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Living With Cancer

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An emotional read!
I'm Living With Cancer

It's not always a death sentence!

"I first noticed the dimple on my breast in June, three months later, I was told, 'there is nothing to worry about.' I began to experience discomfort under my breast in September. By March of the following year, I could no longer wear a bra because of the pain. I had a mammogram in May and the results also concluded that nothing was wrong. By August, the pain became so intense, I had to revisit the radiologist. She did a ultrasound and discovered they had misread the mammogram. Not only did it show I had tumors in my breast, but they were CANCEROUS. Two years of misdiagnoses! My life is now in a tailspin. Nothing will ever be the same again. Nothing!"

This book is not only intended for cancer patients or survivors. It applies to anyone suffering from any debilitating disease, including diabetes, strokes, heart condition, severe depression, and any other life-threatening conditions.
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This is a great book for someone I know in my life fighting this horrible disease. It helps keep track of things, gets your emotions out, and help document your journey.
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In this book, "Living with Cancer :My Healing Journal" by Caroline Isador, we learn the story of Caroline finding out she has breast cancer and her treatment and healing journey. This is a great book for anyone going through cancer of any kind, but more specifically breast cancer. It may be useful for anyone going through a life threatening illness. She is honest and real.  It's informative and inspiring. The main thing she relies on is her faith in God to heal her, while also going through surgery and radiation. There is so much spirituality in here that may appeal to Christian readers.

I am a 5 year colon cancer survivor. My journey was different, but at the same time, some of the thought process was the same. I'm not religious to the degree of the author and those sections were not as valuable to me as I think it would be to others.  Aside from that, I related to much of her experience.
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