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I love reading holiday stories, especially those that give me an insider's glimpse at the behind-the-scene world of Santa, his elves, and the North Pole. It all seems so magical to me. 

The Truth About Elves offers a peek at the troubled life of Curtis, a bartender in Vegas for nine months out of the year and an elf for Santa the other three. Who knew elfing could be a part-time gig? Curtis has some issues to work through but with the help of some Santa magic, things just might work out. 

This is a delightful little story that offered me a little escape for a few hours as I soaked up the wonders of the North Pole and the ever wonderous world and characters surrounding Santa Claus. I highly recommend The Truth About Elves and hope that you take a little time out of your busy schedule this season to enjoy some holiday magic
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I don't like giving bad reviews but this book did not work for me.  It's not Christmassy at all and the plot is bizarre. 
 And I'm left wondering -- how did Curtis/Josh become an elf?  

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Atmosphere Press through NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.  Thank you, Atmosphere Press.
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I liked this book/novella, story was good,not your usual Christmas story but kept my interest and liked ending. I think with a bit fleshing out with more back story and detail would be 5 stars not just the 4 I gave but since this is a first book. Kudos. Thank you to Net Galley the author and the Publishers for giving me opertunity to read this Advance Reader Copy.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. At the beginning I was enjoying it and thinking that I could see it being a great Christmas movie, then the story wrapped up so quickly that I felt nothing really made sense. How did Josh/Curtis ever become an elf to begin with? That seems like an important piece of information to be missing. It honestly felt like a large chunk of the story was cut out of the middle leaving just the beginning and the ending.

I'm disappointed. I really wanted to like this one.
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This is a fun little story. It isn't really a book more of a novella. I completed it in one sitting of about an hour and a half - I am a quick reader.
Curtis lives in Vegas & lives the life - he works in a bar, earns great money & has the dream life. Yet once a year he disappears for 3 months. He goes to work at the North Pole - elves aren't quite who you thought they were!

I loved this book. Yes, okay there is a Christmassy, feel good theme going on here. However, it is certainly not your standard Christmas "feel good" book. There is a bit of depth and it did make me think.
The whole concept of people taking time out of their lives to work for Father Christmas is wonderful. The picture of the North Pole which is painted in this story brings what is a fairy tale (apologies if that comes as a surprise to anyone) into the modern world. 
This story made me smile & I loved it. I was sad it wasn't longer but with hindsight I am not sure that would have worked.  A great read, sit back & enjoy something a bit different.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.
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I found the writing and character development in this story so bad that I couldn't get in to it at all, which is too bad because the premise was very interesting.

Save your money
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I want to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for letting me read and review an advanced copy of this novella. 

The operation at the North Pole goes year-round, but in this story the elves only work for three months of that time. The elves, who are real people, leave their day jobs from all over the world, and they travel to work at Santa’s operation during their assigned quarter. Yes, there are still Santa and Mrs Claus, reindeer, and the yearly ‘Night of’, but the rest of the story is very modern. 

The main story in this book is about Curtis, an elf for eight years (yes, elves come and go), who had an accident in his past and still deals with anxiety and stress. While being assigned to wrapping presents, Curtis tries to get an appointment with Mr C. When Curtis asks to be released from his assigned quarter, Mr C. sends him back to Salt Lake City for a temporary assignment back in the ‘regular’ world. There, he must confront his fears of the past and rejoin the life he once had before the accident.

Will Mr C.’s instincts be correct and will Curtis find joy at Christmas, or will he continue being miserable for the rest of his life?

This was an interesting take on the Santa Claus story, maybe showing how each of us could be an elf and help spread some Christmas cheer.
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This is a short and quick read, but well worth the pages and time. The Truth About Elves is a beautiful take on our favorite "little" helpers from the North Pole and I love the idea that it's just normal people needing a place to go before they are ready to be fully back in society; I think we could all use a little help from Mr. C now and then.
This was beautifully written and well thought out.
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Curtis was a pilot until a fateful day, when his life changed, and he walked away from his family.  His family was grieving and he felt responsible.  He worked in Vegas, but for 3 months out of the year he would go to the Arctic Circle and help Mr. C. This year he was supposed to go in the third quarter because this was the 1oth anniversary of the tragic accident.  Mr. C. changed it to the 4th quarter and Curtis had no choice but to go when Mr, C said.
When he got there, the other elves, were there and getting their assignments. One of the rules was to be polite, so they had to say hello, tell them who they were and what they did, how long they had been coming here.  As we read the book we find this is a way of healing, and until an elf is ready, then he or she comes every year for 3 months.  Curtis thought he would be coming the rest of his life, and he was mad at Mr. C for making him come the last quarter when he just wanted to be home alone on the anniversary of the tragic accident.
The story that unfolds is one of Mr. C. trying to help Curtis find his way back to his family, and he sets things in motion.  
The book is different, but it offers a glimpse of the elves, coming year after year, because grief doesn't have a timetable,  When you lose someone close to you, the anniversary is difficult to go through alone, so Mr C, brings them to be with others, and it can begin the process of healing.  I didn't think it was a Christmas story, I thought it was a story of the spirit of Christmas.  It is a short book, filled with seeing things in a different way.
I received an ARC from Atmosphere Press through NetGalley.
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I received an ARC of this book.  Very interesting story with a completely unexpected perspective on Santa, the elves and the preparation for the big night.   The author has written a tale with heart that kept my interest with just enough clues to the full story.  I couldn't put it down.
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I took a chance and requested the debut novel by Ekta R Garg called The Truth About Elves and I’m glad I did! 

It is supposed to be a Christmas story but, in reality it takes place just before Christmas. The author has created what you might call an alternate world where Santa lives and the business of meeting expectations of Christmas happens. I think Santa does more than we ever knew. 

This is a really short book and can be read in an evening. So, I really can’t tell you a lot about it or I would give the whole premise of the book away. I don’t want to get on Santa’s naughty list. I need more books for Christmas!

If you find you have a few hours some night and want to read a cute little story before Christmas, this book will fill that wish quite nicely. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from #AtmospherePress and #Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is a neat story about Mr. C. aka Santa Claus and his elves. 
Just who are these elves that actually do the work for Mr. C? Are they actually little, funny people with pointed ears ?
They are not at all who you think! they are!
But this is a quick and definitely enjoyable novella that will warm your heart and lift your spirits as we enter this unsure, crazy 2021 holiday season! The book has heart, love and a special mission for one elf in particular.

Give it a try. I loved it!
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More of a novella than a novel, but I really enjoyed this holiday offering. Because it was so short, the world building was a bit skimpy - with a few more hundred pages, the way Mr C and the elves really ‘work’ could have been fleshed out. I’d like to read more about this world. 

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC copy for my review.
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I freely agreed to read and review this title for NetGalley and Atmosphere Press. The concept of this book piqued my interest right away. Curtis, is a former pilot turned bartender, who is recruited by Santa to be an elf for a one quarter of a year shift  each year. The recruits are people who all have one thing in common, which was a traumatic event that mentally incapacitated them. I actually wished this book was longer so I could have a few more questions answered. I enjoyed reading this title even though I feel a bit confused by what happened at Curtis’s event and what actually happened.
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This is a story with an interesting take on Elves and how they function 
Mr C takes care of people who are broken and helps them to get back on the right track
This is a story about forgiveness- forgiving yourself   and others , accepting their support and moving on
The sort and the hurt felt was written well and you quickly feel sympathy for Curtis and want him to move on . Even though this is a short story, it is well developed
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First I want to say that the book cover is gorgeous and the person that designed it did a fantastic job tying to the story.  

The story - well, it was very difficult for me to get interested in this book. I think the plot is creative and a great idea, but for me, it just did not come to paper to begin with. The first half left me wanting so much more.  That stated, by mid story I was really enjoying where the plot was leading.  Honestly, once the main character was in SLC, I enjoyed the book so much more than the fantasy part.  

My rating is a blending of my feelings for the first half and the second half.  I think since this is a novella, details are missing, due to keeping it a short length and that takes away from the story.

I want to thank Atmosphere Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read the advance reader copy, with no obligation to write a review. My review is written freely as a hobby, and is totally my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC.
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Curtis is a simple bartender in Las Vegas. He's single, lives close to his job and also happens to be a part-time elf for Santa Claus.
When he joined Santa, Curtis thought could run away fron the pain of his past. However, now that the 10 year anniversary of that fateful day is coming up and he must return to his hometown to fulfill a promise to Mr. Claus, he'll have to face his own demons and forgive himself. 
This novella was quite the emotional ride! It's a small book, but don't let that fool you! The story is heartwarming and Curtis's journey towards forgiveness and self-acceptance in the face of grief is so emotional! It really gave me the feels!
I know it's a little early for Christmas posts, but you should definitely check this book out!

Trigger warning:
-Plane and car accident 
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This book started out with your typical cutesy type Christmas story with Santa and elves (normal people, no pointy ears here). Then it turned into so much more! The main character is Curtis, a former airline pilot who's life totally changed one day after a disastrous occurrence. He quit flying and is working in Vegas full time and for Mr. C part time.

Curtis' journey is one to find forgiveness within himself and realize that those who love him are also capable of forgiveness. It is really a touching, lovely story.

I was gifted a copy of this book via Atmosphere Press and NetGalley. All thoughts are my own.
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So this was a fairly quick read. I thought in the first chapter it was promising but after that it went downhill fast for me. 
I think the title and cover of this book would be very misleading because it is honestly not really a Christmas story. Just because it is set partially at the North Pole doesn’t make it a Christmas story. And to be perfectly honest I think I would have liked the story more without the “Santa Claus” and “elves” tie in. 
We never found out how Curtis aka Josh came to be an elf. There was no mention anywhere of how he went from the “accident” to all of a sudden being an elf. It seemed rather odd. Another thing I didn’t like was that the story surrounding the accident was very unclear. We know that somewhere Curtis’s nephew died, because of Curtis apparently, but the details are extremely vague and we never found out how Josh died or how exactly Curtis caused it. There were also some verbiage issues. There were several times that something that clearly should have been written past tense was written present participle along with a few spelling errors throughout. 
All in all I am being generous with two stars because I do think the story has potential but would need a serious re write as well as better editing.
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I enjoyed this book that was Christmas themed with a difference, it was really readable and had such an interesting story, a good read.
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