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This was slightly different to the normal books I read, but enjoyed it a lot. At the heart was a murder mystery in a sealed environment, but very well done. The descriptions of the space station and craft, as well as the cities, was plausible and enhanced the main plot. I’d recommend it and would read any sequel.
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This was a really good book - I would recommend it to any sci-fi lover.  I did enjoy that it was set in England, with recognisable places, but the book could be equally appreciated by those who live elsewhere.
I really hope that there is going to be a sequel - it looks like there will be, although there was no cliffhanger and the story nicely finished one chapter of the main character’s life.
I also did enjoy reading about and getting to know that character, Jaxon, who seemed realistic and believable.  I enjoyed his reaction to the feminine attention, and it was a nice take on that side of things.
I am looking forward to the sequel and hope it will be just as good a read as this book was!  A very well deserved five stars.
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Basic Trope … The big one is coming and there is no surviving it … when a rogue planet is found heading toward earth, they have centuries to prepare for the end (even with a miss, the gravitational destruction would still wipe out all life on earth).  So mankind builds an ark and we get a lottery for the golden ticket.  Needless to say, those [fated to be ] left behind are not happen, so the Acolytes of Gaia (AoG) plot to stop the evacuation by any means necessary.

Lucky kid from the slums wins a ticket and joins up with a small team for training and ultimate transport to the Bertam (IOW the Ark), but the AoG has infiltrated the team and it is up to Lucky to help flush out the saboteur.  This basically turns the story into a mystery whodunnit set in a SciFi environment.  The world building was decent if not particularly unique and the characters were ok, if just a little over the top (expected).  Nothing really stands out either good or bad.  Over all, it was a good enough story to read straight through, but ultimately it only offers pure escapism as entertainment.  The ending as a tad disappointing in that it was clearly a setup for a series … although it was not quite a cliffhanger ending.  It was fun … and I would probably read the sequels.
I was given this free advance reader copy (ARC) ebook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
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Great premise but the "slums, smart, outside the box loner" had me rolling my eyes. I honestly was hoping it would be a different kind of story but I was wrong. After I accepted what type of story it was going to be I was mildly entertained. Overall, it was decent but nothing I would push for friends or family to read.
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