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High-Protein Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

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This is a great book for beginners!  I love the “this-or-that” options in some recipes, and the equipment needed is called out. The prep and leftover tips would definitely be helpful for new cooks.  

Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for access to this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The recipes are simple and clear to follow, just not all of them have photos. I enjoyed reading author's advices.
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The recipes do look pretty decent. A good add-in if worried about getting enough protein when doing more plant-based.
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For couple years I trying to eat healty. But I am not a vegan.  This book maybe not for beginner vegan and introduce reader for some fancy ingredients, but still informative.  Some recipes is hit or miss for me. 

Thanks Netgalley for providing me with this healthy lifestyle book.
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I made it as a vegetarian for roughly three to four years before I had to quit. Why? Lacking enough protein. It greatly upset me at the time. But here’s the rub, I sacrificed vegetarianism for protein yet gained the problem of chronic inflammation. Seriously, it’s a huge problem and it can be painful. So imagine my delight upon seeing a book that addresses both problems, not only addressing them but doing it well. I can be a bit scatterbrained and over complicate certain endeavors, particularly cooking. With this book though? It refuses to be over complicated. It’s well organized and, what I most appreciate, so very straightforward. These are simple yet delicious recipes whose ingredients speak for themselves.
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I liked Chapter 1. It lays out all the basics: recommended swaps, best sources of protein, what amino acids are, etc. The author is a wealth of knowledge for a beginner here. 

Absolutely Love the meal plan! This is SO WELL LAID OUT that anyone could follow. Weekly: meal plan, grocery list, each recipe and prep timeline. It literally could not be made any easier unless they sent someone out to cook for us (lol). 

Recipes: I like that they have "tags" (30 minutes or less, 5 ingredients, gluten free (option), nut free (option), etc); list grams of protein per serving, and required equipment. 
I LOVED the Prep Tips and especially the Leftover Tips. Sometimes I'm uncertain the best way to store leftovers or if something freezes well and there are notes on a lot of recipes to answer these things. 

The Resources were thorough and I can see myself going back to those pages for more reading materials. 

If I had to report negatives, a couple small things I noticed: 
For some recipes it is listed in the weekly recipe list when to double a recipe and other times it says to double in the prep instructions. 
One "toast" recipe had separate nutrition info for bread vs sweet potato, the very next recipe, also a "toast" recipe, did not. 

.....and...... I need more pictures! Photos in cookbooks are my jam, this had several but it was lacking in that aspect, in my opinion. 

Big thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for this book! It is 100% up my alley of types of cookbooks I love to read!
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As someone who is just starting out on a plant-based diet, this book fits the bill! From meal prep to meal planning, all of the details are included. You will definitely find your protein in the recipes. There are a few hard to find ingredients but that is to be expected. Overall, I think the recipes are easy, fast and a beginner will find helpful on their journey.
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I thought this was a great step by step cookbook for those who are trying out plant based diets for the the first time. The recipes seem very easy and Maya Howard does a great job explaining everything that goes with the recipes and what you would need in your kitchen to make these meals.
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Great explaining on all areas of plant based, recipes ideas. Loved the Glute free recipe options. I will definitely be trying some of the meal lans & recipes
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The High Protein Plant Based Diet for Beginners  is a great book for people looking to transition to a plant based lifestyle. The recipes aren't fussy. There's shopping lists and even a meal plan available for those who don't know where to start.
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First off I’m not looking to become a vegan but I am interested in bringing more veggie centric meals into my families diets. 

*Easy to follow instructions. 
*Each recipe is relatively fast to make. 
*The recipe starts by telling you what category it fits into (I.e. nut free, 5 ingredients or less)

* It’s definitely on the pricy side diet (though the author does give a meal plan to optimize ingredients)
* the ingredients aren’t always readily available. I know my regular grocery store doesn’t have things like Hemp hearts. 
* there aren’t near enough pictures.
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Thank you to Zeitgeist for the arc!

This cookbook makes plant based eating simple, so even if you are already eating plant based but new to the kitchen/not fond of cooking, this book is for you. They give great options for allergies and the ingredients are easy enough to find/substitute out. Personally I'm not crazy about set meal plans, but I do think it's worth using as a guide for building one that works well for you, or change the current to fit your needs while still eating plant based. Overall I think this cook book is simple and definitely worth trying!
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This is a great comprehensive resource for those new to plant based eating. It has a four week plug and play program and gives you all the recipes so you can just follow along. 

I’m not new to this way of eating and I still really enjoyed the recipes. They have the usual basics but in addition they have added quite a few that I’ve never seen before. I’ve been enjoying trying them.
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What a great book. Simple and concise recipe instructions. Love how they have included a four week diets plan.
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I received this book from the publisher through Netgalley for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Lovely cover. Goal is to instruct the beginner on health and well-being plus "purpose". This is a gathering of publicly accessible information for those interested in a plant based foods diet. She offers ideas for where to acquire the foods, clearing out your home of foods not plant based and a four week meal plan for transitioning to the diet. Recommending confirming information readily available with nutritionist prior to use.
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This is definitely an excellent educational resource if you are just getting started with plant-based meals. Some recipes seem intimidating if you've never used some of the ingredients before. We are a semi-plant-based house in that we eat vegetarian meals 3-4 days a week, and when we do eat animal protein it is small portions surrounded by an abundance of produce and grains. some of these recipes fit our level of the semi-vegetarian lifestyle and I am looking forward to trying them soon.
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A great book to help me with the transition to a completely plant-based diet. The meal plans help a lot to get a good feeling about what a balanced diet could look like and I loved the nutritional backgrounds especially focusing on protein. There are a lot of delicious sounding recipes in there that I can‘t wait to try!
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4 meal-planning, veg-friendly, plant-based, delicious stars~

Thank you to NetGalley and Zeitgeist for providing a digital ARC for review :) Coming from someone who has been in and out of plant-based eating, veganism, vegetarianism, I was very much interested in getting some fresh meal prep/plan ideas and recipes.

The beginning of this recipe book is filled with meal planning schedules and ideas for ease of use, and also has links within the digital copy to each recipe, which is convenient. The other section of the book is split into different sections of recipes. There are some great healthy, nutrient-dense recipes in this book. I really like how the topic of protein is covered and discussed, with protein count of each recipe within - protein is a highly debated topic in the plant-based community from what I've seen and experienced. 

Overall, a solid recipe book and meal prep/plan survival kit to take the hard work out of the equation. Many of these recipes require little to no cooking or heating, which is also great for ease of preparation and for seasons which cooking indoors can be taxing on cooling costs. I've found some new inspo!
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This is a great book that gives an answer to the never ending questions all vegans get, namely "Where do you get your protein?". As a long time vegetarian and trying slowly to convert to fully plant based diet, this book is one that I will be cooking from on regular basis. I love all plant based foods, especially those in their whole unprocessed state, but I sometimes struggle when it comes to combining them into a healthy and nourishing meal. With Maya's book I will no longer struggle. Her recipes are so appetizing, full of flavors and interesting textures, that I can't wait to make one by one until I try them all. I have already bookmarked most of them and I am already sure they will make into my regular rotation. If you're looking to fill that protein void in your plant based way of eating check out Maya's book. You will not be disappointed, but instead will be purchasing multiple copies of this book to give to all your friends!
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I love a plant based cook book that starts with an introduction to the diet. This is super helpful for beginners starting a plant based diet. This book really starts you off with all the necessary tools and information. The diet planning and shopping lists are super handy and make the process very easy to follow. I find most of my struggle to maintain a healthy plant based diet comes from the mental work it takes to meal prep and plan. This book takes all that stress and mental effort out of meal prep. The recipes all look super delicious and easy to make. I like that all the recipes have the servings, prep time, and cook time. As someone who likes to keep track of calories it's so great that the calories are listed for each recipe. I find that most cook books don't provide that information and then I end up having to take the extra time to calculate the calories myself. Overall I think this a great book for beginners, or people who have been eating a plant based diet for a long time. It features a wide range of recipes in different meal categories. I can't wait to try some of these recipes in my own kitchen! Happy cooking!
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