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Thank you, NetGalley, for the preview of this book. I had my eye on it for a little while, since I'm always interested in f/f books with BIPOC characters, but this extended preview increased my excitement by a lot. It's Lowell's debut, so I didn't know if I would like her writing style, but Lowell's prose is clean and beautiful and the writing is full of details that makes me believe in these character's chemistry instantly. I hate that I have to wait until October, because I can't wait to read this book.
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First of all, thanks for the preview!! 
The writing of the first 4 chapters is very good and makes interest in the book grow! Besides that the two characters are extremely interesting women and I'm really curious to see more about their relationship!! Can't wait for the full book!
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While I only read the first few chapters, I can tell this has the potential to be a great book. I really like the set up, the characters were interesting, and it got me invested in their relationship early on. I will absolutely be picking up the completed book once it comes out.
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Thank you NetGalley for the preview, I enjoyed the first four chapters and was left wondering what will happen next. I enjoyed that the women were mature, career driven, and both aware of their sexuality. The conversations felt honest and open as they talked about sexism and racism in their industry.
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Meet Me In Madrid is about Charlotte, who works as a museum courier, but isn't thrilled by the work so much as where she gets to go. When a snow storm strands her in Barcelona she meets up with an old college crush and the sparks definitely start to fly. Both women seemed fun and smart, which was nice to see (that doesn't always happen). The chapters were witty and definitely left me wanting more. I will definitely make a note of this title and keep an eye out for it once it's released.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing the preview of the first four chapters!

This seems like a quite interesting sapphic adult romance. There’s not much to say because it was only the first few chapters. But the writing was fine and based on what I read so far and the characters I would be interested in picking this book up once it’s out.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the preview of the four chapters!
It is a very promising adult, sapphic romance. I can't say much, since I've only read four chapters. Based on them though, the writing is beautiful and the plot easy to follow, while simultaneously keeping you interested.
Both Adrianna and Charlotte seem to be mature, impressive women and I'm intrigued to read about how their relationship evolves! However, it was a bit fast paced, so the connection between the two women didn't feel very natural. I'm looking forward to reading the whole book!
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Based on what I've seen in this preview, I would be happy to pick up the full book once it's available. The writing was good and the first part of this story was interesting enough to entice me to want to go on. 

I do think there will have to be some suspension of disbelief with this story, which isn't an issue for me but may be for some readers. I think the relationship is going to be interesting and I am excited to read more about it! 

Thank you to NetGalley for the preview of this book!
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I love the premise of this queer story! The author's writing style is engaging and is setting up the mood of the story. I'm really excited to read this book.
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Summary: Charlotte, while on a work trip, gets stuck in Madrid. Luckily enough though, she gets the chance to reunite with mesmerising Adrianna, a college acquaintance and things take an unexpected (but pleasant) turn. 

I can’t judge much based solely on four chapters, but this was promising enough to make me want to read the rest of the book once it’s published ! It is well-written, the plot is interesting, the art theme is nice, the setting is cute and this would make a good christmas holiday read while it’s snowing. 

I’d like it if we got to know Charlotte better, it felt like we got more familiar with Adrianna than the main character. Also, personally, it seems like it is a bit rushed and too fast-paced, there’s little build up on their relationship and I’m confused because it’s supposed to be 280 pages, taking in consideration everything that has already happened, I’m curious to see how the rest of the book will go on. 

To conclude, it is a good book and I’m sure some people would enjoy it way more than I did• i’m quite young, I’d say people in their mid-twenties and thirties would probably love this.
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This short 4 chapter sampler was a great opening and teaser. I really like Charlotte and Adrianna and could not wait to see where they ended up together. I adore Madrid so the backdrop was such a wonderful one for this romance to begin. It is a very sexy city after all. I am looking forward to reading the rest when this is published in October. I hope that the rest of the book holds up to the strong start. 

4 stars is based off of chapters read.
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

I so glad I was approved for the full book.
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I was immediately enamored by the cover which is absolutely gorgeous, and the book description. However, after reading a few pages, I found that the story just wasn't for me. The relationship between the two main characters didn't seem very believable to me, and the writing was not my style. However, I greatly enjoyed the many places mentioned in Spain and the description of the art scene.
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This was a good preview, I absolutely flew through it and really had me wanting more - I’ve already went ahead and pre-ordered a physical copy. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I enjoyed the characters so far and I’m already rooted for the two of them. The ‘reunion’ trope is one of my favourites as well, so I can’t wait to read more!
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this was an amazing preview and i'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this book when it's published.

though only four chapters, this preview left you wanting more. the two characters were great on their own, both independent women in their own right. however, when together, there is this undeniable chemistry between the two of them that just lead to sparks flying off the page. 

everything was pretty fleshed out considering the limited length. the characters weren't flat, the plot was well on its way, and everything was well-written. it held my attention pretty well and i can confidently say that i'd love to read the rest of the book when it comes out!
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Meet Me in Madrid tells us a story of two queer women who meet again after years apart. It was only supposed to be one meeting but things escalate from there.

The story has beautiful language, descriptive scenes and captivating characters. I am a fan of author’s writing style too.

It is hard to give a longer review after only 4 chapters…. But I really enjoyed the beginning and can’t wait to read the rest. Definitely a book that I will read!
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Charlotte Hilaire is a museum courier whose job takes her around the world. When she gets stranded out in Spain due to a blizzard, she reaches out to a former school colleague, Adrianna Coates, who has built a stunning career in academia and was Charlotte's grad school crush. When Adrianna offers for Charlotte to stay on her couch when the storm prolongs Charlotte's stay, Charlotte finally gets a chance to act on her feelings.

I loved reading about the chemistry that Adrianna and Charlotte, and seeing their dual POVs in this book was super fun and lent very well to explain the fast pace that their relationship develops after reuniting, despite not interacting very much outside of a professional manner when they initially knew each other. I found myself wanting to learn more about both character's pasts, especially their personal life, as I'm sure that that will cause some conflict between the two later on when trying to juggle their budding relationship with their careers, since they are both very career-driven, high-achievement women. And to that extent, I really enjoyed the commentary about being queer women of color in academia and the struggles that come from trying to gain respect in a male-dominated space. The shared bonding they have over not-so-micro-aggressions from their peers in academia was familiar to me as a woman of color who has had to navigate through many male-dominated spaces. I can't wait to see how their relationship and careers build. 

A thank you to Carina Adores Press and NetGalley for the preview.
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Such a great preview. The writing was solid and really fleshed out both characters quite well. Curious as to how the story progresses. Thanks for the excerpt!
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Thanks to the publisher and Goodreads for this preview.

This book is about a known hate & love with work. Charlotte's path leads a paradox whether she will be all around the world, or been off track  on her plans to be a professor. 
I loved so much this preview and can't wait until receive a full copy
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This book will inspire you to get on a jet to Spain immediately, in the very least will transport you there temporarily. I miss Spain deeply. While reading this I felt the warm sun, the bustle of the people and the sweet taste of sangria and the freshness of octopus. This book requires that you take a siesta or 2 between readings.

I love the character of Charlotte and her fun and flirty lifestyle. I loved and enjoyed the preview and cannot wait to finish this book! I wouldn't mind placing myself in her shoes at least for 24 hours!
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