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I haven't read a Jeffrey Archer book for a long time and I must admit that I have missed out.  I quite enjoyed this book and will endeavour to read the 3 preceding titles.  The writing is a little disjointed in parts but that could be formatting of a preview copy.  Overall, an enjoyable book!
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I have never read a Jeffrey Archer book before, so Over My Dead Body is a debut read for me. While it is the fourth in the DCI William Warwick series it seemed to be fine as a stand-alone novel. 

The plot is very detailed and thorough, giving the reading the opportunity to fully understand all aspects of the story of which there are quite a few ‘lines of enquiry’ taking place. It is fast moving and as the plot and sub-plots develop there are plenty of twists weaving in and out.  

The characters are all interesting and also well developed. A police/detective story with good cops, bad cops, good bad guys and bad bad guys - quite a few grey areas there! I particularly liked Warwick who is definitely a good cop and Hogan who is a good cop but just gets a little bad doing good things…. 

Overall, this was an easy and fast, enjoyable read.

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I am always a fan of series which see the development of main characters in both their professional roles and personal lives. It's why the Cormoron Strike Novels are one of my favourites. Since reading this and the 3 before, its become too light and there is no real depth to the story. The continuation of the Faulker storyline feels a little tiresome and is being kept on for something to write. 
I hope there is a different direction for any future books and we see far more depth and personal exploration brought in.
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This is the fourth one in the series and the only previous one that I've read is the first one. I need to catch up!

Young William Warwick is now Detective Chief Inspector in charge of an excellent team. However, he has a lot on his plate in a wild chase to catch the intrepid art forger and collector Miles Faulkner, who has escaped from jail, and was pronounced dead. The chase takes him from London to Barcelona and Switzerland. He also has to decide where Miles's beautiful wife's loyalties lie, because she is friendly with his wife Beth, now the mother of twins.

Mile's mendacious lawyer tracks down their footsteps, often warning him about the movements of the police, and he also helps other nasty criminals. Meanwhile, there is a wife murderer on the loose. Can his new wife be warned?

This is an entertaining romp through the glamorous underworld of art forgers, with some side-stories. William is an extremely likeable character, as is his wife Beth. There were a minor flaws in the research, I thought, but not enough to detract from a highly enjoyable story. I am dying to read the other two!

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3.5 stars. This is book four in Jeffrey Archer’s William Warwick series and, I think, the best so far. 

Warwick is now a Chief Inspector but is still chasing his old adversary Miles Faulkner. 

The book is filled with all the usual characters and a few new ones. 

It’s a bit grittier than the first three books, with former undercover officer Ross Hogan playing a larger role and going rogue after a personal setback. 

But I’d still describe it as a cosy mystery. Nothing too gruesome for the faint of heart. 

For all that, it’s a highly entertaining romp, and is as carefully plotted as ever. And clearly as carefully researched as always. 

A real page turner that won’t disappoint Archer fans. He really is a master storyteller - and I’m already looking forward to the next instalment in the series. 

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Detective William Warwick doesn’t believe criminal mastermind Miles Faulkner is dead even though he attended his funeral. He and his team have other cold murder cases to solve too. The book starts with Warwick and his wife on a holiday cruise just the right place to investigate a family murder. This section reads like a separate short story really. This was an easy read, it’s fast paced, the story isn’t too complicated and the resolutions of the various cases are well done. Enjoyable.
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Another thrilling William W and Miles F novel.
Wow.  I’m really loving where Archer is taking these characters and the storyline’s he is creating.
Brilliantly written, with twists and a couple side stories off the main Miles Faulkner hunt, but it all blends so smoothly and finishes in true Archer style, ensuring that we are waiting on the edge of our seat for the next book.
Looking forward to the continuation of the warwick novels.
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