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Is God Still Awake?

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Excellent! I love encouraging children to talk to God. This is encouraging and hopefully, this will become a habit that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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5/5 Stars

This is such a sweet book!

Kids have so many questions, doubts, and fears, and this book will help them remember that God is always there for them. It will also help them see God in the world around them.
My daughter also loved the art, she thought the cat in particular was just sooooo cute haha.
I will be buying this book!

*I received this book as an ARC ebook from Netgalley in return for my honest opinion*

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A cute story that follows a young girl asking about God's constant presence. This book reminds children that God is always with them, always near, and always watching over them.

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Kids have questions about God. Maybe they're afraid to ask or can't find answers.

This book does a good job of reminding kids that God loves them, doesn't ever sleep (so He is always with them & always hears them) & that the Bible has the answers.

Brightly colored pages, intriguing & relatable, draws kids in & keeps their attention. Great book that I look forward to sharing with others.

(I review books & was able to preview this book in exchange for my honest review).

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Is God Still Awake? by Sheila Walsh is a little girl asking and answering questions about when God is watching over her. She goes through questions about listening to prayers to when people are rude on the bus. This book would be a sweet read for any kid asking these same questions. The illustrations are also precious.

*I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my review.

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For young children who ask questions about God, I would strongly recommend, Is God Still Awake? by Sheila Walsh. In the story, Poppy wants to know how to talk to God and if HE listens to her. As she goes throughout her day, she learns that God is listening all of the time. HE is even listening during the night! Sheila Walsh wrote the story using a humorous rhyming style. Aleksandra Szmidt created very detailed and bright illustrations.

Is God Still Awake? is a wonderful story that helps assure children that God really does care about them. Not only would Is God Still Awake? Be a great bedtime story but it would also be a wonderful book to read to Sunday School students or in a Christian school.

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“The Small says He’ll help us and watch over us. The Bible says so many things I can trust.”

A beautiful Children’s book based on Psalm 121:1-3. The recurring theme of this book is that God continually watches over us, even when we are asleep or busy, and that he will answer our prayers. One of my favorite parts shows a father and daughter reading the bible together to find answers to life’s questions. We need more books that show children turning to God on a daily basis, and this book answers that call!

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This book was adorable and my children loved it. Definitely a great bedtime story for young children.

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"Is God Still Awake" is a sweet rhyming book by Sheila Walsh that answers the many questions children have.

I found this book quite charming and fun to read!  This is a book I would put on my shelf and read over many times with my kids.  The illustrations were beautifully done and engaging. The situations the little girl asked questions in were relatable for many children.

If you would like an uplifting book for your littles that teaches the value of prayer and encourages their Christian faith, this would be a great book for your collection!

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What a beautiful book, superb drawings and the way the book is put together is just amazing.


Highly recommended

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Is God Still Awake? is an ideal book for a parent to read with their child to explore the question that they may be wondering about too. Little Poppy decides to go on an adventure determined to find out if God is awake throughout her day. On this adventure, she encounters several events that lead to an answer to her question. In addition, the rhyming and illustrations will keep your child engaged and enjoy each step of Little Poppy’s adventure.

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This is beyond adorable! I love how the message continues so fluidly throughout the book (and the main character's day). The illustrations are insanely beautiful! Those green glasses and freckles are delightful! I loved this book!

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In this delightfully touching children's picture book, a little girl asks big questions about God.

A small girl named Poppy is accompanied by her companions— Her cat and dog and asks her parents and God big questions. She wants to know if God is awake if he hears her prayers and if he is always with her.

With humorous rhyming text, this is a full-color picture book with easy-to-understand words that young children will understand. This is a fantastic resource for parents of young children to help teach them about prayer, assuring them that God loves them and is always with them no matter the time of day. This book lets children know that God is awake and listening and loves to hear his children speak.

I recommend this book for parents to use for teaching and for children who have those big questions about God. Young and old alike will surely be delighted and treasure this little nugget of a gem connecting us to God.

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In Is God Still Awake?, Sheila Walsh introduces young readers to big questions about God. Young Poppy has been learning about prayer and how it’s simply talking to God, but…is it really that simple? Can you talk to God at any time? When it’s night, and you want to talk with God, Is God Still Awake? Walsh has said that the title comes from a question she asked her mom as a child when she wanted to pray for salvation. It was late at night. Was God available?

With whimsy and a deep heart, Walsh assures young readers that God is always awake, always available, and always ready to listen to his children. The rhyming text flows well, making the message easily remembered. It’s one of those books that you’ll find your little ones “reading” because they’ve memorized it!

Aleksandra Szmidt provides the beautiful illustrations that pop off the page. Whether it’s the glowing moon or Poppy’s bedroom, Szmidt provides eye-catching art that will have your children exploring the pages and enjoying the details.

Is God Still Awake? is a fun, reassuring, constantly readable book that assures kids of God’s ever-present love and always-open line of communication through prayer.

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Thank you Netgalley, the author Sheila Walsh, and the publisher for allowing me to read this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

"Is God Still Awake?" is a sweet book about a little girl named Poppy having questions about God like most children do. She is trying to figure out how God is and what He does which I feel is very important for kids. Asking these questions are the only way they will learn and grow to love God. Poppy is wondering if God is truly with her always. Does He sleep? Does He hear her thoughts and dreams?

This book is perfect for young ones who are curious about God and are asking questions about God and the World. I think It would be a great fit for kids aged 3-10, but I'm 30 and really enjoyed it so there probably isn't an age limit. The art style is really nice. The illustrations have beautiful shading and textures while still being cute and appealing to children. I highly recommend.

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This was a really cute children's book about God. I think it truly gives them reassurance that God is always there for you, you can talk and pray to him at any time and that you're never alone. My son and I read this book together and he enjoyed it! He also brought up ways he knows God is there for him to keep his courage and confidence when he needs it the most. Loved reading this with my little one!

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Thank you, Thomas Nelson: Children's, for the advance reading copy.

This is one of those amazing picture books which feel like a moving animation clip while reading it because of the colourful beautiful unique illustrations.

The concept of the book is beautiful and relatable. Even if the target audience is for younger group, the lines written are quite relatable for everyone. We wonder the same when we face difficult times and at times we feel grateful. A good book to introduce to the young readers. Absolutely adore the book.

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This is a fun story, celebrating all the things that make 3-6 year olds so wonderful. Their creativity and imagination, and most definitely their endless questions, many of which grown-ups wouldn't dare ask, out loud.

I really loved the way the parents' faith is caught. They make a habit of saying things like "God loves you" and thanking God for good things when the kids are in range. Those things stick with kids when they're wondering.

The illustrations are great, and the rhyming pattern of the story makes it roll off the tongue, which makes reading it all the more fun.

I received a copy of this ebook from @netgalley and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.

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This book got questions that even I still think about. Will He be there for me, when I'm sleeping, when I'm at school, or when something bad happens to me? But at the end, the little girl realized the answers to her questions, which is also a reminder and a comfort for me.

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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to read inexchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Is God Still Awake? is a beautiful, illustrated rhyming picture book for young children to teach them about God and prayer.
The book follows a little girl who is very curious about God and how she can talk to him. She wonders if God sleeps when she is awake and doing things she enjoys or fears or at times she is scared or hurt.
This is a great book to teach children about praying and talking to God and finding comfort in this when happy, sad, upset, afraid or anxious. I loved the illustrations and rhyming Verses which flowed really well together.

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