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Christmas with the Cornish Girls

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This is the second book in The Cornish Girls series and picks up in the wake of Wartime with the Cornish Girls and in the lead up to Christmas 1941.  I haven’t read the first book and although some of the same characters feature in this second book, it is a self-contained story that works well as a stand-alone.  The story picks up in October 1941 in Porthcurno, West Cornwall with eighteen-year-old Lily Fisher, her younger sister, aunt and gran having left Dagenham for the relative safety of the countryside four months earlier.  Eva Ryder, a family friend and daughter of the Colonel who heads up the Eastern House listening post, has recently taken a job as a nurse at Symmonds Hall Convalescent Home For Wounded Servicemen in St Ives to be near the American airman who saved her life.  

When an vacancy arises and Eva contacts Lily with an offer to become a trainee in the officers’ convalescent home it gives Lily an opportunity to get away from the bad memories of a handsy great-uncle.  In immediate charge of Eva and Lily is forbidding Sister Rose Gray who has resigned herself to the fact that when her younger sister returns from her war work she will marry Dr Lewis Lanyon, a man whom Rose works alongside and also loves.  An orphan herself, Rose, has other pressing concerns about what she suspects is mistreatment of the children residing at the adjoining orphanage, also financed by the benefactress of Symmonds Hall.  Meanwhile new girl, Lily, is charged with organising the residents Christmas party on a rationed, shoestring budget and Eva is struggling to stop her American pilot, Flight Lieutenant Max Carmichael, giving up all hopes of recovery from his spinal injury and marrying her.  

Unfortunately this novel felt like a pretty weak example of wartime sagas and left me with the distinct impression that the author had simply read a few, bypassed the research and knocked her own saga series out.  In the book Lily Fisher’s family come from Dagenham which is not the East End and wasn’t even considered to be in London until 1965 yet the author persists in using the two locations interchangeably.  It was sloppiness like this which characterised the entire book with Eva, a Colonel’s daughter who had been to finishing school, occasionally speaking in the manner of Lily from Dagenham rather than with the plummy voice she was described as having.  An undemanding and heartwarming read, albeit a very predictable one that is eminently guessable from early on.
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Christmas with the Cornish Girls
by Betty Walker
Pub Date 25 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 27 Nov 2021
Avon Books UK, Avon

General Fiction (Adult) |  Historical Fiction |  Women's Fiction

A feel good story bringing together three young women together in sisterhood during wartime in 1941 at a convalescent home in St Ives Cornwall. Lily a shy 18 year old just gone through some non-wartime trauma wishes to hide away from everything then decides to do her part for the war she goes to St Ives. Lily decided to work alongside with Eva her friend who went into nursing to nurse Max an American pilot back to health. Sister Rose is changing from holding her closed heart to becoming open and letting both Lily and Eva become friends with her. Rose not liking how orphans are being mistreated next door goes to find out what’s happening. Certainly a beautiful heartwarming story which details relationships and friendships the three Cornish girls are embracing during wartime. 

 Even with being a second book of a series Wartime with the Cornish Girls; it’s rather easy to pick up the story without reading the first book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read historical fiction- romance, wartime fiction- romance or womens fiction. 

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for this lovely charming book

the second book in this series and i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the characters i met in the first book

a feel good book this with plenty to keep you entertained and a glimpse into the world of nursing  during the 2nd world war and the strange laws that women had to live by

we are introduced to some new characters in this book and  to St Ives where eva and lily are now based nursing at a convalescent home for injured soldiers, and next door is an orphanage 

thoroughly enjoyed this one and looking forward to the next book in this series
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The Cornish Girls Book 2

1941. The bombs still fall, but in St. Ives Christmas is finally approaching for the Cornish Girls

With the war ongoing, Lily is feeling anything but festive. That is, until Eva asks if she'll join her in working at an officers convalescent home, lifting her spirits no end. Rose suspects the local orphanage is mistreating its charges - and it's her job to uncover the truth before it's too late.

Lily. Eva and Hazel are back and we have a new character, Rose. The story mainly focuses on Lily and Eva. We follow the women through their everyday trials and their hopes and dreams for the future. Next to the convalescent home is an orphanage and we meet a young bit, Jimmy. Rose is concerned that the orphanage is not being run properly.

As this story does not carry on where the first book left off, it could easily be read as a standalone. It's an easy to read book with some lovely characters. I like the friendship between the women and the character development. There's a little romance too. This is a great read.
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I loved the first book in this series and this one was just as good. It’s better if you’ve read the first one as the same characters appear in this book  and you need to know the back story. This one was very festive as well as a little bit sad but with a happy ending which is always a plus. I do hope there is more to co e in this series as I’d love to know what happens to these characters after Christmas. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review. This
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Loved this book from the off.  We join Nurse Eva and Sister Gray (Rose) in the convalescent home for the wounded soldiers.
Eva is passionate about trying to get Max mobile again after he helped her in an air raid previously.  Max is not willing to cooperate and refuses to see her.  Sister is determined to keep Eva away so as not to hinder Max’s treatment and to keep her away from Dr Lewis.
 Sister Gray also has a great desire to keep an eye on the young orphans in the Orphanage next door.
 Young Lily joins the home to train as a nurse but gets a bit more than she bargained for when there is an air raid on the day her family visit.
There is lots going on to keep you glued to the pages while being a gently story along the way.
Look forward to more books by this author.
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I really liked this! I plan on reading it again to read slowly, as this is such a cozy reading experience and setting. And I think I joined in on the middle of a series? So I need to remedy that. :)
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I love a good series especially a WWII saga & this is certainly one I’m enjoying following.
This story follows Lily & her decision to be a trainee nurse working in an officers convalescent home in St. Ives Cornwall.
Her friend Eva has persuaded her to accept the job there where she herself is a nurse.
Their paths cross quite a lot with the formidable ward sister Rose Gray.
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I read this book in a day. I could not put it down. Thoroughly enjoyable historical fiction. It was so lovely to catch up with the characters from the previous book and be introduced to some new ones. I had such a joyous feeling by the end of the book. It made my little heart happy. A wonderful festive read and I really hope that there's another book in the series, I feel like we need to know what happened Ernest so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and Betty Walker for the chance to read this book, 

I had read the first book in this series and thoroughly enjoyed it so was really looking forward to this book and was delighted to be able to read the ARC.

Again a heart warming tale about friends and acquaintances living in Porthcurno and around St. Ives in Cornwall. It was lovely to meet old characters and find out their continuing stories and meeting new ones. This time the story is centred around a convalescent home for injured servicemen and an orphanage which appear to be in the same stately home. They share a basement used for an air raid shelter.
I had little idea that bombs fell so close to the Cornish coast though I suppose they would have been on their way to bomb the Plymouth Docks. But they did and had an impact on the orphanage side of the building which had far reaching consequences.
As in sagas of this genre there was love, loss and misunderstandings but this added to the general ambience of the story.
Again a triumph for Betty Walker and I sincerely hope that there is a third in the series to come

Thank you again for all involved in mu opportunity to read this book
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It's 1941 and Eva, Lily and Rose are all working at a convalescent facility for wounded soldiers in Cornwall.  These three women are quite different from one another but united in their efforts to help the men, the children in the orphanage, and each other.  It's a light, positive read with good characters.  I missed the first book but that wasn't a problem at all- I found myself caring about everyone here immediately.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. A good read.
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Lily Fisher is living in Porthcurno, West Cornwall in 1941, her family’s home in London was destroyed during an air raid, and Lily, her gran Sheila, Aunty Violet and younger sister Alice are all living in a small cottage, and working as cleaners at Eastern House. Lily’s given the opportunity to work as a trainee nurse at Symmonds Hall Convalescent Home near St. Ives, and she’s nervous about leaving her family. She enjoys helping the soldiers, working with her friend Eva, and they want her to organize the Christmas party.

Eva Ryder is a nurse at the convalescent home, her father’s in charge of Eastern House in Cornwall and she’s knows Lily’s entire family. Eva recommended Lily to Sister Gray, Lily’s a sensible girl and she needs a change from cleaning at Porthcurno. Eva’s always getting into trouble with Sister Gray, she’s often running late and gets caught chatting to the patients. Flight Lieutenant Max Carmichael, saved Eva from serious harm in London and he’s recovering at the home. He’s rather dejected, he doesn’t think his condition will improve, Eva’s madly in love with Max, she’s sure he will get better and she’s used to getting her own way.

Sister Rose Gray is in charge of the wards at Symmonds Hall, she works closely with Dr Edmund Layons, Dr Lewis Layons and she has a secret crush on the younger doctor. Rose is concerned about the safety of the children living at the orphanage next door, they look thin, are forced to play outside in the cold weather, and she hears crying at night.

Christmas with the Cornish Girls is a delightful story about the nurses and doctors caring for the injured soldiers at the convalescent home during WW II, you get to know the staff and owner Lady Babs Symmonds, discover what’s happening at the orphanage, how Lily plans the Christmas party with the help from cook, Eva, the children are invited and it's a huge success. Characters from the first book in series Wartime with the Cornish Girls are included in the uplifting narrative, I loved both books by Betty Walker and five stars from me.
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This is the second installment in the Cornish Girls series. Set in the Cornish countryside on a backdrop of WWII. In this one we mainly follow Eva and Lily who begin to work as nurses in St. Ives; a short way away from Porthcurno. They are working in Symmonds Hall, a large manor that has been converted to a convalescent home for wounded soldiers. Along with the girls we already know we also meet Rose, and the doctors at the home along with some  of the wounded soldiers. Lily is tasked with planning the Christmas party for all the patrons, which can prove quite difficult in wartime. 

Walker's second installment in the Cornish girls series is a heartwarming take on a war novel. The relationships between the women are wonderful. it really is a novel that shows that adversity brings people together. I loved that we still got to hear about the women in the first book, and that we got new characters to love in this one. It can be read as a stand alone, but much more enjoyable in order.
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Set in 1941 England, this heartwarming and beautiful story is Christmas-y, yet definitely not necessary to only read during the Christmas season.  Betty Walker writes beautifully with strength in her words and (mainly) lovely but realistically flawed characters.  This is the second book in her series and is as wonderful as the first with familiar dear characters and new ones as well.  We read of relationships, especially those of female friends and beloveds, heartache, uncertainty and hope. 

Young Lily has fewer life experiences but learns quickly in her new occupation as a nurse (assistant) in a convalescence home for injured soldiers.  Her personality is sweet and eager which bodes well in her planning of the annual Christmas party for injured soldiers and orphans who live in the orphanage.  

Eva is beautiful and an excellent nurse and seems to turn the heads of most men.  But she is only interested in one and is fiercely loyal to him.  He returns home and is severely injured.

Rose, a new character, is a strict ward sister but has a compassionate heart.  She is alarmed by what she sees at the orphanage and acts on it.  

Soldiers are also introduced as are many historical details such as air raids and drills.  I really enjoyed the interactions and thoughts of the characters.  Some lack confidence, others discover abilities they did not realize they had.  All of them are different yet complementary.  I am eager to find out what happens with these characters and storylines in the next book!  

If you are into Historical Fiction, especially during WWII, do read this series.  You will be glad you did.

My sincere thank you to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for the privilege of reading this clean, endearing and delightful book.
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Another wonderful Cornish girl book. Some familiar characters and some new one. Lots of  exciting st Rory threads and of course the romance. A great read  at anytime of year, not just Christmas.
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Another fantastic book by Betty Walker revisiting The Cornish Girls. Its best to have read the other book first as it gives details and perspective to the characters. Following the lives of different Cornish characters who are linked by Symmonds Hall a convalescent home for WW2 injured service men Lily and Eva from book 1 take up positions as nurses. It has a great feel good factor whilst leaving you to deal with various emotions along the way. Thanks to Betty Walker her publisher and NetGalley.
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I really enjoyed Wartime with the Cornish Girls and couldn't wait to catch up with Eva and Lily, believable characters who I grew so fond of. 
Christmas with the Cornish Girls is the second in the series and although it can be read as a stand-alone, this being a new story, I would recommend that you read the first book in the series to begin with, just so you get to know the wonderful characters that feature in both books.
Eva and Lily start working at Symmonds Hall, a convalescent home for injured war veterans, and coming up to Christmas 1941,  the staff want to give the men the best Christmas that they can. 
But with so much going on, will they be successful? and will they  be able to  sort out their private lives? To be honest, I was unsure whether Lily would be able to cope with the job of nursing these physically and mentally damaged men. She's always had her sister, Alice, Aunty Vi, and feisty Gran to look out for her, but now she's alone with Eva and some staff who aren't so friendly - Sister Rose Gray.
As the story progressed, my opinion of Rose changed. I understood why she came across as cold, and because of her concerns in regards to what may be going on in the Orphanage attached to the home. I found myself really liking her and rooting for her. 
All three girls are strong-willed and I felt that I was there in the home - the sights, sounds, every description was so clear due to the authors brilliant writing.
I found myself thinking of the characters when I wasn't reading, and needed to know what else would happen.
I felt so proud of Lily, away from her family, and having had a rough time in the past, she really blossomed and dealt with everything that was thrown at her. 
I really hope that there will be another book to come. I highly recommend this series!

This is my honest and unbiased review.
Thank you
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A magical story
The second in the series  set in Cornwall  in WW2.  It was am easy to read book and can be a stand alone as it doesn't  carry on from book one.
But over all I loved it perfect  for  Christmas.
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The story of The Cornish Girls continues in this second book in the series. Christmas 1941. Eva, Lily and Rose work in a convalescent home for wounded soldiers. The war has had an effect on all aspects of life. But, the holidays are a season of light and hope even during wartime. 

These books would make an excellent PBS series. The stories remind me of The Land Girls or Home Fires. Enjoyable characters, dramatic events and heartwarming emotions. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop! I found myself sneaking moments of reading in whenever I could just to find out what happens next. I can only imagine what it was like for the people who actually experienced this era in world history. So much change, uncertainty, loss, violence and upheaval. It would have been so difficult to adapt and survive. But little bright spots like the holidays back then must have meant so much. 

Another great book by Betty Walker. Can't wait to read the next one! 

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Avon Books. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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The second book in the Cornish Girls saga which can be read as a stand alone but you get more enjoyment if you read them in order.
We meet some of the characters from the first book again. This time we follow Eva who's started working at a convalescence home for wounded soldiers, which was previously a stately home and was handed over for the duration by it's owner. Lily also arrives to work there and we see a huge transformation in her character. She really grows up and learns to deal better with life.
Part of the building is used as an orphanage and a large part of the story is played out around the children living there.
I didn't enjoy this one as much as the last. I still can't take to Eva. I know she's driven but she steamrollers everyone into her way of thinking without regard for their opinions or feelings. Quite a bit of it was dreary and I felt depressed at times reading it. There were an awful lot of thwarted passions.
Christmas was the highlight of the story. Dealing with war was not easy at any time and it shows you how difficult it was in this hospital situation.
Over all I enjoyed it and will be looking forward to the next one.

Grateful thanks to Avon and Netgalley for an early copy of this book to read.
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