical world of Adam Binder, you will get those in this book. 

Now, the wait for book three...
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