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I'm a music journalist who covers a wide range of music genres and periods (1920s to 2020s) and I do listen to lots of CDs. i was curious about this book and requested a pdf which arrived promptly. I looked at the list of artists and - other than Wesley Stace who lives in Philadelphia where I live and USED TO use the stage name of John Wesley Harding - and Adam Schlesinger (who i know from Fountains of Wayne and the Tom Hanks film "The Way You Do", the others were not familiar. While reading the text and looking at Really great photos, I realized that most of these "Stars of the 90s" were, in most cases not tattooed or punkish. the looked like middle-age or older folks.  
I liked the look of the book. I will say you you look at the list of artists covered. if you know at least half of them, this is for you. I can't say if the musical styles of these performers is Alt-rock, New Wave, or Punk, but there is no one here you would find on general radio station.
So I'm giving the book a four star rating for graphics and text a an passing on rating the relevance to me. That I'm not qualified to do as , except for those mentioned above, I've not heard their music
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Beautiful Photography and Interesting Interviews
This book by Mike Hipple has neat interviews and gorgeous portrait photography of some of the biggest musical influences of the 90’s. If you grew up listening to 90’s alternative and rock like I did and wonder what those musicians are up to now, this book is for you! Great for the music lover on your gift list. 

**Thank you to Mike Hipple, Girl Friday Books, and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review**
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Good as a quick book to skim through for your favorite artists, and skip ones you don’t know. Maybe a coffee table book.
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Did not finish. Wasn’t my writing style. Tried to read it three times. Just couldn’t get into it. Thank you for the opportunity to read it
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I found Lived Through That by Mike Hipple to be a fun read that both took me back to that time and brought all of these artists into my present. This is largely for a nostalgia trip (or three) but does serve to remind us that these people have aged and changed just as we have.

By the way, the subtitle of the book is '90s Musicians Today, so this is not a history of the 90s, this is about, wait for it..., 90s musicians today. Not really all that confusing, but read the whole title so you'll know what you're reading. Poor reading comprehension is not the book's fault.

If you were into alternative/college radio/pop at all during the 1990s you'll recognize most if not all of the bands and artists. I have only kept up with a handful of them so this was a wonderful chance to learn what has happened in the interim and, in a few cases, start following them again in their new directions.

Whether you remember a particular artist or not, Hipple makes going back to the 90s real easy by including a few essential songs. This is great whether it serves as an introduction to them or as the beginning of a rabbit hole of nostalgia.

I would recommend this to anyone who remembers the music of the time and wonders what happened with some of the artists. The short excerpts of the interviews offers a slightly different, and for my taste better, perspective than many "where are they now" projects. Most tend toward a narrator sensationalizing the artist's ups and downs, while here we have the artist telling us what they have been and are currently doing. I much prefer hearing from them than some narrator.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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I was really expecting to enjoy this more than I did, and for that, I feel terrible. The 90s are an era of music I adore, and while I am not hip and cool enough to know all of the musicians here, I knew enough of them that it was a pleasant blast from the past, and I found myself looking up a lot of music on YouTube, being reacquainted with the songs of my early days in New York City. I don't know if it was me or the description, but I expected this to a romp through the era as it unfurled - that we would see and hear the musicians as they came on the scene, that we would be there as the scene unfurled. However, this was a collection of "Where are they now?" essays. Which would be fine except... where they are now just isn't that interesting. The pandemic is mentioned over and over, so most of them aren't even touring or making new music. (A few have learned how to do this primarily online.) So while it worked as a nice memory jogger, it wasn't the compelling read I was counting on. Others will probably enjoy it a lot more.
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Lived Through That features candid portraits and brief interviews with dozens of alternative musicians from the 90s. I loved the variety of artists featured, many being lesser known but fantastic. My favorites were: Anna Waronker (That Dog), Mary Lou Lord, Speech (Arrested Development), Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), etc. A perfect coffee table book for anyone who loved 90s alternative. 

Thank you Girl Friday Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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This book was ok. I expected something different. For the subjects written about, the writing was good. For fans of the subjects, this would be an interesting read. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and publisher for the arc of this book in return for my honest review. Receiving the book in this manner had no bearing on this review.
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