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Hit the Road Hack has a great premise. Sadly the plot drags a bit and isn’t as coherent as other books by the author. Still a decent read and I did enjoy it.
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This one was not for me.
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2/5 stars! The premise of this story read like the introduction of an episode of "Bones," which for me is a good thing. The problem is the book did not live up to its premise. It was a drag, had pacing issues, and every character seemed to make the worst, most illogical decisions at every turn. It was a struggle to get through. I've read other books by this author, so this may just be a one-off but it wasn't for me.

I received an advance review copy for free through NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily
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This book had potential. It includes chapters told from the antagonist's perspective, which is different. I also liked that the book takes place in Florida. Being a Floridian myself, I recognized the names of the towns and cities references, plus topics such as the heat. However, this book contained too much info dumping - at one point, one character uses multiple paragraphs to tell a backstory. The dialogue was also frustrating. I found it too formal and did not use enough contractions. Therefore, it didn't sound realistic. I also had issues with the main character. For someone who is supposed to be a detective investigating a murder, he doesn't introduce himself as a detective or correct people when they refer to him as "officer," which would not happen. He also spends too much time in his personal life and not at work. It seems unrealistic that if there were a brutal murder, the main detective would be out surfing instead of trying to solve the murder. Additionally, there were too many subplots in this book. I understand that the author was trying to create more interest. However, I felt that it pulled away from the main story. The romance aspect was completely unbelievable as well. Unfortunately, I will not be recommending this book.
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The story "Hit the Road Jack" by Willow Rose was very surprising to me, as I had no idea that she would be able to create such a complex and unsettling world. The way the story was written was also very well thought-out. I was also surprised that the main character was able to survive the attack. Lots of heat and suspense.

I knew that Jack would be a great lead character, and the name of the series was Jack Ryder. He was a strong and handsome detective, with a great support system, and his kids are very precious. Also, I had no idea that Shannon would be such an interesting character, but I can't help but say that she is a caring person. I'm excited to read more of the Jack Ryder series.

The story is very good and mysterious, as it features a murder and the son being found in the bed next to his victim. Jack Ryder had moved to Cocoa Beach in order to get away from his job as a detective, but he is back in this type of work now. He can spend time with his family by surfing and playing with his twins. However, when he learns that there is another murder and a missing person in the community, he is not able to help but suspect that something is happening.
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This is the first book in the Jack Ryder series and it was fast paced, well written with a promising plot line. I found it to be a bit of a slow burn but it was easy to read and twisty. 
Thank you NetGalley, Buoy Media and the author for this eARC in exchange for my honest review. 
This book was published in 2015 and offered in the “Read Now” section of NetGalley. I was really curious to read something by this author as she has a huge and loyal fan base.
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Hit the Road, Jack was an intriguing mystery. The serial killer is hunting and brutally murdering unfaithful wives and terrorizing Cocoa Beach. He's literally so good at going undetected that the police don't know they have a serial killer. I have read and enjoyed a few of Willow Rose's books. Even though I enjoyed this one, it was my least favorite. The story is a captivating, twisting, mystery but I didn't always like the way it was told. The story switches between two first person narrators and to third person narration. On top of that it has flashbacks and several storylines. These diversions take a while to join the main plot. However, when it all comes together, hold on, because it becomes a wild ride!
Thank you, Willow Rose, Bouy Media and Net Galley for the DRC.
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Hit The Road Jack by Willow Rose is first book in a series. This is an intense serial killer mystery. Detective Jack Ryder is investigating the serial murderer known as “Snake Charmer”. He uses snakes to gain access to his victims. Told from multiple POV’s this is a fast-paced thriller. Lots of twists and turns keep you glued to your seat and turning pages. I have loved everything I have read by Willow Rose. She tells captivating stories that are always gripping thrillers. I will continue this series. Thanks to NetGalley and Buoy Media for this free eARC.
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With as many Willow Rose books as I've read, including the Jack Ryder series, it's hard to believe that I had NEVER read this one! What a pleasant surprise!  And I loved learning how Jack and Shannon met.  It's so hard to put down a WR book once  you're started!

The only negative I can come up with is the fact that so many people were having affairs/cheating on their spouses.  Yes, I know that was necessary for the plot line but was rather discouraging to think that these things really do happen.  Also, some of the sexual encounters were described.  Ick! 

Now I need to go looking to see if there are any other Willow Rose books I have missed. Thank you, NetGalley, for giving me this opportunity!
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First time reading Willow Rose but definitely won’t be my last. Awesome characters that kept me invested in the story. Great storyline and it was expertly delivered. Very well done. Lots of dark twists and turns. 
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book
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3 Stars
* * * 
I have loved police/detectives/etc. stories for a very long time. They have always kept me at the edge of my seat. Hit the Road, Jack by Willow Rose had many moments that kept me intrigued. 

There is a past and present that collide.
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This is the first book in a new series, and it sets the pace for a stunningly entertaining read!  I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and can't wait to tackle book number 2! Recommended.
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Hit the Road Jack, by Willow Rose. Oh wow! I am so glad that I have finally gotten the chance to read one of the most anticipated books from the popular author, Willow Rose. This book so did not disappoint me. I was hanging to every suspenseful corner that the writer took me in this thriller. 
I loved that there were a couple of scenes that had me shocked. I say I may have whiplashed my neck a couple of times, but those were the best parts to the book. I still do not know how Jack closed four cases at the same time. I mean dang, that’s a lot of paper work. The writer did a wonderful job with providing detailed information that explained actions or scenarios in the book. 
This definitely helped me understand things more clearly in the book. I though having Jack as a single dad with three kids is a good action hero to have. I was happy to read that Jack spent a lot of time with his kids. His character is very close to them. I would have like seen him have a closer relationship with Emily, and share conversations with her just as he does with the twins. 
I am still on the fence with introducing Shannon in as a love interest when Jack hasn’t connected that father daughter bond with Emily. Plus Emily’s character seems to except Jacks family, and it’s been ten years. I still believe that the book was a hit. I was excited to read the book and I was very much entertained by how all the stories tied together giving me a Big Bang in the end. I give this book two snaps and a, I will never look at toilets the same way again. 
Until next time my fellow readers… read on!
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I discovered Willow Rose on KU a while back  and cannot wait to read each and every one of her novels now.  "Hit the Road Jack" is a light, easy read but full of suspense. I loved this book so much and think it is a great start to a new series
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Willow Rose is an author who I have noticed but had never gotten around to reading. The titles of the books are interesting. Well, when I saw this on netgalley, it was the push I needed to finally try out one of her books.
Hit the road Jack is the first in the Jack Ryder series based in Cocoa Beach, Florida
Jack is a single dad with twins and an adopted teenager. He is a homicide detective who moved from the big city to a smaller town. He's hoping for much more relaxation and fewer murders to solve. It doesn't look like he will get what he's hoping for. 

There are several stories in different timelines happening in this crime drama. They will of course all connect at some point. My only complaint was each chapter started with a date but was sometimes difficult at first to realize who was speaking. 

This was a great start to a new series. I liked the characters and am interested to see how they develop over the next books in the series. 

This book published in 2015

Thanks to netgalley and Buoy Media for the complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review.
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A good start to what is hopefully a good series. Moved a bit slowly but ultimately was a good read
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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I did not mamage to finish this book as it is hard to read off my phone. But the portion I did read was very well written. I will likely buy this to read on my Kindle
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Like untangling a ball of string, there are many strands in this story that may seem confusing (many POVs and jumping different time lines) but this author knows how to sort it all out so that everything makes sense in the end. There are many twists and turns that will keep you riveted to the story. . I find this author’s books best to read in one sitting.  Because of the many different POVs so I find I get into a groove and can more easily identify the voice when I read it in one go.
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3.5 Stars!

This is my second Willow Rose book. I love the Cocoa Beach setting. I love the characters. The only reason I'm docking stars is due to the fact that as cute as the children are, it's hard to believe they speak in such adult language or take such adult actions. Otherwise, the story is a win. The twists and turns and tying the story up into a nice bow at the end was great. Jack Ryder is a great character. The killer and their motive was interesting. I didn't have it figured out until almost the end. I'm looking forward to continuing on with this series and checking out the rest of Willow's books. 

A special thank you to NetGalley, Buoy Media, and Willow Rose for providing me with a reader copy.
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Willow Rose's books are not for everyone.  They are not the normal, follow the guidebook to the desired destination type of books.  She writes a little bit of every genre ther is and will definitely mix them up to give a story a good twist.  That being said....I "buy" Rose's books without reading the synopsis.  Yes, many of her books are free, but I'd still buy them.  You are guaranteed a different kind of story that will cause you to say....HMMMM.  I recommend them to my reading family simply because they are different.  

This is the 1st book in the Jack Ryder series.  Ryder is a police detective who solves unusual crimes using unusual methods.  I found the book both enjoyable and a quick read.  Willow Rose is a prolific writer with an impressive back library.  Enjoy her work.
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