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I love Claire Allen’s book and The nurse didn’t disappoint. 

Its a good story based on solid foundations. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and just the right pace. 

I did find the basis and detail of the story hard to read at times. Appreciate its true to life and it happens, possibly needs a trigger warning.
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I am a huge fan of Claire Allan’s thrillers and this one didn’t disappoint. It had me hooked right away and shocked me with a twist near the end. I really love a book when you don’t see the twist coming. I also like the fact her books are set in Northern Ireland,. It makes you feel as if you know the people in the story and makes you feel connected to them. I would highly recommend this book and you really need to read the rest of them as well.  You won’t regret it.
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Great read. Disturbing in parts. It would make you think twice about going out alone after dark in any town. It gives an insight in the dark side on the internet.
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I would like to thank the author, the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. It covers a difficult subject so was not the easiest book to read, but it was well written and the twists and the tension kept me engrossed, would definitely recommend.
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The Nurse by Claire Allan was utterly brilliant! I have read all of Claire’s books but this is in another league. The book is told from different viewpoints and is about a missing person. The title of the book is ambiguous it really gives nothing away about this hard-hitting, engrossing, addictive thriller. There are four main characters and without giving anything away, one of them has a major shift in their behaviour and thinking. At first I found this 180° change in personality quite jarring but it made sense as the story went on. I adored the minor characters also and could  imagine a whole series based around Heather the policewoman in the PSNI. I am really impressed with this book I devoured it and I’m already Looking forward to the next. Everyone is obsessed with Derry Girls at the moment and Claire Allen is one Derry girl who deserves all the accolades.
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This psychological thriller inspired by contemporary issues is dark and disturbing. Nell, a nurse, goes missing, and the story unfolds from her mother Marian and an anonymous male voice who instigates the activity that leads to Nell's disappearance.

It's topical, well-researched, and hard to read because of its believability. Relatably flawed characters and a menacing ethos make this a compelling read that resonates.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.
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A nurse, Nell Sweeney, was kidnapped on her way home from work. Nell's parents were shattered and in the course of the events that followed their marriage crumbled. The story was told in multiple POVs that kept me gripped to the story to know who could have taken a prank of scaring women to kidnapping. This was a dark web of tangled weaves, that had me shuddering and feeling happy that I worked from home. A good, slightly darker read.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and and review this book. It was a really great read. An unsettling storyline that hooked me from the beginning. Good writing and characters made this a very enjoyable book that I’d highly recommend!
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This thriller DID NOT DISAPPOINT!This book had intrigue, suspense, and a very interesting storyline. It is a well written story told from the point of view of three of the characters with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a story about a young nurse named Nell, that while trying to find some fun in her life turns up missing. Creepy, dark and disturbing at time. I enjoyed it very much!
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When Nell goes missing it seems like the only person concerned is her mother. Told from three points of view this book feeds off every woman’s worst fear. 

I did not care for this book at all. There are so many trigger warnings that should come with this book. I struggled to read one chapter at a time. The writing was hard for me to get into, and the content was not what I expected at all.

I want to thank Netgalley, and Avon Books UK for an ARC of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Incels are a topic I am reading more and more about. The ultimate fear is to be kidnapped and held like Nell was. 

Well written and sympathetic to the topic. I enjoyed this as much as you can about a horrible terrifying subject.
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The Nurse 
Claire Allen 

Well, that was a book and a half! I’d never heard of Incels before reading this creepy novel and it’s so terrifying to realise that the author hasn’t made it up, people like ‘him’ really do exist. The Nurse is a dark and scary read with an all too believable storyline that gave me goosebumps more than once. 
This is an excellent thriller by Claire Allen and is probably her best book yet (although I think I said that about her last one as well so who knows what she’ll come up with next! I can’t wait to see) 
Many thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Someone watches from the shadows...

Marian worries a lot about her daughter, Nell, now that she lives on her own. Marian's worst nightmare comes to life when Nell is reported missing, and she is forced to consider the possibility that her child may never come home again. With the clock ticking, police frantically search for Nell, and soon discover that Nell may only be the first woman to disappear. Can police untangle the web of lies and chilling secrets to find Nell? Or will Marian lose her daughter forever?
I loved this riveting and disturbing thriller from the very beginning. I was absolutely filled with disgust and hatred as I read from the "bad guy's" POV. I love when I can become emotionally invested in a novel and Claire Allan made me feel a lot of strong feelings throughout this novel. I read the eARC and enjoyed the audiobook version of this novel. I loved the use of multiple narrators, as this is something that makes it easier to follow along with a multi-POV story and helps bring the story and the characters' emotions and experiences to life. I recommend this novel to anyone who loves a thriller that will keep them on the edge of their seat!
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This was everything you need for a thriller and crime story. It is not as black and white as you first think and like most typical thrillers, is full of twists. This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you very much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.
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The Nurse is a gripping, tense-fill read that encapsulates how misogyny and hatred for women permeate in all levels of society, and in a spectrum.

Nurse Nell Sweeney is missing. It's clear a man has taken her. The book flits between 'him', a disaffected young man who is growing in his hatred for women, Nell's mother Marian, and, later, Nell herself.

Claire Allan brilliantly delves into the world of incels. Her 'him' chapter are the most chilling. We see his backstory and how he gets more and more entrenched with other likeminded men, and how it escalates to growing violence.

Then we see Marian, who we slowly learn how she, too, is the victim of male violence, albeit in a less overt way.

This book had me on the edge of my seat. Allan is an amazing writer. She brilliantly captures the rage and fear women face going about their lives, and how we truly aren't equal (despite what entitled incels on forums think). 

I was lucky enough to also be able to borrow the audiobook - and the narrators really stepped up to add to the extra tension. So whether you prefer audiobook or ebook/paperback, buy this book! I loved it so much I bought my own copy.

Thank you to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for the ARC.
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Nell is a nurse who house shares with another girl who is also a nurse at the same hospital. When Nell doesn’t come home her friend doesn’t report her missing for a few days thinking she might have just been stopping out with a new boyfriend. Nell has been abducted and it’s not for money but who has her and can she be found in time to save her, the race is on but can the police find her.
I generally read more period books but this was a great change. It’s one of those books that you really want to keep picking up so I definitely recommend it.
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WoW!!!! what a superb book The Nurse by Claire Allan was. I was hooked from the very first few pages and ended up reading this latest book by Claire in 2 sittings. I wonder how well and do we know people especially friends around us!!! This book was a great eye opener. 
Nell Sweeney is a 22 year old nurse who works at her local hospital. On one Thursday she disappears after finishing work,  She hasn't been seen in her house-share or at her workplace since four days and her workmates are worried so they contact her mum Marian who reports this to their local Police. 

Where is her daughter?

Is she in trouble?

I love the way this book is told by Marian and Nell, and a third person “Him”, an unidentified villain who may or may not be the kidnapper, he maybe just a friend? .

But, Who is he??

This book was well written and had lots of twists and turn throughout that just had me hooked. I loved it.

I highly recommend this book. 5 stars from me.

Big Thanks to Avon Books UK and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book..
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Okay, wow! This was a lot. I have so many thoughts. So first of all, the cover is lovely but the book needed a better name and summary. I think people will skip it thinking it’s about nursing or a medical drama. That’s actually what I had in mind when I requested it but I liked this much more.

This book is about missing girls and incels. We start off with a prologue of a date that is going awry. We are then introduced to a mother who has just been informed that her adult daughter is missing. We alternate between her and AN INCEL! We know of no connection.

So there’s a lot going on with Mr. Incel. We don’t know his name but we meet him as things are going downhill in his life. He doesn’t like his living arrangement, his roommates blow him off, and he just feels like people are out to get GOOD GUYS like him in general. Yeah good guy, like Chucky maybe. 

He decides to blow off some steam by scaring girls walking alone at night. Making them think he’s going to hurt them. Victimless crime, he thinks! He posts this to a 4chan type of site I’m guessing, and he’s immediately idolized by the other misogynistic nerds so he really gets an ego boost and has his bad opinions confirmed as he slips further into darkness. You do look at surroundings and how people treat him, which isn’t always great, but the truth is that women can’t win. If you’re too nice to them, they stalk you or say you led them on. If you say no up front, you’re mean. This entitlement to women, sex and attention doesn’t form out of the blue.

As the search for Nell continues, we alternate between Marian, her mother, and Mr. Incel. The suspense grows more and more at the end of each chapter, waiting to see where this will intersect and how it will pan out for the missing girl and her grief-stricken parents. The author really has a way of making you feel such pain for the parents. Meanwhile, things are getting a little out of control for Mr. Incel. It’s going off the rails when the other dudes are so bad he starts to look decent. Yikes.

I wish I could read this book aloud to men I know, especially chapter 3, just to let them know what we have to deal with. What it’s like to be afraid to walk alone and feel helpless. This is written in the UK, we have more access to protection here in the US. 

This book is able to take a matter like Chads and Staceys and keep the suspense and not make it some comedic cringe festival. I was at the edge of my seat. Especially about halfway through when we start to find out a lot more of what’s going on. I would recommend this for the suspense and also just as a warning to what kind of weirdos are out there. Stay safe, ladies! 

Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Nell was a nurse. She lived her friend & enjoyed her work. When she didn't come home her friend called her mother to say she hadn't heard from her for a few days & she hadn't turned up for her shift. Marian's life has revolved around Nell. Her marriage is not particularly happy & Nell is her world. She reports Nell's disappearance to the police. 

A man is on an incel forum. He is tired of men being the bad guys, how an innocent look can be interpreted as attack. In an attempt to 'get back the power' & put women in their place he starts following women whilst videoing them. He doesn't attack them; just gives them a fright-getting off on their fear!. This video goes viral on the forum & for a while he basks in their admiration until another man decides to up the stakes & his suggestions make him realise he may have opened Pandora's box.

The story is told from different perspectives. We find out what has happened to Nell, we see Marian's anguish (rather a lot!) & we see the side of the stalker- I really liked how his identity was hinted at for a good part of the story.  This book dealt with a dark world I was only vaguely aware of. Incels are very real & their presence is a worrying thing for any woman- & also for any sensible male too. It was a subject I thought was handled very well. I really enjoyed this book although I could probably have done without a lot of Marian's bits! Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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The Nurse is a thriller-crime novel that shows how resilient women are in a world dominated by men. The story focuses on the event surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a nurse and the investigation around it, told by multiple POVs. 

This novel, I think is so relevant to the current times. It tells the story of the dynamic changes in the society that occurred as women fight for their rights and freedom. The author begins the story with excerpts from an “incel” forum and from there, the story proceeds to show how damaging the ideas in those forums become to the society.

This book was such an interesting book to read. The plot twist was so unexpected and for the most of the novel, i really believed that one of the characters was the culprit. The emotions were so heartfelt and just so raw, I could relate to them. The novel also had a movie feel to it, like I can imagine it being an episode of Criminal Minds or be a thriller movie like Gone Girl or something. It was a very well-paced novel and I definitely recommend it to thriller lovers.
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