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Fern Watt’s delightful Adventure Dogs is a must have for all dog owners! With an abundance of fun ideas to enrich your dog’s life, plus gorgeous photos of dogs of diverse ages and breeds enjoying the activities suggested, it is a joyous celebration of canine companionship. Each adventure provides a bonding experience with your dog, and with adventures big and small (relaxing on the couch with a good treat or competing in thrilling herding, truffle hunting or hiking expeditions for example) you’ll be sure to find something for the special dog in your life to enjoy. Celebs in the dog world such as Seth Casteel (Underwater Dogs photographer & author), Dagger aka DogVinci (world famous canine painter), Falco (the dancing dog who wowed Simon Cowell), Courtney Dasher & Tuna (Dog Mom & Instagram sensation Tuna the chiweenie) and many more lend advice and inspiration. Watts also provides resources (contact info, locations, etc, of dog parks, dog friendly spas, hotels, activities) to fulfill your dog’s love of adventure. Her personal story of her relationship with her lovely dog Bette is heartwarming, and so much fun seeing Bette’s participation in these activities! I give it a full 5 paw/star rating!
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To put it simply, I loved this book. It's filled with great imagery and is a joy to read. It left me excited to explore the world with my two dogs. 

Just yesterday I was thinking about all of the experiences my oldest dog and I have shared over the last seven years, and how boring our lives have been in comparison since the beginning of the pandemic. This book gave me some ideas that I can implement in our daily life, sometimes without even leaving our own backyard. It even reminded me that I am overdue for a stop at the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, VT. A place that we drive by regularly but have never made the time to stop at.

I like to live by the motto "never leave the dogs behind" and this book has inspired me with so many new ways to experience life with them.

Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for the advance copy!
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This was the absolutely best dog book I ever have read. It also has beautiful pictures. The author talks about her beloved dog, Bette and all the fun things they have done together. 

Next, the Ritz Carlton in Puerto Rico has changed since I visited. Fur babies are now part of the fun. You can bring your dog and he can go on a kayak trip, ride a bicycle specially set up for dogs, or s/he can relax under a custom tee-pee. I want to book plane reservations tonight. 

If I decide I’d rather take a road trip, I can go to St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I know the way as I have been many times. I did not know they had Dog Mountain. Dogs can take lovely nature walks and enjoy the outdoors. The absolute best part though is a couple made a Dog Chapel. This is for people who have lost a beloved pet and can leave cards, messages, or a special note on the wall about their pet. The idea is to give some peace to the owners who are mourning their beloved family member. The Chapel is stunning. The benches are hand made of wood and held up with metal dog structures. The pictures are gorgeous. It looks so beautiful, but also so tranquil. 

Next, I want to go to Cottonwood, Idaho. There is a giant beagle structure, but it is not just to look at, this is also a functioning bed and breakfast. You can bring your pets and stay at the top head of the beagle. Again, the pictures tell the fun story. 

These are just a few of the great things you can do with your dog. I want my dog to get his Canine Good Citizen Award that the American Kennel Club gives out. He will need to practice a bit. Another option is to stop by Yale University. My Jasper can earn a PAWHD for participating in games designed by scientists at the Canine Cognition Center. 

These book was so much fun, but also reminds us that dogs are not hairy humans and different things interest them. They do not need as many material toys and outfits as we think. Even though I know my dog understands my conversations and the author’s dog understands her, we do know they are not human. By suggesting so many activities for your beloved dog it makes their lives better. Everyday they need to take good walks and be properly looked after. She ends by saying Make Fetch Happen more often. That is the only part I disagree with. My dog just does not get fetch. He is hilarious watching and running with the other dogs, but does not get that you pick something up and bring it back. Still, he likes to run with his dog cousins and watch and that is a fantastic way to spend time on the beach. 

Thank you NetGalley, Fern Watt, and Chronicle Books for an ARC of this book.
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Beautiful words, photos, and dogs!

Adventure Dogs opens with a chapter on types of walks.   Then it dives into physical adventures.   My dog and I are NOT athletic, so I gasped at some of the events.   Snowboarding.  Skijoring.  Even training as a Navy SEAL!

Other chapters give suggestions for vacations with your pooch and creative doggy excursions.  

A wonderful book!   Excuse me, my dog and I are going for a walk now.
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This is a book filled with the cutest dog photos ever. It has lots of ideas of things to try with your fur baby that are really different. It focuses on what might be fun for your dog and you, and help you give your dog their best life. It can help improve your life at the same time while you are out checking out these unique adventures. A really fun book, and you’ll love all the great pictures. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Fern Watt, and the publisher.
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Thank you to Fern Watt, NetGalley, and Chronicle Books for my ARC of “Adventure Dogs” in exchange for my honest review.

I was drawn to this book because my dogs are like my kids - I spoil them rotten and they come first in my life. I love taking them with me whenever and wherever I can and I, too, just like Fern, want them to have the best life. I rescue senior and/or special needs dogs so I want to give them all the love and adventures they can possibly soak up.

“Adventure Dogs” is such a sweet book that has multiple great suggestions and tips on how to help your dog live their best and most fulfilling life. There are activities that can be done at home, at the park, or in other more accessible areas where you just rethink some of the things you do with them. Then, there are the adventures you can take them on if you think your dog would enjoy hiking and more arduous exercises. There are suggestions for all different types of breeds, personalities, special needs, and take into consideration the owner’s abilities, too.

I loved how Watt collaborated with other well-known dogs, like Tuna Melts My Heart and others. I think it helps bring a wider perspective from all different dogs and their lives and how they and their owners have the adventure of a lifetime! It’s a great little book for new dog owners as well as more experienced dog owners. I’m still learning as I go since dogs are as unique as people with their preferences - this definitely gave me some ideas I’m going to try with my two doggos! It’s definitely a lovely book that would be great for yourself or as a present for others because it’s funny, sweet, sincere, and well-thought-out with some fantastic pictures!
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This was a cute and fun read! I do not have a dog but I do plan to have dogs in the near future, so this was a very educational and informative read to give ideas on how to make a relationship with a dog interesting and well-loved. It also gives tips on how to be closer to them, understand them and benefits for each activity. I recommend to all dog lovers and even to people who have yet to find their furry friends like me!
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This is such an incredibly fun book for dog lovers. It has a huge variety of activities and beautiful photography. I highly suggest this for any dog lover. Super fun read of ideas to try with my fur babies.
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This is tail wagging good fun.  The author, wanting to give her dog her best life, shares new and interesting things for humans to do with their fur babies.  It can be as simple as visiting dog friendly beaches and national parks.  Something more sporty like running a Canicross Race or competing in Dock Jumping.  Or doing things that take training like learning herding or truffle hunting.  I think there is something here for every type of dog whether it is a spa day or taking a road trip.  Of course the book has fun photos of different doggos doing the various activities.  This is an enjoyable and easy read that will delight dog lovers.  Thank you NetGalley and the authors for a temporary ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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Adventure Dogs is an amazing book that features a huge variety of activities with dogs. Stunning photography is contained throughout the book. I loved the inspiration for outings. Perfect for the adventurous dog owner! 

Thank you Chronicle Books and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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A doggity good time!  This darling book reads like a bucket list for all precocious pups and their adoring owners.  Whether you want to dig your paws in the sand at the nation's best dog beaches, discover canine-friendly national parks or pamper your four-legged fur baby at a pet-friendly lux resort, this book has it all. Not to mention, it's full of adorable photos featuring adventurous animals of all shapes and sizes living their very best lives! it's time to pack the biscuits and hit the road with my sweet Lab, Lucy!
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