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This could not hold my interest so I’m glad that these first 4 chapters were read now. 

Now I know this is not the book for me.
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Thank you NetGalley for the preview of this book.
It was definitely not for me, when I saw the cover and the title I was very hooked and I was sure I would like it, but when I started reading I was slowly disconnecting with the story because the way the story is written I didn't like it, it seemed to me that in some scenes the descriptions were too much but if we leave that out I would have to say that the concept of the book seems interesting to me, if it was handled in a simpler way I think I would love it.

As I said, I really liked the concept of the book, especially the representation of the main characters, but something I didn't like was how already in the beginning of the book started "the connection" of these same, and I would have liked to see a little more development between them.
Maybe it wasn't for me but it doesn't take away from the merit that other people will surely enjoy it a lot.
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Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a preview of this book! I'm honestly not entirely sure of my thoughts on this one. It focuses on Charlotte and Adrianna, who knew each other in grad school, and how they reunite in Spain when they're a bit older. I thought it was interesting and I loved the representation included, but the writing style seemed a bit off to me. It seemed overly sexual in regards to the two main characters and was very fast-paced with the relationship. I wish we would have seen more growth towards their relationship because it seemed very forward without much to back it up.

I love sapphic romances, but this one doesn't seem like the one for me. However, it wasn't bad, which is why I'm giving it three stars. I feel like some readers will enjoy it, it just wasn't my thing. Don't let this stop you from reading it though - especially if you like sapphic romances and fast-paced reads.
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Those first four chapters were very nice, especially the fourth one. I really appreciated my reading! For readers who like fast-paced books, this one will be perfect for you. That's maybe the only point which I didn't like: it was a bit too fast-paced for me, but it does immerse the readers directly.

The story starts with Charlotte's point of view, then progressively shifts to Adrianna's. Both women are very different: While Adrianna is bold, has strong ideas and lived many experiences, Charlotte is, as Adrianna puts it, more 'demure' and less experienced. She is calm, well-organised, but a bit lost when it comes to her feelings. As you can tell from the blurb, they are both queer women. 

Queerness is brought up already many times in those first chapters, which is quite nice because readers can directly dive into one of the main subjects of this novel. Alongside this theme, homophobia is obviously mentioned through the experiences of both scholars. Adrianna and Charlotte often have discussions about some homophobic encounters and comments they were victims of during their years at University. They also discuss oftentimes how they felt marginalised, or at least not in line with others ideas, and of the fact that many people/students around them at this time weren't queer, or not out yet. 

Also, racism is mentioned many times in the beginning. Adrianna identifies as Creole and queer, while Charlotte identifies as a woman of colour and queer. It is very interesting to read that, though Charlotte is a woman of colour (it is said she has olive skin), people around her, and one teacher especially, do not perceive her as such and refuse to identify her as POC. 

So yes, on the whole, I think it is a promising story, very romantic and very insightful on POC and BIPOC communities! My heart was full of love after reading this preview! The sexual tension between the two protagonists was very present, which added to the suspense and the need to know more! Also, as both are avid travellers, it was nice to have a glimpse of different cultures, especially the two I knew most of, the French and Spanish cultures. It added more dimensions to the story and contributed to a real exchange between Adrianna and Charlotte. I really liked that! 

Thank you Netgalley and Carina Press for the preview of Meet me in Madrid.
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I read the four chapter preview of Meet Me in Madrid, thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press. 

Meet Me in Madrid follows Charlotte, a museum courier while she's on a trip to Madrid and gets stranded by a snow storm. She reaches out to Adrianna, her crush from college, for drinks. They meet up and discover their mutual feelings from the decade prior. 

This is such a unique concept for a queer romance! The genre is loaded with stories of older teens and young 20-somethines, especially in coming of age stories. But Meet Me in Madrid is such a nice breath of fresh air featuring two queer women in their 30's and 40's! 

I love their involvement in art history and I'm obsessed with the setting of Madrid! Charlotte and Adrianna seem like they're going to be such a sweet couple to follow as they get to know each other better. 

I will most definitely be purchasing a copy of Meet Me in Madrid when it's released at the end of October!
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Nice enough story and written very well. The story just didn't hook me enough in the four chapters provided to want to buy the book. If the full book had been provided I most probably would have read the entire thing, but I'm good with four chapters.
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This was a sample that grabbed my attention! Pretty much the opposite of a slow burn, this book worked with the background knowledge that the characters have of each other to allow for a quick, but very realistic, near immediate hookup. And so as the sample ends, the reader is left to discover how they will work things out in the future. 

I really enjoyed the descriptions of the museum work and I'm really hoping there's more of that in the rest of the book.

Adding the book to my tbr list!
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Thank you for the preview of this book! I really enjoyed the characters relationships as well as their personalities! I also loved the social issues tackled in these first 4 chapters!
I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this novel!
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Meet Charlotte and Adrianna, two queer academics who are thrown together after a layover and a blizzard in Madrid reignites an old (dormant) flame. As a queer academic POC who’s spent time in Spain, I can easily say that I’m SO excited for Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell. After reading the preview of the book (thank you to @netgalley and Harlequin Books!), I’m now even more excited to see the book in stores on October 26th.
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First four chapters gracious provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Charlotte is a museum courier and Adriana is her former graduate TA. Charlotte, stranded in Madrid by a storm on a work trip, reconnects with Adriana, who insists that she spends the the night on her pullout couch. I don't know much about the plot beyond that from the first four chapters.

This book really wasn't my cup of tea. I loved the idea and I'm always here for a good sapphic romance, but I had a hard time connecting with this book. The language was overly flowery and I felt like it was something my mom or an older crowd would enjoy reading. It also felt like it was overly sexual in a way I can't quite put my fingers on, right from the get-go. They also dive straight into the steam and smut in the first four chapters, and that's a little quick for me.

All in all, this is definitely someone's book, and I think that this definitely has appeal as a sapphic romance, it just wasn't for me.
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Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell

Two queer women of color & former classmates -- Charlotte & Adrianna -- reunite in Madrid and get stranded together during a blizzard. Sparks fly and a whirlwind international long distance relationship ensues.  

I enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone interested in lgbtqia+ romance/contemporary romance or fans of Casey McQuiston & Alexis Hall. This is the first book I've read by the author Verity Lowell and I'll likely read her other titles going forward. I'm an avid reader of mm romance novels and 'Meet Me in Madrid' is my first ff romance. I enjoyed the writing and the unique perspectives of the heroines who are both PhD's working in academia as queer woman of color. I always think it's important to amplify the POVs of queer/female/people of color's voices since as the minority their POV is often silenced 

Check out Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell and be sure to pick up this LGBTQIA+ romance wherever you buy books! 

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TAGS: fiction, romance, contemporary romance, LGBTQIA+, long distance romance, rom-com, ff romance, female/female

MY RATING: 3.5/5 stars 

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*Thanks to Edelweiss, NetGalley, Verity Lowell & Carina Adores for providing a free eARC in exchange for my honest review. #Edelweiss #NetGalley #CarinaPress #MeetMeInMadrid @edelweiss_squad @CarinaPress
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I was really interested when I heard about this book, and I was very excited when I received the preview. However, my expectations fell flat. The premise is extremely promising, but the way the two main characters are described in such an overly sexualized way made it a very uncomfortable read. I also felt that the changes in narrative perspective made it very confusing and hard to follow, and I wasn’t able to really get into these chapters like I’d hoped I would.
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to preview! The concept really drew me in and I particularly enjoyed how the atmosphere of the book's setting in Spain was told. I was intrigued by the character's dynamic and it left me excited to see how their relationship develops and how they navigate what comes next. I do wish there was perhaps a bit more insight to their prior knowing each other, but think that will definitely be addressed later on and am looking forward to seeing!
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The 4 chapters were delightful. It only made me want to pick up the book more. I can’t say much but what I can say is the writing is flawless and it follows two black queer academic students who somehow someway reunite in Madrid. It seems beautiful and I cannot wait to get more of these characters in the full book. 5 out of 5 stars for those chapters of course!
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Even though this was only a preview of this book, I read enough to know that I will probably not be picking it up again. I thought it was a great concept, and had great representation, and I love to see sapphic women (especially women of colour) in writing, but I just didn't enjoy what I read. 
I think the main thing was the writing style - it felt overly descriptive and almost seemed to sexualise the women. I can absolutely see how some people would enjoy this, but it just wasn't for me. 
I won't be picking up this book when it comes out - I wish that I liked it, but I didn't.
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I've had my eye on this release for a while so I had to request the excerpt.  It was a really strong start and I can't wait to read the full story!
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The first four chapters of this book really hooked me aand I can't wait for the release date of tgis book to read the rest. I liked both main characters and really liked the representation of queer women.
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*I received a preview of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I received the first chapters of this book and I can say I’m genuinely interested in where this story is going. It starts off with two career-oriented women who meet up again after being away from each other and have a snowed-in romance. I genuinely enjoyed the preview and I can’t wait to experience the next ;art of their relationship through the long distance battles they’re going to be going through. 

This is book caught up on current times and has themes, like 1 or 2, that are very true to our current reality. I can’t wait to update my review with the full story!
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I was hooked instantly to be honest. The MC are full fleshed out characters with high profiled careers. I loved them reconnecting over wine and in Spain (I have a soft spot for the country).

The conversations between the MC's flowed naturally even the harder topics (sexism, racism).

I honestly cannot wait for this to come out and read what comes next for these two.
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This was a goof preview, definetly left interested of how the story continues. The narration was a bit confusing to me, I think it would have worked better if the story was only from Charlotte's or Adrienna's POV. This kind of romcoms are not really my cup of tea but I still enjoyed it! Can't wait for the entire book to be released.
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