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Highly entertaining and emotionally thrilling journey from beginning to end. A thrilling, action packed and heart racing adventure filled with exciting twists, emotional turns, witty and engaging charters and pure edge of your seat excitement.
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Freed by Helen Hardt is book 18 in the Steel Brothers Saga. This is the story of Ashley White and
Dale Steel. I have been reading in and out of the series so I have been able to make some of the books standalone but I do wish I had read them in order to fully enjoy this series. Dale is struggling with his past that is coming full force into his present. Ashley has her own story of upset but the two together seem to help each other. This was a very moving that kept me turning the pages. I do recommend this book and of course this author's writing.
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Another fast paced, great read. You would think after many books in this series, it'd get old. But Hardt makes each book both interconnected to other characters, as well as its own piece. The characters and cliff hangers never get old.
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As Ashley and Dale becomes closer, Dale is trying to fight old demons.  He struggles with whether or not to let Ashley in.
This is book 18 in the series.  At a minimum, you need to read 16 and 17 first as these three books tell Dale and Ashley’s story.  I highly recommend you start from book 1, Craving, which can often be found free in Kindle version.
The fact that I am still reading the series at book 18 should speak wonders.  Helen Hardt is truly a master of telling dark stories.  These books are not your average romance reads.  They will, however, grab you and hold on until you e read them all.
This book in particular has more emotion than the others.  Dale’s struggle is so extreme that the reader is left wondering what will happen at the end.  Without giving too much away, know that Ms. Hardt does not disappoint with this book.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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This lady puts you through the emotional wringer. Not for the faint of heart.
It’s tough to read a story where someone is so completely disgusted with themselves that they can barely function. They are physically hard-working, brilliant, and focused. But emotionally they are a wreck.

This describes Dale completely. In Freed, the author has thrown so many emotional ups and downs into the story that it actually has a very dark edge. She finally gives up the deepest darkest secret that Dale holds about his past. It is graphic and not for the faint of heart.

This is definitely not a story for you if you are sensitive to harsh topics involving children. It was hard to read that part but yet it gives us so much insight into Dale’s emotional being and actions.

But Hardt does bring some light into the story to help balance everything. She is a gifted author that will tie you up in knots, tears running, but then let you down easily with an ending which gives you hope for the future and leads you into the next installment.

Freed is one you will never forget as Hardt this story with deep, emotional visuals; the intensity of their connection, their all consuming passion, and depth of love.

Heat level – high, depth of love – high, sigh factor level – high!
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