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Ideas, Influence, and Income

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The timing of the narrator is at a decent pace, not too slow. Decent process of writing a book and how to get it done.
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I enjoyed the audio version of this book. The narration was superb, making the personal experiences of the author vivid. It provided great pieces of advice on how to manage our headtrash or negative mental chatter.
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I think this book is aimed more at very beginner authors of nonfiction. I was already aware of the majority of material mentioned in the audiobook, and I found it to be quite repetitive. It also bothered me that the entire book was an advertisement for the Greenleaf Book Group. The one section I found useful was about rights. As far as the narrator, I wasn't a fan of the voice, but it was tolerable.
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This audio book was not for me. The person who will do well off finally having a book to publish, yes that was a topic, and was reminded that most authors do not make money off their book. She did say it is a starting point to strengthen the industry you are writing non-fiction in. The person who will do well is Tanya Hall. Ok, she said do your research. I see on Amazon, that the author has published this in May 2018 and has 68 reviews. Almost, all free books, too. Still, she is using it to promote her company and get others interested in using her service. I imagine that might work out. 

I knew about 2 minutes into this, that she had something to do with Greenleaf Publishing. They for a fee will help you publish your book. From reasearching other people’s books who used Greenleaf Publishing I’d say the average amount of NetGalley Reviews is 15. Then on Amazon, maybe 25 tops, including these free ones and the paid for ones. So, I did see her book on Amazon and it is nicely done. I am sure, it may pursuance her target audience, and that seems to be first time authors with no experience. So, get a writing coach, a publicist, a ghost writer? How, do you find one? What questions are important to ask? What is a reasonable fee structure? None of this was covered. Just being a reader and active on Goodreads and Facebook, I could give you many concrete links to different groups that discuss going on NetGalley and the cost and promoting. These are free groups. There are others for first time writers. There are many resources on Facebook, too. 

So, I just can’t recommend this book. A book has to be over 200 pages she says; well if that is the case most of them are repetitive fluff. Publishing a non-fiction book is particularly hard. I would think you would need to have experience in the field you are writing about and substantial credentials, not a nice web page Greenleaf will provide. I would then think it would be smart to start reading a lot of books on the topic that you want to write about. Then try submitting to journals and magazines, papers, to see if you can get even an article published. 

So, perhaps some people have had great success using this book. That is terrific. I can’t see that happening, actually making an income from writing non-fiction from reading this book. Perhaps, I’m wrong, but it is not of interest to me. I heard nothing new or different or substantial to get me started. 

So, thank you NetGalley, Tanya Hall, and Greenleaf Audio for a copy of this book. Hope it proves helpful to others.
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This book, Ideas, Influence, and Income by Tanya Hall is a game-changer.  It serves such an important purpose for any and all content creators, as not only a reference book but a book that will motivate and keep you on track.  You do not have to be writing a book or want a book published in order to see the value of "Ideas, Influence, and Income" if you are online, if you have a social media following, this book is also for you.  Why? Simple, because we are not limited to one platform, Tanya Hall, talks about the ways you can repurpose your content, grow your brand, Hall opens you up to the endless possibilities of the many things you can do with your content.
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totally solid. might even gift it to my newly self-published mom. strength: audiobook was engaging & even motivational to write & publish. weakness: this approach frames self-promotion as an end in itself. idk how it could avoid coming across this way. overall I really liked it.
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"Ideas, influence and income" is a guide on how to market the book ideas we might have. As an author, I found the book covered very important topics that need to be taken into account, particularly if the authors plan on doing most of the planning and work themselves.

Having studied the market a lot, I noticed that all of the things I was already aware of were mention. So despite not being the parts of the book that taught me the most, I think they are very important for people who are starting to plan how to market their project. Some other aspects mentioned I hadn't thought of before.
Even though this book focuses more on non-fiction projects, I think many of the tips can be applied to fiction writing and publishing as well.

The narrator was brilliant and made the book very easy to listen to and to understand,
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I am reviewing a preview of Ideas, Influence and Income by Tayna Hall for  I only heard a snippet of the book, I am hoping to hear the rest of the book when it comes out. I wasn’t as pleased with the narrator, but I could get through the book. I feel the concept is good since everyone is  trying to get published or offering to publish you. The metaphors did not seem to connect.but, other than that I feel the concept will work. She uses repetitiveness which helps people, she also makes it easy to understand and follow. As far as a preview this has tweaked my interest and even though I am not publishing I would like to finish the book when it comes out, I might learn something about branding and financing both of which I am interested in. I also occasionally work in social media. So this is a book I would recommend for this fall to curl up with.. Definitely a two thumbs up for the subject. . 
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