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What a lovely cookbook! We have some food intolerances in our house, so we're always looking for new combos of some tried and true dishes. The photography in this book is impressive. I liked all the leveled up Breakfast ideas. I think this cookbook would make a great gift.
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This is more than a regular vegan cookbook, Dreena Burton spend a lot of time early on explaining the background to vegan living--ingredients, how to prepare them, how to chop and store, from the store to your own kitchen counter. There is a helpful FAQ as well, before you get into the recipes themselves. There were a number of recipes I would like to try, but some that didn't appeal as much. However, if you're vegan or wanting to go vegan for the kindness to animals or for the health, this is a nice introductory book to help you get there.
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Dreena does a wonderful job explaining her journey to a plant based whole food diet in a way that makes the reader consider that way of life as well. Her writing is simple yet profound. 
As a dietitian I am usually quite critical of cookbooks, but I believe Dreena dose a good job with her recipes and ideas. 
The photos in this book literally made my stomach growl. The only thing holding me back from a 5+ star would be some of the recipes were involved, but for the most part I would be willing to put in a little bit of effort for these delicious plant based options. 
I will definatly keep my eye out for more of her books in the future. 

Thank you Net Galley for this advanced copy read. I was not reimburst or paid for this honest review.
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Dreena Burton has done it again!  This book has everything from breakfast to burgers and soup to nuts (cheese) for vegans and non-vegans alike.  We have thoroughly enjoyed all of Dreena’s recipes we tried!
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Dreena’s Kind Kitchen by Dreena Burton is a great Vegan Cookbook with 100 recipes that aren’t difficult and won’t break the budget.  I am a recent Vegan and this cookbook gave me an easy way to start on a better and healthier lifestyle.  I really enjoyed the Lemon-Poppy Muffins, the White Bean and Corn Chowder and the 1-minute pasta.  I am looking forward to trying many more of these recipes.  
Thank You To NetGalley, the Author Dreena Burton and the Publisher BenBella for allowing me to discover a great way to enjoy the Vegan Life.
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Dreena is a genius and so warm and real that you would like to invite her to come cook in your kitchen and you are sure she would stay to do the dishes too.  Highly recommend!
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I had trouble with the digital format of the book. I downloaded it several times, but the text came out very pixelated and I couldn't read it easily. The pictures are gorgeous. From what I could read, the recipes looked easy to make and didn't have too many ingredients. I love that they are focused on whole foods. Many of the vegan cookbooks available include highly processed ingredients or unusual, hard to find ingredients. This is the type of cookbook I could have in my home collection and flip through regularly, knowing I'll find something delicious and easy that I'll probably have all the ingredients for on hand.
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I loved this one, it was full of pictures and the instructions super easy to follow up.

I liked that there’s was something for everything from breakfast to dessert, and she won me over with the baklava recipe I love greek food and specially sweets.

I will be trying so much on this books really, I do lots of preps for the week so it will help to have variety on that.
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The file unfortunately did not load well, even after re-downloading and reopening, so I could basically not read the text. The pictures of the recipes look very appetizing.
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This is a wonderful addition to any whole food, plant-based kitchen for beginners or those who have been eating this way for years.
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In this journey to kind eating - kind to animals, the planet and your own personal health - Dreena offers a look into her personal journey with a vegan lifestyle and how she shifted to a whole-food approach and lifestyle in the process. This is a go-to guide for healthy, oil-free, vegan cooking and eating and as everything Dreena does, it will be a treasure in your house, kitchen and your life.
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A lovely collection of straightforward recipes for delicious-sounding dishes that are both vegan and very low oil.  While there are a few ingredients you might not have already on your shelves, they will all be easily acquired in standard grocery stores.  Burton has an inviting writing style as well.  I especially appreciated her excellent breakfast section as well as all the salad dressing recipes.
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I’ve been a fan of Dreena Burton for years and one of her cookbooks has earned a place on my permanent cookbook shelf. This one was a bit of a mismatch for me - I’m not sure if it’s my season of life or my family’s food allergies/sensitivities, but I just wasn’t able to muster enthusiasm for the recipes here. We are not a vegan family, so your mileage may vary! I think seasoned vegans would be happy with this one - otherwise I might direct folks to check with their library before committing to purchase.
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Veggie Power!
Dreena Burton is a famous veg chef and author, well known on television and the web for over for 25 years.  The theme of this cookbook is recipes that are kind to our environment.  The recipes include family meals, special occasions meals, desserts, breakfasts and of course lunch and dinner. It's obvious that she has created this recipes with the consumer in mind as she includes short cuts and tips to ensure that the dishes work well for a family.  Her books are advice are not only good for the environment but also great for your health!  Some of the fantastics recipes includes:

  •  Lemon-Poppyseed Muffins
  •  Chipotle Chickpea Fries
  •  Beyond Beet Burgers
  •  Fiesta Taco Filling
  •  1-Minute Pasta Alfredo
Another  great addition is a  cooking troubleshooting section.  I loved that as there are a few tips that will make my cooking faster and of course tastier.  I think anyone in a hurry and wanting to eat healthy will enjoy this book immensely! This is a great book for you and also for a friend or family member trying to make changes.  #NetGalley #BenBellaPublishers #DreenasKindKitchen
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For over two decades, Dreena Burton has been creating and sharing her vegan recipes with the world. Once a strange fad, veganism and vegetarianism has become more mainstream, meaning that more people are choosing to adopt the lifestyle, or at least dabble in it. Unfortunately, as veganism has grown in popularity, so has the prominence of highly-processed vegan foods in the supermarket. Kind of defeats the purpose of veganism and vegetarianism a bit, don't you think? 

Her most recent book, Dreena's Kind Kitchen: 100 Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes to Enjoy Every Day is a welcome contrast to the highly-processed vegan/vegetarian foods that have become so ubiquitous on the stock market and in supermarkets over the last few years. 

In the early pages of the book, Dreena focuses on explaining how to source, clean, prepare, and store her whole-food ingredients, as well as explaining why a laundry list of substitutions may or may not work. Much of this information may be redundant for people who have long prepared meals that are veggie- or whole-food centric, but it's a great guide for those who are transitioning to a more veggie- or whole-food centric diet or those who are just starting to become responsible for their own meals. 

The handful of recipes that I've tried have been very easy to follow along with and the photographs of the recipes are quite enticing. In addition to the substitution information in the front of the book, Dreena offers plenty of substitution options in the recipes, when appropriate. And although I'm sure some people may have trouble sourcing some of the ingredients, I have had no trouble finding them in the suburbs of a mid-size east coast American city. 

My only (teeny, tiny) gripe is that some of the names of the recipes are a bit contrived and saccharine. But if that's the only thing I have to complain about, I'd say it's still a darn good book! 

Prior to the pandemic I maintained a fairly healthy, omnivorous diet, but since 2020 my food choices have definitely fallen down a slippery slope. I have made a concerted effort over the last few weeks to start placing veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, and other whole-foods in a more prominent role in my diet again, so this book came along at just the right time for me. I can definitely see myself incorporating several of Dreena's Kind Kitchen's recipes into my regular rotation.
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Dreena does it again with a great family cookbook filled with fun and tasty vegan recipes. Dreena does not disappoint.
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"Kindness in one area of our lives spills into another. If we connect to kindness on our plate, that connection manifests more kindness into our relationships..."

3.5 stars

No one is more surprised than me that I don't completely adore this cookbook. "Everyday Vegan" has been one of my staples since it came out, now with so many spills and wrinkled pages, it looks like an ancient forgotten text. Here though, oil is cut all the way out, nonstick pans are in, and so are some weird pretty hard to find ingredients, and I've been at veganism for about two decades. (vanilla bean powder and truffle zest I'm looking at you). It starts with some pretty basic info on storing produce, general philosophy, and FAQs. A few baked items are dry made as written, either from spelt flour, no oil/not enough fat, or a combination of those factors. I mean, if I'm making a brownie bite- I'm not looking for health food. I'm sure there are many in the "NO OIL OMG" movement that will appreciate this, but when I bake; I'm making a treat. Also no, I'm not making Italian dressing with water, and certainly not putting it in my pasta salad. 

There are some standouts, including potato croutons (though you do have to mke aquafaba), white bean and corn chowder, and beet burgers... I'll leave it to your imagination to if I had a dab of oil in the pan when I cooked them though. Because it's a burger. Honestly I wish the WFPBNO movement would just be better at putting that label on the front covers. There were some great salads and soups on the whole, which didn't take a lot of time or skill to make. 

It ends with a guide to cooking grains, a mini holiday advice section, what freezes the best, a metric conversion chart, and a pretty decent index.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This book was well photographed, with a healthy (pardon the pun) introduction on being kind to yourself and the earth by eating vegan. The recipes were actually vegan (unlike many books under the "vegan" category are vegetarian-based) with snazzy titles. We tried the No Butter No Chicken recipe, and we liked it very much. My husband and I are vegan-ish eaters, so we had many of the staples in our pantry, but this book would be a good introduction into the vegan lifestyle because it has many recipes that are vegan versions of meat recipes.

The only drawback that I see is that the author included a lot of salad and soup recipes, which comprised the bulk of the book. That's fine, but as a vegan-ish person, I want something more than salad and soup. I can find those recipes almost anywhere, in almost any variety. So if I saw this book in a store, I might not pick it up for that reason.
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This was a great cookbook and I really enjoyed reading through the recipes. I definitely found some that I will be making.
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YES PLEASE!! All these recipes looked so yummy and fun! I would love to say that I can't wait to try them myself, but I'll probably convince someone else to make them for me.
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