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Christmas with the Cornish Girls

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I really enjoyed this World War II book set in Cornwall, at a convalescent home. Eva and Lily are caring for injured soldiers, alongside Sister Rose Gray. Eva is in love with one of the American airmen she is caring for, Max - can she persuade him that they are meant to be together? 

Adjacent to the home is an orphanage, where we meet young Jimmy. Rose is concerned that the orphanage is not being run correctly and is concerned for the children's safety - can she investigate without jeopardising her own job and position?

I really enjoyed this book, I hadn't read the first in the series but it made no difference to the understanding of this story. I did find the story arc of one character slightly abrupt in its ending which I didn't feel fit comfortably in the tale, but on the whole it was a lovely feel good book.
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Christmas is coming to Cornwall, England, no matter the war and air raids. Betty Walker continues The Cornish Girls Series with an attentive, warm-hearted glimpse into the lives and struggling relationships of Lily and Eva as they move from the top-secret listening post in Porthcurno up the coast to Symmonds Hall in St. Ives. Walker creates excellent backstory of the personalities and past of each character, so readers feel connected without reading Book #1, Wartime with the Cornish Girls. (Though a great read and highly recommended!) 
Symmonds Hall is staffed by two doctors and several rule abiding nurses. Next door is an orphanage run by the Treverricks, whose “parenting” techniques are highly questionable. A love triangle, the orphanage, and the children in the Treverrick’s care become a personal challenge for Nurse Rose. Betty Walker’s focus deftly shifts back and forth from developing adult relationships to the orphans’ tenuous situation.
With December 1941 approaching, Lily is tasked with organizing the annual Christmas party! Lily’s and Eva’s days are filled with a wheelchair bound patient, a burn victim, a pregnant visitor, and orphan rescue missions! Meanwhile, it’s an emotional relief to be involved in Lily’s party preparations-dicey at best, with paper chains and rationing. 
Christmas with the Cornish Girls will remind readers “that when things are at their darkest, love comes along to light the way.”
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With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early copy in return for an honest review.

I'll admit I was a bit confused at the beginning of the book as I expected it to be a continuation of the first book, but it is not. In fact, I don't think you have to read the first book to understand this book. Once I got past that confusion, I was immediately drawn into the stories of Rose, Eva, & Lily...and little Jimmy! So many of the World War 2 historical fiction books I have read take place in mainland Europe so I always enjoy the change of pace of reading a WW2 book set in England about the wartime efforts at home.
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I was a little disappointed at the beginning of the book, as I thought the story would carry on from the previous book and we would be based at the listening station.  But the book took us on a journey to a convalescent home with only two previous characters Lily and Eva being center stage.  This was very much a standalone book - you didn't need to have read the first Cornish Girls to enjoy it.
I very much got involved with the story and liked the link with the orphanage and we did have a little revisiting of the original characters which wove in very nicely with the story and the Christmas theme.  So you can safely say that I did enjoy the book in the end.
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A brilliant story, beautifully written and one which I couldn't put down.  It was lovely to catch up with the characters again from Betty's first book, Wartime With The Cornish Girls, although this one mainly focuses on Eva and Lily's story and a new character Rose.

Highly recommend and I look forward to more by Betty Walker in the future.
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Eva, Lily and Rose are continuing their lives in 1941 Cornwall and all are now working in the local convalescent hospital. Lily arrived as a result of cut backs in her previous work at a top secret listening post, Eva followed her sort of boyfriend after both were injured in a London air-raid (she'd gone up there from the listening post which was her family home currently under military control). Have to admit can't remember what Rose did in the previous book, if there at all, but she is a Sister here. The story revolves around their lives and loves and their developing friendships against some odds. Life in the convalescent home is never easy and the war never far away. Emotional times but happy endings. Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a long book and at 400 pages I thought it was going to take me forever to read.  But once I started I just couldn't stop.  I loved this book.  I love the characters, Lily, Eva and Rose as they were so easy to get to know and to like.  Oh and I love Christmas!

This is a heartwarming story that will get right into your heart, it is a story about dealing with all aspects of the war and how people help each other and love each other in these hard times.  There was a bit of everything in this book which makes it more readable and more enjoyable.

I love this book and have read there was another one before this so I will be checking that one out too.

Highly recommend this wonderful book.
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I very much enjoyed this WWII-era historical novel set mostly in a convalescent hospital for British military in St. Ives area, Cornwall. In 1941, a young woman, Lily Fisher, lives with her Gran, Aunty Violet and younger sister Alice in Porthcurno near Eastern House, a sensitive British war facility.  Lily, her Gran and Aunty Violet are employed as cleaners there. When one of the three has to be let go owing to financial constraints at the facility, Lily volunteers and through her friend Eva becomes a nurse’s aide at the St. Ives  facility which houses convalescing soldiers.  This is where most of the novel develops.

At the hospital, Lily begins to gain wider experience of life and men through meeting the nursing hierarchy, the stern Sister Gray and Matron, attending doctors Edmund and Lewis Lanyon, and the wounded patients.  As well, there are frightening German bombing runs during which nurses and patients who are able, have to evacuate to emergency shelters. Those unable need to be helped to be positioned under their beds. As well, the nurses and Lily become aware of the harsh conditions in the orphanage next door through acquaintance with the orphans and gradually strive to improve them in various ways.

There is excellent character development and growth through the book which I greatly enjoyed, and heartwarming friendships and romance too. I was drawn in and anxious to read the next chapters.

Sincere thanks to #netgalley for an advance reader’s copy of this novel. I have just ordered the first book in the series (this is the second) for myself as I so greatly enjoyed this one.
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I'm so pleased to be back with the Cornish Girls in book2. Eva is working in the convalescent home to be near the man she loves who is injured and doesn't want to see her . Lily begins her job there but doesn't have Eva's confidence.  We meet Rosie the ward sister who is very strict with staff and patents but is secretly in love with the local doctor.
Rosie feels something is very wrong with the children in the orphanage next door and vows to get to the bottom of even even if it means her losing her job.

I just loved this story. So many things happen in this book along with the laughter and tears.
Such a good reading. I'm hoping for another book in the series.
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This is the second book in a historical type series. I quite enjoyed this one.
It’s 1941, and Christmas is approaching in St. Ives…

Shy Lily wishes she could hide from the war. But when her friend Eva asks if Lily will join her in working at an officers’ convalescent home in St. Ives, Lily can’t refuse. There are officers to nurse back to health, and a Christmas party to plan…

Eva came to St. Ives to be near Max, the stranger who almost gave his life to protect hers. But now she’s there, the wounded pilot just keeps pushing her away.

Rose can’t help envying beautiful Eva, who turns too many heads. But when she suspects the orphanage next door is mistreating its charges, Eva is the only one who can help her uncover the truth…

Together, can they give the children, and the officers, the Christmas they all so deserve?
I loved each girls storyline but particularly loved the love story between Eva and Max. I love how even though it is a historical type novel many challenges we still face in today’s society women we’re dealing with back then. I definitely am interested to check out more books from this series.
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I absolutely loved this book. Superb story that kept me wanting to read more and didn’t want to put down.  Hope there is another one in the series as I will be first in the queue to read it. Highly recommended.
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An absolutely joyous read. I felt like I was living this story with the girls. One of those reads you just can't put down. Makes you appreciate what people went through in the second world war
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This is a fabulous book to read if you like wartime family saga's. Betty Walker writes a story that draws you in and has you wanting more. Excellent book 5*
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I really liked this book.  I have read quite a bit of these lighter war fiction books.  The girls seemed like friends I would have known.  As we follow them through lives' ups and down, I was cheering them on.  Love the bonds between them, their day to day lives, and their dreams for the future.  They were always there for each other.  Plus, with some Christmas cheer thrown in to top it off!  
Thanks Netgalley.
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The second book in the series and we follow the story of Lily and Eva while we meet new characters at a convalescent home at St Ives. What I loved about this book is the growth both Lily and Eva show. They learn more about themselves and find a new purpose in life. 

It is a wonderful, heartwarming story filled with hope that will entertain the reader for hours.
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This is the sequel to Wartime with the Cornish Girls, a book I also loved. This one is about nurses at a convalescent home in Cornwall during World War Two. Thanks to NetGalley and Avon books for the opportunity to read and review this book. Published in November 2021
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I love this book...Read the first one and always wondered what happened to the characters...Glad many of the characters manage to find happiness...
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How do you know you love reading a book, when you stay up late and you just have to know what happens next. With this book I had a few late nights, because I was enjoying it so much. And now I'm sad the book has finished.

For me I can highly recommend this book.
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This is the second book in the Cornish Girls series & it was lovely to catch up on these wonderful characters, 
I love a good series especially a WWII saga & this is certainly one I’m enjoying following.
This story follows Lily & her decision to be a trainee nurse working in an officers convalescent home in St. Ives Cornwall.
Her friend Eva has persuaded her to accept the job there where she herself is a nurse.
Their paths cross quite a lot with the formidable ward sister Rose Gray. 
Next door to the the convalescent home is an orphanage & there are nagging suspicions Mr & Mrs Treverrick who run the home are mistreating the children. 
Lots twists & turns to entertain you in this heartwarming read. 
People pulling together through adversity & enduring so much doing what they could for the war effort.
Looking forward to the next book in the series thoroughly enjoyed this well written captivating read.
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Another delightful story in the Cornish girls series. Hardship and loss during the war alleviated  by the kindness and community spirit of those left behind. This story addresses the needs of children as well as adults and was extremely moving in parts. Great conclusion.
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