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Chef David Rose applies his signature cooking style to grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking on the Big Green Egg. From apps, to veggies, entrees, sweet treats, and even smoked cocktails; the entire meal will be prepared on the EGG. Renowned Chef and TV personality David Rose uses his cooking expertise to elevate meals made with the EGG as never seen before. Enjoy delicious recipes that reflect David's Jamaican heritage and classic French culinary training, as well as his Southern inspiration in dishes such as:
Chili Grilled Lamb Chops with Mango Chutney
Afro-Asian Oxtails
Smoked Chicken Chili with Bacon Cheddar Cornbread
Bourbon-Ginger Pecan Pie and many more! - Goodreads

What I look for in cooking books is versatile meals. Am I seeing the same meals I already make? How is the protein being cooked? Is it different from what I am used to? Is there flexibility in the meals for edits? 

I liked this cookbook, mostly because it highlighted familiar ingredients with new meals I can make. So in my eyes, it doesn't break the bank. Now this EGG, I've seen it everywhere and I considered purchasing one. This book does make it seem easy to use not just for big BBQ events but for any day of the week meal. 

For the record, I love me some oxtails, so the first receipt that caught my eye was Afro-Asian Oxtails. I was impressed. 

Overall, I enjoyed this cookbook and glad that it is part of my collection. Did it convince me to buy an EGG? Not necessarily but it did get a few recipes out of me. 

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I'm a fan of David Rose.  I've been an egger for just over a year and have followed him via YouTube and other sites.  So I was excited to receive a copy of Eggin' from NetGalley.  After of tedious attempts to download the book, I finally received it to the point that I could actually read the recipes.  I was not disappointed.  There are some amazing grilling recipes for all types of grills, not just the Big Green Egg.  Yes, it is made for the egg but the recipes are very much adaptable.  If you enjoy outdoor cooking, Eggin' should  definitely be added to your cookbook collection.
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Best Green Egg cookbook out there! We have a Green Egg and have used it a total of zero times. This cookbook makes it seem so accessible. I cannot wait to get out there and start experimenting! 

Easy recipes! Easily found ingredients! Gorgeous pictures! I do wish there were more of the pictures.
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This book is an excellent resource for anyone new to the world of the Big Green Egg. 

I’ve had my BGE and I’m still overwhelmed anytime I attempt more than pizza, burgers, or steak. The recipes in this book are great for getting me out of my comfort zone and learning to use the grill the way it’s truly meant to be used. 

I started with the sweet & sour pulled pork, the Thai green curry chicken wings, and the charred pineapple Margarita. All three were wonderful, especially the green curry wings. 

The BGE isn’t like a regular grill, and it can be challenging to learn, and the tips + recipes found in this book will be invaluable to any Egghead.
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These recipes are great for anyone who loves to grill, and they can be easily adapted even if you don’t have the EGG. The pictures are amazing, too!
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What a deliciously EGGcellent read!  Amazing things happen when a Harley-riding, classically trained, Jamaican-born chef pens a Big Green Egg cookbook!  As a fellow devoted EGGhead, I was thrilled to see this book on the NetGalley shelf. Now after reading it, I can't wait to buy a copy to add to my prized cookbook collection....and more so, I can't wait to try all of these mouthwatering recipes! David's big, bold flavor profiles showcase some of my favorite ingredients like za'atar, harissa and Thai green curry and his recipes have a truly global flair.  He even includes a special section on "grilled" drinks".  What could be better than cooking on the EGG sipping a charred grapefruit-jalapeño bourbon sour or a maple smoked old-fashioned? YUM! He also gives tips on meat temperatures, essential equipment recommendations and wood chip flavors.  I will be buying this book for all of my EGG loving friends!
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I will say, cooking books or anything to do with food and food tech that I can find? Immediately I purchase or download. I love baking and I love cooking. Dare I say they are even comfort reads for me? That’s exactly what they fact. I loved this book and I loved David roses way with words in this book. Chef David Rose is definitely someone I will be on the look out for in the future!
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EGGin' by David Rose is a great cookbook. So far we've used our BGE for normal meat grilling and to make some great Pizzas but this book gives great recipes and ideas to maximize your BGE experience.

This book has very nice pictures illustrating the dishes and a wide variety of recipes that are well explained.

I, as a non-american reader, also enjoyed the guide page that gave a handy guide to measurement conversions, I imagine that will be very helpful! 

This book will definitely end wrapped and then gifted to my dad in the near future because I am sure that he too will love this cookbook.
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EGGin': David Rose Cooks on the Big Green Egg by David Rose is such a great cookbook. We love our BGE and use it at least once a week and these recipes are a big hit. The ingredients are accessible, and the directions are easy to follow. Love the layout, font, and pictures. The Grilled Broccoli Caesar is delicious. Also tried the Grilled Shrimp and Pear Salad with Calabrian Vinaigrette. I was not sure about the flavor combinations but OH MY! Cannot wait to work my way through all the recipes.

***** I received an ARC from NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my honest review. *****
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