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Ughh, how disappointing. I really expected to love this book!

Don't Lie to Me follows ex-FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas as she investigates a child kidnapping-murder case. I can't say I liked her or found her professional background believable by any means. She made plenty of questionable (at best) decisions and felt painfully incompetent throughout the investigation.

The plot has its issues (despite sounding so promising!) but the writing is where this book really fails in my opinion. Don't Lie to Me would've benefited greatly from further editing. The entire book felt repetitive and choppy, and the dialogue unnatural.

I was initially surprised to see this wasn't the author's debut novel, but then I saw they publish several books a year. The quality makes sense if it's rushed.

I'm sad I didn't enjoy this, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to review nonetheless. Big thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy!
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Eva Rae Thomas is former FBI. Following a sudden and unexpected divorce from her husband, she finds herself moving back to her home town with her three children. The change is supposed to be good for her family. However, she finds herself being pulled back, not only to her job or profiling and tracking down child abductors, but also to her personal childhood and the lies which haunt it.

Willow Rose's (Amazon affiliate link) Don't Lie to Me begins well, with an intriguing story set up. However, the set up is probably the best part of the book. The characters are rather two-dimensional, with some just being annoying and pointless to the story line. Eva Rae is an unbelievable protagonist and an unbelievable former Fed. The book seems to devolve into a ball of threads thrown together without cohesion.

On the positive side, this is a quick, easy read if you want something to pick up without thinking about the story.
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I like the idea of the story, ex-FBI returning to her hometown with her kids after her husband leaves her. Then she runs into ex boyfriend, is involved in the child-kidnapping-murder cases. First she investigates on her own and then as a police consultant. And there is also the story line of childhood best friend who is constantly abused, and the abduction of her sister when they were little girls and the plot gets more ridiculous with each chapter. If the author had just stuck to one theme and threaded more through upcoming books, I think it would have been a bit more believable.
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<i>Don't lie to me</i> by Willow Rose is one of those crime/mystery books that intrigue you in the beginning, and then it all falls apart, with poor writing and plot development, and a ridiculous plot twist. 

The book follows former FBI agent Eva Rae Thomas, who has returned to her hometown after a divorce, and finds herself entangled in the kidnappings and killings of kids in her town. She starts investigating along with an old friend and FBI agent, Matt Miller. They soon find out how unsettling and disturbing the case is, and realize they and their families are in danger too. 

The plot sounds pretty interesting, and so did the first few chapters of the book. But soon, the shallow and repititive writing becomes evident, along with the poor character development. I am someone who considers characters a major part of the book, and books with one-dimensional characters just don't work for me. In this book, things happened so fast, it was like the author wanted to just finish the story without giving the characters and plot enough time to develop. 

Disappointing plot twists are the worst, especially when it comes to mystery-thrillers, because "the big reveal" is what we are all waiting for in mysteries. When that turns out to be terrible, it spoils the whole book for me. The excitement, the thrill, it's all gone. I admit that the author gave some clues as to who the killer might be, but they weren't many, and they were very subtle. I know that clues are not meant to be given right in your face, but here it was almost negligible. When the killer's identity was finally revealed, it was outright disappointing, and also quite cliché. 

Eva Rae Thomas isn't that great of a protagonist. She isn't believable as a former FBI agent, because she doesn't follow any protocol at all and often jumps to conclusions. She can be excused a little in her role as a mom, becuase she's just got a divorce and is quite messed up. But still, she has three children and can't handle them at all. Matt, the FBI agent along with Eva Rae is a father, but not a great one at it. His son was missing for months, and he didn't realize that. His romance with Eva Rae was also not at all well-written. 

I read this book because the title appealed to me, and so did the plot description. I also found out that the author is bestselling. This piqued my interest in the book. Guess it wasn't worth it.
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Willow Rose tells a captivating story making readers question "How well do you think you really know someone" and "Who can you trust?" A fast-paced read, Don't Lie To Me takes the reader on a race to beat the clock before the air runs out and children are lost forever.
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I recently requested to read Dont Lie to Me. Upon request, I had no idea this was a part of a 9 book series. Once I started I was actually quite satisfied that I had started a series as it will give me something to beach read the next couple of weeks. 

I downloaded Dont Lie to me two days ago and woke up early this morning to finish prior to my work day.

This is a very easy read that follows the life of an Ex-FBI profiler, Eva Rae. Eva, has promised her children she is done with the force but when she finds out a child is dead and another one has been kidnapped, her natural instinct to help kicks in and she is forced to get involved. Matt Miller, an ex lover has enlisted her help and she is unable to turn away. 

Can Eva and Matt stop a serial killer or will they put their own lives in danger?
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Eva retired from the FBI and now is a newly single mother of three kids. She finds the body of a little girl that went missing from a summer camp. Eva comes out of retirement to help Cocoa Beach Detective Matt Miller to solve this murder. Honestly this is the first book i've read by Willow Rose, enough tho I collect her books when they are free on amazon. I like Eva, she is so relatable. Trying to be super mom, working and raising kids. I like detective novels and I surely will be checking out the rest of this series and the other series that WIllow Rose writes. I was previously interested in the Rebekka Franck series and kept putting further down the tbr list, now is the time. I highly recommend this book.
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Author Willow Rose has woven a great story with characters that you quickly grow to love & hate. Lots of twists & turns. Highly recommend.
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Good book! I really enjoyed reading this book! This book had suspense, action ,drama, intrigue and a great storyline! I'm going through all willow rose books now lol this is only my second one but I've loved them both! I definitely recommend reading this book and series! They're well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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I loved the mystery and suspense of this story. Getting to know a new character is always a plus. So many twists and turns that you don't expect. Another great story by Willow Rose.
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