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I Am My Beloveds

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Tremendously insightful and well-written book that plumbs the dramas of married life when the love is not quite as mutual as it was when the marriage started.
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This seemed interesting at first, espesially the blurb. But meh. I did not like any of the characters, Ben espesially was boring and bland. The chemistry was non-existent and made the smut just boring.
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Ben and Shira are navigating marriage post-infertility, which now includes being a polyamorous couple. While the topic is uncommon in contemporary fiction, the dialogue and characters were frustrating and at times not believable. Nevertheless, the plot was compelling enough to want to keep reading.
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Very well written story about love, marriage and relationships in different shapes and sizes. It was written with real, raw emotion from every angle, and I found I had to know how it ended.
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This book starts quite well. A secular Jewish couple are in an open relationship because Shira, the wife wants to be. Ben, the husband, goes along with it because he doesn't want to lose Shira. Shira is sad because she cannot have babies. It feels like the author has listened to a LOT of Dan Savage - some of the phrases here are frequently used by Dan.
the second half it goes downhill fast. I'll try to avoid spoilers, while still explaining why. The characters, who felt somewhat 'real" if not likeable in the first half, become interchangeable, actively unpleasant but also written really thinly. Every conversation between any of the the four people involved in the relationship psychodrama turns into a fight. Every fight is resolved by someone saying they know they can do better, how can they do better. No-one actually knows how to communicate honestly. Ben and Shira don't need lovers, they need friends and hobbies. Ben, it is true, runs a lot. And if you have a major loss or trauma, get some professional help to work it out. And I do not, for a second, believe Shira's parents would have reacted the way they did to her news.

Three stars for the first half. Two for the second. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free e-Arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley, The Story Plant publishers, and also The Book Club Cookbook group for setting up access for myself and my bookclub for this book, we appreciate the chance to talk about this book in a future meeting!  I read this one before our meeting in order to provide a review prior to the Jan publication date.

4 Stars, while some of the topics were not what I usually read, I respect the author for writing a compassionate and real life novel, one that reads often like a memoir in terms of the insights and intimacy generated, and for being able to offer a reader the chance to think about a range of themes about love, sexual and emotional relationships, and marriage.  I do think this book will generate some thoughtful discussion with my book club and I would recommend it for small groups open to the themes of open marriage and different perspectives on marriage.  I appreciate the chance to read a book a bit out of my usual genres and that added to my focus on diverse reads and perspectives in books.
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This was a very interesting book. 
I went through a whole range of emotions along with Ben, and viewed the other characters in so many different lights throughout the book. 
There were parts of the book that were frustrating for me- but through bens eyes that made sense, as he as the narrator was also frustrated. 
It explored topics that I am very ill-educated on- so included one of the best things about reading, which is how it improves your ability to empathise with people. 
Overall, I enjoyed the book. 

I received a free copy in return for an honest review
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This novel is perfect! I loved every bit of it, staying up far too late to just read a little more. The premise, of the open marriage, intrigued me, as I find it an interesting commentary on marriage and interactions between people. This story, though, showed the reluctance of one person in the relationship to open the marriage, but he wanted to make his wife happy. It was endearing, emotional, and read just like a memoir, rather than a novel - but in a good way. It felt very 'real'. Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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